Posted: 25 June, 2016

How The Brexit Vote Is Threatening The Future Of Game Of Thrones

Why did no one consider this??

Winter might be leaving after Great Britain voted to exit from the European Union yesterday.

The EU subsidises some of the costs of filming Game of Thrones on location in Northern Ireland, and these funds are a chance to dry up after the Brexit vote yesterday.

The EU’s European Regional Development Fund provides funding to film on locations around the union, and that cash may no longer extend to the nations of Britain.

The move could also have an impact on the wider British film industry.

Let’s hope the money men at the EU are as in to GoT as everyone else.

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Posted: 24 June, 2016

Motley Fool Money: Kogan Floats - Buy Or Not?

Triple M's Financial Gurus

This week Scott and Andrew, the Motley Fools, are back with their unique take on the big news in the markets and sound advice for the average bloke. 

First up they look into a staggering $270bn loss for the 40 biggest mining companies that simply went up in smoke. The advice from the Fools? "If you're thinking of buying miners...don't."

Then it's onto Kogan's announcement to float on the stock exchange. Share market floats are a great opportunity to make a lot of money. So should you buy? The Fools have the answer.

There's also an in-depth take on what's going on with MetCash, and then the weekly round-up of how to avoid making the mistakes that everyone usually makes with their investments.

This week's key lesson: when things go bad, learn from your losses. Don't give up and give in. If you remember them and remember it's a long term game - you'll make a lot of money. To hear how, check out the podcast.  

Until next week, Fool On!

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Posted: 24 June, 2016

Aussie Dollar Drops As Brexit Might Actually Happen

Shock 'Leave' Vote Possible In UK's EU Referendum

The Aussie Dollar is sinking with 1.2% wiped off the ASX200 today as the UK's EU Referendum results suggest a shock 'Leave' result is on the cards.

With well over half the votes counted, current figures (at 1pm AEST) have Leave on 51.5% and Remain on 48.5% with British bookies making a Leave decision favourite for the first time this week.

Polls have reflected a split UK, with Scotland, small areas of Wales and London firmly supporting remain, but the rest of the country voting for Leave in bigger numbers than expected.

The key factor for these voters appears to be immigration with EU migration blamed for social issues in many parts of Britain. Many voters have responded negatively to the prospect of Turkey requesting to joing the EU. There has also been a call to reject the power of European pollies despite less than one in five laws afecting the UK coming from Europe.

The pound has crashed 9% since the vote ended a few hours ago, in what is likely to be the worst British economic crash of all time, even eclipsing the infamous "Black Wednesday" in 1992. If the decision to leave is confirmed, that market will continue to suffer, with the Aussie Dollar suffering as it fell 0.9% to 75 US cents. 

On a positive note, holidaying in London might be about to get a hell of a lot cheaper. 

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Posted: 24 June, 2016

The Montague Street Bridge Has A Contender

The carnage continues.

The Montague Street Bridge has faded into obscurity since gantries were installed to stop dopey drivers from smacking into the man-made wonder.

However... Another bridge has jumped at the opportunity to take the heavyweight title. 

Please let us introduce to the Lloyd St Bridge in West Melbourne.

This morning a truck slammed into structure...

Truck hits Lloyd st bridge, 24/6/16


It comes less than a month after another truck smashed into it, trapping the driver for a number of hours.

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Posted: 24 June, 2016

Hey Victoria, It’s Snowing All Over The Joint!

Winter wonderland.

Melbourne is set to shiver through its coldest June day in almost two decades.

The city is expecting a top of 10C on Friday with a low overnight of 5C.

On top of nearby Mount Dandenong the temperature isn't expected to exceed 5C all day.

The BOM is also forecasting snow will fall down to 500 metres, which means the Dandenongs could receive a relatively rare blanketing.

The Macedon ranges, Ballarat hills and the Grampians have alreaady seen some snow. 

Check out the pics:

There's a minor flood warning for the Kiewa River and a sheep graziers warning.

