Posted: 26 March, 2015

12th Man Does Indian Cricket Team

Richie tells us a little bit about the Indian cricket team

The 12th Man's Richie Benaud tells us a little bit about the Indian cricket team before tonight's must-win match against the Aussies in the Cricket World Cup. Watch the video below.


Earlier On Triple M

Billy Birmingham was in fine form on Triple M's The Rush Hour doing another set of hilarious 12th Man cricket team names.

Richie Benaud came out of retirement to call this epic clash of the titans - Afghanistan took on Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup. Watch the video below.

The 12th Man's Afghanistan v Bangladesh Cricket Team Names Uploaded at 19 February, 2015 - 10:41AM

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Rock, Shock

Marvelous effort that! Billy does a new set of his famous '12th Man' cricket team names for the 2015 Cricket World Cup. This time it's Afghanistan v Bangladesh.


The 12th Man Challenge

To take the The 12th Man Challenge game you gotta know your cricket trivia as well as your 12th Man trivia.

It's a bloody good game to play while you’re watching the cricket or having a punt and you can win heaps of prizes including 12th Man merchandise and you could even score a trip to the UK for the Ashes. Check it out at

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Posted: 25 March, 2015

Interview: Premier Mike Baird Outlines His Election Promises Before NSW State Election

New South Wales goes to the poles this weekend, here's what Premier Mike is looking to do with the state.

(NSW will go to the poles this Saturday: Getty Images)

With the NSW State Election looming, people have until Saturday to make a decision who they are going to vote for.

Labor and Liberal are going head to head, making promises and trying their best to get ahead in the race.

Incumbent Premier Mike Baird, leader of the NSW Liberal Party, is going for his second term in office and with the election coming up the boys asked the Premier to come in to cut through the spin to tell us just what he plans to do for NSW in his second term.

"People these days Premier... are time poor to start with, there's nothing worse [than] sitting in traffic or waiting for a train or waiting for a bus. That problem, that gridlock we have in the Sydney... given the fact the western suburubs in Sydney are growing so rapidly... is it enough?" asked Matty.

"If we are given the privelage of continuing post-saturday, in 2019 the M4 will be done, the M5 will be done and people's travel times will be massively improved and as we're doing that we're getting underway with that second harbour rail crossing, so the same time we're improving the roads and the rail," explained Premier Mike Baird.

The boys also asked the Premier about two of the biggest issues facing the people of NSW, the Coalition's plans to lease the "poles and wires" against Labor's plans to hold onto our electricity assets and what Baird is doing to combat the rising threat of terrorism.

Premier Mike Baird's Election Promises



How Well Do You Know Your Enemy With Premier Mike Baird

The boys also had a bit of fun with the Premier, playing a game that they usually reserve for footy players called "How Well Do You Know Your Enemy?"

They asked Baird about his opposition, Labor leader Luke Foley who didn't accept our invitation to come on today's show.

"What NRL team does Mr Foley support?" asked MG.

"It's a disgrace, I think it's the Roosters, isn't that right?" 

"Well that's something positive about him," said Gus.

"Someone from Labor supporting the Roosters? Now that's an odd fit," said Matty.

"Of course you're a Manly supporter?" MG asked Baird who is also the local member for Manly.

"Yes, that's true, Sea Eagles through and through," Baird repsonded.

They also played a word association game, have a listen back where he also bags out Justin Bieber.


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Posted: 24 March, 2015

Driver Asleep On M1 Freeway

A Triple M listener sent us the below video of a driver asleep in his car on the M1 motorway in Sydney


Triple M listener Mark sent us the below video of a driver absolutely fast asleep in his car on the M1 motorway in Sydney.

The car was stopped dead in the left hand lane with the driver passed out and unresponsive.

As you can see in the video below, he had his 'high beams' on, but there were no hazard lights.

It's a pretty scary thought to think that someone could do this and we had Mark on the show to explain exactly what happened.

"I suppose you couldn't quite believe it?" asked Gus.

"Mate, it was the most surreal thing ever, at first I just thought he was a slow moving car as you tend to get at that hour in the morning but we come up on him really really quick and I had a truck coming upon me even quicker it sort of threw things, a spanner into the works," said Mark.

He had to eventually call emergency services as he couldn't wake the guy, he hasn't heard anything from him since.

Mark's become something of an overnight celebrity, appearing on tv shows this morning but as a MMM listener it was awesome to hear how stoked he was to come on the show and speak to the boys (and as a Rabbitohs supporter he gave Gussy a bit of schtick).

