Posted: 31 July, 2014

Gus Pricasso Portrait

Gus think he's getting his portrait taken by a world renowned artist, well he is known overseas, but not for the reason you would think.

The artist's name is Pricasso and he is famous for doing portraits, with, you guessed it. His old fella! Watch the video below.

Gus got a bit of a surprise when he sat down with what he thought would be a "serious" portrait, something he could put straight in the pool room.

Within a couple of seconds, off come the pants and on goes the paint and Pricasso starts to slash and dab out Gus' likeness.

He was a good sport about it all though, sitting through the whole session and to be honest, the end result is pretty impressive!

Watch Pricasso In Action

Gus' Pricasso Portrait Uploaded at 31 July, 2014 - 7:01PM


Gus thinks he's getting his portrait painted by a world renowned artist, well he is well known, but not for the reason you would think.


Where To See Pricasso

If you want to see Pricasso in the flesh he will be appearing at Sexpo from August 1-3 at the Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park, Sydney.

And, of course, you can check out his website at

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Posted: 30 July, 2014

Steve-O: Raw & Uncensored

Listen to the uncut interview including the stories we couldn't say on-air.

matty johns steve o, grill team, interview

Matty Johns with American Jackass, Steve-O Photo: Triple M

America's biggest "Jackass", Steve-O, stuntman, daredevil and comedian met Triple M's jackarses... The Grill Team! Listen to the uncensoed interview below.

Steve-O's in Oz for the MTV 'Guilty As Charged' Tour. It's his darkest challenge and something he's been doing for the last couple of years - stand-up comedy!

"So what's the basis, when you get up and do stand-up comedy? What's the cornerstone of your stand-up routine?" asked Matty.

"It's filthy experiences that I've had. I'm more of a raunchy type comedian for example, I'm just shameless enough to tell you about the time I got my d*ck sucked by a transvestite."

He also told the guys about some of his other 'gnarly' experiences as he called them, having an intervention staged for him by his buddy Johnny Knoxville, getting arrested in Sweden and a LOT more. Listen to the full audio below.

Listen To Steve-O's Tell All Chat


Warning: This audio has language that may offend some listeners


Steve-O with Matty Johns

matty johns steve o

Matty Johns with American Jackass, Steve-O Photo: Triple M


More Steve-O

Warning: This video contans language that may offend some viewers

Steve-O Pee Game Video: steve-o YouTube


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Posted: 30 July, 2014

Matty's AFL Helicopter Ride

GWS Giants desperate to get Matty Johns to an AFL game

Matty Johns Takes A Helicopter Ride Photo: Getty Images / Triple M

The GWS Giants are that desperate to get Triple M's Matty Johns to a GWS game they're willing to fly him out in a helicopter!

"Come and sit in the coaches box and I'll get [AFL chief] Gillon McLachan's helicopter and we'll come and pick you up," said Matthews, on Triple M's Grill Team.

"We play Collingwood, August 23rd at 4.40pm at Spotless Stadium. I think come and have a look at that one, probably one of the best stadiums in Australia."

Of course, Matty loved the idea!

"What you've just suggested there, Dave, is not a bad idea. If you get a helicopter I'm there!," he said. Listen to the full audio below.

GWS Giants Boss David Matthews On Triple M


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Rumours start to spread on 'where next' for the NRL bad boy.

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Posted: 30 July, 2014

Jesinta Campbell On The Grill Team

Miss Universe Australia 2010 had some running tips for Gus and shed some light on boyfriend Buddy Franklins struggles.

As the new face of City2Surf, Jesinta Campbell had some great running tips and encouragement for Gus for his current training for his New York Marathon.

She also shed some light on her boyfriend and Sydney Swans superstar, Buddy Franklin's hard time over the weekend playing his former club the Hawthorn Hawks.

"You see him getting heckled and you see the crowd yelling things to him and as a sportsman it's part of it and you get used to dealing with it." Jesinta said.

