Posted: 24 July, 2014

Supergrass On Bennett's Broncos Drama & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour including Wayne Bennett, Ray Warren's Book & AFL Entertainment.

Triple M's Supergrass
has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo including news that Wayne Bennett's move to Brisbane has caused a bit of drama at board level.

"Wayne Bennett's insistence that Ben Ikin is the CEO of the Broncos. It's actually caused a split in the board at Brisbane," said Triple M's Supergrass, on The Grill Team.

"The other split board is Newcastle with half the board wanting to move Wayne on right now [and] the other half believing he should stay until the end of the year." Listen to the full audio below.

Other stories on Supergrass table include:

- A high profile star is unhappy after being quoted in Ray Warren's new book while drunk.

- Tom Jones is set to be announced as the halftime entertainment of the AFL Grand Final. He is expected to get $500,000 for about a 10min performance.

Supergrass On Triple M

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Posted: 23 July, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Rabs Unveils 'The Voice'

The 'voice of rugby league' breaks an embargo to spill the beans on his tell-all new book

Ray Warren Photo: Getty Images

Ray 'Rabs' Warren has been 'the voice' of Rugby League for over 30 years. As a good friend of the Grillers, Rabs came into the studio share some of the history of his huge career which is detailed in his new book, 'The Voice'.

"Your broadcasting career Rabs... it's not just footy mate, five decades, three Melbourne Cups, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, swimming... tennis and, of course, State of Origins and Grand Finals" said Gus. on Triple M's Grill Team.

"Writing this book with [journo] Andrew Webster [do you] look back and go, 'oh my god, I can't believe that I've done as much as I've done?'."

"Well, no I can't believe the whole story, this book goes why back to when I was a little kid of 6 years of age and how all this started... I got obsessed by listening to a commentator called Ken Howard and that's what I decided, at very young age, that I wanted to be a sports commentator" explained Rabs.

"I didn't care what I called, whether it was the horse racing or tennis, swimming... to look back and think that I actually got my hands on all those sports, it's mind-boggling, it's humbling and it's been a wonderful, wonderful journey - believe me."

Rabs goes on to reveal his famous 'phobias' and his "mother's remedies" for them, as well as a brilliant montage to the great man at the end.

Rabs On The Grill Team

Ray Warren's 'The Voice' is out now,  you can purchase it here.

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Posted: 22 July, 2014

MG, The Big Man Breaks Down

MG wants to raise awareness and get the message out there that there is help available for people with epilepsy.

This morning on The Grill Team, MG told the boys an emotional story about discovering that his daughters have epilepsy.

"Boys if I had to ask you a question about fatherhood and what's the worst thing about being a dad when your kids are concerned, what would your answer be?" asked MG.

"I think worrying that they're healthy, worrying that they're going to be ok," responded Gus.

"Well I'm 6'5" and a 115kgs but I was brought to my knees on Sunday. My oldest daughter Montana had a seizure, just over a year ago Montana my oldest girl and Kennedy my middle girl got diagnosed with epilepsy."

MG goes on to explain his experiences with dealing with his daughters epilepsy and how hard it has been.

Listen To MG Talk About His Experiences With His Daughters Epilepsy

MG wants to raise awareness and get the message out there that there is help available. If you require any information or help regarding epilepsy, please head to or call 1300 37 45 37.

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Posted: 21 July, 2014

Gus Takes On The New York Marathon

The Grill Team are going to New York to watch Gus tackle one of the hardest running races in the world, the New York Marathon.

Gussy's involved in a new project… and you guessed it, it's got something to do with weight loss! It's a new TV show on Foxtel called 'Gus Worland: Marathon Man'… “Did you say ‘Gus Worland: Mammoth Man?’,” joked Matty.

Inspired by his 'best mate Hugh Jackman', after a few bevvies one night, Gus decided that after five years it was finally time to do something about his weight and run the New York Marathon.

When Gus unveiled the news to the boys they weren't AS supportive as Jacko. However, Gus threw ‘em a bone saying there was a trip to NY in it for them. After that they became a bit more interested in the idea. Surprise, surprise.

They’ll be doing the show from New York! The last week of October and Gus will be running the marathon on November 2nd. The Grill Team is on Triple M 104.9FM 6-9AM Weekdays.

'Gus Worland: Marathon Man' will air on the A&E Channel on Foxtel later this year.

Gus Unveils New Show And Asks The Boys To Come To New York

Gus will be tweeting all the action -

Details about the New York Marathon -

Thanks to our mates at Rebel Sport -

Gus's Preparation

Northern Territory Half Marathon

In his lead up to the New York Marathon, Gus has taken on another challenge, the Northern Territory Half Marathon. Gussy will be running 20km not far from Uluru.

Gus In Uluru Tweet: Twitter/@KittyDukes

This morning on The Grill Team, the boys sent him some messages of support and also gave out his number so any "fans" of Gus can send him a "hero message", he's already got 250 messages so don't be afraid to send some more.

