Posted: 26 September, 2016

Shark Attack Off The Coast OF NSW


A young man has suffered lacerations to his right thigh after he was bitten by a shark off Ballina on the NSW north coast.

Lifesavers treated the man, believed to be in his 20s, on the scene at Lighthouse Beach at 9am on Monday before he was rushed to hospital, a NSW ambulance spokeswoman told AAP.

A Westpac Lifesaver helicopter was called but it wasn't needed to take the man to hospital.

Life Saving NSW says all Ballina Shire beaches have been closed following the attack and beachgoers are urged to stay away from the area until further notice.


A man has been injured whilst surfing in East Ballina today.

About 9am (Monday 26 September 2016), emergency services responded to reports of a 17-year-old youth who had been reportedly bitten by a shark. 

The youth made his way out of the water and was assisted by a nurse who was at the beach.

He sustained a single bite wound to his hip and was taken to Lismore Base Hospital in a stable condition. 

All beaches within the Ballina area will be closed for the next 24 hours.

Police will be liaising with NSW Surf Lifesaving, Ballina Shire Council and Department of Primary Industries regarding the incident.

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Posted: 26 September, 2016

#Vodafail - Thousands Affected By Vodaphone Network Outage

Angry Vodafone customers are demanding compensation after a national network outage yesterday.

Thousands of users were unable to make calls, send text messages, or get on the net from about 6pm on Sunday night, it's believed a router issue was to blame.

It took eight hours for the telco to get the service back up and running, many taking to social media to complain. 

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Posted: 26 September, 2016

Beverly Hills Pub Manager Bashed

Two Masked Men On Run After Hotel Robbery

A pub manager has been bashed during an armed robbery at Beverly Hills early this morning.

He'd just closed up when he was approached by two masked men armed with knife. The incident happened before 2am when the manager was marched back inside where he was assaulted before handing over cash.

The manager's been treated for facial injuries, police have set up a crime scene.


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Posted: 26 September, 2016

Border Force & Immigration Strikes Could Stretch On For The Next 2 WEEKS

After three years of stalled pay negotiations with the Federal Government, the Community and Public Sector Union have decided to begin extensive rolling stoppages across the country.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection workers at international airports, cruise ship terminals and cargo facilities will walk off the job from today, with the possibility they'll continue for the next two weeks.

It's the most intense and widespread strike action from CPSU members, in order to force a resolution to the bargaining enterprise dispute that has run for more than one thousand days.

30-minute strikes will be undertaken all day, every day, until the Government responds.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said workers are sending a clear message to the Turnbull Government.

"Workers have called the longest possible rolling action, at the worst possible time, to make the Government act as quickly as possible," she said.

"It's bizarre that's what they have to do, but we're hoping the Government either sits down and talk, or takes us to court, as soon as possible!"

"CPSU members would prefer not to have to strike, but the Government has failed to listen to its own staff who have told them time and time again that they won’t agree to key rights and conditions being stripped away."

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Posted: 24 September, 2016

Monty Python Star Diagnosed With Dementia

Sad news.

(Image: Getty)

Monty Python star Terry Jones has been diagnosed with a rare and severe form of dementia.

The 74-year-old was a founding member of the Python crew alongside Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam.

He played many notable roles with them, including Brian's mother in The Life Of Brian, delivering that famous line - "he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!"

He directed The Life Of Brian and The Meaning Of Life, and co-directed The Holy Grail alongside Gilliam.

Jones has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia (PPA), according to a spokesman.

"This illness affects his ability to communicate and he is no longer able to give interviews," his spokesman said.

Idle has tweeted his support.

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Posted: 24 September, 2016

Wife Hails Shot Aussie Husband A Hero

Australian art gallery owner Kevin Reid has been praised as a hero by his wife.

Australian art gallery owner Kevin Reid has been praised as a hero by his wife after he moved her out of danger moments before masked robbers fatally shot him dead on a US street.

