Posted: 24 October, 2014

Matty Visits Lakemba Mosque

Young member of Lakemba Mosque, Zac, talks to Matty about the Australian Islamic community.

Matty talks to Zac, a young member of Lakemba Mosque

With the increasing presence of terrorist organisation ISIS, the recent attacks and the possibility of an attack on home soil, there has been some negative reactions to people in the Australian Islamic community.

On The Grill Team, Matty wanted to get to the heart of the issues and dispel the rumours against people of the Islamic faith, and what he found was that they're nice, normal Aussies.

"Sometimes you think to yourself, 'do you have deep seeded prejudice?' and I always think to myself no I don't, but you must have because I was so surprised by the warmth of the welcome I got," opened Matty.

"I wasn't expecting any cross words or anything like that but I was surprised but when I got there they were just really happy, smiley people who welcomed me in."

Listen to Matty interview Zac, a young member of Lakemba Mosque

Social Media

Open Day - Saturday (25/10)

Lakemba Mosque / Cabramatta Mosque  / Mayfield - More info:

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Posted: 22 October, 2014

Alan Jones On The Wallabies' Woes

Massive figure or rugby and radio, Alan Jones explains what's wrong with the Wallabies.

Alan Jones in the stands for Queensland v Australian Barbarians: Getty Images

Alan Jones is a massive figure of Rugby Union, coaching the Wallabies from 1984-'87 with 86 victories from 102 matches (and 23 test wins from 30 games) plus a Grand Slam in '84 and the Bledisloe Cup in '86.

On The Grill Team this morning, the boys got Jones on to ask him about the Wallabies very public problems and his thoughts on what the team should be doing to fix this.

"The Wallabies, they're in absolute disarray at the moment," opened Matty.

"Well, I think we've got to separate, Matthew, the Wallabies from the appalling administration, the Wallabies on Saturday night were magnificent, Michael Hooper the 23 year-old lead the team," responded Jones.

"If you were the head of the ARU right now, what's the first thing you'd do?" asked MG.

"If I was at the ARU, I'd send everyone around me at the table to Centrelink," joked Jones.

Listen to Alan Jones on the Wallabies problems

Matty On Michael Cheika and the Wallabies

During the 'big sports opinion' today, Matty had some big predictions about the Wallabies.

"If you look at Cheika's past he turned a basket-case of underachievers in the Waratahs into Super Rugby champions. He'll do the same with the Wallabies, I actually predict...we'll win the World Cup under Michael Cheika," claimed Matty.

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Posted: 22 October, 2014

Supergrass On NRL News, Sydney Radio Stars & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

Triple M's Supergrass has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo, including news Manly's Keiran Foran could be on his way to the nation's capital.

"Kieran Foran has been overheard telling people he's seriously considering a move to Canberra next year," said Supergrass, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

Supergrass also revealed Parramatta's plan to secure former rugby league and Wallabies international Israel Folau as a replacement for Jarryd Hayne.

"They're going hard for him and 'Plan B' is Brett Stewart. It's no secret he's unhappy at Manly. He's also mates with the coach Brad Arthur, plus with 'Choc' Watmough's rumoured move to Parramatta it all seems to fit," he said. Listen to the full audio below.

Supergrass also spilled the beans on an alleged feud between Robbie Farah and Aussie skipper Cameron Smith at Kangaroos camp. It all goes back to when Robbie said he thought he'd gone past Cameron Smith and deserved the Kangaroos No. 9 spot. Listen to the full audio below.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- A program director at a Sydney radio station has gone to the HR after a breakfast show producer threatened to 'put him through a wall'.
- An ex-sports star turned media personality is being hounded by debt collectors.

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Posted: 21 October, 2014

Grillers vs Westboro Baptist Church

You won't believe what the Westboro Baptist Church is claiming this time.

Westboro Baptist Church leader Johnathan Phelps during an online rant: YouTube - Sienna Stylish

The Westboro Baptist Church comes up with some pretty idiotic theories.

The extremely ideological church is known for their very fundamental outlook with their leader Johnathan Phelps leading the charge.

 On The Grill Team, we've discussed them before and this time they've got another outrageous theory about Ebola.

They reckon that it was sent to West Africa to punish Barack Obama.

Listen to outspoken leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, Johnathan Phelps on The Grill Team.


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Posted: 14 October, 2014

Matty's Cessnock

Cessnock's favourite son Matty Johns gets behind his home town

Triple M's Matty Johns learnt everything he needed to know about the world in Cessnock. He grew up there, played rugby league there and even spent two years working at Cessnock council. Listen to the audio below.

Matty Johns On Triple M

Matty Johns tells the Grill Team about the time he worked st Cessnock City Council.


