Posted: 25 August, 2014

Dodgy Drugs

A young man nearly died after taking half a tablet. His mother June spoke to the Grill Team

There is a really bad batch of ecstasy tablets out on the streets at the moment. These particular MDMA pills almost killed a number of young people in Western Australia and now they've made there way over to the east coast.

A young man from North Richmond in NSW took only half a tablet of these 'Blue Batmans' and almost passed away. His mother June spoke to the Grill Team on Monday. Listen to the full audio below.

Mother On Son's Brush With Dodgy Drug

Earlier On Triple M

blue batman ecstacy tablet

NSW Police warning against these blue ecstacy tablets that have hit the streets Photo: NSW Police

Be warned of light blue tablets stamped with a Batman logo, that are being sold as ecstasy.

New South Wales Police are concerned about a dangerous batch of drugs that have an extremely potent psychoactive substance responsible for a number of deaths here and overseas.

A number of people had bad reactions to the drug at an event in the Hawkesbury last weekend.

Commander of the Drug Squad, Detective Superintendent Tony Cooke says the drug has also been in Sydney.

"Similar pills recently seized by police contain the drug 25c-NBOMe, one of the so called new psychoactive substances recently outlawed. A closely related substance was in fact involved in the death of a young man in Sydney last year."

Social Media

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Posted: 22 August, 2014

Sheens For Dragons Job

But Trent Barrett pulls out of race to remain at the Panthers

Earlier in the week Triple M's Supergrass commented on the coaching job at the Dragons, saying there were rumours Trent Barrett had signed on with Tim Sheens as a package deal.

Well, Triple M's Mark Geyer has some inside mail.

"I went to a trivia night on Wednesday night with a Penrith insider who said that Trent Barrett had signed for two years with the Panthers, so he's out of the equation as far as the Dragons coaching goes," said MG, on Triple M's Grill Team.

"He's going to be the assistant coach with Ivan Cleary next year." Listen to the full audio below.

MG On Triple M

Earlier On Triple M

tim sheens, st george illawarra dragons

Tim Sheens during his 10-year stint at the Wests Tigers Photo: Getty Images

The St George-Illawarra Dragons are very close to signing current Australian Test coach Tim Sheens and former Dragons player Trent Barrett, according to Triple M's Supergrass.

"It's one of those 'succession plan' jobs where Tim Sheens will do the first two years and will handover to Barrett for years three, four and five of the contract," said Supergrass, on Triple M's Grill Team.

"Paul McGregor has apparently been told he's unlikely to get the gig but has hard offers from other clubs."

trent barrett, st george illawarra dragons

Treent Barrett during his playing days at St George-Illawarra Dragons Photo: Getty Images

Matty Johns believes Tim Sheens would be a fantastic choice but he does feel sorry for McGregor who has turned the Dragons form around this year, having taken over from Steve Price mid-season.

"He's done a great job with those boys," he said.

"The bottom line is that he's proved himself as a first grade coach." Listen to the full audio below.

While his 10-year stint at the Wests Tigers ended badly, Tim Sheens is regarded as one of the best coaches in the game, having won premierships at two different clubs (Canberra Raiders and Wests Tigers). He also took Penrith to their first finals series ever in 1985.

Trent Barrett made his debut for the Illawarra Steelers in 1996 before joining the joint venture in 1999, where he went on to play 194 NRL games. He is currently the assistant coach at Penrith and is contracted until the end of this year.

Supergrass On Triple M


Earlier On Triple M

benji marshall st george illawarra dragons

Benji Marshall enjoying a return to form at St George-Illawarra this year Photo: Getty Images

St George Illawarra Dragons halfback Benji Marshall has told Sunday's Triple M NRL with Matty Johns believes it would be a good move if Tim Sheens was appointed head coach.

Marshall said he would like to play under the current Australian coach again because it would be the best thing for the young Dragons outfit.

"I think he's be a good fit for the club, especially for the younger players because he brings a lot of basics back to the game," he said.

"For the young guys coming through and we have a young squad at the Dragons it would really do wonders for the guys there."

