Posted: 6 May, 2016

Higgo's Corner

Triple M's Higgo throws up three Aussie bands he's loving right now.

Welcome to the first instalment of Higgo’s corner.

It kinda feels weird saying ‘welcome’ when you’re reading something, it’s not like I’m at the door taking your jacket and showing you around somewhere is it?

I’m merely writing some words that you’ll hopefully get something out of.

I think this column will be a moving beast, rather than proclaiming it to be about this or that. It’ll be whatever takes my fancy, but it’ll always have to do with music.

So let’s begin, shall we?

There’s a lot of music out there, specifically rock music, and a myriad of ways we can access it.

Friends have paid accounts with Spotify, others with Pandora, and that’s how they like to find new music, and that’s cool. Whatever blows your hair back.

Personally (and it’ll come as no surprise) I like bringing you new stuff via radio, or via my podcast.

The sheer volume of bands and artists I’ve received music from here in Australia is so damn impressive, and for the most part, it’s brilliant, well produced world class stuff.

So I wanna throw some names at you that you maybe haven’t heard, maybe some of you have, but hopefully this will steer you in the right direction to supporting Aussie music as much as internationals.


The first band that comes to mind is Massive.

A Melbourne band that’s been around a few years now, and has had some airplay on Triple M before.

They’ve popped into my head because they’ve just release their second album, Destination Somewhere.

If you like pub rock, straight up and down dirty floors distorted guitars and screaming along to tunes, you’ll dig em.

Track to listen for is “Sinking Ship” Check them out, they’re on tour with The Screaming Jets, then heading back to Europe and the UK for a few months. Watch the video below.

"Sinking Ship" - Massive

"Sinking Ship" - Massive Video: YouTube


If you like it heavier, and I mean HEAVY, check out Brisbane band Chronolyth.

They too have just released their second album, Atrophy. It’s groove laden melodic growly goodness that needs to be listened to intently, and loudly.

Not for the faint hearted. Stand out track from Atrophy is “Marrow (to The Bone)”. I dig 'em a lot. Watch the video below.

"Marrow (To the Bone)" - Chronolyth

"Marrow (To the Bone)" - Chronolyth Video: YouTube

El Colosso

Another Melbourne band I have recently been introduced to is El Colosso.

As I wrote in my review of their EP, it’s MASSIVE wall-of-fuzz riffs, basslines and drums that will kick your balls up through your stomach and out the back of your head. POWERFUL.

If you like great riffs, a huge sound, 70’s vibes mixed with grunge and a killer rock voice, get all over these guys. I bloody LOVE IT. “Cannonball” is a mind bender! Watch the video below.

"Cannonball" - El Colosso

"Cannonball" - El Colosso Video: YouTube

Search these bands out on the ol’ interwebs, like their facebook pages, stay informed, and no doubt they’ll point you in new musical directions as well.

Trust me when I say, this is just the tip of the iceberg, I wanna fill your heads with so much more each week! Till then, keep it loud. 

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Posted: 6 May, 2016

Angus Young & Axl Rose Set The Record Straight On Brian Johnson

Axl and Angus speak out.

Axl Rose has filmed a video with AC/DC's Angus Young & Cliff Williams ahead of his first performance fronting the group.

Acca Dacca are playing 12 European dates kicking off in Lisbon, Portugal with Axl Rose taking over from Brian Johnson.

The new bandmates took the opportunity to set the record straight about Brian Johnson's departure.

“You get a lot of rumours out there. A lot of people think Brian was fired and what-not and that’s not that case,” Angus said on AC/DC’s Facebook page.

“Brian’s thing is mainly his hearing. He already had a very bad ear and the good ear that he had left was dropping rapidly,” Angus said.

“It was out of our hands (Brian leaving). It was his call what he felt,”

Axl Rose said what had happened to Brian's hearing was a 'horrible thing'.

“You know the hope that it gets better. It’s like I’m not dancing around about this because it’s not like somebody said they’re going to do something else. It’s because of an unfortunate circumstance and that’s something that I’m very aware off,” Axl Rose said.


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Posted: 6 May, 2016

The Cure Tour 2016

Rock legends The Cure bring brand new stage show to Australia

Rock legends The Cure return to Australia Photo: Getty Images

Five years since their last Australian appearance The Cure will make a very welcome return to our shores for an arena tour.

Renowned for their sublime two-hour-plus performances, The Cure will play headline arena shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth this July marking the band’s first Australian tour since August 2007.

