Posted: 27 November, 2015

SCG And Allianz Stadium Listed As 'Violent Venues'

NSW State Government listed it's first stadiums as 'violent venues' amongst a host of others.

A list of violent venues in New South Wales has been listed today by the state government including the first stadiums in Australia to be slapped with restrictions under new laws.

Both the Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium have been listed as 'violent venues' and have been given as Level 2 restrictions that will be active from December 1st, 2015.

Level 2 restrictions (12 to 18 violent incidents in a year) impose a number of different sanctions on venues including;

- Cease alcohol service 30 minutes before closing
- No glass or breakable containers after midnight
- Alcohol time-outs or free water and food for 10 minutes every hour after midnight
- Required to maintain a detailed incident register whenever trading
- Extra compliance monitoring

The full list that was released today outlined 200 violent incidents were recorded over 14 venues which is a massive decrease from the 1270 incidents across 48 that were listed on the first violent venues list in 2008.

A number of venues will be removed from the list from December 1st, 2015 including the Central Coast Hotel, Terrigal Hotel, Hotel Henry Rous, The Macarthur Tavern, Theatre Royal Broken Hill & Hotel Chambers.


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Posted: 27 November, 2015

Facebook Offers New Dads 4 Months Paid Paternity Leave

Source: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Soon to be new dads working at Facebook will be cheering, with the company to provide four months paid parental leave to them, no matter where they work in the world.

The announcement comes after the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed last week he’ll take two months off from work when his first child is born early next year.

The decision to bring male employees' paid leave in line with women's was, the company said, "the right thing to do".

It’s part of the social media giant’s goal to become one of the top businesses for families and could push other companies to adopt similar policies!

Speaking of which, Spotify announced earlier in the week that it will offer a full six months of paid parental leave to all full-time employees (maternity or paternity).

The social media giant’s head of HR and recruiting, Lori Goler announced the news on Facebook last night:

I am proud to announce today that we are extending our parental leave policy for full time employees to cover four months of paid baby leave for all new parents, no matter their gender or where in the world they live. This expanded benefit primarily affects new fathers and people in same-sex relationships outside the U.S. It will not alter the existing maternity leave currently available to all employees worldwide.

Our approach to benefits at Facebook is to support our employees and the people who matter most to them. We want to be there for our people at all stages of life, and in particular we strive to be a leading place to work for families. An important part of this is offering paid parental or ‘baby’ leave.

In reviewing our parental leave policies, we have decided to make this change because it’s the right thing to do for our people and their families. Studies show that when working parents take time to be with their newborns, outcomes are better for the children and families. For too long, paid baby leave has been granted only to a mother who is giving birth. We believe that fathers and mothers alike deserve the same level of support when they are starting and growing a family, regardless of how they define family.

According to Pew Research, almost half of fathers are worried that they don’t spend enough time with their children. Starting on January 1, 2016, all new dads and same-sex partners at Facebook will receive four months of paid leave to bond with a new baby, whether they are the primary caregiver or not. All new parents in all of our offices worldwide, including those who had or adopted a baby in 2015 and were Facebook employees at the time, will be eligible. The leave can be taken at any point up to a year after the baby is born. Taking parental leave is a very personal decision, but we want to be able to provide our people with the support and flexibility to take the time they need.”

Priscilla and I are starting to get ready for our daughter's arrival. We've been picking out our favorite childhood...

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, November 20, 2015

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Posted: 27 November, 2015

North Shore Brothel Fights Plans For Childcare Centre Next Door

Source: Google Maps

A North Shore brothel has raised concerns about plans to open a childcare centre next door, claiming it should be protected from children.

Centrefolds North Shore, which has operated in Artarmon for more than 10 years, is fighting an application to open the childcare centre just metres across the road.

They believe it’s particularly controversial when brothels are banned from opening within 100 metres of a childcare centre.

Three Willoughby councillors see it differently and are voting in favour, arguing it’s fine because the childcare centre is the applicant, not the brothel.

