Posted: 28 August, 2015

Jimmy & Phil On Chisel's New Album, Touring Stories, Barnesy In Thailand & More

They premiered their new track "Lost" on the show and told us about the new album.

By now you should have heard the great news that Cold Chisel have announced a new album called The Perfect Crime.

Well, we were lucky enough to get Jimmy Barnes and Phil Small onto The Grill Team to hand deliver their epic new ballad "Lost" for it's premiere.

The boys stuck around to have a great little chin-wag about everything from how Barnesy's voice stays so strong, the new album, touring, playing this year's NRL grand final and also Barnesy's harrowing recent near death experience in Thailand.

Here's the talk in full...

Jimmy & Phil From Chisel On The Grill Team Uploaded at 28 August, 2015 - 4:17PM

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Rock, Shock

In this video: Jimmy Barnes, Phil Small

Barnesy On His Voice

Barnesy recently had to have some checkups on his prized musical posession, his voicebox. Supposedly he has an extra set of vocal chords which will allow him to lose his talking voice but not his singing voice.

"You have two main vocal chords that everybody has for singing and talking, apparently I don't, I use them for talking and then they're surrounded by these secondary false chords and when I sing, somehow, from years of bad PA systems... I've managed to teach myself to sing with the flase chords," explained Jimmy.

Phil Small On Being Excited About New Songs

Jimmy and Phil played Chisel's new song "Lost" to the boys and Gussy wanted to know if playing new music for people still gives them the same 'buzz' as it used to.

"Certianly, it always does, which shows that, hopefully, we've still got it happening," said Phil.

Barnesy's Brush With Death In The Horrific Thailand Bombing

"7.20 the bomb went off, 7.15 I was in the foyer of the hotel about to walk out the front door turn right and walk into and go right through the shrine and I would've been blown to bits," said Jimmy.

"But I had my grandson with me and because he's in a pram I thought 'It's too hard to walk him on the streets of Bangkok so I took him this back way through the shops, that's the only reason I wasn't blown to bits."

"Even then we walked across this air bridge and as we turned into the building the bomb blew up and literally the corner of the building stopped all the shrapnel," he said.

Touring With The Band

Matty asked Phil Small what he thought the best and worst things about touring and about Jimmy were and the boys didn't hold back.

"Well the best thing is being on stage and in the moment with these guys but inevitably something magical happens, well hopefully," said Phil.

"There's always friction, there's no two ways about it"

"What do you blue over?" asked Matty.

"What do we blue over? We'll, everything," joked Phil Small.

Barnesy On Their Upcoming NRL Grand Final Performance

"I've done a few of these over the years... and this one we're really trying to make it something more special than normal," said Jimmy.

All the details for Cold Chisel's new album as well as their Sydney tour dates, click the link below.

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Posted: 28 August, 2015

Daily Tele Editor-At-Large S**ts Himself

"It was fake John, but you should've seen your face!"

"It was fake John, but you should've seen your face!" Watch the video below.

It's been difficult week for Mel Gibson with the Aussie Hollywood star blowing up deluxe after one of the Daily Telegraph photographers took a snap of him leaving the movies.

The poor photographer got sworn on and spat on.

John Lehmann, the Daily Tele's Editor-At-Large, told Triple M's Grill Team the female photographer was pretty shaken up.

Well, we got a note saying Mel was listening and wanted to straighten the story. Watch the video below.

Daily Tele Editor-At-Large S**ts Himself Uploaded at 28 August, 2015 - 10:25AM

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Rock, Shock

"It was fake John, but you should've seen your face!"

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Posted: 28 August, 2015

Free Breakfast, Courtesy Gus Worland

Gus was used as a serving plate… covering his beautiful naked body in an assortment of breakfast fruits and pastries

Gussy The Human Food Platter Uploaded at 28 August, 2015 - 1:56PM

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Rock, Shock

Gussy thought it was a cool new trend... to become a human food platter. Yeah, sure mate.

In this video: Gus Worland

People have taken to social media to urge others to boycott a Circular Quay bar in Sydney after women were hired to lie naked on tables to act as fruit platters.

Gus totally agreed, saying the whole idea of it is just horrible and he wouldn't want to be involved in anything like that… well Matty and MG had other ideas.


They arranged Gus to be used as a serving plate… covering his beautiful naked body in an assortment of breakfast fruits and pastries and there was even cheese under the armpits… and there was no cutlery! See the photos below.

"Yeah I loved it. I really enjoyed it," joked Gussy, afterwards.

gus worland, free nude breakfast

Photo: Triple M

Earlier On Triple M

A Sydney bar is in strife after hosting an event in which they hired woman to lie down on tables and have food served off their naked bodies, like a kind of fruit platter!

