Posted: 21 October, 2016

Aussie Bloke Loses 35 CASES Of Beer Off His Ute

Not the booze!

(Image: Canberra Talks)

A warning: this content may distress.

A poor Aussie bloke has lost 35 CASES of beer off the back of his ute.

The beer was being transported for a wedding by a groom and three of his mates when it all spilled on Cotter Rd in Watson, ACT today.

That's around 300 litres of booze.

People offered to help clean up the broken glass off the road - and some even offered to donate a slab or two for the wedding, which is on Saturday.

The groom, Craig, expressed his gratitude for the offers in a report by the Canberra Times.

"We feel really bad. We haven't asked for it - but thank you," he said.

Horrific, traumatic news.

But hopefully, with the donations and generosity flowing in, it has a happy ending.


(Image: Canberra Times)


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Posted: 21 October, 2016

Another Truck Just SLAMMED Into The Montague Street Bridge

The gantries did NOTHING.

Image: Triple M

Another day, another Montague St Bridge hit!

A truck slammed into the structure around 3:20pm this afternoon. 

An eyewitness told Triple M that the truck hit the first gantry but the driver failed to stop. 

“He hit the first gantry and then kept on going. It hit round 300ml above the bridge’s edge,” the witness said.

Image: Triple M

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Posted: 21 October, 2016

Experts Reveal How To Spot A Cheater

Prime cheating season is officially upon us, with 60% of men and women more likely to stray in spring and summer than any other time of year.

Luke Athens, Director of Heartbreakers, a leading Private Investigations Company specialising in cheating partners, missing persons and social media investigations, says “The warmer months are notorious for affairs, whether it’s the fact that people are starting to show more skin, the additional sunlight hours in the day,  or the pressure of working longer hours in the lead up to the festive season, the temptations are limitless for those who are considering straying.”

Mr Athens said generally they find your suspicions are 98% of our findings, so if you feel as though you’re being cheated on, the chances are highly likely.

To help know the simple ways to spot a cheater, Mr Athens shares his expert advice:

Travel often tells all.

If you suspect that your partner is lying about where they have been an easy way to check is noting the kilometres of the car.

This reveals if they are driving a different distance than they usually would, or if they’ve snuck out during the night or at a time they said they’d been home.

Checking their Opal card statements also shows what suburbs they are travelling to and exactly where they hop on and off.

Another great statement to check is their toll account.

Check their rubbish.

Bins often hide a lot of clues about what someone has been doing and where.

If there’s a receipt from a dinner for two at a nice restaurant, or an empty packet of condoms, these clues can give you a good indication of someone’s activities.

It’s not just garbage bins that you should be checking; looking at the internet history on their computer also sheds light on what they don’t want you to see.

Monitor their mobile phone.

There’s no doubt most people are attached at the hip to their mobile these days, however if someone never leaves it out of their sight (even when they go to the bathroom) there’s a good chance they are up to something.

If they put their phone on charge overnight, this is the best opportunity to take a peek into their call log, texts and images, including their deleted files.

If you don’t have any luck finding anything on your own, or feel as though key information has been deleted, services like Heartbreakers are able to obtain files and correspondence even if it has been erased.

Keep an eye on your bank account statements.

If you share a bank account, sift through the statements for any purchases that stand out, for example anything that was bought while they were interstate, while they were meant to be at work, or particularly early or late in the day for their schedule.

Cheating partners will often need to purchase condoms, men are likely to buy Viagra and women a bottle of wine so items like these should stand out if you pay particular attention.

Changes in schedule.

Most of us are creatures of habit, so if you notice your partner is all of a sudden staying back late at work every-night, or are scheduling social activities at all hours of the day; this is something to take note of.

Also, if they don’t ever invite you to join them, or claim to be swamped at work yet still arrive home cheerful and looking fresh, the odds are there is more going on than they’re letting on.

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Posted: 21 October, 2016

Terrifying Story Of Car-Jacking In East Melbourne

Stay safe!

(Image: Getty)

A user on the Melbourne subreddit has submitted a story detailing the terrifying moment his father almost had his car stolen.

Car jackings have been on the rise in Victoria recently, with Victoria Police setting up a task force to curb the trend.

The thefts have been connected to the 'Apex gang' in Melbourne, where it is typical for the offenders to deliberately get into accidents before stealing the car - which is consistent with the story told on Reddit:

Hey everyone!!

Yesterday my father was the victim of an attempted car jacking in East Melbourne at 1pm in the afternoon.

He was followed by a green sedan for 10 minutes and then was tapped from behind. He stupidly got out of the car with the keys left in and went to investigate.

A guy jumped out of their car and into my dads, attempting a swift escape.

My father is a crazy German and always puts up a fight, so he ran back to the passengers seat and tried to get back in the car. He was then dragged around with the car moving.

By pure luck he managed to get into the car and put on the hand break. Then he started beating the shit out of this young kid.

After taking a few angry punches, the kid decided it was a good idea to run, not before attempting to take my dads wallet from the side door..

We have followed up with the police and they have already made an arrest.

Stay safe out there people!! My dad was lucky he didn't get hurt, you never know if they have weapons!

Police have made over 150 arrests regarding similar crimes of late.

Stay safe, people!

