Posted: 1 December, 2015

Abi Worland Dances With Hugh Jackman

At least someone in the family can dance.

Gus Worland's best mate, Hugh Jackman is in town at the moment with his latest stage show, "Broadway To Oz."

Last night, Gussy took his family to the show and the crowd got a little surprise.

Hugh brought up Gus's daughter Abi for a dance and she absolutely killed it!

We're very gald that he didn't invite Gussy up, we don't need to see any more of his dancing.

Abi Worland Dances On Stage With Hugh Jackman Uploaded at 1 December, 2015 - 7:47AM

Last night, Gussy's daughter Abi proved that at least one Worland has some dancing skills.

In this video: Hugh Jackman

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Posted: 30 November, 2015

Fan Claims Run-In With Jason Taylor

Triple M listener recalls had a bit of a wrestle with the now Wests Tigers coach Jason Taylor

Following an incident at a Sydney Kings game last week where a spectator poured a beer over a player's head, Triple M's Grill Team threw it out there - when have you had a run-in with somebody famous?

Triple M listener Brad from Hornsby Heights claims he had a bit of a wrestle with the now Wests Tigers coach Jason Taylor a few years ago.

"We were over at Rosehill one time after the races and headed over to Rydges for a few drinks and I ended up having a run-in with Jason Taylor at the bar, funnily enough," said Brad from Hornsby Heights, on Triple M's Grill Team.

"I was a big fan of his at the North Sydney Bears so [told him] how much of a childhood hero he was of mine.

"Then Jason used some pretty choice language and told me to F*** off," he laughed.

"I had a shoulder reconstruction at the time but I took exception to what Jason Taylor said and we ended up having scrap and a bit of a roll around on the floor.

"Then, funnily enough, one of my now favourite players Craig Fitzgibbon ended up pulling me off and putting me up against the wall."

It wasn't Robbie Farah was it?! Listen to the full audio below.

Jason Taylor Wrestles Fan Uploaded at 30 November, 2015 - 10:20AM

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Rock, Shock

A Triple M listener tells us the time he got into a wrestle with now Wests Tigers coach Jason Taylor.

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Posted: 27 November, 2015

The Final 12th Man 'The Very Best Of Richie'

It's time for Billy Birmingham to pull up stumps on his famous series.

Well this is it, we knew this day had to come, the final installment of The 12th Man.

Triple M's Billy Birmingham has decided to pull up stumps after an incredible 36 years of impersonating our cricket commentator icons.

In the wake of the passing of the iconic Richie Benaud, Billy thought it was only right to finish up the 12th Man series that owes so much to him.

It's only fitting that the last ever cd is a tribute to the commentating great, with 'The Very Best Of Richie' coming out today.

The Grill Team caught up with their favourite cricket commentator impersonator and Billy shared some stories (and did some voices).

Billy’s Calling It Stumps On The 12th Man Uploaded at 27 November, 2015 - 7:30AM

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Rock, Shock

He's given us so many laughs with his famous 12th Man comedy cds, but now it's time to pull up stumps.

In this video: Billy Birmingham

Billy Birmingham's Favourite 12th Man Moment Uploaded at 27 November, 2015 - 12:57PM

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Rock, Shock

It's a hard call to make, but what's Billy Birmingham's favourite 12th Man moment?

In this video: Billy Birmingham


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Posted: 25 November, 2015

Report Farah's Preference Is With Tricolours

But players revolt might block move

Tigers captain Robbie Farah and team mates look on during the round 26 match against the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium Photo: Getty Images

The Robbie Farah rumours continue to fly around - will he go to the Dragons or the Roosters? Or will there be a last-minute backflip to the Tigers.

Triple M's Supergrass has told The Grill Team he's hearing Farah would prefer to join the tricolours.

"I'm hearing his preference is the Roosters but the players at the Roosters are not overly happy about this, in particular the current hooker Jake Friend," said Supergrass, on Triple M's Grill Team.

"I'm hearing even if the Roosters decide there might be some sort of players revolt and he won't end up there."

It does seem like a bizarre swap. Matty Johns has big wraps on Jake Friend, saying he'd be a big loss of he left.

"If Cameron Smith was to breakdown, you would imagine he would be the Australian hooker," said Matty Johns.

The NRL are unlikely to allow the Roosters to register Farah for a bargain price under the salary cap even if the Tigers pay out a large portion of his contract.

Roosters chief executive Brian Canavan said there had been no contact since reports of the mooted move broke over the weekend.

"We haven't heard anything from Wests Tigers or the player's management in the last three days," Canavan told AAP on Wednesday.