They even invited him back to have a chat tomorrow. Listen to the full interview below.


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Posted: 24 March, 2015

Ghost Boy Martin Pistorious - Locked Inside His Body For 12 Years

After developing "locked-in syndrome" Pistorious was left unable to move and communicate with the outside wold.

(Martin Pistorious and his wife Joanna: Google Images)

It's hard to imagine the living nightmare that South African Martin Pistorious had to go through for over a decade.

His incredible book 'Ghost Boy' tells the story of how Martin lived with "locked-in syndrome" for years, being unable to move his body or communicate yet still being aware of his surroundings.

Pistorious developed the condition when he was 12, losing voluntary motor control and then falling into a coma for three years and eventually regained full conciousness by 19. However, it wasn't until he was 25 that a carer was able to detect his eye movements as signs of response.

"What was it like being trapped inside your own body with everyone around you including the doctors believing you weren't aware of the world?" MG asked Pistorious on The Grill Team.

"It is difficult to truly describe what it was like, as my awareness returned gradually, it took me a while to fully comprehend that I was trapped inside my body," Pistorious replied.

"Of course the reality dawned on me that not only was I trapped in my body but that I was probably going to spend the rest of my life in this state was something I really struggled with, I went through a lot of emotions, fear, despair, frustration not to mention intense loneliness, I often say it's like being a ghost," explained Martin.

(Martin Pistorious as a young child (at front): Googe Images)

"What were your frustrations? For example, not being able to scratch an itch or ask someone to turn down the tv or radio, not being able to go outside, what was the worst thing for you?" asked Matty.

"The simple thinks like not being able to scratch an itch, having barney and other children's programs playing over and over and the debilitating effects of not being able to communicate but the worst thing for me was the frustration of being trapped," said Pistorious.

Martin's story is an very unique one, a situation that would leave most absolutely shattered however in the years since he regained consciousness he has worked hard, becoming a web designer, written a best selling book and married his wife Joanna.

Listen back to the boys interview with Pistorious below, please note, there is a bit of delay with the audio as he communicates through a computer.


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Posted: 23 March, 2015

'The King Of Comedy' - Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart On The Grill Team

They're two of the funniest men in Hollywood and they have a hilarious new movie.

Get Hard Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart Movie HD


Will Ferrell is without a doubt one of the funniest buggers we've ever seen on the big screen. 

He's some of the most ridiculous and hilarious comedy characters in his films and everyone's sure to know at least one or two quote from Anchorman, Step-Brothers, Oldschool, Blades Of Glory, Talladega Nights or any other movie.

His new one is Get Hard with comedian Kevin Hart - the film sees Ferrell playing a rich guy forced to get some 'jail training' after being convicted of fraud.

The boys had the honour of talking to two comedy greats about working together on their new movie.

"How much fun was it making the movie?" asked Gus.

"I think we can put a number on that, it's at a different level," said Hart.

"Yeah, I'll say it this way, it was an illegal amount of fun," joked Ferrell.

"The pervious scene that my character shoots, where I wake up and I get to start my day naked, Kevin wasn't there that day... but I proceded to walk around the set naked for the rest of that week just so he knew what he was up against" said Ferrell.

"Have any of you blokes actually been in prison?" asked Matty.

"I've been to prison for parking tickets" said Hart.

"How did you get through?" asked Matty.

"I'm a guy who's a firm believer in attack first, so when I walked there I picked the victim, there was a female cop and I went at her... I got a little bit of respect after that," joked Hart.

Listen back to the full interview below where Matty tells Will he looked "very comfortable" performing a sexual act on another inmate.


Top Will Ferrell Moments


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Posted: 23 March, 2015

Supergrass On An Aussie Fitness Personality, Jeremy Clarkson, An NRL Broadcaster & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

A person associated with the fitness industry was recently involved in what can be called "a situation" on a business class flight between Sydney - LA.

The person had a few too many drinks a supposedly "crapped themselves" while passed out from having a few too many sleeping tablets. Several hostesses had to take this person into the toilet and clean them while still passed out.

"Is this a man or a woman?" 

"Ahh, can we say they?" hinted Supergrass.


Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- The Lindt Cafe opened it's doors again on Friday (20/03) and media outlets were there to report on the heart-warming story.

However, they were told there was no one from the Lindt Cafe available to speak to or that they were only doing interviews with Channel Seven and Nine.

- A BBC employee has compared Jeremy Clarkson to Jimmy Savile, with his current bad behaviour and lack of  control.

