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VIDEO: Dick Johnson On That Legendary Rock At Bathurst

Aussie racing legend Dick Johnson explains how 'that rock' found its way on to the track at Bathurst in 1980.

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Dick Johnson and the rock, Bathurst 1980. Video: Youtube, Source: Unknown

Aussie racing legend Dick Johnson explains how 'that rock' found its way on to the track at Bathurst in 1980.

Dick Johnson said he was contacted by a man who saw what happened in one of the race's classic moments.

"Had an email from a man a couple of years ago, [he] was a resident of Bathurst at that time,' Dick told Triple M Brisbane adding it was by accident this couple saw anything.

"They weren't motor racing fans [but] because they couldn't get out at the time they thought they might as well sit it and watch something and they were sitting right were the rock incident happened," Dick added.

The couple were sitting on the hill between the Cutting and Reid Park gates when they saw two men approach them who Dick added they said "had obviously been out on the juice all night."

"The only reason they took any notice of them because there was nobody for 50 metres either side of them," Dick recalled of his conversation with the couple.

"These two guys, one sat down on a rock in front of him with his head in his hands," Dick said.

"The other guy sat down on the ground, put his head on the rock and was playing with another rock with his feet and obviously he dislodged this rock and it rolled down on to the track."

The couple admitted the two men took off "at 100 miles and hour" and were never seen again.

The story of the 'legendary rock' has been the source of much debate over the years and is actually on show as part of the Bathurst 50 year celebrations.

And what became of the couple who saw what happened?

"We've found this guy again," Dick Johnson said adding they are flying him to the Legends gala dinner at the V8 race on the Gold Coast.

"He's going to sit up there and cop questions from everyone and they're actually putting him on a lie detector test," an amused Dickie revealed.

LISTEN: Dick On Finding The Rock Culprit

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