The Cruise Bar at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay is facing a major backlash after hosting a relaunch party last Wednesday night.

cruise bar

Photo: @diseycarson Instagram

Women’s advocate Melinda Tankard-Reist hoped people would boycott the bar for "treating women like trays".

"It is part of the ongoing objectification of women to use them as serving trays and just part of the buffet,’ she told The Daily Mail.

"It suggests they are part of the buffet really – saying “help yourself to the women’s bodies.

"Someone has to tell this company it’s the 21st century and this is not appropriate. I hope they’re punished."

Meanwhile, Melanie James, who is Senior lecturer and researcher in communication and media at Uni of Newcastle couldn't believe it. saying it was unacceptable.

"I just feel sick, sad and angry. Confirms why we need feminism," she told Daily Mail Australia.

"‘Obviously good publicity, but at what cost?’ she added.

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Posted: 27 August, 2015

Hugh Jackman On His New Show, Wolverine, Being A Manly Fan & More

Gussy's finally pulled through and got best mate Jacko back on the show.

(Hugh Jackman officiates Gus and Vicki Worland renewing their wedding vows in NYC, 2014)

We've been hounding Gussy for weeks and weeks to get his best mate Jacko on the show.

Finally Gussy pulled through and we got the all singing, all dancing, one man entertainment machine that is Hugh Jackman back on the show.

Hugh's in town announcing his new semi-autobiographical show, Broadway To Oz.

"Gus gets a mention in there... he has no approval. You're not going to be happy about it Gussy," said Jacko.

"Oh really, I thought it was going to be a positive thing?" asked Gussy.

"Well what's the positive is the day you turned up [to school] in your full Manly kit," joked Jacko.

"I'm going to kick your arse. I'm taking him to the footy this friday and I'm going to kick your arse because your club failed, just when they were on the peak of something mate," said Gussy.

"Come on mate, when it matters, we're still there, we just like to bring it on for the best teams that's all," said Jacko.

Listen to part one with Hugh Jackman on his new show, what else he would do if he wasn't acting and his heavy fitness regime for his last ever Wolverine film.

Jacko on Toovey's last match and seeing Manly this weekend.

As a lifelong Manly Sea Eagles fan, Jacko's sad to see Geoff Toovey finishing up as head coach this season after a long career at the club.

"He's just... he's class, he's gold, he's Manly and he and Des [Haseler] have been in there together... he's just what I love about sport," he said.

Tooves also responded to the news that a "touch of Hollywood" was coming to Brookie for Manly's last home game of the season.

"Yeah I hope he comes dressed to play… hopefully he can be the good luck charm that we need," joked Tooves.

"I think it really is honourable and nice of him. I’m a big supporter of his as well, like most Australian are."

"I think it is great for him to come down (to Brookie) and let the Manly fans, the players know that he is part of the (Manly) family."

Earlier on The Grill Team - Gussy gives out Jacko's mobile live on air!

Here's Hugh Jackman's Mobile Number Uploaded at 7 August, 2015 - 11:38AM

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Rock, Shock

Gus wasn't very happy when we announced his best mate Hugh Jackman's, mobile number..... LIVE on air.

In this video: Gus Worland, Hugh Jackman


Jacko on Mel Gibson and dealing with paparazzi

Mel's also in town at the moment and we've all heard about his recent outburst on a photographer.

MG asked Jacko how he deals with them and he told us this hilarious story of an encounter with the paparazzi outside his house when he was filming the last Wolverine.

"I walk up to him, I think the guy thought I was going to come up and deck him... and I said 'mate what's the deal is it going to be this the whole shoot?' and he said 'to be honest, we need you shirt off, at the beach' and I said 'done, eight o'clock tomorrow'!" said Jacko.

He also told the boys how it was so much worse in America than in Australia.

Listen back to part two of the interview where Jacko talks about his love of the Manly Sea Eagles, dealing with paparazzi and more.


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Posted: 26 August, 2015

See The Exact Moment A Grown Man's Heart Breaks

We tried to cheer Gussy up after the departure of Michael Clarke. Did we do it right?

Anyone who's listened to The Grill Team knows that Gus is an absolute cricket tragic.

He's always banging on about the lastest 20/20 match or staying up to watch the Ashes - but to be fair, he knows his stuff when it comes to the red ball.

With the departure of his mate 'Puppy' Clarke (as he likes to call him) as the Australian test captain, we knew Gussy would be a little down, so we decided to cheer him up with a pressie.

What a better gift than Michael Clarke's test jumper from his last ever test!

Needless to say Gussy actually got really emotional and almost speechless.

Well, that's just what made the next day so much funnier.


Gussy Gets Michael Clarke's Test Vest Uploaded at 26 August, 2015 - 12:36PM

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Rock, Shock

With the departure of his mate Michael Clarke from Test cricket, we decided to cheer up Gus. Do you think he's happy with this?