Supergrass On Triple M

Reports Of Roosters Players Revolt Over Farah; Supergrass Uploaded at 25 November, 2015 - 1:42PM

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Rock, Shock

Triple M's Supergrass has told The Grill Team he's hearing Farah would prefer to join the tricolours.


Sterlo: You Don't Buy Robbie Farah To Play Reserve Grade

jake friend, roosters

Jake Friend of the Roosters passes during the round 24 match against the Brisbane Broncos at Allianz Stadium Photo: Getty Images

Triple M's Peter Sterling added Robbie Farah would be attractive to any number of clubs, but the Roosters would be a strange move considering how much high esteem Jake Friend is held at the Roosters.

"Jake Friend is an 80-minute player and about to be a State of Origin player in a couple of years," he said, on Triple M's Rush Hour.

"You do not buy Robbie Farah to play him in reserve grade [so] I don't know how that would work - Jake Friend is a co-captain there… and he's had a couple of fantastic seasons."

"And you don't buy Robbie Farah to play him in any other position - he's a specialist dummy-half."

Roosters coach Trent Robinson is a very astute man, so you'd think he'd have a plan in mind if it index was the case.

The concrete things that we do know is that Matt Ballin has been signed by the club and that Robbie Farah and his management have put in a request for a departure. And they doesn't end up well for Robbie Farah being a Tiger.

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Posted: 19 November, 2015

Danny Green On Fighting Mundine, His 'Coward Punch' Campaign And More

He responds to the question that everyone wants to know.

Danny Green is an absolute legend of Australian boxing.

He's been a super middleweight champion, a light heavyweight champion and a two-time IBO cruiserweight champion but its also the stuff he does out of the ring that makes him such a top bloke.

Danny joined The Grill Team to talk about his new 'Coward Punch' Campaign that he's leading to try and help stamp out these awful attacks that are happening around Australia.

He also gave his opinion about the recent UFC bout between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm as well as answering the question that everyone wanted to hear about "Will he fight Anthony Mundine again?"

Watch The Full Interview With Danny Green & The Grill Team

Danny Green Responds To Those Fight Rumours Uploaded at 19 November, 2015 - 8:00AM

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Rock, Shock

He's one of Australia's greatest boxers and joined the boys to talk about everything from UFC, his 'Coward Punch' campaign and those Mundine reunion fight rumours!

In this video: Danny Green

Danny Green's Coward Punch Ad

A Coward's Punch Can Kill - Danny Green

For more information please head to

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Posted: 18 November, 2015

The Grill Team's 10 Most Influential Men

Real or fictional, you can vote for who are the 10 Most Influential Men.

There's a lot of great blokes out there.

Some of them are real, like your Mick Fanning's and your Jimmy Barnes.... some of them are fictional, like your Batman's and your James Bond's and some of them are controversial like your Shane Warne's.

Either way you look at it, these blokes are are bloody influential.

Now, Matty, Gus & MG want you help to find who the most influential man is? Has Bond been more influential than Batman? Or maybe it's someone else....

It's all for International Men's Day on today (see more about it here).

Here's who the boys picked this morning...

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Posted: 17 November, 2015

Is UFC Too Dangerous?

Journalist Peter Fitzsimons thinks the sport shouldn't be allowed.

Ronda Rousey was broken the other day by Holly Holm, who beat the champ in what is now being called the "greatest upset in UFC history" in front of 56,000 in Melbourne.

It was one of the biggest UFC fights of all time, highlighted especially as the main event was a female bout showing how the sport has changed in the last couple of years.

However, for all it's supporters, there are still a lot of people who are against UFC and fighting, calling it "barbaric."

One of these people is a good friend of The Grill Team, journalist Peter Fitzsimons who, in his column in the Sydney Morning Herald today argued that the UFC is causing brain damage in these fighters and that it won't be long until we see a fatality.

"I saw Anthony Mundine get knocked down the other night and have a standing eight count. I suggest that that'd do more to a long term boxer than getting knocked out and hit on the ground in a UFC fight," said MG.

"Rugby league has rules where there's a protocol like in every other sport that you don't go at a prone opponent," said Peter Fitzsimons.

"When you have a sport where the aim of the game, the money shot is to cause brain damage in your opponent and that is what concussion is, that is what a KO is, a knock out is where brain damage... you are supporting people damaging each other," argued Fitzsimons.

"The answer is don't watch it. If you don't like it don't watch it, turn away, don't have anything to do with it because it's the fastest growing sport in the world," explained MG.

What do you think? Do you watch UFC or do you think it should be banned? 

