Posted: 1 October, 2015

Who Will Win The Grand Final?

Jamiee Rogers (TAB) joins the boys to give them all the tips for the 2015 NRL Grand Final.

It's Grand Final week with an upcoming all-Queensland classic between the Cowboys and the Broncos.

Jamiee Rogers from the TAB has been coming in all year to give us the best tips for each round and now she's back for one last week to tell us which team is the best bet for the GF.

The Broncos actually started off outsiders but they've come back strong and are looking firm favourites over the Cowboys bringing about three times as much interest.

This has been helped by the return of Justin Hodges and the help that they're previous Grand Final winners, at least with Wayne Bennett helps their odds.

For the first try scorer, Corey Oates has the best odds as Brisbane have scored first in 20 of their 26 games this season.

Man of the Match, the Clive Churchill Medal is one of the big ones with Johnathan Thurston very well supported.

"I actually like Matt Scott, I like the way he's been playing," said Matty on who he thinks might get Man of the Match.

Listen to the full odds for the Grand Final with Jamiee Rogers from the TAB below.

This week's betting update, brought to you by the TAB. Please gamble responsibly.

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Posted: 30 September, 2015

Clarkey Embarrassed By Gussy's Mum Janelle (Again)

Poor Pup, every time he comes in he gets a call from a very keen Janelle.


Pup Embarrassed By Gus's Mum Janelle Uploaded at 30 September, 2015 - 11:58AM

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Rock, Shock

Janelle called in again to see how her favourite cricketer was after retirement and told him about a certain spin bowler who is her favourite.

In this video: Michael Clarke

He's one of the greats and a great friend of The Grill Team, 'captain courageous' (as much as he hates being called that) Michael 'Pup' Clarke was on the show this morning.

These day's he's taken on a new role as an ambassador for oral health with Oral-B and came in to give Gussy some hygiene tips (which he definitely needs) as well as bringing him in a little gift and a surprise call from his Gussy's mum Janelle.

We also talked to Clarkey about a big moment in his life his upcoming first child with Kyly Clarke and invited him to next year's No BS Grand Final Lunch.

"Pup you're about to become a dad," said Gussy.

"Yeah I'm obviously really excited and so is my wife and I guess and as you guys know there's no way you can prepare for that, my whole life has been about preperation and trying to plan things where this is, 'let's see how we go'," said Clarke.

"Talking about presents mate, on Friday we have our No BS Grand Final Lunch, I tell you what, seriously, it's just really really good fun isn't it gentlemen," said Matty.

"You can tell any stories you want without anyone ever worrying about it because there's not recording, there's no phones in there they get taken away by security when you get in there," said Gus.

"We're going back 20 years, I love it!," said Clarke.

"We'd love you to come this Friday but if you can't come this Friday, next year we'd love to lock you in," said Gus.

"Next year I'm there," responded Clarke.

Watch the full interview with Michael Clarke below.

Pup's Excited To Become A Dad & Helps Gus With His Dental Hygiene Uploaded at 30 September, 2015 - 11:47AM

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Rock, Shock

Pup joined the boys to talk about everything from dental hygiene, becoming a new dad, the No BS Lunch and more.

In this video: Michael Clarke

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Posted: 29 September, 2015

Matty Roasts Malcolm Turnbull

At the Dally M's last night, Matty was in fine form.

Matty Johns Roasts Malcolm Turnbull (Dally M Awards 2015)

It was rugby league's night of night last night which included an impressive lineup of players, their outstanding wives and other dignitaries.

Our new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull was there and while Matty was looking after the proceedings, managed to get a little dig or two into him.

"Distinguished guests and of course Tony Abbott," Matty opened.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Prim Minister Malcolm Turnbull of course, it's just so hard to keep up with your blokes," he joked.

"And they reckon coaching's cut-throat!"

Malcolm Turnbull Responds

And on the show this morning we had Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull himself come onto the show to respond to Matty's jokes.

"May I say Matty, it was very funny last night, I had a nice laugh and I can have a joke at my expense because I have got a sense of humour unlike those on the other side," said Turnbull.

"Can you imagine crackin a joke to little Billy Shorten he wouldn't know what to do," joked Malcolm.

"I knew you would take it in good faith," said Matty.

"Absolutely, I was looking forward to it and any joke at the expense of the member of Waringah, backbencher Tony Abbott I'm in to," said Turnbull.

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Posted: 28 September, 2015

Who Will Win The 2015 NRL Grand Final?

