Posted: 25 November, 2014

David Otte Helped Save Quakers Hill Baby

It was an extremely lucky series of events that lead to Daivd Otte and his daughter helping rescue this abandoned baby.

The baby was found down a drain pipe next to a bike track along the M7 in Quakers Hill: AAP

Over the weekend we heard an unbelievable story about an abandoned newborn who was dropped down a storm drain in Quakers Hill.

He was only a couple of days old when found, malnourished, bleeding but luckily in a stable condition.

David Otte was there when the baby was found, with himself and his daughter helping two other men to free him after riding past on his bike and 'hearing a sound' that himself and his daughter thought was a kitten.

"It's one of those stories, when I first heard it, it just leaves you with a crook feeling in the pit of your are you an Hayley [David's daughter] travelling? Because I can imagine it could be pretty bloody harrowing," asked Matty.

"I'm not too bad...Hayley is doing alright, she's not sleeping real well, it's not something you want your daughter to go through, look no one should ever go through this to be honest and not that little boy. He had no chance, he couldn't climb up that ladder, he couldn't get through that hole, he couldn't do anything...if it wasn't for the two other guys and us, that little boy would've definitely perished," explained David.

Listen To David's Full Account Of What Happened

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Posted: 24 November, 2014

Supergrass On Paul Gallen, Tim Sheens, The Today Show & more.

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

Triple M's Supergrass has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo, including rumours that Paul Gallen is supposedly thinking of qutting NRL and taking up boxing full-time, depending on the outcome of his upcoming bout.

“I think the sour taste of that $35,000 which was $50,000 it’s still lingering, obviously, once the footy season starts he might have a change of tune,” said MG.

Also, in more NRL rumour, reports are that Tim Sheens is under real pressure to keep his Aussie coaching role and Robbie Farah is going nothing to dispel these rumours. Farah is supposedly upset with being left out of the Four Nations final.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

  • There are rumours of in-fighting at the Today Show over Karl’s suit 'lesson'. Lisa was going to write a story about it in Woman's Day which annoyed Karl who got in first.
  • Some people at Channel Nine aren’t happy with Tim Gilbert (sports reporter) on the Today Show, there were supposedly other options who were further ‘up the line’.
  • 2GB and 2CH owner John 'Singo' Singleton is reportedly about to purchase 2UE with plans to turn it into a sports talk station but would need to sell one of the others first.
  • A high profile female radio host has been labelled a ‘nightmare’, there are rumours that co-workers have been spitting in her coffee and coughing on her microphone to make her sick.

“God I thought Gus was the only one who got spit in his coffee,” joked Matty.

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Posted: 24 November, 2014

Alex McKinnon Fundraiser In Hunter Valley

Matty retells some stories from an Alex McKinnon event over the weekend.

Hundreds of people converged on Aberdeen, Alex McKinnon’s hometown, for the Aberdeen’s All for Alex (AA4A) black tie event to raise funds for the Rise For Alex Fund Video: Newcastle Knights official website

Triple M's Matty Johns went home to the Hunter on the weekend to see the family and go to the Alex McKinnon fundraiser in Aberdeen in the upper Hunter.

Matty was amazed at the amount of people attended, in such a small town, nearing the holidays some huge figures made the trip like Wayne Bennett and NRL CEO Dave Smith, alongside ex-players like Marc Glanville, Michael Hagan and, of course, Matty Johns. 

"A lot of support, a lot of ex-players, it was just a great night," said Matty Johns, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

He also mentioned how humble Alex's parents were and re-told a great story from full-time coach and part-time comedian, Wayne Bennett. Listen to the audio below.

Alex McKinnon was born in Aberdeen and played his junior football for the Aberdeen Tigers, before the Newcastle Knights forward tragically suffered a spinal cord injury in Round 3 of the 2014 NRL Season.

In the wake of McKinnon’s accident, the Aberdeen community formed a committee in affiliation with Aberdeen Rugby League Football Club called 'Aberdeen’s All For Alex (AA4A)' to enable funds to be raised for Alex McKinnon’s rehabilitation and ongoing care. Rise For Alex official website:

Matty Johns on Triple M


Social Media

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Alex Mckinnon Has Feeling In Fingers

McKinnon talks about his progress from horrific neck injury in March.

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Posted: 24 November, 2014

The Wiggles 2014 Year In Review Song

The Wiggles cap off a great years with a little song.

The Wiggles 2014 Year In Review Song Uploaded at 21 November, 2014 - 4:17PM

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Rock, Shock

The Wiggles are back in the Triple M studios, this time wrapping up a great 2014 with their "2014 Year in Review" song.

Australia's favourite children's performers put their twist on the biggest topics of the years, mixing in some original lyrics capping off a year that included; NSW wining origin, the Rabbitohs winning the NRL, a shirtfronting Prime Minister as well as other pop culture references.

All in all, it's been a pretty great year!

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Posted: 20 November, 2014

Let's Help Frank Carlino

With the news of the Chester Hill attack against an elderly man, the boys have banded together for him.

