Posted: 25 May, 2016

You Beauty! Original Flavour Shapes Are Still Available.

Collective sigh of relief.

A couple of months ago Arnotts faced severe backlash over its flavour meddling of Shapes biscuits.

Many outraged consumers demanded that Arnott’s ditch the “new and improved” versions and restore the original Shapes range.

At height of the backlash Arnott’s reassured customers the original barbecue and chicken crimpy flavours were here to stay.

Original shapes fans just need to keep an eye out for the black bar on the left of the packet.


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Posted: 25 May, 2016

Woman Builds Huge Instagram Following By Fingering Fruit

Some of the weirdest videos on the internet...

Artist Stephanie Sarley has built a huge Instagram following with her provocative ‘fruit art’.

One short video shot Stephanie to prominence back in January and she has gone from strength to strength (or fruit to fruit) ever since...

In first clip a finger gently rubs and then probes a juicy, halved blood orange. Most of the new videos follow a pretty similar theme.

Stephanie has featured strawberries, lemons, apricots, melons and grapefruits to name a few.


Sarley’s videos have certainly hit a nerve online. Her Instagram has racked up 90,000 followers.

Here are some of her more popular videos…

Lemon Squirt - My second favorite video to the Blood Orange

A video posted by Stephanie Sarley (@stephanie_sarley) on



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Posted: 25 May, 2016

Johnny Depp Gives Barnaby Joyce A Massive Whack On US TV

This won't end!

(Image: Getty)

Johnny Depp has reignited a war of words with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce saying he looks like he was "inbred with a tomato".

The Hollywood actor took a swipe at Mr Joyce - who threatened to have Depp's dogs put down last May unless they "buggered off" back to the United States - during an interview on a US talk show overnight, saying he was worried the politician was about to "explode".

"He (Joyce) looks somehow inbred with a tomato," Depp told host Jimmy Kimmel when asked his thoughts about the politician.

"It's not a criticism. I was a little worried. He just might explode," he added.

Mr Joyce in return laughed off the insults on Wednesday.

"I'm inside his head, I'm pulling little strings and pulling little levers. Long after I've forgotten about Mr Depp, he's remembering me," Mr Joyce said.

"I'm turning into his Hannibal Lecter."

He thanked the actor for the free publicity on Australia's biosecurity laws.

Depp and his wife Amber Heard made a public apology video to atone after Heard failed to file the correct paperwork when she brought their dogs Pistol and Boo into Australia last year.

The actress pleaded guilty to one count of falsifying quarantine documents, while two charges of illegal importation of an animal were dropped. She escaped conviction but copped a one-month good behaviour bond.

"We were under the impression that we had all the paperwork done for the dogs. We were there with the dogs in front of everybody," Depp said on the US show, jokingly adding security failed to pick up on "other things smuggled".

While he admitted Mr Joyce was "just doing his job" he mocked him and the government for using taxpayers' money to track down two "teacup-sized" yorkshire terriers.

"He has got a point," he said sarcastically.

"Especially when you consider that Australia has the most poisonous creatures on earth. Everything will kill you within minutes."

The video from Depp and Heard in which they praised the Australian government and their strict immigration laws immediately went viral. However, many viewers weren't convinced the actors were being sincere in their apology.

"These are things you have to prepare a long time for to tap into the emotion that you need," Depp joked about his performance, adding he refused to watch the video.

"You know I haven't seen many of (my performances) but I wouldn't disagree. I played that sort of anti-government."


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Posted: 24 May, 2016

Angry Dad Honk If You're Horny

He made a sign on the back of a jeep that he thinks his dad will f***in appreciate.

In the latest instalment of Angry Dad, this young fella made a sign on the back of a jeep that he thinks his dad will f***in appreciate. Watch the video below.

Ignore the spelling of "you're" as "your", because it's still funny.

WARNING: This video has language that may offend some viewers.

Video: YouTube

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Posted: 24 May, 2016

The History Of The Middle Finger, As Shared By Campbell Brown

History lessons with Browndog!

Triple M’s own Campbell Brown is not someone we’d normally associate with academic excellence but that’s changed today.

