Posted: 22 October, 2015

People Are Snapchatting Their One Night Stands

The internet never forgets even if you do.

Technology is great, isn't it?

The whole world is connected and we can do great things.... like share the fact we've just had a one night stand. 

#Snapchatregret is a thing and these people prove it.

These 13 People Decided That It Was Best To Snapchat A Remorseful Morning After

These 13 People Decided That It Was Best To Snapchat A Remorseful Morning After 

But here’s the thing. Those Snapchats you sent to your best mate? Somehow they’re getting leaked onto the Internet…. Because your friends are screengrabbing them.

These 13 People Decided That It Was Best To Snapchat A Remorseful Morning After

These 13 People Decided That It Was Best To Snapchat A Remorseful Morning After 

So no matter how funny the situation is... think twice before you Snapchat. Only send them to trusted friends, because you never know when these photos could come back to haunt you!

These 13 People Decided That It Was Best To Snapchat A Remorseful Morning After

These 13 People Decided That It Was Best To Snapchat A Remorseful Morning After

These 13 People Decided That It Was Best To Snapchat A Remorseful Morning After 

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Posted: 29 September, 2015

"Do You Know Who I Am? I'm Ronnie Pickering"

Watch a motorist get into a pickle with Ronnie after an on-road altercation

"Do you know who I am? I'm Ronnie Pickering".

As you can see in the video below, a motorist gets into a pickle with Ronnie after an altercation on the road.

Ah, the Ronnie Pickering effect… bringing people together.

Ronnie Pickering Road Rage

Warning: Video contains language which may offend some viewers

Video: YouTube

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Posted: 19 August, 2015

NSFW: Aussies Recreate Mortal Kombat In Real Life

This BBQ really escalated quickly... it really got out of hand.

The best thing about the classic PlayStation game Mortal Kombat?

It's got to be the finishing move 'fatalities' right?

Well in this quite NSFW gory but really well made YouTube clip by Aussies 'RackaRacka' it looks like these two mates at a BBQ don't quite agree.

Actually, they're pretty bloody opinionated on the topic, so much so they're ready to go toe-to-toe to get their point across.

Well, the point is well and truly made by the end of this video.

**Warning: Video is very NSFW**

Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities!

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Posted: 11 March, 2015

Woman Caught Sunbaking Naked By Drone

...and she wasn't very happy about it.

GoPro's and drones are great pieces of kit to use for some amazing things like filming sport from a great new point of view or for.... well... spying on people.

This woman got caught out sunbaking on her apartment roof and she wasn't too happy, you'd think she'd just go inside, but no, she's going for revenge.

Don't think she was very happy... watch the video below.

Drone discovers a woman doing a topless

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Posted: 9 March, 2015

Science Reveals Why Blokes Like Big Butts And It Cannot Lie

A new study has revealed there's a reason why blokes prefer bigger butts.

From Kim Kardashian's Champagne glass trick to Iggy Azalea and J-Lo's music vid to Nicki Minaj's Anaconda, it would seem larger backsides are in fashion. 

And science has apparently proven it.

A new study has discovered a scientific reason for men's interest in prominent butts; we're actually interested in curved spines.

"Women with a greater degree of lumbar curvature ... were able to redistribute this center of mass to reduce the strain of pregnancy.

"Thus, we hypothesized that men should have a psychological adaptation to prefer these women as mating partners," a scientist with too much time on his hands said.

So, in other words, women who were able to have lots of babies and forage productively during pregnancy back in the day.

For the study, more than 300 men rated the attractiveness of female silhouettes that had lumbar curvatures ranging from 26 to 61 degrees.

Most of the men found 45.5 degrees to be perfect. Such a curvature would have conferred evolutionary advantages without presenting health problems like back pain and slipped disks, the researchers said, at which point we fell asleep. 

The study was published online Feb. 7 in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

So, in summary....

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Posted: 24 February, 2015

VB Is Massive In Korea

WATCH VIDEO: VB taking the world by storm

Image: Youtube/MAXIM Korea

The internet is full of the weird, wacky and wonderful - but this video of a Korean model drinking Victoria Bitter might just take the cake.

The Korean edition of blokes mag MAXIM produced the clip which features a model lounging back enjoying a ice-cold stubby of VB and some Cheezels/Twisties.

With a language barrier in the way of us completely understanding everything that is going on, it looks like the model is judging the taste of the classic Aussie frothie.

We’ve known for a while you can get it rolling, you can get it goaling and you get it feeding a fire.

Well apparently now you can get it by being a Korean model.

Matter of fact they’ve got it now!

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Posted: 24 February, 2015

Ballsy Aussie Mate Argues With Cop Over Speeding Fine

Filming cops always makes for some pretty awkward footage.

How is an "estimation" of your car's speed supposed to be accurate?

Well, supposedly for the police, estimating speed is a part of their training and can be used to give tickets without an actual reading from a radar... which seems pretty f*cked.

In the video above, truck driver Chris Smith was pretty outraged at the officer for giving him a ticket on his "estimation" that he was over the speed limit on the Newell Highway in NSW.

He filmed the whole awkward confrontation unfold.

"You’re a senior constable...for guessing speed?" he asked.

"Estimating speed..." said the officer.

"So obviously... you're some sort of computer?".... burn!

Has this ever happened to you?