A heartbroken Kari Graham-Reid has told how she was on an after dinner stroll with her "wonderful" husband along a Savannah, Georgia, residential street near their home on Wednesday night.

Three men suddenly appeared from the shadows.

"He moved me out of the way and more than likely saved my life," Ms Graham-Reid wrote on Facebook.

"He was a hero in so many ways and my heart is broken."

Mr Reid's death has shocked Savannah, where the Canberra-born 54-year-old quickly became a beloved member of the close-knit community after opening The Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery in April.

Local police described one of the suspects as a black male wearing a light coloured bandanna over his face.

The other two suspects were described as black males.

"There hasn't been an arrest in the case yet," Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Darnisha Green said.

Ms Green declined to say if Mr Reid was shot after refusing to hand over money to the robbers.

His friends said the easygoing Australian likely would not have tried to fight off the men.

"If I had to guess, when he was approached Kevin would have said, 'Oh come on. I'll give you some cash. Let's go and get a beer'," a friend Marcia Banes, of Old Savannah Tours, told AAP.

Mr Reid developed a great love of Aboriginal art after living in Alice Springs for 25 years.

His Savannah gallery specialised in contemporary central and western desert art and jewellery created using paintings by the Warlukurlangu artists of the Northern Territory.

Mr Reid, who first visited the art friendly community of Savannah in 1992, opened what he believed to be the only Aboriginal art gallery on America's eastern seaboard.

Ms Graham-Reid, an American, said the happiest day of her life was when they married.

"Kevin was the most wonderful man I've ever known, he would give the shirt off his back to help anyone in need," Ms Graham-Reid wrote.

"He was bright, funny and deeply loyal."

Savannah, with its cobblestone streets and rich history as an important site during the American Revolution and US Civil War, is a popular tourist destination.

Australians are Savannah's fifth largest international tourism market.

However, locals are concerned by an uptick in violence and filled message boards on local websites with heartfelt messages for Mr Reid and his family, outrage at crime in the area and debated Georgia's lax gun laws.

One local wrote she was going to buy a gun "ASAP" to protect herself because she lived just two minutes from the shooting.

Christopher Chemsak, who lived in Mr Reid's apartment building, recalled how he sat with him on the front porch a few days ago and the Australian remarked how "life is good".

"Last night I heard a wife scream as her husband was shot point blank by three strangers who jumped out of the shadows, only footsteps away from her front door," Mr Chemsak wrote on the Savannah Morning News website.

"The only sound more horrifying than the crack of the gunfire was his body's last attempts to maintain life."

Ms Banes said there were plans to hold a memorial for Mr Reid and also open up his gallery for the public to buy the artwork to support his family.

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Posted: 23 September, 2016

The Czech Republic Has A New Name

Oh, what?

(Image: Getty)

Government officials have asked the English-speaking public to stop using the name Czech Republic - and instead, start using Czechia.

The nation has not had a one-word version of its name in foreign languages, so its government made the official change in April of 2016.

However, it is only recently that the Permanent Committee on Geographical Names has requested the public start using it.

It will also be known as Tschechien in German and Tchequie in French.

In April, the leaders of Czechia released a statement saying "it is recommended to use a one-word name in foreign languages if it is not necessary to use the formal name of the country."

It has been stressed for the rest of the world not to confuse the name with the Russian Republic of Chechnya.

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Posted: 23 September, 2016

Today's The LAST Day To Fill Out Your Census Form

The clock is ticking!!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is wrapping up the formal collection period for the 2016 Census today, so if you haven't completed it yet, GET TO IT.

It only takes about 25 minutes to fill out if you do it online.

Head of the 2016 Census Program, Duncan Young, said people can still contact them if they have questions, and receive a paper form if they need one, once the online system has closed.

"Paper forms will continue to be accepted as they make their way back via return mail," he said.

"Around 95 per cent of households have completed the Census."