Deputy Willoughby Mayor Michelle Sloan says there’s nothing illegal about the two businesses being so close together.

“They don’t particularly want 112 children right next door to their business, I can understand that, but from our perspective this is not outside the planning regulations and both businesses are legitimate.”

She says they have put in additional conditions with the development, so the operators of the Childcare centre will have to let parents know of the brothel’s location.

“It will be the parents’ choice, the parents have been aware. All we have done are follow the planning regulations as they are currently constituted. There is nothing illegal about what’s being done,” Ms Slone says.

Meanwhile, Centrefolds says it was “definitely not appropriate to have a childcare centre within 5m of a brothel.”

Would you be ok with sending you kid to a childcare centre next to a brothel? 

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Posted: 26 November, 2015

Heat & Gusty Winds To Hit Sydney

Prepare for a scorcher

Crews are on high alert in Sydney today with a total fire ban in place as temperatures are set to soar.

It’s expected to reach 38C in Sydney, before a cool change sweeps through later this afternoon.

“We are looking at some very strong winds as well with gusts going up to 90km/h in some areas, which has resulted in severe fire danger ratings for Sydney,” Natalie Sanders from the Rural Fire Service said.

Total fire bans are in force for four NSW districts for the Sydney Metro, Greater Hunter, Northern Slopes and North Western Regions.

These bans will remain in place until midnight tonight and means that, “no fires may be lit in the open and there's fines for lighting cigarettes,” Ms Sanders said.

Meanwhile in South Australia conditions have turned deadly, with two people already confirmed dead and there's grave fears for a third.

The major blaze burning north of the state has left 13 people in hospital; five of those in critical or serious conditions with significant burns and one to more than 80 per cent of their body.

The fire has already destroyed least 16 homes, vehicles, livestock and around 85,000 hectares of land. 

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Posted: 26 November, 2015

Deadly South Australian Bushfires

'I’ve never seen anything like that before mate.'

Two people are confirmed dead as a 45km wide bushfire burns near the town of Mallala about 60 kilometres north of Adelaide.

The fire started at Pinery and travelled in south-east towards Mallala, before a wind change saw it move towards Kapunda.

One body was found in a paddock near Pinery and a body was also found in a car near Hamley Bridge.

Owner of the Mallala pub Dylan Stodart told Roo and Ditts that there are locals around the town Mallala who had lost everything.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before mate. It came a little bit too close to town for my liking, and ripped through a lot of properties of friends and close friends that are hurting today,” Dylan said on Triple M.

“We sat at the bar last night and did a bit of a list of people we knew between Pinery and Freeling. We came up with 18 homes that had been lost.”

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Posted: 25 November, 2015

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet

VIDEO: NATO member Turkey shot down a Russian war plane.

Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Turkish-Syrian border overnight.

The circumstances that led to this are in dispute with the Turks say that they brought the aircraft down after it ignored warnings and repeatedly violated Turkish airspace.

Moscow insists its jet remained in Syrian airspace.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the downing of the jet is a "a stab in the back by the terrorists' accomplices" and "will have serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.”

The Russian military confirmed one pilot had been shot dead from the ground and another soldier died during a rescue operation.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Plane Uploaded at 25 November, 2015 - 9:17AM

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Rock, Shock

The Turkish army said the plane was shot down by two of its F-16s after it violated Turkish airspace.

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Posted: 24 November, 2015

Secret Race Track Discovered In Aussie Bushland

The Strike Force Trident operation has been going for two days.

Image: Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

A hidden racetrack and almost 50 cars - many of them stolen and decked out with racing liveries - has been discovered in bushland near Darwin.

Senior Sergeant Mark Stringer said it appeared the area (around Wallaby Holtze and Thorngate Roads) was being used as a race track.

“Vehicle Identification Numbers were recovered from 21 cars, eight of which had been stolen and several others had been involved in crashes or traffic offences,” Senior Sergeant Stringer said.

“The majority of the vehicles appear to have had the Catalytic Converters removed.”

One of the vehicles recovered was reported stolen from a residence in Durack in January 2011, Police Say.

