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Phil Rudd On His Solo Project And AC/DC's Future Plan

Acca Dacca's Phil Rudd on his new solo project and AC/DC's new record and tour

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Official lyric video for Phil Rudd's first single "Repo Man" Photo: YouTube

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd and Badger, the frontman for his new solo project into the studio to talk about his new solo album and Acca Dacca's future plans.

Topics on the table included;
- Phil Rudd's solo album Head Job
- AC/DC's new album
- AC/DC's touring plans

At this stage Phil Rudd has no plans to do any solo shows.

He said AC/DC's new album is finished and mastered but they may be giving it a bit more of a spit and polish. Listen to the full interview below. 

Phil Rudd and Badger on Triple M


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phil rudd solo album head job interview

Phil Rudd (centre) and his new solo outfit Photo: Phil Rudd

You know him as the drummer of AC/DC, his name is Phil Rudd and he has a new solo album coming out called Head Job, which will be out on August 29.

Triple M's Lee Simon went one-on-one with the great man from Phil's new home in New Zealand to find out what he's been working on privately and he found the drummer firing on all cylinders and absolutely pulling no punches on the music biz. 

Topics on the table included who he thinks is the best drummer that ever lived, his thoughts on wildman Keith Moon ("he's a moron"), Ginger Baker and Deep Purple's Ian Paice and, of course, where the AC/DC album/tour is at. Listen to the full interview below.

At the time we'd heard just the one song, the single "Repo Man", and Phil gave us this warning: "Trust me. It's f***in good!"," he exclaimed. Scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to the single.

Phil Rudd On Triple M


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