UPDATE: After speaking with Frank Carlino’s granddaughter Teresa this morning, Triple M Sydney's Grill Team received an overwhelming number of calls, Facebook messages, Tweets and emails with offers of cash donations for Frank.

This afternoon Frank’s family have thanked the public for their support and have asked any donations be made to Alzheimer’s Association.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE: All donations will be made to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The 86-year-old Frank Carlino was attacked on Wednesday morning, having been lured into a carpark in Chester Hill at about 9.45am by a woman allegedly on the premise of getting a lift home after having just visited the bank. Full story below.

Earlier On Triple M

CCTV footage of the Chester Hill attack against Frank Carlino: Channel Nine

Update: The third assailant in the brutal Chester Hill attack against Frank Carlino has been apprehended by police.

Police have confirmed that all three are now in custody, with charges soon to be laid.

Also, in a recent interview with Channel Nine news, Mr Carlino said that "he felt nothing" for his attackers and that he was not angry.

He suffered two vicious punches to the face by an unnamed 29 year old and also suffered injuries after falling.

The robbers have been convicted of stealing $570 from Mr Carlino and are reportedly known drug users with previous criminal records.

With the news of the attack earlier in the day, The Grill Team's Mark Geyer offered to repay Frank's lost pension funds and also received an outpouring of support and donations from Triple M callers.

Frank Carlino fields questions at a press conference: Channel Nine

Listen to the boys discuss the Chester Hill attack on Frank Carlino and talk to Frank's granddaughter Teresa Henri.

Earlier On Triple M

Two women have been charged over a cowardly attack on an elderly man at Chester Hill in Sydney's west yesterday morning.

86 year old Frank Carlino was lured into a carpark, about 9.45am, by a woman allegedly on the premise of getting a lift home having just visited the bank.

Instead a man can been seen on CCTV footage lurking in the background before he punches Mr Carlino from behind with the pensioner falling to the ground where the man and woman pounce, robbing him of cash.

When the Grill Team heard about the attack they were very distraught about the disgusting attack.

And with that we the boys had a chat about what they could do for Frank Carlino.

"Me and the boys just had a chat here in the studio, and look if any of Frank Carlino's family are listening or they know Frank, we're going to give him...back into his back pocket what he lost, this bloke didn't deserve that," explained MG.

The boys said that they were willing to pay Frank back everything he lost plus a little more and put a call out to anyone who was willing to give Mr Carlino a little helping hand in his time of need.

The response was absolutely overwhelming with an outpouring of offers to Mr Carlino. More details to come.


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Posted: 20 November, 2014

Producer Em's Close Shave

She took to the skys in the Red Baron stunt plane.

Producer Em's Close Shave Uploaded at 10 November, 2014 - 6:00AM

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Rock, Shock

In this video: Em

While the whole Grill Team has been going out and experiencing 'close shaves' it looks like producer Em might have picked the short straw.

Gus went on a skywalk, Matty and Pagey went on a jetboat and MG experienced the water jetpack. But Em got something much more extreme, an adrenalin pumping adventure flight in a Red Bull Air Race stunt plane called the 'Red Baron'.

The plane goes like an absolute rocket - 410 km/h, a climb rate of 2000 feet per minute and a staggering roll rate of 360 degrees per second.

Needless to say Em wasn't very impressed and was a little out of her comfort zone, luckily we had cameras in the cockpit!

Hear the full audio and interview with Producer Em


Producer Em gets scared before the flight: Triple M

Producer Em posing with her pilot: Triple M

Producer Em giving her plane a good luck kiss: Triple M

Producer Em just before take-off: Triple M

Producer Em after the flight: Triple M

Official Links

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Posted: 19 November, 2014

The Worst Parts Of The Grill Team

It's not always fun an games at The Grill Team, here are some of the worst parts.

Skins aren't the worst things that Gus wears in the office: Triple M

The boys heard that recently, Liam Hemsworth said the worst part of his job was kissing Jennifer Lawrance because she had garlic breath......yeah right!

Well that got us thinking, what's the worst part of working on The Grill Team, so we asked the team not only Matty, MG, Gus and Pagey but also our producers.

"It's only been something that's happened in the last six's just about the first day without your skins on," explained Matty.

"Mate, those skins...I've got about 5 or 6 pairs of skins so they're not the same pairs," Gus interjected.

"Look, skins are skins, tight are tights, mate honestly they're that crook," said Matty.

Matty also went around the office to see what they could do it make them a 'better Grill Team for Triple M' (with most of the answers about Gus's attire).

Worst parts of The Grill Team & some improvements for Gus.

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Posted: 19 November, 2014

Robbie Maddison Is Pretty Shady

Pro FMX rider Robbie Maddison with The Grill Team talking about the skin cancer campain 'Pretty Shady' and all things FMX.

Robbie Maddison's Latest Stunt

Skullcandy - Robbie Maddison’s Drop In video: YouTube/Skullcandy

Robbie Maddison has got to be one of the maddest guys on the planet.