The boys go through their predictions for the grand final and much more.

It's been a long year of highs and lows, predictions and surprises and now we've got the 2015 NRL Grand Final, with for the first time two Queensland teams - the Broncos vs the Cowboys.

There were some massive games over the weekend with the Broncos beating the Roosters 31-12 and then on Saturday, the Cowboys made their first grand final beating the Storm 32-12.

"It should be a cracking grand final, two sides who have an onus on attacking football," said Matty.

"I think the Broncos over the Roosters was probably the most exclamation mark type of game I think the way in which the halves, Hunt and Milford play this new brand of fresh, mental telepathy type footy," said MG.

"I thought the Cowboys victory... was probably a little better," said Matty.

Who Will Win The Grand Final?

Matty - Cowboys

"I've gone for the Cowboys all year, I'm going for the Cowboys to win in a classic and I think Matt Scott for the Clive Churchill medal"

MG - Broncos / Cowboys* 

"If he [Hodges] plays I think Broncos win. I think if Hodges is out, it's celebration time in Townsville"

Gus - Broncos

"I reckon the Broncos are going to win no matter what"

With the magic of radio we can go back and look at the boys predictions from the start of the season.

Other Stories On The NRL Recovery Session

- Will influential Broncos centre Justin Hodges get off on his grade one dangerous tackle charge to make the grand final?

"I think he's going to get off," said MG.

- The boys finals predictions from the beginning of the year compared to the end.

Matty - Rabbitohs vs Cowboys - Cowboys to win

MG - Panthers vs Bulldogs - Panthers to win

Gus - Roosters vs Rabbitohs - Roosters to win

- Does it matter if there's no Sydney team?

"The bottom line is it's going to be a great game of football," said Matty.

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Posted: 24 September, 2015

Supergrass On Tony Abbott's Party, Seinfeld Tour & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

He's back for another huge week of rumour and innuendo, it's Triple M's Supergrass.

Well this week he's got some big news in the politics world with some inside information on Tony Abbott's massive "farewell" party at Kirribilli House.

"I've spoken to some one who was there, it was a massive night," said Supergrass.

"You would've heard the rumours of Tony doing shots and dancing topless, they're true. He wasn't the only well known pollie to get his gear off too let me tell you"

"A marble table was smashed, the MP who was dancing on that showed up to work in a wheelchair the following day," said Supergrass.

"I tell you what, I want to go the next party at Tony Abbott's," said Matty.

Other Big Rumours This Week:

- A young MP who got the biggest cheer of the night during Abbott's party also called Turnbull a rude expletive.

- Turnbull is looking to get more 'high profile' MP's such as Ita Buttrose.

- Jerry Seinfeld is coming to Australia for a standup tour and things are getting ugly as Carl Baron and Adam Hills are competing for the support slot.

- Caitlyn Jenner is looking for work outside the States including in Australia and now has an agent for Aus but supposedly her asking price is ridiculous.

"Well you've just let us in on a bit of a scoop for our listeners, she will be at the NO BS Lunch," joked MG.

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Posted: 24 September, 2015

The Gift That Keeps On Giving, McGill's Test Vest

It's the one thing Gus doesn't want, but still keeps on getting.

It's the gift that keeps on giving... or more acurately, the gift we keep on giving Gus (and the one thing he doesn't want) - Stuart MacGill's test vest.

We're not sure why he's so opposed to this generous gift we keep trying to give him, maybe because he and Stuey 'the sweet prince' MacGill aren't the best of mates...

Or maybe it's because he thought he was going to get Pup Clarke's vest instead. 

Either way, we don't know how Gussy keeps falling for it... over and over. 

Don't believe us? Have a look at all the times it's happened, like the time that....

Gus Thought He Was Getting Pup Clarke's Test Vest

Gussy Gets Michael Clarke's Test Vest Uploaded at 26 August, 2015 - 12:36PM

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Rock, Shock

With the departure of his mate Michael Clarke from Test cricket, we decided to cheer up Gus. Do you think he's happy with this?

In this video: Gus Worland

Or The Time He Thought He Was Getting A Hyane Jersy

The Boys Get Hayne Jersey's Uploaded at 22 September, 2015 - 6:31AM

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Rock, Shock

We got the boys a present, but Gussy wasn't very happy with his.... don't know why though!?

