Posted: 26 May, 2015 by Michael James

Pizza Hut Are Stuffing Crusts With Four'N Twenty Pies Because Australia Is Out Of Ideas

We hope this was an accident.

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Only a couple of weeks ago Australia was smacked over the head with news that someone had actually invented vegemite flavoured chocolate.

Presumably the success of that idea has sparked other organisations to search their slice of the publicity pie.

Which brings us to this pie-eyed idea from Pizza Hut. <end of pie puns>

They have managed to create a pizza which has mini-Four'N Twenty pies stuffed into the crust. Seriously.

We haven’t tasted it yet so we’ll keep our opinions to ourselves... But if anyone is willing to have a taste then let us know how you go.


Lunch is served at Nine Perth 😷 #pizzahut #pizzahutmeatpie #cleaneating

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Tags: Australia, Straya

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