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Players Should Decide Over Shoulder Charge, Says Gorden Tallis

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Gorden Tallis says the shoulder charge shouldn't be taken out of the game and reckons the players themselves should decide over the controversial tackle which could see Greg Inglis banned for up to five weeks.

"The players are the ones that put their bodies on the line. The players are the ones that are out there in the middle of the battle and I think the players should have the final say," Tallis told Triple M Brisbane.

The Origin great added "I can't sit in the stands with a hotdog and a beer and tell the players what they want."

Tallis pulled out the stats saying there had been 87,963 tackles so far with nine people charged over shoulder charges which puts it "basically one in a 10,000 tackles."

Gordy said the shoulder charge does add something to the game saying it looks "spectacular...looks as good as a great step or a try."

"When you're big like myself, if you take away the collision and that's what we bring to the game, the big guys bring the collision, if you take that away from the game, what's the use in us playing?, Tallis asked.

Listen: Gorden Tallis has his say on shoulder charge

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Tags: Gorden Tallis, Greg Inglis, Shoulder Charge

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