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Hackett Seeks US Treatment

Neville Hackett confirms Grant is seeking treatment for a Stilnox addiction

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Reports say former swimming great Grant Hackett is seeking treatment in the US for an addiction to sleeping drug Stillnox.

Hackett departed for the States only a few days after being found wandering Melbourne's Crown Casino looking for his 4-year-old child. 

The Grill Team discuss the issue with Grant's dad Neville. 

Neville Hackett On The Grill Team

"I think Grant's a little bit in denial," said Neville Hackett on the Grill Team.

"He thinks he just needs a bit of a recharge and a rest.

"Rehab... certainly something is needed there.

"We won't know much more until an assessment is done.

"Grant's being saying for a month or so that he needs some rest and he needs some help - he didn't elaborate on that for us."

"When we see him (Grant) he is ok (no drugs).

"I would suspect it is a Stilnox (problem)."

The 1500m freestyle champion won't be able to fool the rehab the consultants the same way he's been able to fool family & friends, says his dad.

Not too long ago, Hackett denied any form of dependency on sleeping drug Stillnox on Triple M.

Grant Hackett Denies Stilnox Addiction (2012)

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