Posted: 5 October, 2016

Motley Fool Money: What Would President Trump Mean For The Markets

What the hell is a Motley Fool anyway?

Tags: Motley Fool Money

Ever wondered what a Motley Fool is? Andrew and Scott this week answer that very question (because they've become sick of being asked). 

They may be different from your average financial industry figures and in their unique take on money, this week's MFM discusses the OPEC cartel and the recent deal to limit production - what does it mean for our petrol prices? Clue: It probably isn't good news.

Shocking news: a bank actually cops what they deserve for a change, as Wells Fargo CEO receives a massive fine.

And lastly, the idea of Donald Trump becoming President is frightening on many levels, but just how bad would that make things for us closer to home, and specifically closer to our wallets?

Until next week: Fool On.

Tags: Motley Fool Money

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