In this video: Matty Johns, MG, Gus Worland

Or A Roosters Jersey

The Grill Team Fools Gussy... Again! Uploaded at 23 September, 2015 - 4:40PM

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Rock, Shock

We set ourselves a challenge to fool Gussy into taking the thing he least wants.... again. Watch to find out what it is.

To Be Continued....

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Posted: 21 September, 2015

NRL Recovery Session - Finals Week 2

It's shaping up to be a massive weekend of footy this weekend with some dream preliminary finals.

Finals Week 2

What a weekend of footy with the Bulldogs going down to the Roosters 38-12 and the Cowboys smashing the Sharks 39-0.

There was some controversies surrounding the games with the people up in arms about the Kane Evans Roosters try.

"Look I don't think it had, it wasn't the difference in the game," said Matty.

Matty and MG were pretty angry about the video ref's poor decision to award the try but in the end it didn't seem to matter with Tuivasa-Sheck and Hastings playing well.

However despite a starring role it looks like Hastings will be taking a backseat to Pearce coming back into the team.

"I'd put Pearce, I'd put him but if I'm Trent Robinson I'd make sure if he's 100% fit," said Matty.

In the other match the big men had a great game with Cowboys Matt Scott, James Tamou and Jason Taumololo having a blinder.


Preliminary Finals & Dally M's

The Broncos take on the Roosters this weekend in what could be an absolute classic match to head to the grand final.

"The Broncos have been able to sit down and have two weeks rest and the pace that they can play at and the intensity they can play at the real issue is how the Roosters can bounce back"

And in the other match the Cowboys head south to Melbourne.

The Cowboys have played the Storm in Melbourne 11 times and the Storm have won 9 of those which is makes things interesting.

"At the moment I'm leaning towards the Storm... but not confidently," said MG.

And for Dally M's which are coming up next Monday, the boys picked their gold, silver and bronze and it looks like they all agree (except one). 

Gold - Jonathan Thurston
Silver - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Bronze - Ben Hunt 

Gold - Jonathan Thurston
Silver - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Bronze - Ben Hunt

Gold - JT
Silver - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Bronze - Corey Parker

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Posted: 21 September, 2015

Joey's Dating 007's Ex

The lady Andrew is seeing is former James Bond Daniel Craig's ex-girlfriend and Hollywood producer Satsuki Mitchell

Actor Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell in New York City in 2009 Photo: Getty Images

News broke on the weekend that 008, the 8th immortal, Andrew Johns has hooked up with 007's ex!

The lady Andrew is seeing is former James Bond Daniel Craig's ex-fiancee and Hollywood producer Satsuki Mitchell. See the photo below.

"Yes it is," confirmed Joey's brother, Matty on Triple M's Grill Team.

"Andrew's relationship with his wife [Cathrine Mahoney]… the [split] was amicable and things are good and they've got a son (Louis) together so they're doing the right thing there… and from there, you know, that's life."

008 Dating 007's Ex Uploaded at 21 September, 2015 - 10:48AM

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Rock, Shock

In this video: Matty Johns

Mitchell, 36, went to the Origin opener with Joey in Sydney in May.

Matty's met Satsuki and says she's a very nice girl, joking the relationship has left many people 'shaken and stirred".

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Posted: 18 September, 2015

'No B.S. Grand Final Lunch Was The Loosest Day Ever'

Yes. Todd Carney said that.

Todd Carney while playing for Cronulla Photo: Getty Images

Todd Carney is playing rugby league in France in the UK Super League and he was listening to us talking about the No B.S. Lunch, so he tweeted "Still one of the funniest days I've had attending the lunch in 2012".

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS to the No B.S. Grand Final Lunch on Triple M.

Indeed, he was one of our guests back in 2012, so we got him on the line.

Todd remembers it was one of the "loosest days" ever.

"I still remember Gus giving a lady in the crowd, who yelled out something like she loved him, and he gave her the complete opposite," joked Todd, on Triple M's Grill Team. Listen to the full audio below.

Todd Carney No BS Grand Final

Todd Carney's Desire To Return To NRL

todd carney, nrl, no bs grand final lunch

Todd is having a hell of a season of there in France - the flick pass he did was a beauty (see the video below).

So is he coming back to Manly?

"Mate I think I'm coming back to every club in the NRL," he laughed.

However, in all seriousness he admits it's still a dream of his to return to the NRL.

"There is a dream and desire to come back and it's a goal to come back into the NRL again so hopefully I'll get an opportunity down the track," he said. Listen to the full audio below.