The Census is compulsory for everyone who was in Australia on Tuesday August 9, Census night.

For assistance complete the Online Inquiry form on or call the Census Inquiry Service between 8.00am and 8.00pm daily on 1300 214 531. This phone line will be open Friday, 30 September.

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Posted: 23 September, 2016

Jetstar Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Brisbane After Smoke Started Filling The Cabin

Jetstar has apologised to passengers after a flight from Sydney to Cairns was forced to make an emergency landing in Brisbane yesterday.

Terrified passengers on flight JQ956 took to Facebook to describe how smoke had filled the cabin about 40 minutes into the flight, they also heard a strange 'scraping' sound.

The airline later confirming an incident had occurred with the plane's engine.


The plane landed safely in Brisbane and will be inspected by engineers today.

After being stranded at Brisbane Airport for nearly four hours, passengers were flown to Cairns at around 9:30pm.

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Posted: 22 September, 2016

Sydneysiders Spend More On Weekly Groceries Than The Rest Of The Country

New data has revealed exactly how much Sydney households are spending on weekly groceries – and it’s more than any other city in Australia.

Findings from the latest RaboDirect Financial Health Barometer Food and Farming Report have revealed that in NSW we spend an average of $163 per week at the checkout.

The worst part? Almost on in five of us will send over 20% of that food straight into the bin!

Here is how the whole state compares to the rest of the country.

Australia’s Weekly Household Spending On Food

NSW: $159
ACT: $154
QLD: $154
VIC: $149
WA: $146
SA: $145
TAS: $136

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Posted: 22 September, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg & Wife Pledge A Whopping $3 Billion To Banish All Disease

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have made an incredible pledge of $US3 billion, that'll go towards a plan to "cure, prevent or manage all disease without our children's lifetime".

The couple hosted a 'Facebook Live' event from San Francisco, to make the 'Chan Zuckerberg Initiative' announcement this morning.

Zuckerberg said their goal is to cure all disease, or at least turn catastrophic illnesses from terminal to manageable or preventable, within their daughter Max's lifetime.

Zuckerberg and Chan welcomed Max into the world last year.

Chan, a pediatrician, fought back tears at time, as she explained their goal of bringing together innovative scientists and engineers to build transformational tools that unlock a new era of accelerated progress in science and health.

"We're at the limit of what we understand about the human body, science and disease," she said.

"We want to push back that boundary, by investing in science today we hope to build a future in which all children can live long and rewarding lives."

"For this initiate, we'll be investing more than $3 billion over the next decade to achieve our collective mission."

Investments will include a bioscience research centre, and plans for a chip to diagnose diseases, continuous blood stream monitoring and a map of cell types in body.

Zuckerberg explained a letter the couple had written for baby Max when she was born, describing the hope she gave them for the future.

"Priscilla's a doctor. I'm an engineer. I think that that hope is part of the engineering mindset. It's that belief you can take any system and make it much better than it is today," he said.

"Whether it's code, government, biology - you can make it much much better than it is today."

"It's an area where we can all do something really important together. This is a big goal."

Other guests included Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and neuroscience and genetics expert Dr Cori Bargmann.

Almost 3,000,000 people worldwide watched the announcement live.

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Posted: 22 September, 2016

Marcus Stanford Has Apologised To Family Of Stephanie Scott

Brother of Vincent Stanford Does TV Interview And Says Sorry

Marcus Stanford has apologised for his role in helping his twin brother after he raped and murdered Leeton high school teacher Stephanie Scott.

The 25 year old was released from prison less than two weeks ago after serving 15 months for disposing of evidence linking his brother to Scott's killing.

"I just want to say sorry for what I've done, you know, and for the hurt I caused her family," he told Nine News from a caravan park in South Australia on Wednesday.

Stanford's twin brother, Vincent Stanford, attacked Ms Scott at Leeton High School on Easter Sunday 2015, days before she was due to marry her childhood sweetheart.


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