Posted: 1 December, 2016 by @amydrewsnews

QR To Blame For Massive Drop In Commuter Speeds

Queensland Rail's timetable fiasco is being blamed for dragging down commuter traffic speeds across the south-east last month.

The RACQ’s latest travel time report shows the morning commute slowed significantly across many major motorways.

The motoring body examined the average speed motorists drove on key sections of the Pacific, Centenary and Ipswich Motorways and the Bruce and Mt Lindesay Highways.



RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said morning commuters who travelled on some of the city’s slowest roads faced an even longer journey than usual. 

“Congestion increased during the morning peak, with some motorists forced to travel at average speeds of just 22km/h,” Ms Smith said.

“With widespread train cancellations last month leading to confusion and delays, it’s no surprise commuters were forced back into their cars."

“The impact was extensive – on some key corridors such as the Centenary Highway, west of Augusta Parkway to Waterford Road, travel times slowed by as much as 46 per cent compared with the previous month.” 

For the full report head to the RACQ Website

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