Cessnock Family Reunion


Matty's Cessnock Wife


Cessnock's Big Snake

Wayne Wilson from Cessnock pictured with a 6-7 foot red belly snake. He'll be on the show on Wednesday between 6-9am.

cessnock big snake

It's snake season! This 6-7 foot red belly was captured at West Cessnock Photo: Cessnock District Rescue Squad

Cessnock Bachelor Of The Year

Meanwhile, one of Cessnock's favourite sons, Matty Johns is getting behind The Advertiser's Bachelor of the Year competition.

Three of the bachelors - Hayden, Shane and Mark - will be on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team between 7am and 9am on Wednesday. Click here to see the bachelors' profiles and photos here.

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Posted: 14 October, 2014

Fire At Port Kembla Steelworks

A listener sent us photos of an intense fire at Port Kembla steelworks.

Last night as Sydney got drenched in rain however, down south in Port Kembla they were dealing with the exact opposite.

At the BlueScope steelworks a fire broke out with an 80-metre stack catching fire.

Employees near the site were evacuated and no one was hurt.

Matt Bossyi captured this video and you can hear someone in the background say, "we were standing there only an hour ago."

Port Kembla fire video: Facebook - Matt Bossyi

Grill Team listener Mark Black also sent us in these photos.

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Posted: 13 October, 2014

Supergrass on NRL Golden Try, Kurtley Beale And More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

Triple M's Supergrass has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo including news the NRL are looking to recreate the intense action that we saw in the 2014 Finals, especially the one-point wins in the semi-finals.

Ideas include golden try, extra time and bonus points.

"I think golden try [during extra time]. It's really simple. [You] just go to golden try as opposed to the field goal," said Matty Johns, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team. Listen to the full audio below.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- Kurtley Beale and superstar Israel Folau both considering switches to NRL. "The only fly in the ointment is Toulon, the French champions, I believe that they're willing to pay something like $2 million a year for Israel Folau, which is out of the ballpark for NRL clubs," said Matty, on Israel Folau returning to rugby league.

- Channel Nine paid a fortune for The Block wedding. And the last two left standing at the drinks afterwards? Scotty Cam and Keith 'the foreman'!

- Hugh Jackman could compete in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. And more. Listen to the full audio below.

Supergrass On Triple M

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Posted: 8 October, 2014

Gus Worland: Marathon Man

Matty and MG set Gus a life-changing challenge

They say the camera adds 10 kilos, well in Gus' case it looks more like 30!  

We've got our hands on a video from Gus' new series, where Matty and MG set the big fella a life-changing challenge - to take on the largest race on Earth: The New York Marathon. Watch the video below.

Big Gus' Weightiest Mission Uploaded at 8 October, 2014 - 10:33AM

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Rock, Shock

Watch the exclusive, all access pass to the new series where Matty and MG set Gus a life-changing challenge. Video: Foxtel.

Gus Worland: Marathon Man premieres Thursday, November 6 at 7.30pm (AEDT) on Foxtel’s A&E channel.

Gus Worland: Marathon Man


Gussy's involved in a new project… he will be appearing in a new TV show on Foxtel called 'Gus Worland: Marathon Man'

Inspired by his 'best mate Hugh Jackman', after a few bevvies Gus decided that it was finally time to do something about his weight and run the New York Marathon.

He invited the boys along and they’ll be doing the show from New York! The last week of October and Gus will be running the marathon on November 2nd. The Grill Team is on Triple M 104.9FM 6-9AM Weekdays.

'Gus Worland: Marathon Man' will air on the A&E Channel on Foxtel later this year.

Gus Unveils New Show And Asks The Boys To Come To New York

Gus's Preparation

Gus Says He'll Beat 100 Year Olds Time

Gus is heading to running the New York Marathon in two weeks time. He is hoping he'll be getting in under five hours but really wants to beat Mr Sing, a 100-year old who ran it in seven hours!

Nutritionist Matt O'Neill

With Gus's preperation heating up the Grill Team boys talked to nutritionist Matt O'Neill about what Gussy should be eating at the moment in the lead up to the New York Marathon. Have a listen back.

Northern Territory Half Marathon

In his lead up to the New York Marathon, Gus has taken on another challenge, the Northern Territory Half Marathon. Gussy will be running 20km not far from Uluru.

Gus In Uluru Tweet: Twitter/@KittyDukes

This morning on The Grill Team, the boys sent him some messages of support and also gave out his number so any "fans" of Gus can send him a "hero message", he's already got 250 messages so don't be afraid to send some more. 

Gus Featured In The New York Post

Gus and his mate Jacko were recently featured in the New York Post about his mission to take on the New York Marathon.

New York Post Article Photo: New York Post/

Is Gus A Shock Jock?!

The boys wanted to clear the air after Gus was labelled a 'shock jock' in The New York Post. Listen to a comparison of some of the greatest shock jocks presenting styles with Gus's.

