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Fine Foran For Bringing Game Into Disrepute, Says Mark Geyer

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Triple M's Mark Geyer and Matty Johns have clashed over Kieran Foran's admission he might have knocked the ball on during Manly's semi final clash against the Cowboys last Friday night.

When asked what should happen to Foran MG said "he should be fined."

"It's a hard one because it's unprecedented. The video ref got it horribly wrong but I think for Foran, by admitting he touched it, it's a form of bringing the game into disrepute," MG said on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

Matty Johns hit back "Oh get out. No way MG. That's ridiculous."

MG replied saying rugby league should not be immune from sportsmanship.

"In soccer we hate [it] when see we people diving. This is kind of like cricket as well, when we know they've nicked it and they don't walk. I like seeing sportsmanship in rugby league as well," MG added.

LISTEN: MG Clashes With Matty Johns

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LISTEN: Foran's Rare NRL Confession

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Tags: Kieran Foran, Fine, Mark Geyer

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