Posted: 11 October, 2016 by Pub Talk

American Reporter Hilariously Misinterprets Andrew Bogut Saying The Word 'Shithouse'

"I said shithouse."

(Image: Getty)

A US sports journalist has misheard Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut describing the American election candidates as 'shithouse'.

An article in the Dallas News quoted the Mavericks recruit answering a question about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"They're both sh*t-ass," Bogut said, according to the Dallas News.

"They're both full of sh*t and they don't really give two sh*ts about the common man.

"You guys are in some trouble, quite frankly. I can't vote."

After the story was then tweeted by assistant sports editor Tommy Magelssen, Bogut was quick to point out the error.

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