Posted: 4 August, 2015

Inside Australia's 'Most Muderous' Prison

Author James Phelps tells us about where all the most dangerous prisons in Aus go.

It's known as 'Australia's most dangerous prison' - Goulburn Correctional Centre aka Goulburn Supermax.

It's got to be one of the scariest places in Australia and holds some of the most dangerous and maligned prisoners such as Ivan Milat and Hey Dad! actor Robert Hughes.

In his recent book, author James Phelps gave an unrestricted look into a place that many of us will never see, or even hear stories from.

James came onto The Grill Team to give us an insight into what it's like in a 'Supermax' for some of these criminals.

"That's where Ivan Milat chopped his finger off believe it or not," said Phelps.

"He was into self mutilation at the time and he got himself a razor and he chopped off the tip of his finger but he couldn't get through the bone so he used a plastic knife with a serrated edge and got through it and he tried to post it to High Commissioner of Australia."

One of the most incredible stories, is what convicted paedophile and Hey Dad! actor Robert Hughes has to go through.

"What would be a typical week in the life of Robert Hughes be these days?" asked Matty.

"This first day in Goulburn where he had poo thrown at him, urine thrown at him. He was left in a yard for 30-40 minutes just covered in it, he got back to his cell and just cried," explained Phelps.

"He got on the phone with his misses that night and just said 'get me out of here this is horrible, I can't do it', he just cracked... he's a special case because he's not only a paedophile but he's also famous."

Listen to the full chat with author James Phelps including his stories about some Australia's most dangerous and dumbest prisoners (including a guy who took a selfie, in prison...).

The cover of James Phelps latest book.

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Posted: 4 August, 2015

Robbie Maddison's Outrageous Pipe Dream

"I had a dislocated shoulder, I broke my ankle, I've had a couple of concussions on the course of this project"


Is it a surfer? Is it a jet-skier? No it's motorcross nutbag Robbie Maddison riding a goddamned motorbike across a wave...

We've seen Robbie do some pretty insane stuff over the years from stunt riding in Bond films, jumping off a ski jump to even jumping over Gussy!

But, without a doubt, this one takes the cake.

After we saw the video we knew we had to get our mate Robbie on the show to explain to us how the hell he pulled this off.

"How many takes did it take to do all the stuff in the video?" asked Gus.

"One take mate," joked Robbie.

"This is three years in the making, I had a dislocated shoulder, I broke my ankle, I've had a couple of concussions on the course of this project," he explained.

"How many bikes were destroyed in making this?" asked MG.

"Pretty much five...when the bikes came back from Tahiti although I flushed them out... they still managed to corrode," said Maddison.

If you haven't seen it yet... do yourself a favour...


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Posted: 3 August, 2015

"I Want To Go Back To J-Bay" Says Mick Fanning

Mick is preparing to get back into the water and back to competitions, here's how he's travelling.

It's only a couple of weeks old but it's still fresh in our memories, one of the most incredible things to happen on live television, the J-Bay shark attack on Mick Fanning.

On The Grill Team we were able to catch up with 3 time ASP World Champion about that attack, his return to surfing and everything in between.

"I watched the 60 minutes interview last night with Peter Stefanovic mate is that shark following you around?" joked Matty.

"I don't know must be [laughs]... it was a bit of a spin out to look back and see a little fin, I don't know if it was a shark or a dolphin but it looked like a shark," explained Fanning.

"Mick... if there was another contest next week at J-Bay would you be able to paddle out there?" asked Matty.

"Yeah I don't know, I've sort of thought about that... I guess I would have to be there and make the decision when I'm there," said Fanning.

"I want to go back to J-Bay, it's such a beautiful place and such an amazing wave... I don't want to give up on the joint."

Listen to the full interview with Mick Fanning where he tells the boys about his preparations for getting back in the water, seeking help and the pranks he used to pull on his surfing buddies.

Coming Face To Face With A Shark

Mick said that he "didn't really give myself much hope" as he turned to face the shark. However, as we all know, he did escape unscathed with almost no marks to show from the incident.

"Can you remember what was going through your mind when you were knocked off your board and you were paddling to the jetski? Because you were in to the for about 20 seconds, it must've felt like 20 minutes..." asked Matty.

"Once I got separated from my board I thought 'I've got to start heading in now' and as I was swimming away I was like 'actually this thing can just come from behind and just take me whole if I'm not looking'. That's why I just turned around," said Fanning.

