Posted: 17 September, 2016 by Triple M News

Meet The Man He Gets Paid To Have Sex In Sydney's Illegal Brothels

WARNING: this article contains sexual references.

Let’s call him John. He’s divorced, in his 60s and is paid to have sex with prostitutes. But why?

John is part of a small, exclusive group of licensed private investigators who are called upon by NSW councils to suss out what’s going on in illegal brothels by pretending to be a regular customer.

“More often than not it’s just a handjob,” John told He reckons it’s a pretty good retirement gig.

Ever since the sex industry was decriminalised in the 1990s, the number of unlicensed brothels operating in NSW has absolutely exploded. Many of them pose as therapeutic massage businesses, and since authorities need a court order to access premises, it makes it hard for them to crack down. This is where people like John come in to help out.

The reports that John needs to submit can go for up to three pages, with details that include timing, people, places, prices, locations and more.

John says, “it’s a document that will be used in court, so it has to be pretty detailed and very accurate. It’s not something you can waddle off in a couple of minutes.”

The instructions that John receives are: if sexual services are on offer, engage in them for the payment of money. This is the best form of evidence. John told that sometimes the operator offers intercourse, but mostly they just want to get it over and done with and get the next person in.

So, how much does he get paid? John says it’s not a huge amount, but “I’m being paid to do something most people pay good money for."

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