Gus will be tweeting all the action -

Details about the New York Marathon -

Thanks to our mates at Rebel Sport -

Also See

Gus Worland Caught By Private Investigator

Is Gus training for his New York marathon as often as he says?

VIDEO: Gus Fatter Than Kyle?

Is Gus fatter than Kyle Sandilands? That's the question on everyone's lips.

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Posted: 3 October, 2014

Slash Interview On The Grill Team

Ahead of his appearance at the NO BS Lunch, Slash was interview by the Grillers.

Slash and Scott Weiland Photo: Getty Images

This morning on The Grill Team we had none other than SLASH in the studio.

He's joining us for the NO BS Grand Final Lunch so we thought we should get him on air in the morning to talk about his new album "World's On Fire" and give us a little bit of insight into those crazy Guns N' Roses days.

Listen To Slash On The Grill Team

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Posted: 3 October, 2014

Gus Can't Run In Camo

Gus was challeneged by the boys to run from the city to ANZ with the last NO BS Grand Final Lunch tickets in town

The challenge also involved a listener catching Gus for the tickets so he decided to dress in camo to avoid detection.

But, it looks like Camo isn't really designed for running!

Gus Falls, We Laugh

Gus Explains Why He's In Camo

Gus' NO BS Running Challenge

With the NO BS Grand Final Lunch kicking off today, the boys challenged Gus that he had to run from the city to ANZ Stadium. 

And as an added incentive, he would have the last NO BS tickets on him and people had to catch him to win them...

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Posted: 3 October, 2014

Gus Worland Caught By Private Investigator

Is Gus training for his New York marathon as often as he says?

Gus Caught By PI photo: Surveillance 8 Confidential -

Matty reckons that Gus isn't training for the New York Marathon as much as he says he is.

However, he couldn't prove what did he do? Hire a private investigator, of course!

Check out the footage below when he was supposed to be at 'training'.

Gus Caught By Private Investigator

Gus Caught By PI video: Surveillance 8 Confidential -

Gus Caught By PI video: Surveillance 8 Confidential -

Matty And MG Confront Gus

Gussy Gets Snapped

Gus Caught By PI photo: Surveillance 8 Confidential -

Gus Caught By PI photo: Surveillance 8 Confidential -

Also See

Gus Worland: Marathon Man

Matty and MG set Gus a life-changing challenge.


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Posted: 2 October, 2014

Hayne Rubbishes Code Switch

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour including Jaryd Hayne's rumoured code switch

jarryd hayne nfl supergrass

Jarryd Hayne of Parramatta Eels Photo: Getty Images

Joint Dally M winner Jarryd Hayne has rubbished rumours about a potential switch of codes to the NFL in the US.

Supergrass told Triple M Sydney's Grill Team the Eels star's recent trip to the Seattle Seahawks was a try out but Hayne's told the boys a different story.

"I only found out on Monday night that I was actually going to go to the facility to actually look at it, so I don't know where he's got that message from because we had no idea that we were even going to get in there," he said.

"We actually got in there because that had the bye." Watch the video below and full audio underneath.

Hayne On The Grill Team

Hayne On NFL Rumours, Code Switching And More Uploaded at 2 October, 2014 - 11:58AM

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Rock, Shock

Jarryd Hayne and AFL player Dane Swan join The Grill Team to promote new PS4 game 'Drive Club'. Hayne also talks about those NFL rumours and the possibility of a code switch.

In this video: Jarryd Hayne


Jarryd Hayne On Triple M

Earlier On Triple M

Triple M's Supergrass noticed something quite peculiar at the Dally M's on Monday night, when they replayed the Greg Inglis Try of the Year, the original Channel Nine commentary featuring Tim Gilbert had been completely edited out and replaced with Ray Warren audio.

"The most notable being 'that' Greg Inglis try against the Broncos. It looks like they've dubbed over Ray Warren commentating a different Inglis try", he said. Watch the video below.

Also at the Dally M's several players were furious on the night that half the room actually knew the outcome of the awards midway through the night.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

  • Jarryd Hayne has been over in Seattle visiting the NFL team the Seahawks. Parramatta Eels claim that they're looking at training techniques to make Parra Australia's best sports club. Other rumours are that he's looking to make a switch to the NFL!
  • It looks like all the girls on Channel 10 reality show 'The Bachelor' are actually all models from an agency instead of the other professions they claim.

Supergrass On Triple M

Inglis' Super Try Against The Broncos (Tim Gilbert)

Inglis try commentated by Tim Gilbert: YouTube / tugga87

Inglis' Other Try Against The Broncos (Ray Warren)

Inglis try commentated by Ray Warren: YouTube / NZAUTV Rugby League

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