Posted: 9 February, 2016

That Time Molly Meldrum Blew Up At Matty Johns

Matty told the boys a cracker story of a time Molly blew up at him.

On the Grill Team today, Matty Johns shared a story with the boys about an encounter he had with Molly Meldrum and his infamous temper.

Back when the 'Matty Johns Show' was on Channel Seven, Matty had a segment called 'Home When You're Away' where he got footy players to break into fans houses.

Knowing that Molly was a massive Melbourne Storm fan, he got stars Cooper Cronk and Brett Finch to 'break into' Molly's house with the help of friends and family.

Well, he wasn't too happy about that and the next day gave it to Matty.

Hear Matty Tell The Story About Molly's Spray Below


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Posted: 8 February, 2016

Hayne: "If I Come Back, I'd Go To Parra"

Jarryd Hayne on Parramatta

Hayne: "If I Come Back, I'd Go To Parra"

Jarryd Hayne joined The Grill Team to co-host Super Bowl 50 party at The Star Sydney Photo: Triple M

Triple M’s Matty Johns looked into his crystal ball and to see where would Jarryd Hayne be in five years time.

Matty smiled he could see Hayne, after winning the MVP in SB 55, deciding to return to the NRL for one last crack.

But what club would he return to?

“I think, first of all, I’d be 32, so I doubt I’d have the endurance,” joked Hayne, on Triple M’s Grill Team where he was co-hosting a Super Bowl 50 party at The Star Sydney.

“Like I’ve always said, if I’d ever come back, I’d go to Parra if they wanted me. That was always something I’d said from the start.

“It’s funny when you see media outlets saying I’m doing this and I’m doing that. And it’s even funnier when you see Parra fans get online and have a go at me as well.” Listen to the full audio at the bottom of the page.

jarryd hayne

Jarryd Hayne joined The Grill Team to co-host Super Bowl 50 party at The Star Sydney Photo: Triple M

Jarryd said it was “awesome” to see the Parramatta boys do well on Sunday, taking away the trophy at the Auckland Nines on Sunday.

“If Parra can keep their star players healthy, they’ll be in the Top 4,” he said.

“The biggest thing is keeping healthy - Beau Scott, [Anthony] Watmough, Kieran Foran. If those blokes can play over 80 per cent of games, I think they’ll do well. Listen to the full audio below.


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Posted: 8 February, 2016

Hayne On NFL, NRL, Parra & More

Jarryd Hayne joined the Grill Team to co-host our Super Bowl party at The Star

Jarryd Hayne with MG, Gus and Matty Johns Photo: Triple M

Jarryd Hayne’s switch to the NFL was the biggest sports story of 2015… but the best was yet to come.

The former Parramatta star faced his biggest challenge as he tried to get a word in over the ramblings of Gus Worland!

Jarryd Hayne joined the Grill Team live at The Star Sydney’s 24/7 Sports Bar for Super Bowl 50. Watch the videos below.

His Journey in the NFL

Matty Johns busts Hayne with a bit of audio back in 2015 - Hayne was on The Grill Team and he denied reports he was going to officially have a crack in the NFL. Watch the video below.


Life On The Road

Hayne talks about the NFL games he played, the culture of American teams and his former 49ers coach Jim Tomsula. Watch the video below.

Revealed: 49ers Lifestyle

Jarryd Hayne tells us what it's like for an Aussie living in one of the most famous cities in the world, San Francisco. Watch the video below.


Hayne on Parramatta, the Brutality of NFL and Concussion

Hayne reckons if Parramatta can keep their star players healthy they can make the Top 4. Plus, he talks about concussion in the NFL and if he were to return to the NRL which club he'd play for.

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Posted: 3 February, 2016

Danny Green To Anthony Mundine... "Man Up"

Green pulls no punches calling out Anthony Mundine for 'that fight'.

Danny Green has once again called out Anthony Mundine for 'that fight' but this time he didn't pull any punches.

As a good friend of The Grill Team, Green was in the studio and when Gus asked him about whether or not he was going to fight Mundine said he was out to "hunt a rabbit."

"So you want to fight him but he's dashing around at the moment?" asked Gus.

"He's dashing in and out of his rabbit warren," said Green.

