Posted: 18 January, 2016 by Stuff

Sydney Bloke Matches Girl On Tinder With Her Phone After Finding It

Smooth or creepy? He did return her phone to Town Hall station.

Images via facebook /Daily Mail

We can't decide if this guy is a really nice bloke or a bloody creeper.

While riding home on the train over the weekend, a commuter named Luke found Monica Cook's phone and was able to get into it.

He then posted a status on her FB telling her that he had her phone and would be handing it in at Sydney's Town Hall station for her to collect - sounds like a good bloke so far right?

Well what he did next might be a bit weird, he went onto her Tinder and swiped right on his profile so they had a match and also asked her on a date in his original FB post.

What do you reckon? Below are some more of their facebook exchanges.

His 'charm' must have worked though, because Monica has decided to buy him a drink!


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