There are several ways to listen.

You can subscribe to a podcast using iTunes which will automatically download new episodes as they become available and can sync them to your portable MP3 player. The benefit of subscribing is that whenever a new episode of a show, which you've subscribed to, becomes available, it will automatically be downloaded by your podcast software.

To use the one-click iTunes subscribe button you must have iTunes installed on your system. You can also subscribe using google, My Yahoo, Newsgator and Bloglines.

However if you don't wish to subscribe you can simply play the most recent episodes on our website or download an episode by right-clicking on Download This Episode and selecting "Save Target As".

Three easy steps to podcasting

1. Get some podcast software

You have to download a piece of software which will search the web to find the latest version of the radio show you want. A list of software can be found at podcastingnews.com. Always read the set-up and help guides for new software.

If you use iTunes then you must use version 5 or above. The latest version of iTunes can be found here - iTunes software download. If you are using iTunes then all you have to do is click on the "subscribe" button. This will automatically open the desired podcast in iTunes. Clicking on the subscribe button inside iTunes (next to the picture of the podcast) will then start downloading the show. All done! You can now go to step 3.

2. Add the address of the 'feed' to your podcasting software

Once you have installed the podcast software to your pc, then you can choose the radio programme you'd like automatically delivered to your home computer every time there is a new show. To 'subscribe' to a show you copy the URL address of the podcast 'feed' and add it to your podcast software. Detailed instructions on how to add a feed should be provided with your podcasting software.

3. Start downloading

When a new show you have subscribed for becomes available your software will automatically download it. On completion you can listen to the mp3 on your pc or transfer it to an mp3 player (such as an IPod) to listen later or on the move.

The software will download any subsequent shows as soon as they become available. As a general rule - our podcasts will be made available shortly after broadcast. In some cases this maybe be several hours.


Why is it called podcasting?

'Podcasting' is a blend of the words 'iPod' and 'broad casting'. It describes a process by which digital audio content can be made available over the Internet in a format that allows it to be automatically downloaded and transferred to an iPod, or similar portable music player, for playback at any time.

Do I need an iPod or any other mp3 player to listen to podcast downloads?

Nope. All you need is a computer connected to the internet. Then you can download shows via podcasting and listen to MP3 files. You will need a media player on your computer (many PCs come with Windows Media Player), and you'll also need some speakers or headphones. The advantage of transferring the downloads onto a portable player is that you can then listen to them on the go.

Why is there no music in the podcast?

Due to rights restrictions music is not available in some podcasts. However our podcasts do feature all the best bits that don't include commercial music such as celebrity interviews and Gotcha' calls. If you have any suggestions regarding podcast content then please get in touch.

I've subscribed to a podcast but I'm getting an error message. What could be the problem?

You should refer to the Help or Trouble Shooting section in your podcasting software. You may also want to delete the feed and re-subscribe. If you are still having problems then you may want to choose another podcasting application. You can find a list of these here - podcast software.

I have iTunes but I'm having problems downloading the podcast

You need a minimum of iTunes version 5. The latest version of Itunes can be found here - iTunes software download.

I've clicked on the "Subscribe" button to get the podcast but nothing happens

You must have iTunes installed on your computer to use the subscribe button. The latest version of Itunes can be found here - iTunes software download. Only iTunes software will work with the "Subscribe" button.

How much does it cost to receive podcasts?

It's free!!! You lucky devil, you.