Todd Carney On NRL Return

Carney's Freakish Flick Pass

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Posted: 16 September, 2015

The New Wonderland Has Just Announced $1 Billion In Funding

It's the news Sydneysiders have been waiting for!

It's the new Sydneysiders have been waiting to hear for 11 years.

That's right, Wonderland is back on track with the announcement of a $1 billion injection of cash for the overhaul of the iconic theme park.

Self-made millionaire Dr. Ammar Khan has been at the centre of resurrecting the park and now we've heard reports that his Indian oil company Fox Petroleum Limited (FPL) are prepared to front the cash for the new facilities.

Australia's Wonderland 1998 Commercial

Plans for the area are actually more than just a theme park. They include the creation of  a wildlife park, a water park connected by a multi-themed ‘boulevard’, hotels, cinemas, restaurants and entertainment facilities, Mr Khan announced.

There are also 'stage two' plans for sporting ground, live music venues and a convention centre.

At the moment there is no word as to where in Western Sydney the new venue is planned for but once a location is set, the company Western Sydney Theme Park would plan to start construciton as soon as possible.

Hopefully they'll bring back The Bush BeastThe Beastie, and The Demon! 

(Wonderland concept art via



Memories Of Wonderland

Did you know we have a facebook group?

Posted by Wonderland Sydney on Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Australia's Wonderland Sydney - 1986 TV Commercial

Who wants just one more ride on one of these two?

Posted by Wonderland Sydney on Monday, July 21, 2014

You can't tell me that you don't want this back in Western Sydney ASAP

Posted by Wonderland Sydney on Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Australia's Wonderland Sydney - Early 90's TV Commercial

You know you grew up in Sydney when this was the first roller coaster you ever went on

Posted by Wonderland Sydney on Sunday, April 20, 2014

Just thought I'd leave this here

Posted by Wonderland Sydney on Tuesday, April 1, 2014


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Wonderland Sydney

A plan to re-open the theme park is in the works, to sit next to the Wet 'n' Wild.

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Posted: 14 September, 2015

NRL Recovery Session - NRL Finals

It was a big weekend of NRL Finals footy with a couple of teams (and players) really stamping their authority.

Chris Heighington of the Sharks celebrates with fans after smashing the Rabbitohs at Allianz Stadium on Sunday Photo: Getty Images

It was a big weekend of NRL Finals footy with a couple of teams (and players) really stamping their authority. It was a record crowd figures Plus a number of players placed on report.

Best Team Performance of the Weekend

Broncos - Matty
Storm - MG
Cronulla - Gus

Best Individual Performer

Wade Graham (Sharks) - Matty
Cameron Smith (Storm) - MG
Michael Ennis (Sharks) - Gus

Who Will Win Finals Week Two

Roosters, Cowboys - Matty
Bulldogs, Cowboys - MG

Who Will The Premiership?

Broncos - Matty
Broncos - MG
Roosters - Gus

Players On Report

Matty Johns says Sam Kasiano will be okay but Frank Pritchard will probably miss this Friday's match against the Roosters because of previous loading.

Michael Ennis is likely to get off too. While Luke Keary could be in some hot water for his eye gouge on Sharks skipper Paul Gallen. Listen to the full audio below.

NRL Recovery Session

Also See

Ennis Set To Escape Suspension

Sharks hooker Michael Ennis is set to escape suspension for his high shot on Chris McQueen.

Frank Free To Play

Frank Pritchard has been found NOT guilty by the judiciary for kneeing St George Illawarra five-eighth Gareth Widdop

Keary In Alleged Eye Gouge

Souths five-eighth Luke Keary is facing suspension after being reported for a possible eye-gouge.

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Posted: 10 September, 2015

Moment Listener Wins Trip Of A Lifetime

It's a trip of a lifetime and Chris was the lucky winner.

It all came down to one lucky winner, Chris, got the call on Monday that he and a mate will be going to San Fransisco to see Jarryd Hayne play his first NFL game of the season for the 49ers!

Well, you could guess his reaction when we announced that he was the winner. Luckily Chris was so excited that he decided to film himself just in case he won and he sent us the footage afterwards.

Watch The Moment Grill Team Listener Chris Found Out He Won

He was very lost for words as Gussy and Matty told him about his trip (happening this Saturday) to see Hayne play against he Minnesota Vikings at the 49ers home, Levi's Stadium.

It'll also be Chris' first time overseas! Have a great time mate.

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