"He was a massive part of that club for nine years and he was playing against his best friends he's grown up with, and he still has a great admiration and respect for that football club,"

"I think it's really difficult for him when he goes [to Melbourne]."

"But I’d be lying if I said I didn't think it affected him."

"I find it a little bit disrespectful. All of a sudden the supporters have forgotten the nine years."

Jesinta Campbell On The Grill Team

Jesinta Campbell Photo: Getty Images

Jesinta Campbell Photo: Getty Images

2012 Blokies Awards for the Logies red carpet. Category: Back To Front Dress Award. Winner: Jesinta Campbell. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jesinta Campbell Photo: Getty Images

Jessinta Campbell via Instagram @jesinta_campbell ❤ @buddy_franklin23

Jesinta Campbell Photo: Facebook

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Posted: 29 July, 2014

Supergrass: More Tigers Woes, Farah Feuds And Masterchef Final Protests

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour including Wests Tigers, Robbie Farah and Masterchef.

Triple M's Supergrass
has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo including some massive news from the Wests Tigers camp.

"James Tedesco announced earlier on in the year that he would go to Canberra...Tedesco and Farah are managed by the same guy, Sam Ayoub. Robbie told his manager he would leave him unless he got Tedesco out of his Canberra contract." Supergrass told the Triple M Grill Team.

"Now a manager, as we all would, would very much panic when he hears that he is about to lose a $900,000 player so the manager then went and told James Tedesco that if he was to stay at Wests Tigers, he would make sure that Mick Potter wasn't at the club next year"  

Other stories on Supergrass include:

- More Farah news including his 'request for a release from the Tigers'

- Robbie Farah's manager's claims of players 'falling out' with Mick Potter
and his feuds against media outlets

- Masterchef alternate endings debacle

Supergrass On Triple M's The Grill Team

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Posted: 28 July, 2014

Road Rage Turns Into Highway To Hell

He was driving down the Eyre Highway in South Australia when another car started shooting at him, listen back to his 000 calls.

Traffic Photo: Getty Images

Last year, Zephatali Walsh was casually driving down the Eyre Highway in SA heading to celebrate his mother's 60th birthday when another driver started shooting at his car.

Gunman Michael Anderson said that Walsh was 'endangering' his family when he overtook him and his reaction was too shoot at his car with a .357 Smith & Wesson Magnum high powere handgun.

With the trial still in progress, Anderson has been found guilty of attempted murder.

There are some interesting recordings of the incident when Waslh called 000 while trying to escape from the shootrings.


Audio from a 000 call captured Walsh's distress while everything was unfolding.

“I need help, I need help because he’s shooting at me — Jesus, again, what the f---,” he tells police operators in one of three separate calls."

“Oh Jesus Christ, I’m flat out and it’s raining, I’m really scared ‘cause the car is like — oh my God, this guy’s shooting at me."

“My car’s gonna run out fuel before I get ... I really need the police otherwise I’m gonna get shot."

“They’re right behind me. Who does that? Who shoots a f---ing gun at somebody?”

Listen to the full audio below.

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Posted: 28 July, 2014

Things Faster Than Gus

After Gus's half marathon in the NT, Glasgow gold medallist Michael Shelley tried to give him some encouragement.

Gus Runs For Youngcare Photo: Triple M

Miss Universe 2010, Jesinta Campbell is the new face of the City2Surf. With the race coming up she told the boys about her running preparations.

As Matty mentioned, Gus has recently been doing his own preparations for his New York Marathon, including running a half marathon near Uluru.

Jesinta On The Grill Team

"Jesinta, a member of The Grill Team - Gus Worland just did a half marathon."

"How'd you go? I'm proud of you bro."

"Jesinta, you were telling us you were running a half marathon, with about three kilometres to go you tore your calf muscle off the bone, what time did you do in the end?"

