Posted: 30 March, 2015

Germanwings Co-Pilot Treated For 'Suicide Tendencies'

Andreas Lubitz had psychotherapy for years

Source: Getty Images

German prosecutors say the co-pilot of the Germanwings passenger plane that crashed in the French Alps, killing all 150 people, had received therapy for suicidal tendencies.

Dusseldorf prosecutors say Andreas Lubitz received psychotherapy for many years before becoming a pilot.

“He was being treated by a psychotherapist for what is documented as being suicidal tendencies at that time,” German state prosecutor Christoph Kumpa said.

He said there had also been numerous visits to doctors right up until the time of the disaster, but these did not involve suicide.

However, no suicide note “or anything like that” was found in searches of Lubitz’s German homes, Kumpa said.

“There was also nothing in his personal, family or professional background to provide any hints “about his motivation”.

Investigators have found no clues of Lubitz’ motive, nor any sign of a physical illness.

“We found no indications of co-pilot’s motive for crashing Germanwings plane,” prosecutors’ spokesman Ralf Herrenbrueck said. 

Authorities are trying their best to get to the bottom of the tragedy, speaking with people who knew and worked with Lubitz such as co-workers, his employer and his doctors.

In the wake of the crash, an international aviation lawyer is calling for the adoption of mandatory reporting for doctors who treat pilots they consider to be unfit to fly. 

Jerry Skinner, who is acting for several families bereaved by the MH17 tragredy, said there should be some responsibility for GP’s to alert a pilot’s employer if they are mentally unwell.

In Australia, pilots are legally required to report any noticeable medical conditions that could affect their ability to fly to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

They must also have annual checks by an aviation medical examiner that issues a certificate stating their fitness to fly. 

Although, a pilot seeking treatment from a doctor or psychologist could possibly conceal that from their employer, and the doctor is not required to report any concerns. 

All 150 people on board died in the horrific eight-minute descent, including two Australians, Carol Friday and her adult son Grieg.

Relatives of the pair paying a visit to a memorial in the French Alps. 

“I felt the need to come here to France with my two daughters, Georgina and Philippa, and son-in-law, Michael, to represent the rest of our family back in Australia. I have a need to see the crash site myself and pay my respects to my sister and my nephew,” Malcolm Coram said. 

“I now know the true meaning of the words grief stricken.” 

He said his brother-in-law and niece were too devastated to travel there, as well as Carol’s husband.

“My two brothers are back in Australia still in denial.” 

“We have decided to treat this as an accident at this stage and thus deny the perpetrator his wishes.”

“Carol and Greig’s death has left a hole in our family that will probably never be filled. 

Mr Coram left a heartfelt final note from Greig’s partner: “Life has taught us a tough lesson, the lesson being - enjoy every bit of what we have for we don’t know when it is going to be taken away from us.”

Stricter Aviation Rules

Australia Boosts Airline Safety After Germanwings Tragedy 

Tougher aviation measures have been announced by the Australian Government, including a two person in the cockpit at all times, following the Germanwings tragedy.  

 The policy will take effect immediately and is in response to last week's tragedy when co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed an Airbus A320 killing 144 people and five of his co-workers. 

Transport Minister Warren Truss says these measures will be introduced within hours.

"Australian airlines have also been examining what measures they need to take in relation to this incident. 

"The Goverment has been in discussion with the airlines over the last copule of days, and there has been an agreement that airlines in Australia will move immeditately to adjust their flight operation procedures to ensure that there are always two people on the flight deck. 

"This will mean that one of the flight attendants will come and sit in the cockpit if one of the pilots needed to leave the flight deck for any reason."

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Posted: 30 March, 2015

Brad Haddin Also Set To Retire?

Aussie wicket-keeper has potentially hung up his one day gloves

Australian wicket keeper Brad Haddin could join Michael Clarke as a retired one day cricketer, after a suggestion on Triple M this morning that he'd played his last one day game.

In an open interview with Triple M's Grill Team Sydney the 37-year-old said he was never afraid to sledge the New Zealand cricketers during the World Cup final because he had nothing to lose.

Haddin, sounding a tad horse after a night of celebrations was talking about Australia's loss to the Black Caps in New Zealand when he suggested last night's game was his last.

"Mate, MG I'm telling ya, mate it was that uncomfortable all they were was that nice with us - for  seven days,  I said I'm not playing cricket like this, if we get another crack at these guys in the final, I'm letting everything - I'm not gunna play another one day"...


Haddin continued on talking while the phone slightly dropped out, but it sounded like he said ' they can suspend me for as long as they like'.


