Posted: 1 September, 2015 by Triple M Stuff

Croc Rips His Mates Leg Off And Eats It!!

This is outrageous!

Tags: saltwater crocodile

Crocodile rips off another crocodiles arm off

We knew that crocs were carnivores.... but cannibals? That's a new one!

This footage is pretty bloody ridiculous of feeding time in an Aussie zoo of a bunch of crocs.

As the zookeeper throws some meat into a pit full of a huge saltwater crocodiles, they all start to head towards the meat.

That's when one of the old mates gets his leg stuck in his buddy's mouth.

What does he do? Well, instead of letting go, he gets into a bit of a death roll until....pop!

Off comes the leg and down the mouth it goes.

Poor fella must have been really hungry.

Tags: saltwater crocodile

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