"I did it in two hours"

"Well Gus completed a marathon in Uluru, on the complete flat in Uluru, just over three hours"

"Umm wow...people do a full marathon in three hours"

The boys calculated it and it works out to be about 7kms/hr... we reckon some people can walk quicker than that! With that info they thought they might share with Jesinta, a few things FASTER than Gus Worland.

Things Faster Than Gus

Hippo - 30kms/hr

Hippo Photo: Getty Images

Bush Pig - 17kms/hr

Bush Pig Photo: Getty Images

Mobility Scooter - 15kms/hr

Mobility Scooter Photo: Getty Images

Mouse - 13kms/hr

Mouse Photo: Getty Images

Steam Roller - 10kms/hr

Steam Roller Photo: Getty Images

Penguin - 8kms/hr

Penguin Photo: Getty Images

Dung Beetle - 7kms/hr - Same speed as Gus!!

Dung Beetle Photo: Getty Images

Tillman The Skateboarding Dog

Tillman The Skateboarding Dog Video: Youtube / Guiness World Records

This Professional? Sprinter

World's Slowest Runner Video: Youtube / VideoFCF

A Tractor

Tractor Photo: Getty Images

George Rose

We love the burly cult-hero, but he's not really known for his speed off the mark... we still reckon he'd give big Gus a run for his money though.

George Rose Playing For Manly Photo: Getty Images

This Woman

Just like Gus, Nancy Schubring ran a half-marathon but with a pram... in half the time! About 1 and a half hours to be exact.

Nancy Schubring Running Photo: Guiness World Records

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Shelley Wins Gold In Glasgow

Michael Shelley joined elite company when he outran the Africans to win gold in Glasgow.

Gus Takes On The New York Marathon

The Grill Team are going to New York to watch Gus tackle one of the hardest running races in the world, the New York Marathon.

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Posted: 25 July, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: 4 Johns' On-Air At Once

Matty and wife Trish joined by the 8th immortal and dad 'Gazman'. Hear what happens below!

Matty Johns Surprise Photo: Triple M

Today on The Grill Team, we had a surprise guest (replacing Gus). Trish Johns, Matty's wife, surprised Matty this morning by joining The Grill Team.

With Trish being here we had a great opportunity to give Matty the old 'Partner Probe'. The boys asked Matty a few Q's - Where was your first date? What is 'your song'? What's your most annoying habit? What do you fight most about? When was the last time you were intimate?

How do you think he went?

We then had a Cessnock family reunion, Andrew Johns was in for his footy preview, so they decided to also get their dad Garry Johns on the line.

"Now it's 25 to 9, how many beers in are we Gaz?" Matty asked his Dad.

"I've had two actually, I was up early this morning" responded Gary.

How Well Does Matty Know Trish? / Gary Johns In Cessnock


Matty Johns Surprise Guest

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Posted: 24 July, 2014

Supergrass On Bennett's Broncos Drama & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour including Wayne Bennett, Ray Warren's Book & AFL Entertainment.

Triple M's Supergrass
has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo including news that Wayne Bennett's move to Brisbane has caused a bit of drama at board level.

"Wayne Bennett's insistence that Ben Ikin is the CEO of the Broncos. It's actually caused a split in the board at Brisbane," said Triple M's Supergrass, on The Grill Team.

"The other split board is Newcastle with half the board wanting to move Wayne on right now [and] the other half believing he should stay until the end of the year." Listen to the full audio below.

Other stories on Supergrass table include:

- A high profile star is unhappy after being quoted in Ray Warren's new book while drunk.

- Tom Jones is set to be announced as the halftime entertainment of the AFL Grand Final. He is expected to get $500,000 for about a 10min performance.

Supergrass On Triple M

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Posted: 23 July, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Rabs Unveils 'The Voice'

The 'voice of rugby league' breaks an embargo to spill the beans on his tell-all new book

Ray Warren Photo: Getty Images

Ray 'Rabs' Warren has been 'the voice' of Rugby League for over 30 years. As a good friend of the Grillers, Rabs came into the studio share some of the history of his huge career which is detailed in his new book, 'The Voice'.