The Cure features Robert Smith (voice/guitar), Simon Gallup (bass), Jason Cooper (drums), Roger O'Donnell (keys) and Reeves Gabrels (guitar), playing 37 years of Cure songs, mixing hits, rarities, favourites and as yet unreleased tracks in a brand new stage production.

Tickets On Sale

Tickets for the Melbourne and Sydney shows on sale now. Details of the Adelaide and Perth shows will be announced at a later date. Tickets on sale at:

Tour Dates

July 25 - QUDOS Bank Arena, Sydney (formerly Allphones Arena)
28 July - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne  

Also appearing at Splendour in the Grass on July 23

For complete tour and ticket information, visit: and

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Posted: 6 May, 2016

Red Hot Chili Peppers Release Brand New Single 'Dark Necessities'

Dark Necessities was released overnight.

The brand new Red Hot Chili Peppers  single is here, along with news of their eleventh studio album.

The 13-song, Danger Mouse-produced LP is called The Getaway and it’s due out June 17.

More to come. 


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Posted: 5 May, 2016

With The News Of Midnight Oil Making A Return We’ve Put Together A Playlist Of Peter Garretts Fav Tunes

And they’re all Aussie’s.

Image: Peter Garrett (Getty)

In an interview with Triple M, Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett gave us his top 3 bands and we’ve put together a playlist to get Pete ready for the Oil’s reunion.

Watch the interview:

Listen to the playlist:

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Posted: 5 May, 2016

Home Grown Artist Of The Week

Meet J.R. Reyne

Image: JR Reyne in Triple M Melbourne Studios

If the surname and face are familiar, that’s because he’s the son of James Reyne and you may have seen him on the TV show ‘Neighbours’.
But JR is a force all unto himself and a muso in his right. Since the age of 19 he has cut his teeth in various short-lived bands around Melbourne and after 4 years of living the LA life, is now home in Melbourne performing as a solo singer songwriter.

Baby Tonight’ is a catchy rockin’ number and unsurprisingly, parts of Reyne’s voice uncannily resemble that of his famous father’s. Reyne promises more material is on the way… we say, bring it on!

Listen to the new track:

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Posted: 5 May, 2016

Triple M’s Iron Maiden Podcast Goes Global

Ugly Phil’s exclusive podcast with the one and only Iron Maiden has gone international

Image: Bruce Dickinson (Getty)

One of radio’s biggest metal fans Ugly Phil had an exclusive chat with Iron Maiden whilst in Las Vegas for their ‘Book Of Souls’ world tour which hit Australia this week and the band shared the interview on their official Facebook page, to over 13.8 million fans world wide.

Listen to the interview here:

Fans of the band have been impressed with the interview commenting "great interview Phil" and "great interview, congratulations".

Phil who has been a key part of the Australian radio scene since the early 90s has interviewed the world’s biggest acts and has been a huge fan of the metal band for years.

See the band’s post here:

The band are touring nationally, for details visit:

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Posted: 5 May, 2016

Bowie & Prince To Be Immortalised At Popular Music Festival

Festival staff still feeling “gutted” by the loss

Image: Getty

have reported the infamous UK festival Glastonbury will be paying tribute to the late legend David Bowie and Prince at this year’s music festival.

The artists will be present at the festival in the form of artwork to frame to main stages and musically organiser Emily Eavis told BBCPhilip Glass's Heroes Symphony incredible light show and we’re also looking at a few Prince tributes. There's talk of late-night Prince parties and things”.

The festival held in the UK summer has been infamous for having the cream of the crop of the music industry perform, the late David Bowie performed the second ever year of the festival in 1971 at the age of 24 and last performed in the year 2000, which has been dubbed as his best performance to date.

Watch David Bowie's last appearance at Glastonbury:

Organisers said that Prince almost headlined the eclectic music festival for the past three years, but things sadly never worked out.

This year’s festival features Muse, Coldplay and ZZ Top on the epic line up.

See the full line up:

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Posted: 5 May, 2016

Radiohead Break The Internet, Burn The Witch

U.K band debut brand new video, first release in 5 years


The quirky 5 piece who broke the internet last weekend after removing all information from their online sites have come back online with the film clip and release of their new single ‘Burn The Witch’ the first release for the band in 5 years.

Radiohead who are notorious for rebelling against the norm left fans stoked on the new song which is expected to be the first taste from a new album.

The band who won over the world in 1993 with their hit single 'Creep' have become one of the coolest band's in the rock scene with a dedicated cult following.

The film clip resembles a sinister children’s show, with the light hearted figurines and troubled content.

Watch the clip below:

The band have been throwing around the theme ‘burn the witch’ since their 2003 release ‘Hail The Thief’ the phrase featured in the album artwork.