For the entire interview with Steve Smith, Brad Haddin and Darren Lehmann 

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Posted: 30 March, 2015

Shane Warne Hammered Over Post-Match Drinking Questions

Aussie cricketers Brad Haddin, Steve Smith and coach Darren Lehmann paint a picture of how they are the morning after

Aussies Party Hard Following World Cup Win Uploaded at 30 March, 2015 - 1:06PM

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Rock, Shock

In this video: Boof Lehman


On The Triple M Sydney's Grill Team this morning, Aussie cricketers Brad Haddin, Steve Smith and coach Darren Lehmann paint a picture of how they are the morning after their outstanding Cricket World Cup victory and how they haven't gone to bed yet.

Listen to the full audio below.

Aussie Cricketers On Triple M

Warnie might have copped it on social media, but it looks like he was on the money about a big night. 


Shane Warne Hammered Over Post-Match Drinking Questions

Shane Warne is copping a serve for his boozy questions at post-match interviews after last night's World Cup victory.  

Celebrations continued into the early morning after Australia smashed its way to a seven-wicket win against New Zealand in Melbourne. 

More than 93,000 fans packed into the MCG, to watch Michael Clarke cap off his one day international career with a commanding final innings of 74 runs, helping the nation secure its fifth title. 

Congrats buddy, so happy for you !!!! #thirsty Hahahah..... Go the #AUSSIES #worldcupfinal2015

A photo posted by Shane Warne (@shanewarne23) on


Aussie champions, such as Steve Smith – who scored the winning run with 17 overs to spare - and David Warner, soaked up the atmosphere after their success and celebrated with the record crowd. 

Congrats boys #champions #worldcupfinal2015 #thirsty Hahahah....

A photo posted by Shane Warne (@shanewarne23) on


The players certainly weren't the only ones keen to party. 

Speaking with several of the victorious Aussies, spin king Shane Warne seemed to have just one thing on his mind.

"Are you feeling thirsty?," he asked of wicketkeeper Brad Haddin.

Batsman Steve Smith was his next target.

"Are you going to have a bit of a drink tonight too Smitty? Are you going to get thirsty as well? The boys are thirsty they seem," Warne asked.

Then it was on to Shane Watson and Josh Hazlewood.

"So what's the plan - besides lots of drink and that. How long is that going to last. Just one night, two nights? We saw (coach) Darren Lehmann say it might last a week. Do you reckon it will go a bit longer than that?

"Go and enjoy yourselves guys. Hopefully we'll join you for a few."

His interrogation of winning players caused a stir and generated some laughs on social media. 


But Warne has hit back at "do gooders" early this morning over the criticism.



and again this afternoon...





It seems the Aussie cricketers certainly lived up to Warnie's expectations, all rocking up to today's fan celebration in Melbourne's Federation Square sporting sore heads and sunglasses.

Skipper Michael Clarke confirmed they were all feeling "a little hungover" but "extremely proud".

However, Pup was making no apologies for partying well into the night.

"One thing this team does know how to do is celebrate.

We do that pretty well... I think that's part of the Australian way

I think it's important... you work so hard to have success and when you do, I think you've got to enjoy it, and like I say, today we'll continue to enjoy it."

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Posted: 30 March, 2015

"A Lion Jumped Through The Window And Went To Town On My Legs"


An Aussie tourist is lucky to be alive, after a lion mauled him during an African safari tour.

Brendan Smith had landed in Johannesburg in South Africa just 36 hours before the vicious animal leaped through an open car window and attacked him.

In a Facebook post, the Perth man recalled the horrific moment he was bitten, but with a sense of humour.

“No later than 36 hours after touching down in Africa I find myself in hospital after a lion jumped through the car window and decided to go to town on my legs.”

“Pretty full-on but am alive, with insurance coming to the party and an influx of curious Africans wanting to see “the lion man.”

“Could have and should have been a lot worse but chicks dig scars so I’ll be sweet!”

He posted graphic images of his wounds from his hospital bed at Johannesburg’s Fourways Life Hospital, showing what looks like teeth puncture marks.




His post also included a picture of two female lions lazing on the grass, although it is not known if these were the lions that attacked him.

Mr Smith was planning to go on a shark dive south of Cape Town after his safari, but it is unclear if he will go after such a vicious attack.

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Posted: 28 March, 2015

NSW Decides

Who will lead our state government?

Voting booths across the State have now closed and counting is underway in the 2015 election.

Earlier the smell of sausage sizzles filled the air across Sydney as people queue at polling booths to have their say for election 2015.

Most are predicting that there will be no change in Government and Mike Baird will be re-elected as Premier.

Mr Baird kicked the day off early casting his vote in the seat of Manly with his wife by his side and his family handing out how to vote cards.

While Labor Leader Luke Foley hit up a primary school in Auburn along side his wife to cast his vote, he was even happy to stop and pose for a few selfie's with supporters.

