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And In Walks Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl jokes about the time he shared a secret with a Triple M listener, only for Wes to go blabbing about the new album!

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Imagine walking into random bar in Chicago. It's cold, windy, you go in and get a beer and in walks Dave Grohl! 

Last year, Triple M listener Wes called the station with some news. He ran into Dave Grohl at his local… yep sure enough he walked in with Butch Vig… and they had a full conversation about the new Foos album they were working on, the-then Sonic Highways. Only thing was, it was meant to be a secret.

Fast forward to 2015 and Dave Grohl on Chicago rock radio jokes how it was all meant to be a big secret. Thanks for the exclusive Dave! Listen to the full audio below.

Dave Grohl's Secret Leaked By Triple M Listener

Full Story: When Dave Grohl Met A Triple M Listener In A Bar

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Dave Grohl has some big plans for the new Foo Fighters album Photo: Gety Images

In an amazing set of circumstances, a Triple M listener, who now lives in Chicago, got to meet one of the greatest rock n' rollers in the world, Dave Grohl, who is there recording their new album!

Triple M'er Wes, met Dave Grohl in a bar in Chicago Photo: Wes

Wes, an Aussie filmmaker, met Dave and super-producer Butch Vig in a little bar in Chicago called Kuma's Corner, and over a couple of drinks gave him a little update on the new Foos album.

"They've recorded the [new album] in about 12 different cities and they wanted to work with the producer Steve Albini (he did Nirvana's In Utero), who owns the studio (in Chicago)," said Wes.

"He's been recording with Butch Vig & Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, using a never-previously-used recording technique that's unique to this analog studio."

The Foo Fighters have released photos on their Instagram, showing how the new album is going, so it looks similar to the way they did their last album (2011's Wasting Light).

He didn't mention a timeframe for an album release or upcoming tours, but Dave did tell Wesley he loves Australia and gets back here whenever possible.

Great job Wes! I think that's more info than anyone else has!

Wes On Triple M

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