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Posted: 10 February, 2015

Undercover Tinder Agents

Brazil has set up Tinder profiles that respond with advice about the dangers of unprotected sex in an effort to keep Carnival celebrations safe

Revelers dance during the 'Ceu na Terra', or Heaven on earth, carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015.(AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Brazil's Health Ministry is using fake Tinder profiles and massive condom giveaways to promote safe sex during the country's no-holds-barred Carnival celebrations.

In response to the growing popularity of hookup apps like Tinder and Hornet, the ministry has created fake profiles purporting to belong to revellers interested in unprotected sex.

When users contact the fake profiles, they receive messages warning about the dangers.

The ministry's also running television commercials urging revellers to get HIV tests ahead of Carnival.

Officials said on Monday that the ministry will distribute some 70 million condoms nationwide during the February 13-17 celebrations.

Hookups among revellers are common at the popular street parties known as "blocos" during Carnival.


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Posted: 30 January, 2015

9 Funniest Notes Left By Drunk People

Always write notes responsibly...

A drunk note can help you piece things back together… or it can completely perplex and only add to that brain-busting hangover.

Here are 9 of the most confusing/helpful/funny Drunk Notes we could find!


9. Great advice


8. At least the doors are closed.


7. Not really lol!


6. Drunk brainwave!

This image might help to decode that note....


5. A handy reminder from Drunk Hannah...

Source: Tumblr


4. At least the cab driver agrees...

Sure thing, @princessmollyk we'll get right on that. #mollywantsaduck #drunknotes

A photo posted by Charlie Hopper (@chazz_goodtimes) on


3. This drunk person replied to himself ....


2. Polar bear farm! Who could resist!?

I never wonder why I'm the Steve Urkel of wheeling #evidence

A photo posted by Joel T. (@joel_tea) on


1. Who doesn't love a toasted sandwich in the morning!

Always drink responsibly!

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Posted: 28 January, 2015

8 Most Controversial Superbowl Ads Ever

Well if you want to get technical, these ads are actually the 'Most Controversial Superbowl Ads Ever' that were never aired bcause they were banned!

These ads were made, but didnt make it onto the big screen jumbo-tron because someone, somewhere thought they were offensive.

Some are definitely more offensive than others but it's funny to think, with these ads potentially being viewed by millions of viewers that they were made in the first place.

What were they thinking?


Animal activists get raunchy in this ad for PETA.

Veggie Love - PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

2. Focus on Family

NFL star Tim Tebow gets into the abortion debate.

Focus on the Family Super Bowl Commercial with Tim Tebow

3. Sketchers

Shoe brand Sketchers got on the bad side of animal activists with this one about dog racing.

Skechers dog racing Super Bowl commercial 2012


4. Groupon

This ad from Groupon was all about tricking the viewer into thinking they were doing something good.

Groupon Super Bowl Ad | Save the Money - Tibet


5. Fantasy Video Greetings

eCard company Fantasy Video Greetings got in some trouble for this sexist little ad.

2012 Rejected Super Bowl Commercial

6. Salesgenie

Well this one is pretty obviouse, here's a straight up racist one from Salesgenie. Pandas (Super Bowl 42 Commercial)


7. Ashley Madison

Here's an ad for a dating website helping married people have affairs featuring a porn star... classic!

Ashley Madison Rejected Superbowl Spot


8. Pete Hoekstra

Republican Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra used some pretty blatant Asian stereotypes in this very offensive ad.

Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra under fire for ad

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Posted: 20 January, 2015

Warnie's Wild Tinder Date

A wild night with a Tinder fling has turned into another news story for Warnie.

(Images via Shane Warne's tinder /

There was word of Warnie's wild Tinder date late last year, but now we have the full match report.

Adelaide mother of two, Kim McGrath has gone all out in an interview with Woman's Day detailing a night she describes as a "wild sex romp" with the 'King of Spin'.

In the interview, she goes into quite graphic detail of how Warnie won her affections for a night, saying that he asked her if she was "up for being devoured" and she in turn called him "one of the best lovers" she had experienced.

(Kim McGrath, 43 poses for Woman's Day Magazine for tell all interview, Out Now: Photos via

She also said that, "He [was] very strong in the bedroom....He was definitely in charge."

And also detailed that, "He asked me to keep them [her high heels] on while he spanked me."

Warnie has had a spate of relationships lately after his split with ex-fiancee Liz Hurley.

He supposedly asked his Tinder fling to keep their recent action between the two, however, she decided otherwise.

Poor old Warnie just wants to be loved.


Shane Warne On Instagram

Hanging with this awesome girl @tilleyy__

A photo posted by Shane Warne (@shanewarne23) on


Womans Day's latest issue featuring their interview with Kim McGrath is out now.

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Posted: 19 January, 2015

Don't Run Up The Back Of A Cop On A Motorbike

Because if you do you're probably going to lose your licence.

**VIDEO HAS NO SOUND** (Running up the back of a cop on a motorbike in Perth: YouTube/Cycleops70)

We're not saying that we know all the Do's & Don'ts of life, but we're pretty sure this is a solid DON'T.

If you run up the back of a Western Australian police officer on a motorbike and knock him off, he's probably going to be pretty angry.

Thanks to the masses of people mounting dashcams (this time a YouTuber - Cycleops70) these days we get this footage of this stupid driver in WA doing just that, running straight up the back of a cop, almost pushing him into oncoming traffic.

Ouch, there goes the driving privileges.

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