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GWS Boss Kevin Sheedy Tells Matty Johns Israel Folau Will Not Return To NRL

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Yesterday, Matty Johns said Israel Folau will return to the NRL next year, and suggested his likely future club would be the Bulldogs. GWS Giants boss Kevin Sheedy came on the Grill Team to refute the story.

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"He's not coming back [to NRL]. hes on a four year contract. he really wants to play AFL," Kevin Sheedy told Triple M's Matty Johns this morning.

"You're better than to spit out that party line... common sense tells me the boy can't be happy. Number one, you're telling me a bloke who in rugby league would be one of the elite superstars, is sitting watching State Of Origin while picking splinters out of his arse at GWS [is happy?]" Matty Johns fired back.

"Where would you give him as a rating out of ten? When will he be at the eight or nine number?" Mark "MG" Geyer added.

"Probably late next year we reckon he'll be about a seven," Sheedy said.

"It's like Karmichael Hunt, everybody rated him and said he shouldn't be playing AFL and now he's been a fantastic player for the Gold Coast," he added.

"If Israel was to come to you tomorrow and say Kevin, I'm not enjoying myself, I want to come back to rugby league, would you release him?" Johns asked.

"As long as I believe in his heart that he's given his AFL the best shot... I think he's understanding of how tough AFL is... whilst he would have missed the State Of Origin and the build-up, I've actually got Israel Folau out of the State Of Origin side, I thought you'd be ringing up and thanking me," Sheedy joked.

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Tags: Matty Johns, Israel Folau, GWS

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