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Lara Bingle's Red Hot Date

Anthony Kiedis chills with Aussie model Lara Bingle

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Anthony Kiedis and Lara Bingle get trippy (Vicki Lee Lee Twitter)

LATEST: We've snapped up more photos of Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis hanging out with Aussie model and budding lingerie entrepreneur Lara Bingle in what looks like a trippy arts shop.

Anthony Kiedis and Lara Bingle chillin’ in NSW (David Mushegain)

Hot damn. Has Anthony Kiedis hooked up with Lara Bingle?

A bunch of photos have been posted on the Red Hot Chili Peppers fansite showing the singer chillin' with the hot Aussie model in an undisclosed location in New South Wales. And Anthony is looking very pleased with himself.

Rock Star Wags

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Does this mean we'll be seeing a lot more of Anthony Kiedis in Oz?

Of course, the Chilis are in Oz headlining the Big Day Out.

Earlier On Rock News

By the time the Red Hot Chili Peppers came on for the headline slot the place was packed. You couldn't fit any more people in it was so full.

The word on the street was the Chilis were going to do a greatest hits set and they did. They played a 90-minute set. "Scar Tissue", "By The Way", "Higher Ground" and "Soul To Squeeze" all got a run but the biggest cheers were saved for "Under The Bridge". You could've heard the singalong all the way to Brissy.

Becko from Triple M Sydney said it was like watching the Chilis in their heyday.

"Probably one of the most jam packed arenas I've ever seen. A Chili Peppers greatest hits... set you can't ask for much more. There were a couple of new songs in there but you look out into the crowd and you think 'this could've been their heyday". The Big Day Out is not dead," he said.

"The Chili Peppers - they're tight, they've still got it and a really good set, a really generous set. Flea was leading the crowd tonight, Anthony was a bit quiet, but a really good set."

Whoever said the Big Day Out was dead just had to take a look out there. We've never seen it so busy. Bigger than last year and we can't wait to see who gonna be here next year!

RHCP Setlist - Big Day Out Sydney

Monarchy of Roses
Around the World
Scar Tissue
Snow (Hey Oh)
Factory of Faith
Can't Stop
What in the World (David Bowie cover)
Throw Away Your Television
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
Under the Bridge
Look Around
By the Way

Chad & Mauro & Josh Jam
Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder cover)
Soul to Squeeze

PHOTOS: Big Day Out 2013

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