"He's banging on about the weight, I've fought heavyweights, I've fought monsters and done it as a light heavyweight... he's just got to man up," said Green.

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Posted: 1 February, 2016

This Guy F***ed With MG's Head

"The Mentalist" Lior really freaked MG out.

Master mentalist and mind reader Lior "The Mentalist" is the bloke who predicts things and he really freaked MG out when he joined the Triple M Grill Team today. Watch the video below.

He's performing his mental feats on a national tour across Australia. Click here for his official website.

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Posted: 1 February, 2016

Hayne Joins The Grill Team For Super Bowl 50 At The Star

...and you can come along too!

You might have heard about this guy called Jarryd Hayne?

Yeah he's that NRL star who packed up his entire life and took a massive chance on making it in the NFL.

Well, with Super Bowl 50 coming up in a week and Jarryd back in town we figured we'd give him a call and see what he's up to and guess what, he's free!

Come join The Triple M Grill Team & Jarryd Hayne (co-hosting from 8-9am) live from The Star 24/7 Sports Bar on Monday 8th before Super Bowl 50 kicks off later that day.

For more info head to

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Posted: 28 January, 2016

What Would You Do If...?

The boys face some moral dilemmas and shared their answers... turns out they're all grubs!

 There's a show on television that gives people hypotheticals and they have to answer them.

Well the Matty, MG and Gus decided to play their own version where they faced a couple that Pagey read out to them.

It was all going to plan until... well... one of the boys wasn't being so honest with his answers, but don't worry, we know who it is and it's bloody hilarious when he gets caught out!

Did you guess who the grub is?

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Posted: 27 January, 2016

Supergrass: Hayne NRL Return Could Be Sooner Than You Think

Triple M's Supergrass says the Michael Jennings move to Parramatta is all about the return of Hayne in 2017.

Jarryd Hayne Photo: Getty Images

The man, the myth, the legend that is Supergrass is back on The Grill Team with some massive Hayne news to start the year off.

Triple M's Supergrass has revealed that Jarryd Hayne could return to the NRL sooner than you think.

"I was told yesterday from a very reliable source that Jarryd Hayne has signed with a new manager, that will take place in March. His new management company has both American and Aussie representation," he told, Triple M's Grill Team.

"Now the more interesting part of this story is that... he will do one more season in the NFL before coming back to rugby league.

"His new management team aren't worried if the [San Francisco] 49ers aren't going to pick him up - they reckon they'll find another team for him.

"[And] there is talk sweeping rugby league world that the Michael Jennings move to Parramatta is all about the return of Hayne in 2017."

jarryd hanye, supergrass

Jarryd Hayne playing for 49ers Photo: Getty Images

Triple M's Matty Johns believes the Roosters are moving stuff around in the possibility that Hayne may become available.

"At the moment they've got Blake Ferguson penciled in at fullback but they've moved Jennings on," said Matty.

"Ferguson's best position, I believe, is centre which means they need a fullback. And if Hayne does come back he just slips straight in there.

"I have been told that if he does come back to the NRL it will be the Roosters."

jarryd hayne, sydney roosters, nfl, nrl, supergrass

Earlier Jarryd Hayne laughed off reports of a Roosters return, posting this pic with Roosters legend Brad Fittler (right) Photo: Jarryd Hayne instagram

Last year, Jarryd Hayne laughed off reports of a possible return to the NRL in the red, white and blue. See the photo above.

However, it's believed the Sydney Roosters are keeping a watchful eye on Jarryd Hayne and his progress in NFL.

The Roosters have money to spend after the departures of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and James Maloney, and it's clear that the Roosters are needing to replace their fullback.

Other topics on the Supergrass table:
- Off-field controversy involving West Indies cricket team
Some big dramas in TV land with one presenter battling a drug addiction
- Social media backlash around C9 cricket commentary team

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Posted: 26 January, 2016

Johns Lauded For Heartfelt Aus Day Speech

Matty Johns' passionate Australia Day monologue, strongly backing multiculturalism, has gained kudos on social media

Matty Johns on Triple M's Grill Team

Matty Johns' passionate Australia Day monologue, strongly backing multiculturalism, has gained kudos on social media.