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Posted: 21 October, 2016

Mack Horton Shares Incredible Medical Story On Instagram


(Image: Instagram)

This is pretty incredible!

2016 Olympic gold medallist Mack Horton revealed on Instagram his recent medical procedure - accompanied by an amazing story.

A concerned member of the public emailed the Australian swim team claiming the Horton should get the mole on his chest checked out by a medical professional.

Turns out, it was a "very good call".


Horton shared further photos of the malignant mole being removed thanks to the anonymous tip. What an amazing result!


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Posted: 19 October, 2016

Punter Unloads With WHOPPING Bet On Donald Trump

Please gamble responsibly.

Pretty bold move, this.

One punter has unloaded with one of the largest Election bets we've seen.

TAB’s Shaun Anderson said one punter has placed $100K on Donald Trump to win the US election.

The odds of Trump winning are at $5.00, which means he’ll pocket half a million bucks if Trump pulls off the upset.

A lot of us will be hoping this guy doesn’t win.

“Punters just can’t get enough of the US election betting. Despite Trump being an outsider its all one way traffic for him to pull off an upset," said TAB’s Shaun Anderson.

"If he gets up it will be a horrible result for the TAB but a great result for punter, particularly the one who bet the $100,000 this week."

More US Election Betting Market Trivia

· TAB is currently holding over $1.2 million on the US Election market. Of that $1 million has been placed on Trump

· This US Election is the most popular political market on TAB history. Double the money has been bet on this market compare to the 2016 Australian Federal Election

· Trumps longest price was $13 when the market first opened. Clinton’s shortest price has been $1.16

· If Trump wins, TAB will pay out just under $3 million

· The shortest price Trump has been is $2.35 when Clinton became sick in September

Please gamble responsibly.

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Posted: 17 October, 2016

New $5 Note Plays Records

Okay, it's proving tough to use as actual money, but some genius found a rad new use for it.

Fresh from the revelation that our new $5 note doesn't work in a few vending machines, comes this.

Cris Kennedy, the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) education manager, tells us that he heard reports that someone in England proved that you can actually use the newly developed notes to act as a stylus on a vinyl record, so he thought he'd try it out.

Don't believe it? Just watch this.

We don't know what's more amazing... that you can actually do it with the $5 buck note, or that many of the people reading this article will have no idea what a "vinyl" is ;)

Either way, chalk another one up for the $5 note. It's so bloody technologically advanced it's disrupting life. You just can't use it to buy a coke.

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Posted: 16 October, 2016

American Chilli Challenge Ends In A Torn Oesophagus

Don't try this at home

An American bloke has been left with a 2.5cm hole in his oesophagus and a 23 day hospital stint after attempting to take on the world’s second hottest chilli.

The man was eating a hamburger laced with puree of ghost pepper, a notoriously incredibly spicy chilli.

Ghost peppers — recently usurped as the hottest chilli in the world by the Carolina Reaper — are more than twice as strong as habeneros, registering more than a million Scoville heat units.

After eating his burger the man rocked up to hospital with severe abdominal pain, which is where doctors discovered the huge hole.

He had to undergo emergency surgery which forced the hospital stay.

The moral of the story? Stay the bloody hell away from Ghost Peppers.

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Posted: 16 October, 2016

Bloke Plays Daft Punk's Get Lucky In The Style Of 10 Legendary Guitarists


(Image: Facebook)

One bloke has put his own spin on Daft Punk's hit Get Lucky - and this might be better than the original.

The guitarist, Andre Antunes, blasts out the Daft Punk hit in the style of 10 legendary guitarists.

Angus Young, Kurt Cobain, Slash and Eddie Van Halen all get a run in this sick video.

Absolute classic!

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Posted: 14 October, 2016

Sexy Sax Man

Even after all these years, it still makes us laugh.

Even after all these years, this is still one of the best. Watch as Sexy Sax Man wreaks havoc on the shopping malls and fast food outlets of the world, playing a very bad rendition of George Michael's Careless Whisper.

It's hilarious!

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Posted: 14 October, 2016

Victorian Fisherman Tells Great White Shark To F**k Off

"F**K OFF"

A Victorian fisherman has filmed the moments that a great white shark attempted to bite his motor.

Filmed off the coastal town of Port Fairy the "beast" can be seen swimming toward the boat.

The video has been viewed over 16,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday.



Another video shows the fisherman hitting the shark with a broom. 

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Posted: 14 October, 2016

The First Look At Original Top Gear Hosts New Show

The old Top Gear was one of the biggest show on the planet. That all changed when Jeremy Clarkson was shown the door and took Richard Hammond and James May with him.

The three were quickly snapped up by Amazon to create 'The Grand Tour' (It's Top Gear take 2)

The guys new show has taken the game to a whole new level. The opening scene to The Grand Tour cost upwards of $3,100,000 to film. Not the season. Not the first episode. The opening scene. With over 150 cars, six jets, and a 2,000-strong horde of enthusiasts in tow.

First look at The Grand Tour


The show is yet to have an Australian broadcast or streaming platform, but it's been speculated that Amazon Prime will use The Grand Tour's launch as an opportunity to enter the Australian streaming market with it's own rival to Netflix and Stan.

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