Posted: 28 July, 2015

Sydney Suburbs With Strongest House Price Growth

A definitive guide and it's not what you'd expect

Sydney has been acclaimed as one of the world’s most livable cities, but news that the median house price has hit $1 million has many gasping.

The median price of a three-bedroom house stands at $929,000 in Sydney’s inner and surrounding suburbs, just below the city’s overall average house price of $1,000,616 and there are fears much of the city is now out of reach for the average home buyer.

So how do we fit in the affordability stakes against major cities, such as Tokyo, London, New York, Paris and Hong Kong?

Even though the median house price is daunting, when you look at the average-square-metre comparison, Sydney isn’t looking too shabby.

"You have to compare the cities in terms of price per square metre, and homes in Hong Kong are three to four times the price of Sydney, in London double the price, and while New York and Singapore are about the same price per square metre, their apartments are much bigger, so actual homes are more expensive in both places, too,” says Tony Crabb national head of research for Savills a global Real Estate services provider.

So what options are we looking at?

Well, The Sutherland Shire, between Botany Bay and Port Hacking might be out of your price range.

In the June quarter, Sydney’s south leads the city’s strongest house price growth. The median house price in the Shire jumped 12 per cent to $1.12 million according to Domain Group.

The upper North Shore followed with a median rise of 11.4 per cent to $1.37 million. 

So what’s caused this surge in prices?

The president of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, Malcolm Gunning, said the jump to a figure of over $1 million was driven by “bottom up” price growth in Sydney’s south and west.

"We have seen significant growth in Sydney at the lower end of the scale, which has in turn driven the house price over $1 million," he said.

There’s good news though, Mr Gunning added that price growth in the inner city was starting to level out.

The median in the city and east rose just 4.4 per cent in the quarter, to $1.86 million.

In the inner west the median rose 5.6 per cent to $1.4 million according to Domain Group.

Your best option that’s not too far out?

Homebuyers seeking affordable homes within easy commute of the Sydney CBD should look to suburbs along the Bankstown train line.

Bankstown, Canterbury and Parramatta are a gold-mine for Sydney’s cheapest homes within just 20 kilometres of the city centre.

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Posted: 28 July, 2015

Australian Would-Be Foreign Fighter Charged

Melbourne man allegedly tried to join Kurdish forces against ISIL

An Australian man been charged after allegedly attempting to travel overseas and fight for Kurdish forces against Islamic State.

Police allege the 28-year-old from Melbourne undertook preparations to travel to northern Iraq in December last year.

He was allegedly stopped by Customs at Melbourne Airport trying to board a flight to Qatar with military-style equipment and clothing within his luggage.

The man was arrested on Monday night and has been charged with foreign fighter-related offences, which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

He’s expected to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

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Posted: 28 July, 2015

Triple M White Ribbon Australia Partnership

Triple M is pleased to announce its new three-year-partnership with the White Ribbon Australia.

Triple M is pleased to announce its new three-year-partnership with the White Ribbon Australia.

White Ribbon is a national prevention campaign to end men's violence against women.

White Ribbon calls on men from all walks of life to be leaders in the community to stop violence against women. This is an important message for Triple M listeners to get behind.

"The majority of instances of domestic violence are perpetrated by Men against women. One woman a week dies from domestic violence in Australia– that's one too many," Mike Fitzpatrick said, Head of the Triple M Network.

"Triple M is proud to partner with White Ribbon to help stop it – by telling those that commit these acts that it's not ok. And to encourage their friends and colleagues to call them on it.

"Our stations speak to a large male audience and I feel we have a responsibility to ensure the message gets through to Aussie blokes, that any form of violence is not ok."

Friday, 31st July marks White Ribbon Night and to show support for this night, radio personalities across the Triple M Network will be interviewing ambassadors of White Ribbon to promote awareness of this landmark event.

Passionate about the cause, Merrick Watts will dedicate his Merrick and…Australia national drive show LIVE from his front doorstep, inviting some of his mates over, including Mikey Robins, with the aim of getting Aussie blokes talking about this topic. Being the awesome guy he is, Mez is donating $5,000 CASH!