The dumping site was discovered by a business testing off-road vehicles early last week.

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Posted: 24 November, 2015

White Ribbon Day

Triple M is proud to support White Ribbon to help raise awareness among Australian men about preventing violence against women

white ribbon day 2015

Triple M is proud to support White Ribbon which will be held on November 25  (White Ribbon Day) to help raise awareness among Australian men and boys about the roles they can play to prevent violence against women.

"The majority of instances of domestic violence are perpetrated by Men against women. One woman a week dies from domestic violence in Australia – that's one too many," Mike Fitzpatrick said, Head of the Triple M Network.

"Triple M is proud to partner with White Ribbon to help stop it – by telling those that commit these acts that it's not ok. And to encourage their friends and colleagues to call them on it.

"Our stations speak to a large male audience and I feel we have a responsibility to ensure the message gets through to Aussie blokes, that any form of violence is not ok."

white ribbon day 2015

The White Ribbon Campaign is Australia's only national movement of men and boys working to stop men's violence against women and girls. It highlights the positive role good men play in recognising and preventing this violence in all its forms.

Libby Davies, CEO White Ribbon Australia added: "Triple M and White Ribbon are asking proud Aussie fathers, brothers, sons, friends, colleagues, workmates to recognise that preventing violence against women and girls is every man’s business."

Wednesday, 25th of November marks White Ribbon Day. To get involved or make a tax deductible donation go to

White Ribbon Day 2015

Video: White Ribbon Australia / YouTube

Official Links

White Ribbon official website
White Ribbon Facebook
White Ribbon Twitter

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Posted: 24 November, 2015

20-Year-Old Aussie Shares Confronting Video With A Warning Everyone Needs To Hear

‘It all seems like fun and games'

Image: Facebook

20-year-old Jordy Hurdes from Wangaratta in Victoria, posted a 3-minute video to Facebook on Monday.

It shows him stuttering and spasming as he makes a heartfelt plea for people to stop taking party drugs.

“Doctors can't believe I'm still alive - (I'm) so grateful I'm still here,” Jordy says in the video.

“It's a waiting game at the moment to see whether I'll have a permanent jerking like I have now as you can see and with my stutter I'm not sure whether it will get better any time soon,” he says in the footage.

Thank you so much for the love and support from everyone. I honestly can not believe how much the post has gone viral. Please share this video. The more that can see this. The more lives can be saved

Posted by Jordy Hurdes on Sunday, November 22, 2015


In an earlier post Jordy revealed that he had spent the last few days in hospital after taking a party drug.

Since being uploaded his video has been shared over 28,000 times.

So as some of you may have seen I have been in hospital for the past few days. This isn't a sympathy post, but a post of...

Posted by Jordy Hurdes on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thank you so much for the love and support from everyone. I honestly can not believe how much the post has gone viral. Please share this video. The more that can see this. The more lives can be saved

Posted by Jordy Hurdes on Sunday, November 22, 2015

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Posted: 23 November, 2015

Aussie Emma Parkinson Recounts Traumatic Scenes Inside Bataclan Theatre

“There was no-one who didn't have blood on them”

Source: 60 Minutes

Tasmanian teenager Emma Parkinson has revealed the terrifying scenes that gripped concert-goers at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, when gunmen opened fire during an Eagles of Death Metal show.

In an interview with 60 minutes last night, the 19 year old was only around three rows from the stage when terrorists entered the building and opened fire, killing 89 people.

She said she initially thought the sound of gunfire was fireworks.

“I thought someone had fireworks. You know, like just little fireworks that you buy at the supermarket. I remember thinking, 'What an idiot - who does that at a concert?'

After she realised what was occurring, and heard more screams and gunshots, she assumed the police had arrived.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh good, it’s going to be under control and we’ll walk out,” she said.

As shooting intensified, Parkinson said she was shot in the backside when she got struck while climbing a barrier to escape the terrorists.

“I ran towards this barrier and tried to jump over it but I got stuck bent over because there were people around, I couldn’t get my legs up and that’s when I was shot.”

