Posted: 20 February, 2014 by Triple M

9 Greatest Green Day Tracks

We count down the 9 greatest tracks from this year's Soundwave headliner

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Green Day headline 2014 Soundwave and in anticipation of their performances across Australia we’re listing their greatest hits.

One of the greatest trios ever, take a look at our list an let us know if you agree.

9. Brain Stew – Simply great lyrics!

8. Hitching a Ride – Can’t help but move the head to that drum.

7. When I Come Around – Punking simple!

6. Jesus of Suburbia – Long but worth it. Epic.

5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Different and brilliant.

4. Longview – Bass and boredom, who knew it could be this good.

3. Good Riddance – A brilliant ballad for the punk rockers.

2. American Idiot – Back with a bang

1. Basket Case – it couldn’t be anything else!

Tags: GReen Day, Soundwave

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