Give Gus A Call: 0427 238 784

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VIDEO: Gus Fatter Than Kyle?

Is Gus fatter than Kyle Sandilands? That's the question on everyone's lips.

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Posted: 17 July, 2014

Gabi Grecko Fails

She's getting married to a bloke 64 years her senior and she doesn't even know when his birthday is! Listen to the awkward interview below.

Geoffrey Edelston's hot new fiance Gabi Grecko Photo: Getty Images

Now hot model Gabi Grecko is on the front page of Maxim and is the fiance of infamous 'medical entrepreneur' Geoffrey Edelston... Now the model is engaged to him and there's a 64-year age gap between them.

Now Gabs is absolutely beautiful and The Grill Team were thrilled to talk her, but they just wanted to know how much she knows about the man she's about to marry. So they put her through the "Geoffrey" quiz... and unfortunately she failed miserably. Listen below.

Questions included:
- What is Geoffrey's middle name?
- When is Geoffrey's birthday?

Gabi FAILs The Geoffrey Edelston Quiz

Gabi Grecko On Maxim & Instagram

Grabi Grecko Photo: Maxim Magazine/Facebook

Grabi Grecko Photo: Maxim Magazine/Facebook

Grabi Grecko Photo: Maxim Magazine/Facebook

Grabi Grecko Photo: Instagram

Grabi Grecko Photo: Instagram

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Posted: 17 July, 2014

Grillers Snow Show & Fail Videos

The boys are going on a roadtrip to the snow, hopefully they're gonna be a bit smarter than these people.

Dumb And Dumber Tongue Photo: Rex Features Moviestore Collection

It's been pretty cold lately so The Grill Team decided to make the most of it and go on a roadtrip to Thredbo. Gus, MG and Matty hit the road together and things got a little bit 'icy'.

Because it was MG's first trip to the snow, he had a fair few questions.

MG's Snow Questions


The Grill Team Snow Show

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Let's Hope The Boys Don't Get 'Stuck'

Scene from dumb and dumber Video: Youtube/Trailrunner15

Dumb & Dumber Video: Youtube/Claudiu Fiat

The Kings Of Stupid Hit The Slopes

Jackass 3.5 Snow Tubing Video: Youtube/The Jess Partidas

We're Lucky We Live In The Tropics

The People vs Winter Video: Youtube/The Poke

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Posted: 15 July, 2014

Supergrass Juicy Rumours

Triple M's Supergrass gives us the inside scoop on everything footy and entertainment

triple m supergrass

Triple M's Supergrass Photo: Triple M

Triple M's Supergrass has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo including speculation of a damaging video involving an Origin star.

"You would've seen rumours the other week about a damaging video of a State of Origin star being involved in a sexual act that could become a bigger story than Todd Carney, that was how the paper [The Daily Telegraph] wrote it up," said Triple M's Supergrass, on The Grill Team.

"I've been told the video will never see the light of day; one of my sources said it may not even exist, it could be just the rumour mill working overtime."

Other stories on Supergrass table include:

- Foxtel and a couple of changes going on there involving the footy
- A TV host has caused an office to be evacuated
- Thorpie's rumoured boyfriend.

Supergrass On Triple M

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Hurrell Says Sorry For Sex Tape

Konrad Hurrell personally embarrassed by leaked sex tape.

Gallen Punches Beau Ryan

Beau Ryan tells us his side of the story.

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Posted: 15 July, 2014

Two Aussies Hit By Bull

Eyewitness tells us exactly what happened

Aussie Films Himself Getting Hit By Bull In Pamplona Uploaded at 15 July, 2014 - 12:46PM

See more: Running Of The Bulls


Language Warning: New South Wales resident Nicholas Kordahi filmed himself being hit by a bull during the Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Aussie hit by bull in Pamplona Video: Nicholas Kordahi

Two Aussie men have wound up in hospital after being "gored" in the final and longest bull run at this year's festival in Pamplona.

A 26-year-old was gored three times by the same bull. He's had surgery after suffering injuries to the chest, leg and stomach. While a 24-year-old suffered less serious injuries and he has been released from hospital.

Dee Why's Nicholas Kordahi was there and he's told Triple M's Grill Team one minute he was talking to his mate and then "the next minute the crowd just bursts and runs all around me and then there's a bull just charging down staring me down and no time to react." Listen to the full audio below.

Nick On Triple M's Grill Team

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Posted: 9 July, 2014

Athletes Strip For "Art"

They have selected a variety of America's most popular sportsmen and women to appear in their latest 'Body Issue'.

ESPN has unveiled the latest pictures of its 'Body Issue' an annual celebration of some of America's famous and rising sports stars.

The pictures include the stars posing nude in either their natural habitat sporting habitat or in a more 'artsy' environment. Below is a selection of the shots, you can see the rest of them at ESPN here.