Much of the talk on social media has been on the polling booth sausage sizzle, with both leaders admitting to it being a highlight of the day.

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Posted: 27 March, 2015

NSW Skydiving Tragedy

Jump Turns to Tragedy Near Bryon Bay

A skydiving accident has left a woman dead and a man seirously injured in Northern NSW. 

The accident happened on the Pacfic Highway at Tyagarah, near Byron Bay at 3:30 on Friday afternoon. It is believed their parachutes became entangled, sending the duo crashing to the ground.

Paramedics tried to revive the woman but she died at the scene. The man has been airlifted to a Queensland hosptial. 


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Posted: 27 March, 2015

Multiple Injuries After NY Explosion

An explosion has rocked a busy section of Manhattan’s East Village in New York, injuring sixteen people and demolishing parts of a building.

Authorities say at least two injuries are critical and some people may be trapped in the blaze.

The collapse occurred at 125 Second Avenue, which is a residential and commercial building.

The first two floors of a red-brick building at the scene appear to have crumbled, sending twitter images of the disaster into overdrive, including actor Jason Biggs.

Towering flames and gusts of black smoke are seen to be rising from the building.

Emergency teams are at the scene with at least 200 firefighters.

The official FDNY Twitter account described it as a “major building collapse.” 

The cause of the blast is unknown. 

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Posted: 27 March, 2015

Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Plane

Young German wanted to "destroy the plane"

French officials believe the co-pilot of the Germanwings A320 intentionally set the flight on a course for destruction.

New details have come to light reportedly showing the autopilot was reprogrammed from 38,000 feet to just 100 feet.

It comes after chilling details from one of the black boxes revealing what happened in the final minutes on the doomed plane. 

Sound recordings have revealed the co-pilot, 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz, locked the captain out of the cockpit when he went to the toilet, ignored his desperate pleas for re-entry and then flicked the switch to begin the slow decent into the French Alps before hearing passengers scream in the final seconds.

Apart from his breathing, Lubitz didn’t say a word for the final ten minutes while alone at the controls as lead prosecutor Brice Robin said, “he didn’t reply to a thing. He didn’t say a word. In the cockpit, it was utter silence.”

Robin said the young German appeared to “show a desire to want to destroy” the plane, but did not believe he was part of a terrorist plot.”

“At this moment, there is no indication that this is an act of terrorism,” Robin said. 

Germany’s Interior Minister confirmed this, saying there was so far no indication of “a terrorist background.”

Details have also emerged about the German co-pilot’s past as two houses in Duesseldorf and Montabaur were searched.

Investigators reportedly finding 'something of significance' in one of them, although it's not yet known what it is.

Lubitz lived in a town of Montabaur, near Frankfurt and started training in 2008 at Bremen and Arizona. His training was briefly interrupted but deemed fit to fly.

He worked as a co-pilot for Germanwings since 2013, appeared pleased with his job, and his Facebook profile suggests the active lifestyle of a keen runner with an interest in pop music.

Sophr said he had undergone intensive training, passed all psychological and physical tests and was “100% fit to fly without any caveats.”

However, a mother of a schoolmate told a French newspaper Lubitz had told her daughter he took a break from his pilot training because he was suffering from depression.

“Apparently he had a burnout, he was in depression,” the unnamed woman said.

She said her daughter had seen him again just before Christmas and that he had appeared normal. She added he was a “lovely boy.” “He had a good family background.”

The shocking revelation was released as families and friends of victims travelled to the remote crash site area.

Tents were set up for them to give DNA samples to start the process of identifying bodies of loved ones.

Meanwhile the remains of victims, found scattered across the slopes were being taken by helicopter to nearby Seyne-les-Alpes.

All 150 people aboard the Airbus A320 were killed in Tuesday’s crash, including two Australians Carol Friday and her son Greig, both from Melbourne. 

 Robin said those on board died “instantly” and were probably not aware until the “very last moment” of the impending disaster. 

“The screams were heard only in the last moments before the impact,” said the prosecutor.

There was no immediate clue as to the motive of the pilot, but Robin said he was unwilling to use the word “suicide”.

“Usually when you commit suicide, you do it alone. When you’re responsible for 150 people, I don’t call that a suicide.”

The co-pilot who deliberately set the controls “to accelerate the plane’s descent” into the side of the mountain, “was conscious until the moment of impact,” Robin said.

German Chanellor Angela Merkel said the findings added an “absolutely unimaginable dimension” to the tragedy.

Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Spohr said he was “stunned” by the revelations and added that no security “system in the world” could have prevented the co-pilot’s actions. 

Airlines and aviation regulators around the world have already moved to change their practices to ensure there are always two people in the cockpit at any one time.

Canada has ordered the changes, along with airlines in Britain, Norway and Iceland, while Prime Minister Tony Abbott says a review is underway while also seeking a briefing from domestic airlines about their cockpit procedures.