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Posted: 18 August, 2014

Erin Molan Radio Spat

Channel Nine Footy Show reporter refuses to return to radio show

erin molan

Channel Nine's Erin Molan on Sunday Footy Show Photo: Erin Molan twitter

Last week Triple M's Supergrass revealed that a regular sports reporter on another Sydney radio station refused to go back on the show after repeatedly being asked really probing questions abut her sex life.

It was revealed in today's The Australian newspaper that it was Erin Molan from Channel Nine's NRL Footy Show.

Erin is a friend of the Grill Team and MG praised Erin, saying she's on the show to talk about sport not her personal life.

"Would they ask [a male sports reporter] the same questions that they asked her?," said MG, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team. "Good on her!". Listen to the full audio below.

Molan began her television career in Canberra as a reporter and presenter for WIN. She started on Channel Nine's NRL Footy Show in 2012, having appeared on a regular basis. In 2014, she became a permanent co-host of the program. She's also on Channel Nine's Sunday Footy Show.

MG On Triple M


erin molan with triple m grill team

Erin Molan with Triple M Grill Team Photo: Triple M

erin molan, channel nine, nrl footy show, kiis

Channel Nine's Erin Molan Photo: Erin Molan twitter

erin molan, channel nine, nrl footy show, kiis

Channel Nine's Erin Molan on NRL Footy Show Photo: Erin Molan twitter

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Posted: 14 August, 2014

Harriet Wran Charged With Murder

Daughter of former NSW premier Neville Wran has been charged over a double stabbing in Redfern.

Harriet Wran, the daughter of former NSW premier Neville Wran, has been charged with murder over a double stabbing at a Redfern unit block on Sunday night.

The 26 year old and 35 year old Michael Lee, who was also wanted for questioning, were arrested in Liverpool and taken to seperate police stations for questioning.

A second man, 29 year old Lloyd Edward Haines is already before the courts after being charged on Tuesday night.

The trio is accused of being behind the fatal stabbing of 48 year old Daniel McNaulty and the critical wounding of a 42 year old man who remains in St Vincent's Hospital in a stable condition.


Official Police Statement

A woman and a second man charged over alleged stabbing death - Redfern

Thursday, 14 August 2014 02:58:19 AM

A woman and a second man have been charged over an alleged double stabbing in Redfern, which left one man dead and another with critical injuries.

Emergency services were called to a unit block on Walker Street about 7.45pm (Sunday 10 August 2014).

Upon arrival, they found a 48-year-old man with multiple stab wounds. He died at the scene.

A second man, aged 42, also sustained multiple stab wounds.

He was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital, where he remains in a stable condition.

Police from Redfern Local Area Command attended and established a crime scene at the address.

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 13 August 2014), police arrested a 26-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man in Liverpool.

The man was taken to Liverpool Police Station and the woman was taken to Cabramatta Police Station.

The 35-year-old was charged with murder, attempt murder and aggravated break and enter, he was bail refused to appear at Liverpool Local Court today (Thursday 14 August 2014).

The 26-year-old was charged with murder, attempt murder and aggravated break and enter, she was bail refused to appear at Liverpool Local Court today (Thursday 14 August 2014).

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Posted: 13 August, 2014

Rival Club After Farah

A Sydney NRL club has approached Robbie Farah, says Supergrass

Robbie Farah, wests tigers

Robbie Farah during Wests Tigers 64-6 thrashing to North Queensland in Round 22 Photo: Getty Images

Triple M's Supergrass has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo including news that an NRL club is interested in Wests Tigers skipper Robbie Farah.

"A rival Sydney NRL club has approached Robbie Farah to see if he's actually serious about wanting a release from the Wests Tigers," said Supergrass, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

"Many people around the [Wests] Tigers are wondering if Robbie can now stay due to the relationship with his coach and his teammates just being so, what you'd call hostile at the moment."

It's the story that just won't stop. Listen to the audio below from the 1.45 minute mark.

Supergrass On Triple M


Earlier On Triple M

robbie farah, wests tigers

Robbie Farah on the Channel Nine Footy Show Photo: Channel Nine / YouTube

On the Footy Show last Thursday night Gus Gould went to Robbie's house and sat down for two hours to talk about the soap opera that's been happening around the Wests Tigers.