Temperatures will remain chilly into the weekend, with Melbourne expecting a maximum of 13C on Saturday and 12C on Sunday. Friday night lows will be 5C and 4C respectively.

The mercury won't head higher again until Tuesday when 14C is forecast for the city.

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

Nearly A Quarter Of You Don’t Want ANY Politician As PM

Triple M's Election Survey: Uncut has delivered some insights about our listeners

(Image: Getty)

In the lead up to this federal election, Triple M has been doing something we've never done before.

We’ve exhaustively surveyed our listeners – you – to come up with Triple M's Election Survey: Uncut, where we find out who you reckon should be running the show, which politicians you’d have a frothy with, and which pollies you think are dickheads.

The research has revealed that 23% of you don’t think any current politician should be prime minister.

The research has found that the preferred option for PM is Malcolm Turnbull, followed closely by “None of them”.

Turnbull picked up 26% of the national vote, while the poll is bad news for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

He trails in third with a 21% share of the response – apparently Aussies would prefer literally no one to the Labor man.

It would appear South Australians are the most fed up with the current mob, with 37% of respondents from there voting the “none of them” option – more than twice as many as next most popular option Turnbull (18%).

Victoria is the only market where Turnbull wasn’t the preferred option amongst politicians, trailing Shorten 28% to 24%.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, lefty Melbourne was also the best performing city for Richard di Natale. The Greens leader picked up 7% of the vote there.

It turns out Aussies are an indecisive lot, with nearly a quarter of respondents not committing to a preference.

“I’m not sure” picked up 14% of the vote, while “I’d rather not say” garnered 10% of the response.

These responses far outstripped the results of some actual politicians; 4% prefer Greens leader Richard di Natale as PM, 2% favour independent candidate Bob Katter and 1% like Nationals leader (and current deputy PM) Barnaby Joyce.

If Triple M listeners have their way, it seems like Malcolm Turnbull will continue as PM – but maybe only because of a lack of alternative.

More findings from Triple M's Election Survey: Uncut will be released in the lead up to the election on Saturday July 2nd.

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

What's Doing? Jun 23-26, 2016

Springsteen, Jack Daniel's, Axis of Awesome, Fanning, The Beards

What's Doing is back with your top five things to do with your weekend, starting tonight.


Classic Album Club covers Bruce Springsteen (Thu Jun 23)

Every Thursday, Eddie’s Poolroom & Bar plays host to Classic Album Club with bands covering music’s biggest names. And they don’t come bigger than The Boss. Tonight it’s Thunder Road who go full Springsteen. Doors open 7.30pm and admission is only $15.

168 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham.


Jack Daniel’s Barrel House (Fri Jun 24)

Yep. An actual Jack Daniel’s bar. In actual Melbourne. This actual weekend. Until July 3 in fact. From 5.30pm to midnight every day starting Friday. The special pop-up is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the original Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. There’s a strong line-up of swing and rockabilly bands, cocktails, and special Southern American menu on hand and it’s free admission (although sadly not free Jack).

Crown Riverwalk, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank.


Axis of Awesome (Sat Jun 25)

Six studio albums, multiple tours and famous all over the world for the classic ‘4 Chords’, the Axis of Awesome are in Yarraville for just one exclusive Melbourne show this Saturday as part of Yarraville Laughs. Funny, nerdy, cheery and catchy, if you need a reminder of why this should be on your weekend To-Do, here it is:

Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen Street, Yarraville.


Bernard Fanning – Unplugged Live (Sun Jun 26)

If you’ve enjoyed Triple M’s Record Of The Week this week, get down to NGV this Sunday where former Powderfinger frontman Bernard Fanning will be performing. Hosted by Joe Laffer of The Panics, the day brings music and art together in the cool gallery space. And for more of Fanning and his brand new single ‘Wasting Time’, check out his interview with Ugly Phil in The Rubber Room below.

NGV Australia, 180 St Kilda Rd.