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Posted: 5 May, 2016

Midnight Oil Reforming For Aussie Shows

They're planning on doing some gigs in Australia and overseas in 2017.

Midnight Oil Photo:

Midnight Oil have announced they’re reforming.

They posted on their Facebook page this morning, saying they’re planning on doing some gigs in Australia and overseas in 2017.

But they won’t have dates worked out until the end of the year.

“We wanted you to be the first to know that the five of us are planning to do some gigs in Australia and overseas during 2017," said the band, on the Midnight Oil Facebook page.

“It will probably be at least the end of this year before we know exactly where or when - but if you want to be first to hear about any dates, head over to and sign up to the mailing list.

You can grab your free download of 'Forgotten Years’ live from Canberra while you’re there and catch up on some other big news too.

“Hope to see you soon … from Bones, Jim, Martin, Peter and Rob.”

Yes, yes, yes. Now where’s that album boys!

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Posted: 4 May, 2016

Is This The Greatest Festival Lineup Of All Time?

Desert Trip Indio Was Announced Overnight.

Image: Rolling Stones

The organisers behind Coachella, have announced their next mega-music festival.

Taking place October 7th – 9th in the same location as Coachella in California, art will feature some of the greatest rock and roll musicians of all time.

Sir Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters, The Who, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young will all share the stage for the first time ever.

Dylan and The Stones are to play back to back on Friday to open the festival. Young and McCartney will follow on Saturday, with The Who and Waters closing out the event on Sunday.

If you want to make the trip to California for the festival tickets go on sale on May 9 (US time).


Festival organisers Paul Tollett told Rolling Stone how the megafest came together:

“Two years ago, Tollett made a wish list that he says consisted only of the six acts. He traveled to see each one play, and he sold them on the idea slowly. ‘If I’d made a financial offer first, I would have been rejected,’ he says. ‘[The Stones] asked what I was working on. I said, ‘I’m working on one of the greatest shows of all time. I don’t know what that means, but I’ll come back to you.’  The biggest challenges included getting the first act to sign on (Tollett is not saying who it was). ‘A couple said, ‘What are you going to do if we don’t do it?’ [I said] ‘If we don’t get these six, we’re not going to do the show.’ They said, ‘OK, that’s kind of interesting.’ The only act Tollett has not met with personally is Dylan: ‘I live out near him, but he’s not the type of guy you run into at 7-Eleven.’ It’s been reported that acts are receiving upward of $7 million per set. ‘They’re all getting what they’re worth,’ says Tollett.”

How did the biggest classic rock legends unite for one mega festival? #Coachella architect Paul Tollett tells us he organized Desert Trip, a one-of-a-kind event this fall, that includes the #RollingStones, #PaulMcCartney, #BobDylan, #NeilYoung, #PaulMcCartney, #TheWho and #RogerWaters. Two years ago, Tollett made a wish list that he says consisted only of the six acts. He traveled to see each one play, and he sold them on the idea slowly. "If I'd made a financial offer first, I would have been rejected," he says. "[The Stones] asked what I was working on. I said, 'I'm working on one of the greatest shows of all time. I don't know what that means, but I'll come back to you.' " Click on the link in our bio to read the full story. Illustration by Sean McCabe

A photo posted by Rolling Stone (@rollingstone) on

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Posted: 3 May, 2016

Why Radiohead Are Quitting The Internet?

We’ve put compiled a the top 5 reasons why.

This weekend the music world was in meltdown when the ‘creepy’ English rock band Radiohead removed all their internet presence in the lead up to their highly anticipated album, the first since 2011’s King Of Limbs.

There’s no surprises they’ve gone to such an extreme measure to gain attention the band, who have been around long before the internet have used the tool to share music, most commonly when they allowed fans to “pay what you want” download for the 2007 release In Rainbows long before any major bands and for the last release the band’s singer dressed like a paper boy to hail the news of the new release.

On the critically acclaimed 2000 release Kid A the haunting song ‘How To Disappear Completely’ perfectly soundtracks this move.

Have a listen:

Some fans have received mysterious flyers from the band in the post, that’s right the post.
See the flyer below:

In an age where internet is key in any business we’ve put together a few reasons of why Radiohead would quit the internet?

  • They went back in time and when returning to the year 2016 didn’t remember what “social media” was and deleted all things.

  • Aliens abducted the band and have hacked their social media.

  • One of the band member's young children accidentally deleted the content whilst using their dad’s phone to play Angry Birds.

  • Their heads are actually radios and the internet is messing with their airwaves.

  • They’ve gone over their data cap for the month.

Regardless we're keen for some new music already! 

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