In the interview Robbie Farah talked about;
- The power Farah has at the club
- The influence he had on getting rid of Tim Sheens and Benji Marshall
- The lack of support he's been getting from Grant Mayer and the board. Listen to the full audio below.

Robbie Farah on Footy Show

Meanwhile, Triple M NRL's The Mole said it was common knowledge he and the CEO Grant Mayer don't get on.

"[Robbie] is basically blaming Mayer for the problems at the club," said The Mole last week, on Triple M's Rush Hour

"A few players have broken ranks and said they are behind the coach but I can tell you there are still a few that believe he is not the long-term answer for the Tigers."

The board has been questioned for their lack of leadership but The Mole says it is hard to judge a group of men who have no history of making decisions together.

"It's hard for these blokes to come in and make the decision on whether Mick Potter stays on as coach."

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Farah Blows The Whistle

We cut to the chase and pick out all the important bits from Robbie's interview.

Martin Taupau’s Self Falcon

Next time Taupau throws a tantrum he might think twice.

Farah No-Show

Wests Tigers captain skips press conference and makes a getaway in awaiting car.

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Posted: 13 August, 2014

NSW’s Dumbest Criminal?

Police nab victim via "Find My Phone App"

In a media release, Bathurst Police are investigating the theft of an iPhone and iPad from a business in Howick Street, Bathurst around 2pm yesterday.

When the victim noticed the property missing, police were called. Police were able to identify the female offender from CCTV footage.

Police attended an address in Kelso (see map below) and as the owner had a "Find my Phone App" they rang the phone number and it rang in police presence.

Enquiries are continuing.

bathurst, iphone, find my app

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Posted: 13 August, 2014

Top Excuses For Speeding

ACT Police have released the top excuses for getting out of a speeding fine

speeding excuses

ACT Police have released the top excuses for getting out of a speeding fine.

Top Excuses For Speeding

"I was confused about the speed limit."

"I was only 10kms over."

"I'm running late for a job interview."

"I'm late to pick up the kids, they'll be waiting."

"My kids get detention if they're late to school."

"I needed some space, I just found out my partner is cheating on me"

"I wasn't speeding."

"I really need to go to the toilet"

"I've had a bad day."

"I'm rushing home to my sick dog."

"My speedometer must be faulty."

"I have ice cream, it's melting."

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Posted: 13 August, 2014

Supergrass On Panic Rooms, Robbie Farah

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour including a Sydney celebrity's panic room, Robbie Farah and more

Triple M's Supergrass
has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo including news that a Sydney celebrity has taken the extraordinary step to create a panic room in their house.

"That seems a little over the top," said Gus.

"There are a lot of fruitloops out there," said Matty

"There's a few in here too haha," responded Gus.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- An NRL club has approached Robbie Farah to see if he is actually serious about leaving the Tigers.

- Jackie O is sick of Kyle Sandilands taking too many sick days and his partying ways. There's also accusations of 'faked content' on their show.

- More changes over at Channel Nine including a big name host and major talent about to leave the network.

Supergrass On Triple M

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Posted: 7 August, 2014

Crusaders In Hunting Controversy

Rugby players involved in hunting controversy

Crusaders players hunting in South Africa Photo:

A bunch of players from the Crusaders rugby team have been involved in a hunting controversy in South Africa.

The incident happened in April and shows players George and Sam Whitelock, Tom Taylor, Ben Funnell and Tyler Bleyendaal posing with a dead animal.

"When New Zealand rugby players have free time in South Africa, see what they get up to. Here are the Crusaders rugby players killing wildlife for laughs on a recent visit to South Africa," read a post on the Landmark Foundation Facebook page.

The foundation began in 2004 and its mission is that it "strives to build the conservation economy so that Southern Africa's natural landscapes can effectively be conserved".

But it is against trophy hunting.

"When these people come out they want to hunt the thing with the biggest horns, the most dominant males usually because they are the good trophies, so the natural selection is not natural at all," director Dr Smuts told Fairfax Media.

