Posted: 15 April, 2014

How Many Jesus' Can You Fit Into A Lift?

Strange things happens at Triple M…

Strange things happens at Triple M… even we can't explain the stuff that goes on sometimes.

How Many Jesus' Can You Fit Into A Lift? Uploaded at 7 March, 2014 - 2:11PM


How many Jesus' can you fit in a lift? Here's the answer.

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Posted: 11 April, 2014

NRL's Newest Feud

Will feud force Beau Ryan into early retirement?

beau ryan, jamie soward, nrl feud

Beau Ryan and Jamie Soward Photos: Getty Images

It was the most clicked item on our website this week, the Beau Ryan vs Jamie Soward feud!

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Posted: 9 April, 2014

The Real Reason Russell Crowe Won't Appear On The Grill Team

MG reveals why Russell Crowe won’t appear on the show

The Grill Team's Mark Geyer has revealed why Russell Crowe refuses to appear on the show.

Crowe has been speaking to everyone and their dog about his new movie, Noah.

However, the Grill Team has been brushed by the actor.

His connection with the South Sydney Rabbitohs is another reason we would love to have him on the show but there's a reason the actor refuses to give us an interview.

It involves an incident with MG in 2005.

“To be honest, I don’t give a stuff….” MG says, of the disagreement. Listen to the below segement to get the full story.

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Posted: 8 April, 2014

Buddy's Frank Interview

Swans superstar speaks to Matty, MG and Gus about footy and his missus

buddy franklin, sydeny swans, grill team

Buddy Franklin of Sydney Swans Photo: Getty Images

AFL superstar Buddy Franklin joined the Grill Team to talk about how he's been settling in with his new club and putting to rest a rumour from down South.

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Posted: 3 April, 2014

Reducing Risks In Rugby League

Aussie editor's comments draw discussion over risks playing rugby league

alex mckinnon, newcastle knights, helen mccabe

Alex McKinnon of Newcastle Knights Photo: Getty Images

Helen McCabe, editor of the Australian Woman's Weekly, was on Channel Nine's Today Show talking about Alex McKinnon's tackle and why she thinks rugby league is a sport that's become too dangerous.

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Posted: 2 April, 2014

Supergrass NRL Rumours

Could the Stewart brothers be joining their old coach at Canterbury?

glenn brett stewart

Brett and Glenn Stewart Photos: Getty Images

Triple M's Supergrass has some NRL rumours, which he stresses are just rumours but juicy ones nonetheless.

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Posted: 1 April, 2014

Bulldogs Chasing No. 1

The Bulldogs now could be open to chase Wests Tigers fullback James Tedesco

james tedesco, wests tigers, canterbury bulldogs

James Tedesco of Wests Tigers in demand Photo: Getty Images

The Bulldogs now could be open to chase Wests Tigers fullback James Tedesco after the multi-million dollar deal with Andrew Fifita fell through.

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Tags: James Tedesco, Andrew Fifita, Canterbury Bulldogs, Wests Tigers

Posted: 31 March, 2014

Player Transfers

MG is hearing lots of player changes have happened overnight

tim grant, penrith panthers

Tim Grant of Penrith Panthers Photo: Getty Images

The Grill Team are hearing lots of changes have happened overnight, which will help sides that want to get rid of players and sides that need players.

Triple M's Mark Geyer says he's hearing Tim Grant may be released by the Panthers to join the Rabbitohs immediately.

"That's unbelievable because he's a St Marys junior," said MG, on The Grill Team.

MG is also hearing that Krisnan Inu will be going to the Wests Tigers and Kevin Proctor from the Melbourne Storm is going to the Dragons, which will be a real good signing from St George.

MG on Player Transfers

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Posted: 26 March, 2014

Lightning Jack

As it turns out he's looking for a job, so The Grill Team pulled some strings

There was some shocking weather in Sydney on Tuesday with three people struck by lightning.

We spoke to one of them, a young bloke called Jack Ringwood from Sydney. And as it turns out he's looking for a job! So we pulled some strings. Hear what happens next.

Jack Ringwood on Triple M

jack ringwood, lightning, grill team

Jack Ringwood Photo: Supplied

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Sydney's Big Wet

There's traffic chaos right across Sydney with heavy rain and flash flooding.

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Posted: 26 March, 2014

Back To Knights & Dames?

Peter Fitzsimons joins Grill Team for passionate debate on Australia's past

Are you for or against the re-introduction of Knighthoods and Dames in Australia?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is considering a push to resurrect Australian traditional military medals including a return to titles like Knights and Dames.

Matty Johns argues against it, saying we're going back to a country we have no resemblance too. Gussy reckons it's great we're returning to our traditional roots.

Australia's best historian Peter Fitzsimons joined The Grill Team on Wednesday for a pretty passionate debate about how Australia should move forward. Listen below.

Peter Fitzsimons On Triple M

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Posted: 25 March, 2014

Chappelli Greig Mix-Up

What actually happened between Chappelli and Marcia Hines at the baseball?

Ian Chappell has told Triple M's Grill Team Marcia Hines did refer to him as Tony Greig in a chat he had with the singing star but he let it slide. Full story below.

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Posted: 24 March, 2014

Gus' Crack At Dragons Fans

Gus gets payback for stepping over the line, having a crack at Dragons fans

st george illawarra dragons

Dragons fans have a lot to celebrate about Photo: Getty Images

Opinion is a fine line and Gus Worland stepped over that line the other day, having a crack at Dragons fans.

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