Posted: 16 February, 2016 by Pub Talk

One Bloke Goes To Town On Telstra's Free Data Day

Whopping amount

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Not everyone was fully aware of Telstra's free data apology day on Sunday the 14th of February.

But this bloke from Sydney was certainly all over it...

John, an IT worker, racked up a staggering 425GB of data.

The man reportedly downloaded 25 seasons of The Discovery Channel's How It's Made, every episode of Game of Thrones Stargate Atlantis in high definition, as well as syncing up his library of Steam games to his computer.

He calculated the cost of the downloading bonanza based on his regular bills - on a normal day the Sunday would have cost $4190.

He told Fairfax he was well-prepared.

“Because my home internet is slow, I would not be able to do this normally,” he said.

“So the moment I heard about the free data offer, I spent the week getting downloads ready in preparation for Sunday.

“I’m now caught up on about three months worth of downloads.”

The stats for the rest of the country are pretty incredible as well.

Telstra reported its biggest day of data downloads ever - notching up 1,841TB nationwide.

That accounts for almost double the normal amount.

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