It wasn't until he was back on land, seeing his mates, after the adrenaline wore off that Mick really broke down from the whole ordeal.

Now Mick is looking towards the next step. He's been slowly getting back into the water and mentally preparing for the next competition.

And to prove just what an Aussie legend he is, he recently gave his entire 60 Minutes appearance fee to Matt Lee, a body boarder who was mauled by a shark near Ballina last month.

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All class.

[Video] Mick Fanning Attacked By Shark At Surfing Comp

Mick Fanning has had a dramatic close encounter with a shark in the final of the J-Bay Open in South Africa.

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Posted: 30 July, 2015

Cecil The Lion Fuels The Hunting Debate

An American dentist is in big trouble after hunting and killing the famous lion.

(Cecil the Lion / American dentist Walter Palmer:

Everyone is pretty outraged by the recent killing of 'Cecil the Lion' in Zimbabwe.

The American dentist who is responsible for killing Cecil is now facing charges.

On The Grill Team the boys were, like everyone else, pretty infuriated by his actions.

"Things that we deem acceptable in the 70s and even the 80s and 90s you look back and go 'I can't believe that'... hunting I put in that category, I find hunting absolutely abhorrent," said Matty.

"Any animal that has a name, we know Cecil the Lion's out there, we don't touch him," said MG.

Needless to say, dentist Walter James Palmer is getting slammed in the media and online.

Even celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel is taking him to task for his actions.

"I’m honestly curious to know why a human being would feel compelled to do that. How is that fun?" Jimmy said.

"Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things that are stronger than you?"

However, Kimmel makes a good point at the end of his piece.

"By the way, I’m not against hunting. If you are hunting to eat, or help keep the animal population healthy or it’s part of your culture or something then that is one thing."

And this is something the boys agree with, there are some times that hunting can be deemed acceptable.

Here's what they had to say... what do you think about it?


Jimmy Kimmel Rips Into Hunter Walter Palmer

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Posted: 28 July, 2015

Supergrass On NRL Salary Cap Drama And More

Supergrass says to expect an announcement of another NRL club being mixed up in salary cap dramas shortly

The Supergrass has been away for a couple of weeks, holidaying, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been plugged in to what's been going on, especially in the world of rugby league.

Supergrass told Triple M Sydney's Grill Team to expect an announcement of another NRL club being mixed up in salary cap dramas by the end of this week or early next week.

"There's been several CEOs of NRL clubs who I've been speaking to who told me they've been dodging private number calls over the weekend, expecting a call from a certain journalist from The Sydney Morning Herald regarding breaches of the salary cap," said Supergrass, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

And in other footy news, Supergrass reports there was another unsavoury incident between two junior footy clubs up in Newcastle between the Macquarie Juniors and Windale last weekend.

"One team was stopped from leaving and cars kicked and punches thrown, and we're talking metal bars as well," said Supergrass. Listen to the full audio below.

Supergrass On Triple M

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Posted: 20 July, 2015

NRL Recovery Session - Round 19

Matty and MG go through the biggest talking points of Round 19.

There's been some big stories over the weekend on and off the field for Round 19.

The boys are back once again for the NRL Recovery Session to go through them all.

One of the biggest talking points from the weekend was the Chris Sandow situation at Parramatta.

"It's a real mess at the moment at Parramatta... [he] wants out, they want Chris out, but Chris believes he's still owed money from Parramatta and until he's paid it, he won't go," explained Matty.

On Triple M NRL over the weekend, Brent Read asked Brad Arthur if Sandow was to just 'leave now' without getting his pay, would he just let him and he said 'yes'.

Going into Round 19 the Warriors were in fourth spot, coming up against the third placed Roosters but with a massive 24-0 loss they now slid down to seventh.

"It was a credibility test and look gentlemen they failed it, they were beaten 24-0 by the Roosters, but it was more than 24-0, MG, honestly it could've been 48-0," said Matty.

"Yeah the Roosters were unlucky to not score a couple of more tries amongst the turmoil of the Shaun Kenny-Dowall drama... they come out and stamp themselves as competition favourite, along with the Broncos," said MG.

Other stories on the NRL Recovery Session include:

- Shaun Johnson showed that he can be vulnerable and not the best young player in the world

- The Warriors don't know how to 'win ugly' 

- A great win for the Roosters after a hard week

- The Sharks have moved up into the eight with a tight 21-20 win over the Raiders.


The Sharks Celebrate During Raiders Press Conference

Well this is awkward...