Coco Ho For ESPN Photo:

Coco Ho For ESPN Photo:

Danyelle Wolf For ESPN Photo:

Angel McCoughtry For ESPN Photo:

Travis And Lyn-Z Pastrana For ESPN Photo:

Nigel Sylvester For ESPN Photo:

Venus Williams For ESPN Photo:

Venus Williams For ESPN Photo:

ESPN Body Issue Video: Youtube/Serena Williams

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Posted: 26 June, 2014

VIDEO: Gussy's Pet Pig Puddles

Matty and MG scare Gus with a story about his pet pig 'Puddles'

Gus with his new best mate 'Puddles' Photo: Triple M

Matty and MG gave Gussy a pet pig which he named 'Puddles'. They said it was to celebrate Aussie Bacon Week and Gussy came to love 'Puddles', having him at home, staying with him and the family last night.

"I love Puddles. Puddles is an absolute ripper and he was sort of 'nuzzling in' yesterday afternoon," said Gussy, on The Grill Team.

"He's a member of the family now, he feels like he's at home".

Yep Gus got a little attached to 'Puddles'. But Matty and MG had a little bad news about 'Puddles', which they let loose on an unsuspecting Gus. Watch the video below to see what happens next.

VIDEO: Gussy's Pet Pig Puddles Uploaded at 12 June, 2014 - 1:42PM

See more: Pig, Gus Worland, The Grill Team


Matty and MG scare Gus with a story about his pet pig 'Puddles'.

In this video: Gus Worland

Thanks to the team at Golden Ridge Animal Farms for their help this week. More info:

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Posted: 26 June, 2014

Gallen Punches Beau Ryan

Beau Ryan tells us his side of the story

We had a massive response to our Paul Gallen punching Beau Ryan story earlier this week. Well, Beau Ryan told us his side of the story, fighting back and answering those charges.

"Oh, it's true but the blood is from Gal's fist!" he said. Listen to the full audio below.

Beau Ryan On Triple M


Earlier On Triple M

Paul Gallen - Beau Ryan Photo: Getty Images

Want to know what happened to Beau Ryan when he wouldn't stop annoying Paul Gallen? Let's just say this, it didn't end pretty.

Gallen told Matty Johns about one of his 'Top 5 Feuds' yesterday on the Sunday Triple M NRL show and it's bloody hilarious. Check out the audio from 2:30 below.


Earlier on Triple M

Paul Gallen started his boxing career earlier this year with a second round TKO. You can see all the action on the video below. I bet Ryan copped a good one.

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Gallen TKO

Sharks skipper wins his first pro-boxing match after being put on the canvas.

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Gallen On Reluctant Sharks Coach Peter Sharp

On The Sunday Triple M NRL Show Gallen has told Matty about Sharks coach Peter Sharp's reluctance for the job.

The New Triple M NRL App - Available on iPhone and Android

Take Triple M NRL everywhere with you thanks to our new App

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Posted: 25 June, 2014

The Grill Team Goes 80s

Check out all the highlights from our massive 80s show

Matty as Goose (Top Gun), Gus as MC Hammer & MG as George Michael: Thanks To Photo: Triple M

Nana & Gloria Call Up The Boys

Uncle Doug Sends The Boys A Message

Sadly, Uncle Doug wasn't able to visit us but he did send us an email.

"Lizzie and I are in London at the moment. We will be on a train to France in the morning of your broadcast and I'm a restaurant at the alternate time suggested on the turps. It's a tough gig but someone's gotta do it."

"Say hi to the boys for me and congrats on the recent success.
I'd be happy to help in any other circumstance although I don't know how much use I'd be; I barely remember the 80s."

Cheers and good luck with the show,

Dougie M

Reggae Ellis The Legendary 80s Weather Man

MG Still Sings 80s Tunes


Earlier On The Grill Team

MG is stuck in the 80s so Matty and Gus have put their heads together and threw him an 80s themed show on Friday June 27th.
They put the mousse in their hair, they had the 80s gear on, they played 80s music and had 80s personalties on (well, the ones that are still alive).

You see, it all started when The Grill Team boys got an email from listener 'Jordan' saying, "Matty and Gus, I'm pretty concerned about MG, I think he's stuck in the 1980s any chance you can maybe transport him to the 21st Century?".

When they emailed back Jordan and asked him for a little more info he made some pretty good points. Having a look back here’s what MG has recently talked about:

  • Bringing back the 5 minute sin bin
  • His Fire-up Friday Songs are all 80s songs - The Safety Dance, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, The Angels and Patrick Hernandez' 'Born To Be Alive'
  • Computers being the worst thing ever
  • Bringing back 3 grades to the game including U/23s and Reserve Grade

Listen To MG Stuck In The 80s


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Here's a selection of classic Triple M ads from the 80s.

80s Aussie PSA Ads

Here's a selection of classic public service announcement ads from the 80s.

80s Aussie Beer Ads

Here's a selection of classic Aussie beer ads from the 80s.

80s Aussie Products Ads

Here's a selection of classic Aussie product ads from the 80s.

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