The Hawthorn premiership player gifted his loyal Twitter following with a brief summary of the origins of the middle finger.

According to the Browndog’s sources 'flicking the bird' began after the English took an unlikely against the fence back in the 1400s.

Pretty fascinating stuff... Have a read!

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Posted: 24 May, 2016

Ed Sheeran Gets Bong Shaped As Mate Shane Warne

Welcome to Australia, Ed!

Welcome to Australia, Ed!

As you can see in the photos below, UK music star Ed Sheeran somehow got a Shane Warne bong.

‘Yeah so Ed Sheeran somehow got a Shane Warne bong,’ the company wrote on its official Instagram page.

The look on Ed’s face!

solomon haumono

Photo: @gatorbeug Instagram

ed sheeran, shane warne

Photo: @gatorbeug Instagram

Ed and the Aussie spin king are good mates.

I really like him, he's a hero,’ Sheeran once said.

‘I have three phones and he texts all three of them.’

Photo: @shanewarne23 Instagram

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Posted: 23 May, 2016

ABC Insiders Attempt To Define 'Dank Meme'

"Watch your dank memes"

(Image: YouTube)

ABC's Insiders doesn't quite appeal to a younger crowd, but they still like to keep their finger on the pulse.

Political memes are appearing more and more as the election nears - and veteran political reporter Dennis Atkins was on board to explain.

Defining 'meme' is very difficult (let alone 'dank meme') but Atkins gave it a red-hot crack.

Watch the video that has circulated the Internet:

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Posted: 20 May, 2016

Driver Tows Wood-Fire Pizza Down Busy Highway

Dash camera footage shows the wood-fired pizza oven being towed on a trailer by a ute

A driver has been simultaneously condemned and lauded for towing a lit wood-fired pizza oven while hurtling down a highway.

Dash camera footage shows the wood-fired pizza oven being towed on a trailer by a ute on a busy Sydney highway. Watch the video below.

Video: YouTube

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Posted: 19 May, 2016

Game Changing Earbuds

They translate foreign languages... as you hear them.

Image: Waverley Labs

Talk about your game changer for anyone who travels.

A dude who simply met a French girl came up with the idea to make earbuds that actually translate foreign languages into the language you speak, meaning that those awkward exchanges that you suffered through with someone in a foreign country are LONG GONE.

You know, when you attempt to ask someone where the nearest toilet is in Spanish and end up telling them that you have dysentery.

Which you don't...

Anyways, the buds, dubbed Pilot, are currently in crowdfunding mode, and you can check them out in more detail via their website. To see them in action, watch the video.

Cool, right?

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Posted: 19 May, 2016

Many Faces Of Kim Jong Un

Supreme Leader's mug shot gets not so royal treatment from the Internet.

What good is the Internet is you can't poke a little fun at a supreme leader?

Old mate Kim Jong Un's people released a photo of the dictator to the world recently, and the world reacted in kind with the obvious response. They photoshopped the hell out of it.

Nothing's safe... No-one's safe, not even Kim's bestie in Dennis Rodman.

Of course, if Kim Jong Un happens to see this, it's all just a bit of fun. Obviously... 

The fact that the images have been married up to the cult classic I'm So Ronery, from Team America: World Police, just makes it funnier in our eyes.

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Posted: 19 May, 2016

There Is A Sheep Hanging Around The Melbourne CBD

Won’t be long until it’s baaaaaa-nned.

Image: @rainbowpolly

Eagle-eyed social media users have been uploading images of a random sheep that has been roaming around the Melbourne CBD recently.

The sheep appears to have an owner/mate who seems to be taking the sheep on a tour of Melbourne’s most luscious grassed patches.

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Posted: 18 May, 2016

Fly Like An Eagle

Ever wanted to fly like an eagle? This will almost get you there.

If ever you've wanted to soar like an eagle, well, this is probably the closest you will come to it.

Youtube channel Freedom have made a range of videos, strapping a camera to the back of an eagle and letting it fly over iconic locations like Paris and Dubai.

Here's the eagle in Paris:

Source: Youtube

And here's an eagle in Dubai:

Source: Youtube


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