In this video: Gus Worland

Sorry Gussy... but come on, you didn't think Clarkie was gonna give you his last every test jumper did ya?

Oh well, maybe you can keep Stuey 'The King of Spin' McGill's jumper instead hey!

It's just like that scene in The Simpsons...

Ralph gets his heart broken

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Posted: 24 August, 2015

Get On The Grill Team's Hayne Plane

Be there to see Jarryd Hayne's first game at San Francisco

Jarryd Hayne is absolutely tearing it up over in America, so we're giving away tickets to see him play his first game at San Francisco against the Vikings on September 15! 

If you want to get on board the Hayne Plane then listen to The Grill Team. When you hear your cue to call just phone us straight back on 1 333 53! 

We'll give you tickets so you'll be at the game! 

Don't miss your chance, be listening to the Grill Team 104.9 everyday at 8am.  

Click here for terms and conditions

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Jarryd Hayne was hailed the story of the NFL pre-season as he excited fans with his elusive running for a second straight game.

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Hayne's Second Game

Here's the best reactions to Hayne's impressive second NFL game.

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Posted: 24 August, 2015

Massive Injuries To Key Players - NRL Recovery Session Round 24

Matty and MG go through the biggest talking points of Round 24.

What a round of absolute clashes with some really tight games and some total blow-outs for Round 24.

The big news from the round though was the massive amount of injuries to some of the key players in big clubs.

Souths lost Greg Inglis to a knee injury however Matty's mail is that he will be back for Thursday against the Broncos.

The other massive injury news from the weekend also includes:

- Michael Morgan (Cowboys) out for the rest of the season with an injured back.

"I think they can cover the loss of Michael Morgan, especially with the form Johnathan Thurston's been in this years," said Matty.

- James Tamou (Cowboys) injured but should be back soon.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Roosters) is out for the rest of the season and puts the Roosters in huge doubt whether they can make the final.

"On the face of it I'd say no, with Hargreaves out and Pearce in doubt," said MG.

- Mitchell Pearce (Roosters) has a tear in his hamstring, he should be back soon but Matty thinks it'll take longer than expected.

- Matty Ballin (Sea Eagles) did his ACL and could be his last game.

Souths Sydney's Desire

It was a big loss for Souths against the Bulldogs on the weekend and Matty really questioned their desire to become back to back champions.

"I've got serious doubts over South Sydney's desire to go back to back," said Matty.

"Yeah I'm with you, without... Sammy Burgess and [Ben] T'eo they just don't look the same side," said MG.

Grand Final Predictions After Round 24

"It changes every week, I'm going to say the Sharks and the Dogs are going to play in the grand final," said MG.

"I think it will be Cowboys, Roosters and I think the Cowboys win," said Matty.

"I think the grand final is the same game as I watched the other night with the Broncos and the Roosters" said Gus.

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Posted: 24 August, 2015

Gus Leaks Jacko's Announcement

Don't think Jacko's going to be happy about this one Gussy.

Gus says they're best mates, but sometimes we really have to question whether that's true when he does stuff like this.

On the show this morning Gussy's gone behind his best mate's back and leaked some massive news about his mate Hugh Jackman.

The boys first got a press release that Hugh was making a massive 'special announcement' at 12:30pm today.

But with a little bit of squeezing, Gus crumbled.

"Yes I suppose it is acting, it's performing," said Gus.

"He's coming into the studio live?" asked Matty.

"He's coming in tomorrow, we'll be talking to him tomorrow," said Gus.

"Is it is it a stage show though?" asked Matty.

"I can't possibly say Matthew," laughed Gus.

"Ok so it's a stage show!" guessed Matty.

Well, he pretty much gave it up then and there, looks like Hugh Jackman will be bringing a stage show to Aus pretty soon!

Nice one Gus, good mate you are.

Listen back to the moment Gussy gave in below.

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Posted: 21 August, 2015

What If Your Kids... Weren't Yours?!

Grill Team caller David shared with us his saddening story.

Without a doubt all the parents out there love their kids more than anything.

But what if you found out that your kids… weren’t yours.

Would it change anything?

Well, for one listener, David, this is exactly what happened after his relationship with his ex-wife broke down.

One day some friends asked him if he was sure they were his children, and after some DNA tests he found out the heartbreaking truth, they were from another partner.

"Dave what was it like, we could only imagine what it was like, opening the envelope that had the results," asked MG.

"It was actually an email at first, it’s very short and very to the point and it basically said that 'probability of paternity is 0%'," said David.

David went on to explain to the boys that unfortunately, due to his ex-wife’s decision, he is not able to see his daughters any more.

"What about them, their Dad as far as their concerned is no longer in their lives, it must be hard on the poor little girls," said Gus.