Crusaders boss Hamish Riach said the players went on the hunting trip on their own time, while they were playing in Johannesburg and Bloemfontein earlier this year.

"I think the issue here is the players were on their own time, engaging in a perfectly legal activity in South Africa and while some people have concerns about what they were doing [and] are free to express those concerns, they're using the profile of the players to make their point."

The Crusaders were in Sydney last week, having gone down 33-32 to the NSW Waratahs in the Super Rugby final.

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Posted: 7 August, 2014

The Grill Team On The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

It's a very complicated and ongoing conflict that has been recently dominating the international news, we had guests from both sides on to discuss.

Gaza Photo: Getty Images

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been an ongoing problem for a long long time. With the recent wave of terror and fighting it doesn't look like there will be a resolution anytime soon.

On The Grill Team Gus, MG & Matty wanted to get a bit more informed about the recent wave of fighting so they had guests from two sides of the fence to give their opinions on some of the issues.

We had Dr Ron Weiser a Jewish Community Leader and Randa Abdel-Fattah a Palestinian Australian on the show, listen to the audio below.


Social Media Propaganda - Two Sides Of The Story

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Posted: 6 August, 2014

NRL Sex Tape Rumours

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour including new information around a damaging video tape involving two footy players


Triple M's Supergrass has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo including new information around a damaging video tape involving two footy players.

"I told you a couple of weeks ago that some very nervous people and clubs were worried about this sex tape coming out," reports Supergrass, on Triple M's Grill Team.

"New information we have is that it involves two footballers. I can tell you that one is retired and one has been in the news a bit recently and neither of those will be the first person that comes to mind." Listen to the full audio below.

In other news, Supergrass is hearing one TV presenter is not happy that they didn't get their extra money and will leave if they don't get what they want. Listen to the full audio below.

Other stories on Supergrass table include:

- Channel Nine Footy Show hosts upset there's too many people on the panel
- The truth behind the gatecrashing incident at Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony
- An Australian version of My Granny The Escort is coming

Supergrass On Triple M's Grill Team

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Posted: 4 August, 2014

Abandoned Baby Gammy

A baby with Down Syndrome who was born to a Thai surrogate has reportedly been abandoned by his West Australian parents.

Baby Gammy Photo: Twitter / @Canine_Rights

UPDATE: The father of baby Gammy has appeared on 60 minutes in a tell-all interview. The father, David Farnell, was interview on the program to shed light after news came out he had been convicted of multiple sex offences.

Here's what the boys had to say about the interview.

Earlier On Triple M

Over the weekend an awful news story has come out about baby Gammy, a Down Syndrome child born to a Thai surrogate who has been abandoned by his West Australian parents.

On The Grill Team this morning, Gus, MG and Matty were updated by Tracy Vo from Channel Nine News about exactly what happened.

Channel 9's Tracy Vo On Baby Gammy

The Thai surrogate mother says she is not angry with the West Australian biological parents who left her with baby Gammy.

The surrogate mother revealed that after having twins, the Perth parents decided to only bring the healthy daughter back home after discovering that Gammy has Down Syndrome.

A fund has been already been set up to fund Gammy's medical bills, attracting over $200,000 in a couple of days.

Sharon On Her Experiences With Her Down Syndrome Son

On the show they also took a call from Sharon who's son Joel also has Down Sydnrome.

"It's hard work, especially when Joel was little he had a lot of medical problems and we couldn't sort of do the things that normal families do...and he's great, he's brought something special into our family, I just couldn't think about life without Joel." Sharon explained to the boys.


New Information On The West Australian Surrogate Parents

Channel 9 have reported that the father of Gammy was convicted in 1988 of a crime involving a minor which resulted in jail time.

However, they also denied that baby Gammy was their child, producing a birth certificate for their young daughter claiming she was not a twin.

"This is an absolute horrible story that continues to take twists that makes it even worse if that's possible," said Matty Johns.

"I went to the couple's house yesterday and spent a fair bit of time with them in the morning and I didn't go there to uncover this, I went to talk to them about the possibility of baby Gammy being theirs which they flatly denied," explained Jerrie Demassi.

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