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Posted: 17 July, 2015

Men Of League's 7 Best No. 7s

Joey's been honoured by the Men Of League being voted in the 7 best No. 7s of all time.


We know him as the 8th immortal, but now he can add another number to his aliases, The Magnificant Seven (well at least one of).

The Men Of League charity does some great work honouring past players and they recently held voting for the seven best No. 7s and of course the 8th was one of them.

Joey, alongside some of the greatest No. 7s of all time like Peter Sterling, Billy Smith, Alfie Langer, Jonathan Thurston, Tommy Raudonikis and Steve Mortimer were all honoured.

"What an honour for you to be named part of the 'magnificant seven'," said Matty.

"I'm still waiting for the 'super sixes' to come." Haha nice one Matty.

 "The player I'm surprised wasn't there, Ricky Stuart wasn't picked," said Joey.

Joey Named In Men Of League's 7 Best 7s Uploaded at 17 July, 2015 - 11:41AM

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Vote Now

Rock, Shock

Joey's been voted as one of 7 best No. 7s of all time like Peter Sterling, Billy Smith, Alfie Langer, Jonathan Thurston, Tommy Raudonikis and Steve Mortimer. What do you think of the list?

In this video: Joey Johns, Matty Johns, Mark Geyer, Gus Worland

Joey's Three-Piece Suit

It sounded like a big night of celebration for all the boys who got all dresssed up, Joey even sported his trademark three-piece suit.

"I go to it for big occasions, it's my go-to," explained Joey.

"Will you go to the fob watch situation with the... do you know what I mean?" joked Gussy.

"What about the monocle Joey?" laughed Matty.

Also, you have to listen to Joey's new intro song on the video above, we think he was a little bit embarrased by it, but Matty defintely seemed to enjoy it.


Men Of League's Seven Best Number Seven's

- Allan Langer

- Billy Smith

- Tommy Raudonikis

- Peter Sterling

- Steve Mortimer

- Jonatahan Thurston

- Andrew Johns

Did they get it right?

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Posted: 16 July, 2015

Men Of League Heritage Round & More

It's a massive weekend of sport with the Heritage Round in the NRL, the Ashes and more.

NRL Men Of League Heritage Round

It's one of the events of the season, the Men Of League Heritage Round, celebrates the past years and players of the NRL as well as being a great charity supporting the rugby league community.

There's some great matches being held, especially one at the SCG where it'll be the 50th Anniversary of the Dragons versus the Rabbitohs who played in the 1965 grand final which had a massive 85,000 person crowd.

MG was played on there as a youngster and has fond memories of the hallowed ground.

"I played on the wing at the PSSA team and scored a try in a test match against the poms," said MG.

"All I'm trying to say is the SCG should be used a lot more for rugby league... as you walk out you just feel the historic value of it. I think there should be more rugby league played there," said MG.

You can donate to the Men Of League charity by going to -

Dragons vs Rabbitohs, Grand Final 1965

The Ashes

The second test of the Ashes is starting this Thursday at Lords and we'll be seeing some fresh faces like Peter Neville coming in for Brad Haddin and potentially Mitch Marsh coming in for Watson.

"I don't know anything about Peter Neville can you tell us something about him?" Matty asked Gus.

"Yeah, he's a really good batsmen... he's a really good bloke, he's a bit of a journeyman, no one expected him to ever play for Australia so it's a wonderful opportunity," explained Gus.


Greatest Teams Of All Time?

Yesterday Matty said that this Queensland Origin team was the greatest team of all time, comparing them to the Dragons of 1956-1966 (who won 10 premierships in a row).

In the news yesterday, The Daily Telegraph asked legendary Dragons player Billy Smith what he thought of the comparison.

He said that with players like Gasnier, Raper, Langlands and himself that they would win.

"It's one of the great things about sporting history when you compare sides that are different eras," said Matty.

Matty also posed the question, "If this Queensland side took on the Wallabies in rugby union, how would they go?"


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Posted: 15 July, 2015

Fletch & Hindy Storm The Triple M NRL Stage

After going undercover at Origin Game III, Fletch and Hindy turn on Triple M.

These two jokers will do anything for a laugh.

So when it came around to Origin Game III in Brisbane, they had a wild idea to go undercover dressed as Maroons fans to see if they could turn some Queenslanders into Blues supporters.

Unfortunately, after a day of dressing up as two-headed Maroons supporters, it looks like it took it's toll on Fletch & Hindy and they seemed to lose the plot.