As one of the best freestyle motocross (FMX) riders on the planet Robbie continually pushes the boundaries of a sport that could easily put him in a wheelchair or worse.

He's set the world record for the longest jump, won the X Games, jumped an Olympic ski jump (above), jumped the London Bridge and onto the Arc de Triomphe to name a few!

Robbie's Biggest Jump

Gus Jumped By Robbie Maddison Uploaded at 15 October, 2012 - 1:46AM

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Rock, Shock

Is this the biggest jump Robbie has ever done? See Gus put his life in danger (!)...

As an ambassador for Pretty Shady, a new campaign highlighting the issue of sun safety,  there's one thing he doesn't gamble with, the sun.  Hailing from coastal Kiama and constantly out in the elements, Robbie knows all too well the importance of this message.

On The Grill Team the boys asked Maddison about the Pretty Shady campaign, his recent FMX stunts and being a stunt bike for Daniel Craig (as James Bond in Skyfall). Listen to the interview below.

Robbie As James Bond In Skyfall

Robbie as James Bond in Skyfall opening scene: YouTube/TheSupererogatoryGuy


Official Links

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Posted: 19 November, 2014

MG's Close Shave

MG took on water jetpacking out at the Regatta Centre in Penrith.

We've seen Gus on the Skywalk, Matty and Pagey on the jetboat and now it's MG's turn for his 'close shave' as he straps on a water jetpack out in Penrith.

The big fella was definitely out of his element, first he got his wetsuit on back to front and then the nerves set in.

He got a demonstration from the boys at Jetpack Adventures (at the International Regatta Centre in Penrith) to see how it work before he got a go.

The Grill Team on MG's close shave


Watch MG On The Jetpack

MG's 'Jetpack' Close Shave Uploaded at 18 November, 2014 - 5:57PM

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Rock, Shock

For MG's Schick close shave he got to take on a water jetpack out in Penrith. MG got a little demonstration first before taking on the jetpack himself. Maybe he wasn't as good as the guys at Jetpack Adventures, but he did give it a good crack.

In this video: Mark "MG" Geyer


MG Watches The Pros

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Posted: 17 November, 2014

Matty's Close Shave

Matty and Pagey absolutely blast a jet boat through Sydney Harbour

Matty and Pagey hold on to the jet boat for while it banks at speed. Photo: Oz Jet Boat/Triple M

Gus did the Skywalk, so now it was Matty's turn where he and Pagey went down to Circular Quay to catch up with the good guys from Jet Boating. And as you can see in the photos below they just blast it… it flies!

"The young bloke doing the boat today... He's on work experience… so this is going to be interesting!" joked Matty.

With the stunning back drop of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, it was a beautiful day to get this baby singing, going at super speed through some pretty choppy conditions.

The boys were also having a bit of chat to their audio producer, Snitch, who they knew had to cut up the audio from the ride. However, if you listen at the end, Snitch gets his revenge on Matty!

Listen to Matty and Pagey Go Jetboating

PHOTOS: Matty and Pagey Go Jetboating

Matty Goes Jetboating

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Gussy's Close Shave

Gus gets scared when the floor nearly gives way doing the Sydney Skywalk.

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Posted: 17 November, 2014

Chris Changes A Nappy

This had us in tears. Watch the video below

This had us in tears.

Grill Team listener Steven sent us this video. Left to babysit a friend's two nephews, while her sister is away… and he's never changed a nappy before in his life! Watch the video below.

We think every bloke can relate to this!

Chris Changes A Nappy Uploaded at 17 November, 2014 - 2:21PM

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Rock, Shock

This had us in tears.

Chris changes a nappy Video: Steven via Grill Team Facebook

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Posted: 17 November, 2014

Bullies Torment Boy At Shopping Centre

Disturbing images and video have emerged on social media of bullies tormenting a boy at a Ballarat shopping centre

Disturbing images and video have emerged on social media of bullies tormenting a boy at a Ballarat shopping centre.

Triple M has chosen not to publish the video of the incident online.

The mother of the young boy said she felt sick watching the video, but was "proud" of the way he handled himself.

"Every time I watch it my chest tightens. He was trying everything to get away," she told The Courier.

"Your kids should be able to walk around safe. Is he always going to have to look over his shoulder?

"For them to be carrying knives, it's part of their bullying tact. It's terrible."

bully ballarat shopping centre

Blurred photo of the incdent that appeared online

As you can see in the photos, the boy threatens to take the jacket from the boy in a shopping centre car park.

"Take your jacket off dog... take it off (expletive) or I'm gonna (sic) stab you with my knife," the perpetrator threatens, while grabbing the victim by his neck.

The boy ended up escaping and the mother thanked everyone for their support for her young boy.

"I don't think he's really come to terms with the severity of it," she said. "He is an outgoing and adventurous child. The fact that he knew the kids bothers me."

bully ballarat shopping centre

Blurred photo of the incdent that appeared online

A police spokesperson said the incident was subject to an ongoing police investigation and anyone with information is urged to contact Ballarat Police Station on 5336 6000 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

If you or someone you knows is suffering from bullying please go to:

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