Clarkson is reportedly looking to sue the BBC over the 'defamatory smear'.

- There are rumours that a Channel Nine NRL presenter who is in the media box during games and also has a weekday role, has had botox and also often checks his twitter during broadcasts.

"I don't even want to speculate," said MG.

"Well I don't think we have to..." said Matty. 


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Posted: 20 March, 2015

Commemorating Afghanistan Mission OP Slipper

Parades this weekend will be held across the country to commemorate our military contribution in Afghanistan.

(Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith was awarded the Victoria Cross and Megal for Gallantry for his services in Afghanistan: Getty Imades)

Operation Slipper ended last year - in it's official capacity it was a "security, assistance, force mission in Afghanistan" which began in 2001, but to the soldiers taking part it has been their life for the last 13 years. 

This Saturday March 21st there will be parades across the country commemorating the efforts of the servicemen and women who were a part of that massive operation that were deployed to Afghanistan after the tragic terrorist attack on September 11th 2001.

In honour of their efforts in fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda we had a man who is nothing short of a hero, Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 2010 (as well as the Medal for Gallantry in '06) for helping his fellow soldiers while under attack in Afghanistan.

"This Saturday should be a tremendous day," said Matty.

"Absolutely, it's a great opportunity for the general public to sort of sign off on what we call 'OP Slipper' but what actually is the end of our commitment in Afghanistan," Corporal Robert-Smith explained.

"What it's really about is not so much acknowledging the boys but also their families, their families who've been on the sideline, their the ones who've essentially been sacrificing while we've been doing our job."

"How unfortunate is it in these current times... our military men and women might be told 'just be careful don't wear your uniform out in public'?" asked Matty.

"The reality is from that perspective, tha's simply a safety measure because of the way, the dynamic with terrorism inside our own country and what we have to be prepared or cognisant about so we don't leave ourselves open to these attacks," Roberts-Smith explained.

"As you pointed out Australian soldiers have a great reputation within the international community and after the 10 years in Afghanistan I can tell you for a fact that our counterparts look at us and have great respect for us."


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Posted: 19 March, 2015

"There Was Certainly A Coldness To Him" Daniel Kelsall Convicted

Daily Tele chief court reporter Amy Dale and Daniel Kelsall's ex-boss give some chilling insights into the case.

The Morgan Huxley murder case has concluded with Daniel Kelsall being convicted of his murder in 2013.

The case has been headline news across the country as the courts made their decision and the facts about what happened that night between Huxley and Kelsall was slowly revealed.

Chief court reporter Amy Dale from The Daily Telegraph was on The Grill Team to go through the case with Gus, MG and Matty.

"Amy, only two and a half hours for the jury to actually put the guilty verdict, were you surprised how quickly they came up with that verdict?" asked Gus. 

"It was quite a simple case, there wasn't much complexity to decide intent, in the end it came down to you either believed Daniel Jack Kelsall or you didn't and obviously it didn't take the jury very long to determine unanimously that none of them believed his version of events," explained Amy.

Amy also revealed to the guys that there was something "very strange" about Kelsall's demeanour and that she found his version of events very "hard to believe".


We were also able to call Daniel Kelsall's boss, Brett from the Sydney Cooking School.

He told us about how he was a very intense character who loved computer games.

It was even revealed during the court preceedings that he had taken a knife from his work one night and fantasized about killing someone on his way home.

"He looks cold blooded, he looks like a bit of an ill fit, did you find that with him at all? Was he a bit of a strange cat?" Matty asked Brett.

"Strange is an understatement, everything he did was strange, he would look you straight in the eye like a foot away from you and say 'how was your day?'... 'how was yesterday?', very socially inept, he didn't know how to act around people," Brett revealed.

The guys also talked to Bre

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Posted: 18 March, 2015

Semi's Got The Blues

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour including Laurie's raid for Semi

semi radradra, parramatta eels

Semi Radradra of Parramatta Eels Photo: Getty Images

Triple M's Supergrass has heard some terrific gossip around the place on Parramatta cult hero Semi Radradra.

He says before he got injured the Eels flyer was hunted by Blues coach Laurie Daley to play Origin this year. He is supposedly in the process of applying for that.

"I'm hearing that Laurie Daley has actually spoken to him about playing for NSW in this year's State of Origin," Supergrass told Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

"Semi is already in the process of applying for eligibility for that."

laurie daley, semi radradra

Blues coach Laurie Daley Photo: Getty Images

Unfortunately he got injured during last week's loss to Canterbury and is facing 8-12 weeks on the sideline. But we reckon he'd an asset for the Blues. He set an NRL record this season, becoming the first player to score a hat-trick in the opening game, two years in a row.