As you can hear in the video at the bottom of the page, the retired NRL player, now Triple M Grill Team host, urges Australians to welcome new arrivals "with open arms", referring to his family's own experiences of immigration.

"They've all come. They've stayed and they've made this joint better," Johns said in the speech that aired on his The Grill Team.

"As long as they're fair dinkum, we should welcome them with open arms."

The former Cronulla and Newcastle player railed against anti-immigration sentiment, urging people not to get caught up on negative perceptions of ethnic groups.

He acknowledged that among recent arrivals were those who had little regard for Australia's laws and culture.

"But we shouldn't judge the many on these very few," he said.

"Let's not let the fear and suspicion take over the better part of ourselves."

"With the threat of terrorism, the temptation is to shut our borders, close in, shut the door.

"What gives us the right right now to turn our backs on some poor bludger and his family fleeing horror in his homeland."

The speech has been viewed around 11,000 times on Facebook and attracted more than 600 "likes" as of Tuesday morning.

"SO much love for Matty Johns Australia Day speech," said Twitter user Rashell Habib.

"Matty Johns has delivered an #AustraliaDay speech worth listening to," tweeted Andrew Bucklow.

"Matty Johns is a legend and we need to all take on what he says," said NSW Blues Brother on Twitter.

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Posted: 25 January, 2016

Download Grill Team Doctor's Certificates

Today is known as National Sickie Day

More the 15 per cent of Sydneysiders are expected to chuck a sickie today… So we've announced that today is known as National Sickie Day…

To help out people - especially if you have a ballbreaker as a boss - you need a Doctor's Certificate signed off by Triple M's Dr. Dan. 

Triple M's Rock Patrollers are out today, handing out The Grill Team's Doctor's Certificates. Come find us at the Mean Fiddler's car park in Rouse Hill

If you can't get out there, simply download one of the Doctor's Certificates below.

Download Grill Team Doctor's Certificates Below

If you can't get out there you can download one below - If you're on a desktop 'right click' on the link below and press 'Save Link'. If you're on your mobile, then just click on the link below and press 'Save Link'. 

CLICK HERE to download your Doctor's Certificate for a chipped tooth

CLICK HERE to download your Doctor's Certificate for frost bite

CLICK HERE to download your Doctor's Certificate for singlet burn

CLICK HERE to download your Doctor's Certificate for a thong blow out

CLICK HERE to download your Doctor's Certificate for eye injury from wearing a cork screw hat

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Posted: 22 January, 2016

The Grill Team's: Social Media Heroes

They're not your regular heroes.

They're not your regular "heroes", they're not firefighters, polic officers or emergency workers.

But by the magic of the internet and social media virality, these everyday Aussies have become "social media heroes".

Whether they wanted to or not, these select few had a little bit more than their 15 minutes of fame when they went viral, internet famous.

ACA Dog Man

ACA - Vicious Dog Man

Waiting For A Mate

I Am Just Waiting For A Mate (Original Video)


Clare Werbeloff - Chk Chk Boom - Original Video

Party Boy Corey Worthington

Best Street Party Ever - Parents Yet To Find Out

Aussiest Interview Ever

Aussiest Interview Ever - The Project

Aussie Kid Battles Hiccups

Kid Battles Through Hiccups And Performs AMAZING Australian Anthem |

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Posted: 19 January, 2016

"F*uck You, What Kind Of Question Is That?" Kurt Russell And Samuel L. Jackson H8ful Eight Interview

Great interview with two of the stars of Tarantino's new film.

We've been looking forward to The Hateful Eight, Tarantino's eighth film and his first western, since it was announced.

The movie was released recently and goddamn its bloody great (and also just bloody)... everything you would expect from Tarantino alongside an all-star cast that includes Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Channing Tatum and more.

Russell and Jackson are both out in Australia at the moment and we got Paul Murray and Pagey to go along the other day to interview them to talk about Tarantino, the similarities with this film and Russell's cult classic 'The Thing' and their thoughts about Donald Trump (which prompted a hilarious reaction).

Also, if you didn't understand what Samuel L. Jackson was talking about at the end, here's the twitter 'feud' he's supposedly in Donald Trump.

Samuel L. Jackson Finds Out He's in a Feud with Donald Trump - Late Night with Seth Meyers

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