Posted: 13 November, 2016

Spot Fire Erupts During Nine News Cross To Londonderry

Tags: Londonderry Fires

Image: @9NewsSyd

As the fires in Londonderry continue to cause trouble for firefighters, we caught a glimpse of how quickly the fire is spreading due to the conditions, with a spot fire rapidly growing during a live cross on Nine News. Check out the video below.

It was some superb reporting from Nine's Airlie Walsh, who was forced to move several times due to heavy smoke as the fire became more menacing.

Firefighters have been battling the blaze since midday, with spreading embers seeing the fire move down the Northern Road over the last few hours.

The strong winds are also a huge factor in the fire, with gusts of up to 50 km/hour in the area.

Tags: Londonderry Fires

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