“Fiji is part of NSW isn’t it, if Auckland’s part of Queensland?” joked Matty. Listen to the full audio below.

Supergrass on Semi. Listen from the 2.20-minute mark.

Why Laurie Wants Semi

The 22-year-old Fijian international rejected several offers from rival clubs last year to sign a deal with Parramatta worth around $1 million over four years.

“Semi’s an exciting player who is a definite crowd-pleaser and has great finishing abilities,” coach Brad Arthur said. Watch the video below.

Radradra made his debut for Parramatta in 2013 and has since become one of the NRL's most prolific tryscorers. He has played 33 NRL games and four tests for Fiji.

Runaway Semi Uploaded at 16 June, 2014 - 11:43AM

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Rock, Shock

He had the referee to beat, trainer to beat... Go Semi Radradra! Video: Channel Nine / Audio: Triple M NRL

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Posted: 18 March, 2015

'It Was A Wild Ride' - Billy Idol

Rock legend Billy Idol spills the beans on a wild career

He's an absolute legend who's been described as one of the "loosest men in rock". Billy Idol joined The Grill Team for a bloody interesting chat about everything from the "bad old days" to his new tour. Watch the full interview above.

You'd know him for classics like "White Wedding", "Rebel Yell", "Dancing With Myself"... but he's more than that - he's a punk pioneer also infamous as a notorious hard partyer during his heyday of the 80s. 

"Billy, what do you remember of the 80s?" asked Matty.

"Not much!" laughed Billy.

With a new book out and a series of shows coming up, Billy Idol still had time to reveal what really happened behind-the-scenes of his infamous NRL Grand Final appearance in 2002. Watch the video below. 

Billy Idol's NRL Grand Final Fail

Billy Idol on Hovercraft


Also See

A Day On The Green

Billy Idol, The Angels, Cheap Trick and Chiorboys team up for massive rock concert.

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Posted: 17 March, 2015

Supergrass On I'm A Celebrity, Semi Radradra, Charlize Theron & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

American actress Charlize Theron has had a mistake riddled time while in Australia for the Formula 1. She called her sponsor by the wrong name and then cancelled all interviews as she was 'supposedly' asked to use a public toilet instead of a private one.

"I'd imagine she's in a VIP area... I think she's being a bit precious there," said Gus.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- Channel 10 are looking to fast-track a second season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. There are going to be a few changes, extending the show, more budget, bigger stars and shot in Australia.

- Fijian NRL player Semi Radradra is being hunted by Laurie Daley to play for New South Wales in this year’s State Of Origin. He is supposedly in the process of applying for that.

“Unfortunately he’s got injured but I tell you what he would’ve been an asset. He’s out for 8-12 weeks so that’s a big hole in Parramatta,” said Matty.

“Fiji is part of NSW isn’t it, if Auckland’s part of Queensland?” joked Matty.

- Sydney's first 4D cinema will open by the end of the year which means you'll also feel effects like rain, wind, vibrations and sometimes smells.

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Posted: 13 March, 2015

Latham Backs Down

After we dumped him, Gus challenged the ex-Labor leader to a charity boxing match, now he's pulled out!

mark latham, gus worland dump, boxing match
(Gus has actually challnged the ex Labor leader Mark Latham to a charity boxing match Photo: Triple M)

Gus wins by default!

But, this is only because Latham has pulled out of the fight.

We're bloody disappointed because we were really looking forward to these two blokes going toe to toe.

It looks like Gussy is still keen to box someone, anyone, so he's gone ahead and challenged Merrick for siding with Latham last week!

Listen back to Latham pulling out and Gus challenging Merrick.


Earlier On The Grill Team

Gus has challenged Mark Latham to a boxing match after the ex-Labor leader called him a "f***wit" live on-air. Listen to the audio below.

Grill Team Dump Mark Latham


Latham was in to talk about his book, which Gus called 'rubbish'… after the ex-Labor leader slagged of his Marathon Man TV show, calling it the "worst television show in the history of the media."

This really pissed Gus off. He called him a "failed oppostion leader" that "even Labor don't even care" about. He then challenged the former pollie to a boxing match for charity.

Looks like someone is gonna get hurt! Listen to the full audio.

Gus Challenges Latham To A Boxing Match


The Odds


even Labor don't even care,"

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