Rousey Vs Holm Highlights

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Posted: 16 November, 2015

"This Is Only Going To End In Blood" Ex-CNN Journo Michael Ware

As an ex-CNN journo and ISIS expert, Michael Ware joined the boys to explain the meaning behind the Paris attacks.

Ex-CNN Journo Michael Ware On Paris Attacks Uploaded at 16 November, 2015 - 1:18PM

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Rock, Shock

He's an expert on terrorism and ISIS, ex-CNN journo Michael Ware took the boys through the meaning behind the Paris attacks.

In this video: Michael Ware

Michael Ware is a great friend of the show and he knows Islamic State better than anyone, having been captured by them in Baghdad while working for CNN.

On the show today, Michael joined the boys to explain to what these attacks meant for the rest of the world and what the reactions will be like from the world's superpowers.

"What we've seen, in the last 10 days or so the Islamic State launched three international attacks. First of all the downing of a Russian airline coming out of Egypt, then a bombing in Lebanon targeting the Shi'a population and now this horror in Paris," explained CNN journo Michael Ware.

"Michael, why Paris?" asked Gus.

"Well there's lots of reasons why Paris. Firstly because the French are actively involved in the military campaign against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq," he explained.

"Michael, when we started talking to you a couple of years ago... you said forget about Islamic State or ISIS as a land mass, it's an idealism. Whether it's people in Northern Africa, or Belgium or Turkey or whatever, can you ever beat an idealism?" asked Matty.

"It is, it's the dark power of their idea thats appealing to angry muslims and the hard line muslims around the world.... the only way to beat their idea is for us to formulate a better idea, a better alternative, a better way of life that can be offered to these people in the Middle East," said Michael.

Michael also talked about the recent refugee crisis and his thoughts on what is happening around the world. Watch the full interview above.

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The Grill Team's Reactions To The Horrible Paris Attacks

On this morning's show the boys were joined by journalists Michael Ware (CNN), Hugh Whitfield (Ch 7), Aussie man in Paris Mark Lymbus and more.

French Fighter Bombers Pound IS Stronghold

Second Sydney Service For Paris Victims

Vigil held to pay tribute to the dead and wounded


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Posted: 16 November, 2015

The Grill Team's Reactions To The Horrible Paris Attacks

On this morning's show the boys were joined by journalists Michael Ware (CNN), Hugh Whitfield (Ch 7), Aussie man in Paris Mark Lymbus and more.

The Paris attacks have shocked and saddened the international community as people around the world try and come to terms with the terrorist acts in Paris over the weekend aimed at destroying innocent lives.

On The Grill Team this morning Gus, MG and Matty have been discussing all the different issues with journalists and Aussie who're in Paris.

Terrorism Expert Michael Ware Explains The Attacks

Aussie CNN journo and Middle East Expert Michael Ware: Image via CNN

Michael Ware is a great friend of the show and he knows Islamic State better than anyone, having been captured by them in Baghdad while working for CNN.

"What we've seen, in the last 10 days or so the Islamic State launched three international attacks. First of all the downing of a Russian airline coming out of Egypt, then a bombing in Lebanon targeting the Shi'a population and now this horror in Paris," explained CNN journo Michael Ware.

"Michael, why Paris?" asked Gus.

"Well there's lots of reasons why Paris. Firstly because the French are actively involved in the military campaign against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq," he explained.

With the recent refugee crisis across the Middle East spreading into Europe it has seen increased tensions across these continents. Michael Ware explained that unfortunately a select few are taking advantage of these situations to undertake these horrific terrorist acts.

Aussie Man Mark Lymbers Describes Being At Stade de France During Attack

There was an awful loss of life at the Bataclan theatre and at other coordinated spots during the Paris attacks over the weekend.

However, the story could've bee one of a greater loss of life as suicide bombers unsuccesfully tried to bomb the Stade de France during an interntational soccer match.

Aussie man Mark Lymbers was at the France v Germany friendly soccer match during the attempted attacks and talked to The Grill Team this morning about that experience.

"Mark, how did you feel? Exactly what was going on?" asked Gussy.

"Well we heard some loud explosions and our first thought was fireworks or some type of celebration because the French were in a great mood... and it was an absolutely packed stadium, 80,000 plus," said Mark.

"When the explosions went off we all kind of thought it was some kind of celebration... it was not only a little bit later we found out what those explosions were, thinking about what I heard it was like no firework I'd ever heard before," Mark explained.

"What's the feeling out in Paris mate?" asked Matty.

"Ahh it's pretty sombre mate... [but] it was really good to see Parisians getting on with it, going to the bakery, going grocery shopping... there's definitely a mood of sadness," he said.