The Beards Farewell Tour (Sun Jun 24)

It's nearly your last chance to catch The Beards in Melbourne with their weekend shows at The Corner Hotel in Richmond. But with the Saturday gig already sold out, if you want to enjoy Australia’s number one beard-rock band live one final time on your doorstep, get yourself around them this Sunday before we wave goodbye to the beards once and for all. Show starts at 8pm and tickets are $30.

The Corner Hotel, Richmond.

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

Snow Is Going To Fall Closer To Melbourne Than First Thought

Let it snow.

Melbourne with the city set to be hit by ice cold winds tomorrow, with the mercury predicted to struggle to get into double digits.

The Bureau have predicted that snow will fall to at least 600m in Victoria.

It means snow can be expected on top of the Dandenong Ranges as well as around Kinglake.

The alpine areas are expected to receive their biggest fall of the year over the next couple of days.

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

Uber Set To Release Newest Feature, UberXL

This is going to be SERIOUSLY handy

(Image: Getty)

Uber is set to announce a change that would take away one of the taxi industry's last advantages.

Uber has emailed its customers to announce the launch of UberXL, which gives access to vehicles which seat up to six people, and the ride-sharing service claims is up to 30 per cent cheaper than a maxi taxi.

According to their website:

Long story short, UberXL is the UberX for SUV's. If you're on a tighter budget and need room for up to 6 people, This is the car service for you. Requesting an UberXLwill yield you an SUV or even minivan. Note that this is not the SUV “luxury version” and cars are not required to be black or super high-end.

Meanwhile, Uber has thumbed its nose at the Queensland government crackdown on illegal ride-sharing businesses by launching a new service in direct opposition to maxi-cabs.

The announcement comes in the wake of the Queensland government in May increasing fines for Uber drivers from $1413 to $2356, while administrators of illegal taxi services could be penalised up to $23,560.


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Posted: 23 June, 2016

Swedish Soccer Player Red Carded For Ripping A Massive Fart

"I heard the fart loud and clear"

Image: Aftonbladet

A Swedish footballer has defended his behaviour after being sent off for dropping one during a match.

Adam Lindin Ljungkvist explained the situation to local newspaper Lanstidningen Sodertalje: "I had a bad stomach, so I simply let go.”

"Then I received two yellow cards and then red. Yes, I was shocked, it's the strangest thing I have ever experienced in football.

"I asked the referee, 'What, am I not allowed to break wind a little?' 'No,' he replied. I don't get it. Maybe he thought I farted in my hand and threw the fart at him. But I did not."

Referee Dany Kako also spoke to local media post-match, explaining: "I perceived it as deliberate provocation. He did it on purpose and it was inappropriate.

Opposing team player Kristoffer Linde, who was on the pitch when the incident occurred, said: "I was standing a good distance away but I heard the fart loud and clear.

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

Icelandic Commentator Goes Completely Off Tap When They Score A Goal

This commentary is incredible.

Picture this, Iceland are playing at their first ever European Championship, the tiny nation with a population of just 330,000.

Incredibly they scored deep into stoppage time against Austria to finish above Portugal in Group F and secure a last-16 tie with England.

The utter elation is completely next level.

Listen to the commentator!


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Posted: 21 June, 2016

The Perfect Female Body?

Find out who and see if you agree.

Image source: Getty Images

There's university research, then there's this.

In breaking news, the University of Texas have concluded their findings on who has what is considered to be the perfect female body, and it belongs to 36 year old actress/model...

Kelly Brook

Image source: Getty Images

The university findings stated that Brook, 36, is the best example of the 'perfect figure'. Brook's height is stated at 1.68 metres, with her measurements being a 'perfect' 99-63-91.

The university also declared that Brook had no cosmetic surgery performed on her body, which led to their conclusion.

The findings are somewhat ironic when it's widely reported that Brook was initially told that she was considered too 'plump' for the modelling world when she first applied.

Image source: Getty Images

But, according to these scientists, Brook's all-natural body is perfect in terms of attractiveness.

In further news, we believe we've found the 'researchers' responsible for these findings ;)

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