"Your broadcasting career Rabs... it's not just footy mate, five decades, three Melbourne Cups, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, swimming... tennis and, of course, State of Origins and Grand Finals" said Gus. on Triple M's Grill Team.

"Writing this book with [journo] Andrew Webster [do you] look back and go, 'oh my god, I can't believe that I've done as much as I've done?'."

"Well, no I can't believe the whole story, this book goes why back to when I was a little kid of 6 years of age and how all this started... I got obsessed by listening to a commentator called Ken Howard and that's what I decided, at very young age, that I wanted to be a sports commentator" explained Rabs.

"I didn't care what I called, whether it was the horse racing or tennis, swimming... to look back and think that I actually got my hands on all those sports, it's mind-boggling, it's humbling and it's been a wonderful, wonderful journey - believe me."

Rabs goes on to reveal his famous 'phobias' and his "mother's remedies" for them, as well as a brilliant montage to the great man at the end.

Rabs On The Grill Team

Ray Warren's 'The Voice' is out now,  you can purchase it here.

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Posted: 22 July, 2014

MG, The Big Man Breaks Down

MG wants to raise awareness and get the message out there that there is help available for people with epilepsy.

This morning on The Grill Team, MG told the boys an emotional story about discovering that his daughters have epilepsy.

"Boys if I had to ask you a question about fatherhood and what's the worst thing about being a dad when your kids are concerned, what would your answer be?" asked MG.

"I think worrying that they're healthy, worrying that they're going to be ok," responded Gus.

"Well I'm 6'5" and a 115kgs but I was brought to my knees on Sunday. My oldest daughter Montana had a seizure, just over a year ago Montana my oldest girl and Kennedy my middle girl got diagnosed with epilepsy."

MG goes on to explain his experiences with dealing with his daughters epilepsy and how hard it has been.

Listen To MG Talk About His Experiences With His Daughters Epilepsy

MG wants to raise awareness and get the message out there that there is help available. If you require any information or help regarding epilepsy, please head to or call 1300 37 45 37.

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Posted: 21 July, 2014

Gus's Half Marathon In NT

The Grill Team are going to New York to watch Gus tackle one of the hardest running races in the world, the New York Marathon.

Gus's Preparation

Northern Territory Half Marathon

In his lead up to the New York Marathon, Gus has taken on another challenge, the Northern Territory Half Marathon. Gussy will be running 20km not far from Uluru.

Gus In Uluru Tweet: Twitter/@KittyDukes

This morning on The Grill Team, the boys sent him some messages of support and also gave out his number so any "fans" of Gus can send him a "hero message", he's already got 250 messages so don't be afraid to send some more.

Give Gus A Call: 0437 966 306

Gus Featured In The New York Post

Gus and his mate Jacko were recently featured in the New York Post about his mission to take on the New York Marathon.

New York Post Article Photo: New York Post/

Gus Worland: Marathon Man

Gussy's involved in a new project… and you guessed it, it's got something to do with weight loss! It's a new TV show on Foxtel called 'Gus Worland: Marathon Man'… “Did you say ‘Gus Worland: Mammoth Man?’,” joked Matty.

Inspired by his 'best mate Hugh Jackman', after a few bevvies one night, Gus decided that after five years it was finally time to do something about his weight and run the New York Marathon.

When Gus unveiled the news to the boys they weren't AS supportive as Jacko. However, Gus threw ‘em a bone saying there was a trip to NY in it for them. After that they became a bit more interested in the idea. Surprise, surprise.

They’ll be doing the show from New York! The last week of October and Gus will be running the marathon on November 2nd. The Grill Team is on Triple M 104.9FM 6-9AM Weekdays.

'Gus Worland: Marathon Man' will air on the A&E Channel on Foxtel later this year.

Gus Unveils New Show And Asks The Boys To Come To New York

Gus will be tweeting all the action -

Details about the New York Marathon -

Thanks to our mates at Rebel Sport -

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