Mark also explained that he has been living in London and went over just for the game and that he got out as soon as possible.


Channel Seven Journalist Hugh Whitfield Updates From Paris

Channel Seven's European correspondent Hugh Whitfield actually travelled from London to Paris for a weekend away and was caught up in the situation over their.

Hugh described the feeling over in Paris at the moment as "pretty tense" as many people get out to pay their respects at the different sites of these attacks.

He was also their during this morning's recent scare at the site of one of the memorials.

"About an hour or so ago there was what sounded like shots fired but they were firecrackers going off. Someone let off firecrackers in this mourning crowd and that just sent a wave of panic through people."

"Police who've been stationed across the city actually drew their weapons, that created more panic," Channel Seven journalist Hugh Whitfield explained.

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Hundreds of mourners flee memorial after hearing apparent gunshots.

Pianist Plays ‘Imagine’ Outside Bataclan Concert Hall

Musician delivers poignant version of Imagine.

Heartbreaking Story From Woman Who Played Dead Inside The Bataclan Theatre

She pretended to be dead for over an hour as the attack took place.

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Posted: 13 November, 2015

Fears Over Brain Injuries In Youth Soccer

Withe a ban on heading the ball in youth soccer in the US, will this also happen in Aus?

(Heading the ball in youth soccer can result in concussion and effects in later years: Getty Images)

We're heard about the problems in the NRL and the NFL with professional athletes concussion injuries that result in some awful health after effects.

But when we heard that in 2010 in the US, almost 50,000 kids suffered concussions due to heading the ball in youth soccer we were really surprised.

Soccer in Australia is the most popular for kids before they start to move on to other sports.

So when the boys heard this they wanted to know what everyone's thought were, taking some callers who were also concerned about the possibilty of damage to their kids brains.

"From my personal experience, I've never seen a football ever knock anybody out. I've seen head clashes, elbows, even a boot to the head but as far as a football goes, I don't think I've seen anyone get knocked out," said caller Marko.

"Yeah Marko, what this is associated with is... it's not just the big knock outs its just the constant wear and tear on the frontal lobe, the front of the head," explained Matty.

Gus even said that his son still plays soccer and has since he was a little kid.

"My son plays soccer, if it came in I think there would be plenty of people blowing up about it, there's no doubt about it, because it's just a big part of the game especailly as the kids get older," said Gus.

Watch the full video of the boys discuss whether they think a band on heading in youth soccer is a good thing below.

Kids Getting Concussed In Soccer Uploaded at 13 November, 2015 - 11:50AM

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Rock, Shock

The US is banning heading the soccer ball in youth soccer after a lot of concussions. The boys discussed whether we should follow suit.

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Posted: 12 November, 2015

'Once You Are Convicted... You Surrender All Right To Be A Man' - MG On The Paedophilia Epidemic

A new documentary has shown how paedophilia is becoming sickeningly rampant.

A new documentary currently on the ABC is highlighting the disgusting and saddening realities of a 'paedophilia epidemic' in the UK.

Unfortunately, as a western country Australia is facing the same problems. MG watched the documentary and brought in some absolutely frightening audio and facts from the documentary to discuss it with the boys.

"The next grab we'll have... is on the stats in paedophilia and how many kids will be affected by it by the time they're sixteen," said MG during the video.

"One in six children will be sexually abused before the age of sixteen. That breaks down in to one in four girls and roughly one in eight boys... if you think about the statistics like that, what we're talking about really is an epidemic," outlined the grab from the Paedophile Hunters docoumentary on the ABC.

Of course this something that ways heavily on the boys minds especially when they think about their own children.

It's sickening to think that paedophilia is becoming more and more rampant and even Matty had a story about he had to protect his boys from a predator who was taking pictures of them and others.

Watch the video of the incredibly powerful full chat below as MG, Matty and Gus talk about this new 'paedophilia epidemic' and their thoughts on what we should be doing about it.

MG On The Frightening Rise Of Predators Uploaded at 12 November, 2015 - 2:07PM

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Rock, Shock

A new documentary on the ABC highlighted the sickening rise of paedophiles in society.

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Posted: 12 November, 2015

The Grill Team Tries Out The Man-Bun Craze

What were they thinking?!

It's not often the boys jump on a craze.

But when they recently saw this flog device, the "clip on man-bun" they couldn't help it.

They thought they would get away with them without anyone seeing, but we caught them trying out their new hairstyles.

Don't think it really suits them but at least MG is happy having some hair again.

What do you think?

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Now everyone can look like a flog temporarily

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