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PHOTO: Drunk Fan Throws Bottle At London Games Champion Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt's latest gold medal at the London Games almost didn't happen, when a drunk fan hurled a bottle in the champion's direction. See the photo!

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You can see the bottle behind the runners (Getty Images)

Usain Bolt's latest gold medal (and Olympic world record) at the London Games may not have happened had a drunken idiot had a better aim.

The fan reportedly hurled a bottle in the champion's direction before he raced in the men's 100 metres (see photo).

According to Rant, the bottle-thrower was sitting next to one of Bolt's fellow Olympians, judo competitor Edith Bosch. She was so incensed by this drunken fan's disrespect she apparently punched him in the face.

Despite this incident, the Jamaican confirmed his status as the greatest sprinter of all-time by successfully defending his Olympic 100m title in the second-fastest time ever recorded.

A man has been arrested by police on suspicion of causing a public nuisance.

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Tags: London 2012

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