Triple M will be encouraging listeners to get behind White Ribbon Night via its social media platforms and promoting awareness in the Friday Night Football coverage. Other Triple M legends lending their voice to this cause will be Mick Molloy and Greg Martin.

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Every Man In Australia Needs To Read This

Tom Meagher, husband of murdered Jill Meagher, has written a powerful essay about men’s violence against women




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Posted: 28 July, 2015

Extremist Prayer Group Audit In State Schools

It follows a student preaching IS propaganda and the government wants to know what's going on in playgrounds.

NSW Premier Mike Baird will today announce an audit of pray groups in public schools after revelations a student was preaching Islamic State ideology in the playground.

It comes with police investigating a number of incidents - including at Epping Boys High - where a year 12 student has now been pulled out of school "for his own wellbeing".

The Australian claims the 17 year old is an associate of Islamic extremist Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai, who was once allowed into the school to preach under the school-sanctioned prayer program in 2009.

Ahmadzai, who is currently behind bars to face trial for a shooting at Rydalmere and a ram-raid on Macquarie Centre, was subsequently banned after complaints were made about the content of his session.

Premier Baird saying students should never be subjected to such extremist rants, "Our schools should be, and are, havens of tolerance, places where students can explore the reaches of imagination and knowledge."

Police and the Education Department will send out a joint memo to all principals reminding them of obligations to report alleged extremist incidents as part of a number of measures to stem the reach of extremism.

There'll be a state-wide audit of all prayer groups to ensure compliance with current Religious Education policy, while NSW police will look to develop training programs to counter the emerging problems with radicalisation and extremism.

"We will never allow them (state schools) to become the setting for extremist ideologies," the Premier says.

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Posted: 27 July, 2015

Damaging Fire Causing All Sorts In Sydney's West

Firefighters are battling a huge furniture warehouse blaze

(image - ch 9)

A fire has broken out at a furniture warehouse in Sydney's west.

Buildings surrounding the John Cootes Furniture warehouse on Orchardleigh

Street in Yennora are under threat from the blaze which broke out at 12.30pm.

"The whole thing is alight ... we have massive amounts of crew on the way and two crews already there," a Fire and Rescue NSW spokeswoman told AAP.

All staff have been evacuated safely, a John Cootes Furniture spokeswoman


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Posted: 27 July, 2015

Cooper Apologises Over Expletive Laden Tweet

So who was his rant directed towards?

It's 4.30am and Quade Cooper hits social media swearing about team selections, oh no, why??

(edited twitter post)

At first it looks like the Wallabies five-eighth might be having a dig at someone in Australian Rugby ranks, after being named on the bench for the weekend clash against Argentina, but it appears not to be the case.

In fact, it's thought Cooper was having a direct go at Kiwi journalist Chris Rattue, who wrote a scathing opinion piece about him last week in the NZ Herald.

The first lines of his article sum up his dislike of Cooper, "Go on Michael Cheika. Dare you. Keep picking Quade Cooper as the Wallabies' World Cup lynchpin."

"Cooper is as crazy as ever and will lose more games than he wins for the Wallabies."

So putting the 27 year old's tweet into context of the article and it makes more sense than the Auckland born player having a go at Australian selectors.

Plus with Cooper deleting the tweet and publicly apologising, Wallabies coach Michael Cheika says there is no need for any disciplinary action.

All this will surely add to the spice of the Rugby Championship decider between Australia and the All Blacks in Sydney on August 8.

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Posted: 27 July, 2015

Medical Marijuana Set To Be Legalised In Australia

Australia is ready to legalise medical marijuana, according to reports in Fairfax Media over the weekend.

Australia is ready to legalise medical marijuana, according to reports in Fairfax Media over the weekend.

Senators from all parties are prepared to endorse the bills despite manywarning it will create regulatory headache.

It's suggested that Greens leader Richard Di Natale will propose that the Aussie government take control od drug production and distribution.

