Posted: 17 January, 2016 by Chris Mc

One Of Alan Rickman's Last Ever Videos Is With A Strawberry-Eating Tortoise

The clip was released just one month before the 69-year-old passed away.

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Alan Rickman’s voice was unique in its tone and delivery. It’s the reason Hans Gruber was one of our favourite villains. He made Die Hard. “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”

This video below is one of the final productions Rickman made before his death – and it involves him telling you to watch a tortoise eating a strawberry.

"We’re trying to make a viral video to help refugees," he says. "We’re slowly gathering views as this tortoise munches away.

Rickman goes on to explain: "The more views the video get, the more advertising revenue YouTube will give us."

So, give it a watch or ten. 

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