Posted: 2 December, 2016

Queenslanders Are Buying Up All The Zooper Doopers In The Heatwave

Delicious way to stay hydrated

Queensland and northern NSW are going to cop a serious heatwave this weekend, with the mercury set to get up to a BRUTAL 46 degrees in some areas.

It’s started today, with Ipswich expected to get to around 38.

Naturally punters are responding in the best possible way: by smashing all the icy poles they can get their hands on.

A bloke in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast posted this picture yesterday of a Coles that had been stripped of its supply of that life-giving nectar itself — Zooper Doopers:

Seems like Queenslanders have followed the first rule of a heatwave — staying hydrated — in the most delicious possible way.

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Posted: 2 December, 2016

Know Your Meme People

Six of the most famous meme people... see how they look now.

It turns out that meme people are real people too...

If, like us, you've ever wondered who the people are behind the meme, then check this out. We've done some research and found six of the best...

Fist Pump Baby

This is Sammy Griner, and reports abound that apparently when his fantastic fist pump photo went viral, his mum, understandably, wasn't happy. But, a few years later, her husband needed a kidney transplant and she was able to raise the money required through a crowdfunding page. Fist pump moment!

Disaster Girl

She looks so guilty, right... but it turns out this photo originated when the girl and her Dad hung out to watch their local fire station perform a training exercise. One perfectly timed photo later and the rest is history.

The Goooooseeeeebermppppsssss Girl

This is what happens when a photo of you gets uploaded to Reddit. An awkward teenage moment that we're all probably guilty of, the "Ermahgerd Girl" is now a nurse in Arizona.

We feel her teenage excitement though... although maybe not about Goooooseeeeebermppppsssss.

The First World Problems Woman

She's actually an Italian bombshell, Silvia Bottini. Not that you could tell from that photo you see everywhere.

Scumbag Steve The Homie

Real name is Blake Boston, and you'll never guess... his Internet fame led to a career in rap...

Eminem he ain't, from all reports.

Bad Luck Brian

Another awkward teenage moment that made this guy very famous, apparently, he actually made himself look a lot worse than what he actually looked like in order to make the photo happen, for a bit of a laugh.

Careful what you wish for, we guess ;)

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Posted: 2 December, 2016

Air NZ's Ripping Xmas Ad

It's a ripper. Well played!

Bloody Air New Zealand, they've done it again!

This is up there with the best Christmas vids we've seen. It stars Roman Keating (typo intended) and a champion little kid Julian Dennison bossing him around.

The only real bugger about this is that it was made in NZ... they beat us to the punch.

Well played Air NZ... well played!

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Posted: 2 December, 2016

Gigantic VB Christmas Tree

Talk about team players.

Seven News Perth have done a report on some Perth champions who have gone above and beyond in the Christmas tree and charity stakes.

No words. Just look at this monster.

What a ripper of a tree!

What's better, it lights up at night (of course it does).


Source: 7 News Perth Facebook

Reports suggest that the guys have done it to raise money for Alzheimer's research.


Whoever you boys are, Australia salutes you! Well bloody done.

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Posted: 1 December, 2016

Donald Trump Pic Photoshop War

Prez not happy Jan!

We'd hope that even Donald Trump himself would admit to being no oil-painting, but a particularly bad photo of Trump has been taken, and Photoshoppers all over the world have responded in kind.

Here's the original, in all its awful glory.

The photoshopping results are hilarious.

Candle In The Wind

Jabba The Trump

Fat Bastard

Ice Cream Trump

Christmas Elf Trump

Oompla Loompa Trump

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Posted: 30 November, 2016

Good News If You Love To Swear

Love to cuss? There's a fair chance you're smart as f*ck

Researchers in the USA have made a conclusion that, for many, confirms what they've always suspected.

People who tend to swear a lot, are more than likely to possess a wider vocabulary AND have better verbal skills.

According to the resulting report, participants in the study were asked to complete a Controlled Word Association Test (COWAT), a test that measures the size of your vocabulary.

Then, the same participants were asked to recall as many swear words as possible in one minute.

The findings? Those participants who found it easier to recall swear words, tended to know more words overall.

Or, in their words:

"The overall finding of this set of studies, that taboo fluency is positively correlated with other measures of verbal fluency, undermines the POV view of swearing. That is, a voluminous taboo lexicon may better be considered an indicator of healthy verbal abilities rather than a cover for their deficiencies. Speakers who use taboo words understand their general expressive content as well as nuanced distinctions that must be drawn to use slurs appropriately. The ability to make nuanced distinctions indicates the presence of more rather than less linguistic knowledge as implied by the POV view."

