The Grill Team

Matty Johns, Gus Worland and Mark Geyer make up The Grill Team waking up your Sydney morning from 6am – 9am.

Merrick and Australia

Merrick joins you on the drive home to ... errm .. talk about Australia

Roy & HG's Sporting Probe

Roy & HG Are Back!

The Rubber Room

Led by the odious Ugly Phil, the Triple M Rubber Room comes alive, and gives a voice to the tyrannised and jaundiced among us.


Becko plays Triple M's Triple M's killer classics and best modern rock and since he considers himself a bit of a genius at Guitar Hero, staff members may catch him in the studio cranking out a little air guitar - sad but true.

The Rush Hour

If you like sport, you'll love The Rush Hour. Listen every weekday from 6pm.

Home Grown

Jane Gazzo brings you Home Grown, all the best in Australian music.

Dead Set Legends

The DSL is your weekend's first fix of sport where Ray Warren, Richard Freedman and Dan Ginnane get together each Saturday at 9am for three hours to talk sport, pork sandwiches and other such vagaries.

Ugly Phil

When Ugly Phil plays Triple M's killer classics and best modern rock he becomes a man possessed, infused by the sweet tang of the finest rock, pressing buttons at white hot speed and shredding his air guitar with venom.


Maroon the most famous for being able to turn a conversation about anything into a conversation about the Rabbitohs.

Sunday Triple M NRL

Gorden Tallis, Paul Kent, Billy Birmigham, Anthony Watmough and Maroon lead the charge in the hardest hitting NRL show on radio.

Triple M NRL

Listen live to NRL games, including Four Nations, State of Origin, called by Triple M the new home of NRL.

Saturday Triple M NRL

Join Ryan Girdler, Wendell Sailor, Tony Squires and James Hooper as they cover the lead-up to Saturday arvo footy.

Jacqui Kassulke

Triple M have finally given me my own show and I’m stoked because I get to play rock music for a living. Is this even real life?

Gibson And Duckworth

Two radio legends Gibson and Rob Duckworth will be taking over Saturday mornings on Triple M over the next few weeks. Who know what these guys will come up with!

Motley Fool Money Australia

Triple M's Financial Gurus