They ended up trying to storm the stage of the Triple M NRL outside broadcast at Suncorp.

Check out Fletch and Hindy storming the stage from 4:44.

Fletch & Hindy Dress Up As Queensland Supporters


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Posted: 13 July, 2015

Pup Still Has Faith In Watto

Australian captain Michael Clarke talked the boys through the prep of the second Ashes test at Lords.

The Ashes are well and truly underway over in England and the Aussies are already under the pump.

They had a first test loss in Cardiff, with England winning by 169 runs but now the boys head to the famous 'home of cricket' at Lords to bring things around.

We were able to get the Australian captain Michael 'Pup' Clarke (or as Gus kept calling him... 'Puppy'?!) on the line from England let us know how things are going over there.

"What do you do from here?" asked Matty. 

"I'm confident that all this does [the loss] is make the challenge harder for us but it's still a great challenge, that's the great thing about an Ashes series, you've got five test matches, I believe this teams good enough to turn this around and they're good enough to win this series," said Pup.

Gussy also popped the big question that everyone wants to know, will Shane Watson play?

"Ahh, it's going to be interesting, I think that the selectors will keep the faith, I think Watto has obviously been a big part of our team in all three formats over a long period of time."

"On the other side Mitchell Marsh is at the tope of his game at the moment, I know he was certainly on the selectors mind for the first test, either way I think we're in good hands," said Pup.

The boys also talked about Mitchell Starc injury after staring in the first test with seven wickets, Pup's first baby (which is due soon) and smashing the English, listen to the full interview at the top of the page.

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Posted: 13 July, 2015

"They Are Planing To Catch Up" Matty On The McKinnon, Smith Saga

After a rough couple of days for both men, it looks like they're ready to catch up in private.

(Alex McKinnon's 60 Minutes special has created a lot of headlines for himself and Smith: Ch 9)

It's the story that has dominated the headlines for the last week.

Alex McKinnon's 60 Minutes piece was for the most part a great look into a very brave man and his family, but one part of the show cast a shadow across the whole program.

"Ninety-nine per cent of that story was so good that 60 Minutes did, but they had to find a villain when they didn't need to," said Matty.

The program has come under fire it's portrayal of Smith and of course the way the show was setup to not include a very important piece of audio.

Matty was able to catch up with both men in separate situations to find out where they were at after what could only be called a tough few days for them both.

"I've never seen a man so tired physically and mentally just exhausted," said Matty after catching up with Smith after State Of Origin Game III.

"I [also] spoke to Alex McKinnon and the week took a toll on him, because... unfortunately the way, and it wasn't the intention of 60 Minutes but they way that story came across at the end of it, the next day was 'ok who's camp are you in?'" said Matty.

Gus asked Matty if Alex has now heard the full audio and where he's at now. 

"They are planning to catch up, there doesn't need to be cameras there, there doesn't need to be audio of it, just two men and they are two men, they're two outstanding men, will get together and Cameron will get to say what he has to say and so will Alex, there's not doubt about it."

"It's just been a great shame that such a great story caused great pain and really in some ways continues to," Matty said.


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Posted: 13 July, 2015

NRL Recovery Session - Round 18, SOO & Finals

Who will make the NRL Grand Final?

The State of Origin is over, which means we set sail for the finals.

The Grill Team put their 'knackers' on the line to give us their Grand Final predictions for 2016. See the full tips including audio below.


Cowboys vs Warriors

"The Warriors have snuck into the Top Four and they always have a good middle-season because of State Of Origin," added Matty, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

Matty Johns

Cowboys vs Brisbane

"The Cowboys speak for themselves. I think Johnathan Thurston in the near-future will be made an immortal," said Matty.


Cowboys vs Roosters

Where Should The Final Be Played?

The Grand Final is always played at ANZ Stadium, but there there is a strong possibility that this year's premiership could be an all-Queensland affair. If that's the case, could the NRL move it to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane? 

"The problem we've got is because of all the corporates and all the sold tickets it's impossible to do," said Matty.

"I think the Grand Final should always be played in Sydney." Listen to the full audio below. 

Other stories on the NRL Recovery Session include:

- Mitchell Pearce has had some criticism on his performances of late especially from origin, what is his future at the Roosters?

- What teams outside the top eight could potentially get in there and do some damage?

"Manly, they're last on points," said MG.

Gus, MG and Matty Johns on Triple M

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