We didn't understand a f*cking word of what they just said ;)

We'll just leave this here. Take that Willy!!!

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Posted: 30 November, 2016

Aussie TV Presenter Bitten By A Mudcrab On Live TV

This is one of the funniest videos we've seen. Watch it below.

(Warning: Video contains lots of rude language).

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Posted: 30 November, 2016

Cancer Council Reveals The Most Popular Excuses For Getting Sunburnt

Pretty lame...

(Image: Getty)

With summer on it's way most people are looking forward to fun in the sun but it can also pose a health hazard if you're not prepared.

As the temperature rises over the next three months, so will the number of Aussies at risk of skin cancer and food poisoning.

Cancer Council Australia CEO, Professor Sanchia Aranda says it only takes a few minutes outside for sun damage to begin, yet people are still making excuses for getting sunburnt.

New data revealed by Prof Aranda showed Australians' top excuse - 37 per cent - for getting sunburnt in 2016 was: 'It was a hot day so I stayed out in the sun too long'.

The second most popular excuse was equally lame; 'I forgot or I didn't think I needed sun protection'.

There has also been a four per cent reduction in the number of Australians wearing hats, which equates to about 10 million Australians not using hats when out in the sun, Prof Aranda says.

That's alarming when you think that two-out-of-three Australians will get some form of skin cancer by the age of 70, and more than 2000 will die every year from the preventable disease.

Enjoy the summer but don't forget all five forms of sun protection - slip, slop, slap, seek (shade) and slide (on sunglasses), because anything more than a few minutes outside without these is too long, Prof Aranda implored.

"It's important that Australians are not complacent about their relationship with the sun, we want people to enjoy the Australian lifestyle but want them to understand that sunburn and skin damage can be avoided," Prof Aranda said.

The key advice from the Cancer Council is to plan outdoor activities near shade and remember that anytime the UV level is at three or above sun protection is required, said Prof Aranda.

There are also several tips people can follow to avoid having their Christmas and New Year's celebrations spoiled by food poisoning.

Rachel Williams from the Food Safety Information Council says bacteria rapidly spreads in the heat and "hazardous" foods like meat, dairy, poultry, seafood and eggs should not be kept at room temperature for any longer than two-to-three hours.

The ideal place to keep these products is in the fridge.

When it comes to the traditional summer BBQ, it's important to avoid "cross contamination" by having separate plates for the raw meat and cooked meat, said Ms Williams.

And only put a small amount of the risk-prone foods out at any one time and after a couple of hours throw them out.

"People don't like chucking out food but it's not safe," warned Ms Williams.


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Posted: 30 November, 2016

This Is Why You Don't Tailgate

And this is why you shouldn’t tailgate.

The video shows the chain of events in which a car swerved to miss a mattress and ended up colliding into the side of a mountain and then rolled over. Watch the video below.

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Posted: 30 November, 2016

Police In Canada Are Going To Make Drink-Drivers Listen To Nickelback As Punishment

This is how they remind us

A police force in Canada are going to punish drink-drivers by making them listen to Nickelback.

Residents of Prince Edward Island have been warned that, in addition to fines and criminal charges, they will also be "made to listen to the officer's copy of Nickelback on the way to jail".

Local force, Kensington Police, posted the warning in a festive announcement about the dangers of drink-driving on Facebook, adding "we figure if you are foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking then a little Chad Kroeger and the boys is the perfect gift for you."

A cruel, unusual deterrent for a serious crime. 

Here's the full Facebook post from Kensington Police:

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Posted: 29 November, 2016

Baby Copies Rocky Scenes

Get the kid an Oscar... he's EPIC!

We all know that Rocky is a pretty iconic film... it has everything...

  • Big time boxing
  • Killer theme tune
  • Sequels galore

In light of all this, we were still surprised to find this little champion doing what he did. What a legend!

We're exhausted just watching it.

Now, back to that soundtrack.

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Posted: 29 November, 2016

Sneak Peek At New G.O.T.

Oh God, the suspense!!!

According to reports online, UK watchers of the much-vaunted series Westworld got a sneaky little peek at three stills from the new Game Of Thrones series, due for our screens mid next year.

The trailer that went to air hasn't made its way online, but Twitter users were quick to screen-grab the shots.

The three stills show that House Stark might have a little bit to do with the comings and goings of the next season. Arya, Sansa and Jon Snow all get a look in.

Without actually searching for spoilers, there was no hint in the teaser of Queen Cersei, but rest assured, like Winter, she is coming.

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