Hey! Over here... welcome.

Well, how do we break the ice? I'm a Sagittarius and unfortunately grew up in Queanbeyan, NSW which is Canberra's struggle town. It's ok, I didn't make a living breaking into homes or terrorising old people. I am a mad Raiders fan all the same, but miss the days of Mal Meninga being in charge (and when we used to win!)

I have the dream job. All my life I have been working at pop radio stations, sentenced to days of playing Britney Spears and Mika - who the hell is that light weight?! Seriously.

I play the classic rock and new rock while you work and since I consider myself a bit of a genius at Guitar Hero, staff members may catch me in the studio cranking out a little air guitar - sad but true. 

Ring me anytime, 1 333 53 – I’m happy to plug your business, but no garage sales or lost dogs please.

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