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Craig Bellamy On The Verge Of Leaving The Melbourne Storm?

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Craig Bellamy is trying to tell us he is ready for a change according to Triple M’s Grill Team. Bellamy has been the coach for Melbourne Storm for 10 years and could be on the verge of ditching them for a new team.

While the official line has been that Bellamy will formally decide at the end of the season, Matty Johns wondered whether a recent interview was actually an early message from the coach.

“Obviously I question myself about, do the players need a bit of a change?... I mean 10 years is a long time," Bellamy told Triple M Sydney's Nightly Sports Show, The Rush Hour.

Rumours have been flying about who would ultimately nab him if he chooses to go, including the New Zealand Warriors, and more recently the Sydney Roosters, and Matty agreed that there are teams that could use his skill, “there are clubs out there that desperately need fixing”.

While they speculated if Bellamy is on the way out, Mark Geyer told the Grill Team he's hopes the rumours are wrong, “I’d love to see Bellamy follow in [Wayne Bennett’s] footsteps and coach there for twenty-something years”.

Bellamy is contracted to Melbourne until the end of 2013 but if he does choose to go, the offers are sure to flow.

Bellamy and his team have proved that despite the Storm’s past controversy they are a legitimate and strong side ready for what is sure to be a really exciting final.

As the Sea Eagles and the Cowboys battle it out this Friday, Melbourne Storm will be eagerly watching to find out who they will face in the finals next week.

Tags: Craig Bellamy, Melbourne Storm, New Zealand Warriors, NRL

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