Posted: 27 October, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

American River Rapids Ride Temporarily Closed After Dreamworld Tragedy

Full safety check ordered

Pic: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Theme Park

A theme park in the US has now re-opened its popular river rapids ride, after shutting down following the death of four people at a similar ride at Dreamworld on Tuesday. 

A spokesperson for Florida's Busch Gardens Tampa Bay said the safety of its guests and employees was its top priority so the decision was made to close the Congo River Rapids to the public for 24 hours. 

The ride underwent a full review and safety check, despite it being made by a different manufacturer and having a slightly different design. 

Busch Gardens' "thoughts and prayers are with all of those involved in the tragic incident at the Dreamworld park in Australia"

It comes as Dreamworld bosses defend the park's safety record, releasing a statement saying the Thunder River Rapids ride had passed its yearly safety check on September 29. 

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