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Posted: 26 March, 2015


Hunter Valley animal killer Nathan Thompson pleads guilty to more charges and will never own a pet

The Hunter Valley man who bashed and killed several puppies has pleaded guilty to extra charges and agreed to serve a lifetime animal ownership ban.

Thompson's court appearance today was slightly overshadowed by the extra security that was put in place, that didn't allow the general public in to watch the court proceedings.

The 25-year-old looked nervous in this morning's hearing while sitting in a hunched-over position.

Thompson admitted killing nine puppies from the same litter at Kurri Kuri, earlier this month. He had already pleaded guilty to four animal cruelty charges, and today pleaded guilty to nine more.

The prosecution then asked for a lifetime ban, that will see Thompson never legally own an animal. He was currently serving a 10 year animal ownership ban.

The 25-year-old did not oppose the decision on the lifetime ban. Magistrate Ian Cheetham said Thompson will never own another animal during his lifetime.

Animal activists have welcomed the ban.

Thompson will be sentenced in May.

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Posted: 26 March, 2015


Allegations Kieran Loveridge Had Relationship With Female Guard

The man who killed Thomas Kelly in a one-punch attack in Kings Cross has been moved to a maximum security prison amid allegations he assualted a fellow inmate and had a relationship with a guard.

Kieran Loveridge and another man allegedly attacked a fellow inmate leaving the 31 year-old with a fractured eye socket at the Mid North Coast Correctional Centre on March 10.

It has now been revealed the 21 year-old was in an improper relationship with a female guard at the prison and has been moved to the Goulburn Correctional Centre.

Corrective Services has provided the following statement: 

A female correctional officer has been suspended from duty from at Mid North Coast Correctional Centre after it was learned she had allegedly commenced an improper relationship with an inmate. 

The inmate has been moved to another correctional centre. 

Corrective Sevices NSW is continuing its investigation into the matter.

A source says it was the vigilience of jail staff that led them to believe something was wrong. 

Loveridge is serving a ten year, two month non parole sentence over the July 2012 attack on Kelly. 


                                                                  Thomas Kelly

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Posted: 26 March, 2015

James May Reacts To Jeremy Clarkson Being Sacked

The Top Gear presenters have their say on Clarkson's sacking.


Top Gear presenters James May and Richard Hammond have reacted to the sacking of their co-host Jeremy Clarkson.

May told reporters: "It’s a tragedy. I’m sorry that what ought to have been a small incident sorted out easily has turned into something big."

"I have only known for the past few minutes and if you excuse me I very desperately have to write the eBay listing for my Ferrari."

Asked who a possible replacement for Clarkson could be, May replied: "Much as I think he's a knob, I quite like working with Jeremy."

Richard Hammond tweeted that it's a sad end to an era.


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Posted: 26 March, 2015

What's Inside The Triple M Showbag

Thousands expected to grace Sydney's show grounds over the holidays

Sydney Royal Easter ShowPic: Facebook

Can you smell the Dagwood's in the air? The Sydney Royal Easter Show is back again for another year of showbags, agriculture, and rides that could make you hurl that entire bag of fairy floss you've devoured.

Can you believe it's been entertaining New South Welshians for 192 years?

"Exhibitors have all arrived, they've got their animals ready for judging, the district exhibits haven't looked better," said Michael Collins Cheif Operating Officer for the Show. 

"I've been around all morning ... checking and everything's ready to go - it's hats on Sydney, the show is in town!"

For the thrill seekers, 2015 sees the addition of the "Mahem Manor" fright house with real actors employed to scare the bejesus out of you!

Animal lovers and kiddies will be kept occupied in the pavillions with the hundreds of 'best on show' competitions (there's actually over 10,000 animals), while the 'food farm' shows how produce goes from the ground to supermarket (with added cooking shows). 

"This year in showbags we've got 349 in total, with 136 $10 and under ... got plenty of great food here this year, lots of great gourmet items but our show food this year is Cake-On-A-Stick," said Mr Collins.

But if some serious wood-chopping exhibits and Triple M Showbag hunting have brought on fatigue, take some chill time and sample what's on offer at the Beer and Wine Garden.

As for getting there, might be best to take advantage of public transport as traffic's expected to be pretty hectic especially when major sporting events are on at the nearby ANZ Stadium.

Frequent trains will run from Central and Olympic Park, stopping at Redfern. They'll also run every 10 minutes between Lidcombe and Olympic Park.

On weekends and public holidays, regular services will also operate to and from Emu Plans and Schofields.

For more info on transport and what buses are running, hit up

Triple M Showbag

triple m showbag

The Show boasts to have entertainers performing dangerous, dare-devil stunts
Pic: Facebook

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