Posted: 19 January, 2016 by The Grill Team

Tarantino Has A Hard Earned Thirst, Shows His Love For VB

Maybe you could get it shooting a bloody Western, matter of fact I've got it now.

Images via Daily Mail

Quentin Tarantino, auteur, film genius, violence fan, lover of VB.

Wait, what? Yep, that's right - Quentin Tarantino loves his VB.

While in the country promoting his latest masterpiece, the bloody western The Hateful Eight, Tarantino (who's already professed his love for Australia) rocked up to a movie Q&A with sixer of tinnies.

He's quoted in The Daily Mail as saying "They tried to take my VB off me before I came up here and I said 'I think Aussies want to see how much I enjoy their VB!'"

The best thing about it all? The tins that Quentin are drinking were personalised by VB to have his name on them and they're you can now get them for a short time only.

They're Tarantinnies!

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