“It just sort of came through my head, OK, I’ve been shot, did it hit anything important? Probably not… gotta keep going,” she said.

“So I kept going.”

She said the bullet entered her upper thigh and existed through the hip.

“It’s not as painful as you would think, it just felt like being slapped really hard,” she explained.

Recalling the extent of the horror, she said there was blood everywhere and people clambering desperately to get out.

"To be honest, somebody could have died right next to me and I probably wouldn't have realised, because it was just people rushing.”

"There was no-one [who] didn't have blood on them. Everyone was covered. I'm just seeing people running as fast as they could."

She exited a stage door and managed to escape to the street, before running up stairs with around 10 others from the concert into a residential building for help.

The relief she felt when emergency services entered the building she had hidden in was overwhelming.

"I didn't notice it at the time but every muscle in my body was tensed and at that moment I relaxed, physically."

Ms Parkinson has undergone surgery to clean the wound from the AK-47 shot and is recovering out of hospital.

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Posted: 23 November, 2015

Aussies Believe Terror Attack Will Hit Home

Aussies fear this scene is almost certainly set for our shores. Source: Getty Images

Three out of four Australians believe a large-scale terror attack is likely on our shores and one in four believe it’s inevitable, the latest Newspoll shows.

The poll of 1573 people for The Australian found 76 per cent believe it is likely, very likely or inevitable that a large-scale terrorist attack will be carried out in Australia.

It also shows that two thirds believe the Muslim community is not doing enough to condemn terrorist acts.

But its found people are divided on whether Australia should commit ground troops in Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State group, which has claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in Paris that killed more than 129 people.

Federal government minister Simon Birmingham says people should know "we are doing everything within our power to prevent such attacks from occuring." 

"Our nation is well-placed to continue to ensure the safety of Australians. We operate at a high level or risk but that is simply an acknowledgement there are those who would attack us because of our way of life," he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is back home today to join Australia’s national security committee for the final sitting of parliament this year.

The threat from Islamic State is set to dominate the agenda, with debate resuming on draft laws to strip dual nationals suspected of terrorism of their Australian citizenship.

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Posted: 19 November, 2015

Sydney - The Heat Is On

City to melt in 41 degree heat

Source: Getty Images

The Top Three Hottest Suburbs In Sydney Right Now

  1. Sydney Airport - 42 degrees
  2. Penrith - 41.4 degrees
  3. Sydney Olympic Park - 40.8 degrees

For latest info on how hot your suburb is go to:

Sydney - It's A Scorcher!

sydney weather temperatures

Very hot and sunny in Sydney, with a top of 41°C Photo: Nine News Sydney

Stay close to the air-con if you can today - it’s going to be a scorcher.

Sydney will endure boiling temperatures in the 40s, as powerful winds blowing from Australia’s hot centre block cooling sea breezes,

The heatwave conditions are caused by the combination of an approaching front and a slow-moving high pressure system over the Tasman Sea, which is drawing dry and increasingly hot air from central Australia into NSW.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michael Logan said the forecast for Sydney has been updated to 41 degrees.

“We’re expecting extreme heat to come through all of Sydney into the low 40’s, including 41 degrees for the city itself.”

Source: Bureau of Meterology

The city’s record November temperature for Sydney is 41.8 degrees, set 33 years ago.

“The actual record is 41.8 degrees set in 1982 so if we do manage to get to 42 today, which is a possibility, that would be a November record,” Logan said.

Despite the “unusual, very extreme heat day,” the Bureau predicts some reprieve in the evening.

“We’ll see the heat really build right across all of Sydney and in the evening- just when everyone is desperate for some relief- there will be a strong southerly change that will sweep through…bringing relief across Sydney and cool everything down a bit.”

And if you’re going to be outdoors today - drink plenty of water and wear a hat and use sunscreen.

“It’s going to be hard to hide from the heat, so If you’re out and about tomorrow you definitely need to plan and prepare for it.”

Social Media Reaction

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