Posted: 27 April, 2015

Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao

Follow our feed as Manny Pacquiao takes on Floyd Mayweather in Vegas

Floyd Mayweather Jr., left, and Manny Pacquiao, of the Philippines, pose for photos after a news conference in Los Angeles. (Photo: AAP)

Manny Pacquiao takes on Floyd Mayweather in Vegas this weekend.

Triple M's Seb Costello is off to Las Vegas to cover the fight!

(Live feed may take a few seconds to load...)

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

Wahlberg & Diddy Boxing Bet

Marky Mark & P. Diddy have bet big money on the Fight Of The Century.

Mark Wahlberg & P Diddy have put some SERIOUS cash on the weekends Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

The pair have waged $250,000 with Combs going with Mayweather and Wahlberg siding with Pacquiao.

But that money pales in comparison to the money that Mayweather and Pacqio will make from the ‘Fight of the Century’.

Mayweather stands to earn more than $US150 million while Pacquiao's cut will be around $US100 million.

Good cash if you can get it!

The fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will be broadcast live into Australia with coverage beginning at at 11am on Sunday in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT.

Coverage starts at 10.30am in South Australia and 9am in Western Australia.

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

Watch LeBron James Make A Full-Court Shot Without Really Trying

From way downtown!

Image: NBA

Half court shots are too easy for Lebron James.

For him it's all about full court shots.... from way downtown!

The Cleveland Cavaliers star launched this shot at practice in Boston’s TD Garden... let's hope he gives it a crack in a game.


And here's another angle of the shot...


Dwight Howard responded with one of his own...

This happened.

A video posted by Houston Rockets (@houstonrockets) on

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Posted: 23 April, 2015

Shinn's 'Cracking' Finish

Blake Shinn accidentally dropped his strides in Race 1 at Canterbury.

Whoops! Blake Shinn Loses His Strides! Uploaded at 23 April, 2015 - 4:16PM

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Rock, Shock

Blake Shinn accidentally dropped his strides in Race 1 at Canterbury.

Whoops! Blake Shinn lost his strides during race one at Canterbury on Wednesday.

To Shinn's credit, even though the elastic went in his pants near the start, he managed to get Miss Royale home for second place.

"I was more worried about winning the race. They went just after the start, and there was nothing I could do," Shinn said.

"I think a lot of people are going to have a bit of fun with this, but they can't say I wasn't focused and went to the line."

Race winner on Defender, Tommy Berry, saw the bright side of the situation.

"It meant I was the only one that didn’t have to stare at Blake’s arse the whole way up the straight,” Berry said.

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Posted: 21 April, 2015

Cincinnati Reds Coach Classic Rant

Nothing comes close to this six-minute rant from Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price

bryan price, cincinnati reds, rant, audio

Cincinatti Reds coach Bryan Price Photo: Getty Images

There have been some classic rants over the years in Aussie sports - NRL coaches Geoff Toovey and Ricky Stuart come to mind - but nothing comes close to this six-minute rant from Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price.

The under-siege coach, who is under pressure with his side 1-7 from their past eight games, echoed the sentiments of many coaches after local media reported an injury to his player, Devin Mesoraco.

"I like to talk - and I have spoken as candidly as I can with you people, if that’s not good enough, I won’t say a f***ing thing. I’ll go, ‘yes sir, no sir.’ And I can do that. But f***, I’ve been as candid as I can f***ing be about this team and our players, and we’ve got to deal with this s***," he told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"I don't think you guys need to know everything and I certainly don't think you need to see something and then f***ing tweet it out there and make it a world event." Listen to the full audio below.

Audio and text courtesy of C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Bryan Price Six Minute Rant


More Highlights

bryan price, cincinnati reds, rant, audio

Photo: Cincinnati Enquirer

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Posted: 18 April, 2015

Cameron McCormick On The Dead Set Legends

Jordan Spieth's coach chats to Mark Howard and Wayne Carey.



14-year-old Jordan Spieth talks about his Masters goal:

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Posted: 14 April, 2015

Idiot Runner Celebrates Win Too Early And Gets Caught Out

Usually you leave the fist pumping until after the race is finished...

Runner prematurely celebrates win, gets passed at finish line

It's a pretty golden rule in running, don't slow down until AFTER you cross the finish line.

Well a runner in Oregon made a mistake recently that he won't make again, where he was clearly ahead of the pack with only 20 metres to go.

On slowing down and pumping up the crowd it gave the fast approaching second place to get that all important second-wind and push himself over the finish line, in first place!

Can't say we feel all that sorry for him, but here's hoping he won't do it again.


"It Aint Over 'Til It's Over"

There's one Aussie sportsman that can definitely relate to this...


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Posted: 13 April, 2015

Cyclists' Train Near Miss

Paris-Roubaix One Day Classic cyclists struggle to pull up at train crossing

There was brief drama during the Parix-Roubaix One Day Classic when a barrier at a railway crossing came down as the peloton was passing underneath.

One rider was clipped by a barrier and several more crossed after it was down, but by the time a TGV train passed, the remaining riders had been brought to a halt by a police motorcyclist.

German John Degenkolb went on to win the Paris-Roubaix race, 

(Source: Youtube)

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Posted: 9 April, 2015

Classic Wrestlers From The 80s

With WWE heading down under we looked back at some of our favourite classic wrestlers from the 80s.

Wrestling is a sport like no other. For one, it's not really a sport and purely entertainment but that's what makes it so damn good.

As one of America's biggest cultural exports wrestling is something that english and non-english speaking countries have been fanatics of for years.

Here at Triple M we love our wrestling and especially the crazy 80s with classic guys like Hulk Hogan, The Iron Shiek and Andre The Giant.

With WWE heading to Australia in August we thought we'd look back at our favourites from that time.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Entrance - Titantron


The Iron Shiek

Jake The Snake

"Ravishing" Rick Rude

Andre The Giant

WWF (WWE) Wrestlefest, 1988 - Hulk Hogan vs. André the Giant in a Steel Cage

Junkyard Dog

Ric Flair

George "The Animal" Steele

"Hacksaw" Jum Duggan

Rowdy Roddy Piper


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Posted: 9 April, 2015

Fanning Wins Bells

Australian Mick Fanning has won the men's Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach

Screenshot via

Australian Mick Fanning has won a record-equalling fourth Rip Curl Pro title at Bells Beach, edging out Brazilian Adriano de Souza in the final on a tiebreak.

The pair both recorded a two-wave score of 15.27 points, with Fanning claiming the crown on countback due to a higher single-wave score of 8.17.

Fanning now moves to the top of the world ratings as he chases a fourth world crown.

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Posted: 9 April, 2015

Nicklaus' Hole-In-One

The golfing legend has still got it!


75-year-old Jack Nicklaus might be the greatest golfer of all time, having won 18 major championships including 6 US Masters.

Although his very best golf might be behind him, the 'Golden Bear' is still adding to his unbelievable legacy.

At the Masters Par-3 tournament on Wednesday arvo Jack spun an iron shot back into the hole for an unforgettable ace.

... And the crowd went wild!

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Posted: 2 April, 2015

UFC Fighters Get Into Dust-Up

McGregor goes after Aldo's belt at press conference.


'The Notorious' Conor McGregor nicked Jose Aldo's UFC featherweight title belt as 5,000 fans cheered him on. 

The UFC 189 World Championship Tour made its last stop of an eight city media tour in Dublin in Tuesday.

The two fighters traded insults the entire time until peace was eventually restored as the crowd went wild.

McGregor will challenge Aldo for the UFC belt in Las Vegas on July 11.


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