The committee are set to deliver their recommendations in August.

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Posted: 27 July, 2015

Baby In A Vending Machine

‘My wife is going to kill me’

Source: Facebook

A photo has emerged of a baby stuck inside a game machine, begging the question, how did it get there?

Eyebrows were raised when a community-run Facebook page The LAD Bible Oz, posted a photo of the baby looking comfortable and sitting proudly on top a pile of NRL rugby balls inside the game machine.

Uploaded with the caption ‘My wife is going to kill me,’ the image has raked in more than 3,300 likes and 82 shares since being posted.

It’s not known how the infant got inside the machine, but as it appears the baby is just months old, it would come as no surprise if the baby had been put in briefly as a joke.

In a Batman onesie, and sitting on top a throne of soft footballs and a plush dinosaur, the baby couldn’t look more content.

Maybe his dad's pointing him in the direction of his sporting career? 

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Posted: 27 July, 2015

Former Caddie Takes A Swing At Allenby

Aussie golfer accused of making up bashing and kidnapping in Hawaii...

Days after a spectacular falling out at the Canadian Open, Mick Middlemo has taken a swing at Robert Allenby and his account of what happened during his alleged bashing incident in Hawaii back in January.

The Aussie golfer claimed he was bashed, robbed and kidnapped on the night of January 16, after missing the cut at the Sony Open, and had no memory of what happened to him during a two-and-a-half-hour period.

Middlemo says that is not how he remembers the incident, but at the time he "protected (Allenby) to the hilt" and told the media precisely what Allenby told him.

Now he's told NewsCorp he believes Allenby simply drank too much, fell over and hit his head while also labelling him the Bernard Tomic of the international golf circuit.

Last week, Middlemo walked off the course midway through the first round of the Canadian Open at Glen Abbey Golf Club in Ontario, claiming Allenby called him a "fat c..." a number of times after getting a club selection wrong.

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Posted: 26 July, 2015

Aussie Nurse Charged With Terrorism-Related Offences

Federal Police arrest Adam Brookman at Sydney Airport returning from Syria

Melbourne nurse Adam Brookman has been charged with terrorism-related offences after returning from Syria where he allegedly worked with the Islamic State.

Brookman, 39, was charged on Sunday with one count of knowingly providing support to a terrorist organisation and one count of performing services with the intention of supporting a person to engage in a hostile activity in a foreign state.

The father of five appeared behind secure glass during a brief appearance at Melbourne Magistrates Court.

He was remanded in custody and did not apply for bail.

His lawyer wanted a preliminary hearing but was told to return to court on Monday.

Australian Federal Police arrested Brookman on his arrival at Sydney International Airport on Friday night, after he had turned himself in to Turkish authorities.

He was extradited to Melbourne on Saturday.

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Posted: 25 July, 2015

Shark Kills Diver Off Tasmanian Coast

Recreational scallop diver eaten by massive predator

A diver has been killed by a shark off the coast of Tasmania.

The attack happened at Lachlan Point off Maria Island near the coastal town of Orford earlier on Saturday.

The man's daughter, who is from Hobart watched her father being mauled to death by the shark while the pair dived in waters off eastern Tasmania.

The man, in his late 40s, was diving with his daughter about 7am on Saturday near Maria Island, when she returned to their boat, but he did not resurface, Inspector David Wiss told reporters.

"His daughter became worried and went down and checked on her father,
(when) she saw a very large shark, she saw her father being attacked by the
shark," he said.

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Posted: 24 July, 2015

A Warning To Gamers...

Gaming body to introduce drug-testing

Gamers are being warned to keep their noses clean, with drugs testing about to become a reality in professional competitions.

The Electronic Sports League has announced that it’ll soon begin drug-testing competitors, starting at the One Cologne event in August.

The gaming authority is teaming up with two international agencies – the same ones that help oversee anti-doping policies for cycling and the Olympics – to create anti-doping guidelines and a testing program for players.

Latest estimates show the global e-sports business is expected to surpass $250 million from more than 113 million e-sports fans worldwide this year.

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