"Well, whether it's hard now or not I don't know but I imagine it certainly will be when they're adults, they're going to have to deal with abandonment, trust issues, loyalty... it's pretty terrible," said David.

He revealed some pretty frank and eye-opening details about his situation that made us all think about this awful situation that happens too often these days.

Listen to the full story about David and the children he raised before finding out this awful secret.

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Posted: 20 August, 2015

Who Will Win The Grand Final Rematch? - Round 24 Tips

Here's the best tips for the weekend of sport including NRL Round 24.

Only two more round for the regular season before we kick into the finals and it's the last chance to make the eight for a couple of teams.

The grand final rematch of Souths vs Bulldogs should be a big one and Souths have slid out of favourites with the Dogs moving up.

Another massive clash on the weekend will be the second place Roosters up against first place Brisbane with the Sydney boys looking slight favourites to take it out at home.

In other massive sports odds, Jarryd Hayne will be possible taking the field against the Dallas Cowboys.

There's long odds for him to make a touch down but he's being well backed to make more than 40 rushing yards.

Listen to all these odds including the last Ashes test and more with Jamiee Rogers from the TAB.

This week's betting update, brought to you by the TAB. Please gamble responsibly.

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Posted: 18 August, 2015

"I Don't Know Half The Rules" Izzy Folau On The Grill Team

He's played everything from league to union to AFL and Izzy keeps getting better.


He's undoubtedly one of Australia's greatest athletes and a nice guy to boot, the Tongan 6ft 4, 103kg machine, Israel Folau.

It's been an interesting career for Izzy who, at 26, has already played NRL, AFL and Rugby Union and representative footy for both the rugbys alongside breaking Australian and club records along the way.

"How has the transition been to rugby? You've obviously enjoyed it and it looks like you've enjoyed it a lot more since Michael Cheika has taken over as coach..." asked Matty.

"Yeah look, I've been prettty lucky to have Cheika at the Waratahs over the last three years and obviously transitioning into being the head coach at the Wallabies he's done a great job so far," explained Izzy.

"Have you kept an eye on Sammy Burgess, he played for England against France on the weekend and got sin-binned for a error they're talking about that he didn't know really, the rules... there's so many rules in rugby union, do you get frustrated with those?" asked Gus.

"Yeah I do mate, I don't even know half the rules... I watched the Sammy Burgess highlights over the weekend and he did pretty well for his first test for England, I think he'll do a great job at the Rugby World Cup," said Izzy.

"I tell you something MG, my two boys play rugby [union] for their school and whenever they go to pack a scrum I turn to my wife and say 'oh god, I'm going to go home and check the pot roast'," joked Matty.

As an ex-Storm and an ex-Bronco Izzy has still been following his teams and the NRL in the lead up to the grand final and he thinks that the his old team the Broncos are looking the goods coming into the last few rounds.

Matty also shared a great story of how, at the Melbourne Storm when he played with Izzy, he scored his first try and their tradition of sculling a beer after.

However, with Izzy's parents raising him a Mormon and his dad being their in the sheds, it made a pretty awkward situation.

Listen to the full chat where Folau also talks about what an inspiration people like Jarryd Hayne has been to him and what his future holds.

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Posted: 17 August, 2015

Who Will Make The Grand Final?

Matty and MG go through the biggest talking points of Round 23.

The NRL recovery session is back again to go through all the talking points of Round 23.

There's a few big Sydney teams still in the running for the finals including the Dragons and the Sea Eagles battling it out for that pivotal eighth spot on the ladder.

"You've got to think it's pivotal in their [Manly's] season don't you, you'd think that win yesterday is not going to stop them making the eight," said MG.

At the other end of the ladder, South Sydney made a massive statement to defeat the Cowboys 31-18.

"What do we think about the Cowboys?" asked MG.

"I wouldn't say the Cowboys are out, they've hit a bit of a speed hump, maybe a flat tyre so to speak but they'll be there abouts but it just reinforced how good the Rabbitohs are," said MG.

The Roosters did enough to win but it wasn't a  very convincing performance over the Eels.

Also, the Bulldogs put on an impressive display against the Titans but are still one of the hardest teams to pick their form.

"I just can't work them out, they were impressive in the second half MG, where do you see the Bulldogs, do you see them as a serious premiership threat?" asked Matty.

"I think if they make the eight they're definitely a chance," said MG.

The boys also put their picks in for the grand final.

Matty - Roosters v Cowboys

MG - Roosters v Rabbitohs

Gus - Roosters v Broncos

Other stories on the NRL Recovery Session include:

- There's still some teething problems with the new shoulder charge rules.

"What we're seeing in the situation of Jorge Taufua where we have accidental collision versus shoulder charge and that's the difficult part," said Matty.

- Ricky Stuart did not look happy after the Raiders shock loss against the Sea Eagles, and Toovey declared the decision on Taufua "ridiculous."

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