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What The Fork?

Bizarre sexual act requires emergency medical attention.

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Image Source: Canberra Times - Scroll down for uncut image

If you're a man of any shape or nature, you're probably best to look away now (and don't look at the uncut image below)

Doctors and nurses at Canberra Hospital must have been thinking "What the fork?", when an elderly man admitted to the emergency department with a 10 centimetre fork stuck in his penis.

According to reports, he told doctors that he's inserted the implement almost 12 hours earlier in an attempt to achieve sexual gratification.

In a visual you're probably not going to enjoy creating, the fork was apparently not visible, but could be felt from the outside. X-Rays indeed confirmed the presence of said utensil.

The patient was put under general anaesthetic whilst the medicos removed the utensil with a set of forceps and "copious lubrication". Another visual that might haunt you tonight as you tuck into dinner.

In this instance, the medical emergency was so rare that the attending doctors published the case in The International Journal of Surgery last month.

Although we feel we don't really need to state this, it would be remiss of us not to remind you to NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Tags: Fork In Penis, Canberra, Emergency, Weird

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