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VIDEO: Campaign Trail Fail

Ten News reporter John Hill surprised by global reach of FAIL video

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Greenway Liberal Party candidate Jaymes Diaz quizzed on policy Video: Channel Ten

Greenway Liberal candidate Jaymes Diaz has learned the importance of understanding policy details ahead of the Federal Election on September 7.

Channel Ten reporter John Hill asked Diaz to run through the Liberal Party's six point plan on addressing immigration.

"We have a six-point plan to make sure that we do stop the boats," said Diaz.

"Six points, could you run through them for us," the reporter replied.

"Well, I can run through all the details of the points, but look, the main thing is…" Diaz went on, looking stunned.

"The six points, the six points," the reporter interjected… Diaz failed to list the six points.

Hill said he has been completely blown away by the video which has gone viral with people across the globe watching it on YouTube.

However John told Triple M's Grill Team he has now plans to capitalise on his new found fame preferring to be "the right side of the microphone and camera."

John Hill on THAT Video FAIL

RAW Unedited Video Of Jaymes Diaz Interview on Channel Ten

Tags: Federal Election 2013

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