Posted: 18 December, 2014

Best Of...The Grill Team 2014

It's been a huge year for the Grillers, here are some of the highlights.

The stars of the Grill Team... MG, Gus and Matty celebrate after their 1000th show. (Photo: Triple M)

Gus, MG & Matty celebrated the Grill Team's 100th show mid 2014: Triple M

What a bloody great year it's been, the show just keeps getting bigger and better and 2014 was The Grill Team's biggest yet.

The Grill Team 'End of Year' Montage

So in celebration let's have a look back at some of the biggest stories of the year below. You can also listen to previous episodes on our podcast page.

The Funny Stuff

Panther Tattoo

Remember that time Gus placed a bet with MG? Yeah that went really well for him, who would've thought he would actually go through with it and get a Panther tattoo.

It's Tattoo Time For Gussy! Uploaded at 16 September, 2014 - 7:50AM

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Pull those pants down Gussy! It's tattoo time!!

The Grillers In New York

It was one of the biggest trips the Grillers have ever done. After Gus was convinced by his best mate Hugh Jackman to shed the pounds and run a marathon, Gus asked the boys if they would join him in New York.

Gus Worland: Marathon Man

Matty and MG set Gus a life-changing challenge.

The Wiggles

The Wiggles were once again back on The Grill Team and as one of our favourite musical guests they made pulled out a great cover of RHCP "Under The Bridge".

Wiggles's Red Hot Origin Special Uploaded at 16 June, 2014 - 1:21PM

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Rock, Shock

Hear the Chili Peppers as you've never heard them before, done by The Wiggle with an Origin twist!

Paul Gallen Punches Beau Ryan

It was a huge NRL story that actually came out of the Sunday NRL with Matty Johns show but the boys just had to chat about it. What happened when Paul Gallen punched Beau Ryan? Listen back to find out.

Gallen Punches Beau Ryan

Beau Ryan tells us his side of the story.


The News Stuff

ANZAC Day Detention

There was a huge response to this story last month and rightly so. We heard from a listener about his son who was given a detention for taking a minutes silence during ANZAC Day.

Kid Gets Detention For Taking A Minute's Silence

A young schoolboy has been given a detention for honouring this long standing tradition.


Always a great source of rumour and innuendo, 2014 was a huge year for the Supergrass. He was right on the money when he predicted before anyone else that Jarryd Hayne would head to the NFL, he also told us about a NRL 'naughty' tape and a supposed Sam Burgess and Greg Inglis feud to name a few.

Truth Behind Souths Rumours

Supergrass reveals the truth behind those rumours around Sam Burgess and Greg Inglis.

Supergrass Juicy Rumours

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour including speculation of a damaging video involving an Origin star.

MG Raises Awareness Of Epilepsy Cause

MG went through a tough time this year when he opened up to the boys about his daughter's epilepsy. The big man took the opportunity to raise awareness for the cause.

MG Talks About His Daughter's Experiences With Epilepsy

MG wants to raise awareness and get the message out there that there is help available for people with epilepsy.

Let's Help Frank Carlino

It was one of the worst stories that we heard all year. Pensioner Frank Carlino was bashed and robbed in a car park. When the boys heard about it they thought about what they could do for Frank, setting up a donation hotline and everyone pitched in.

Let's Help Frank Carlino

With the news of the Chester Hill attack against an elderly man, the boys have banded together for him.


1000 Shows

Last but not least, the Grillers notched up a huge milestone in 2014, 1000 shows! We live streamed the whole event and had a bunch of our favourite guests on like Hugh Jackman, Darren 'Boof Lehmann and Jarryd Hayne to name a few.

Grill Team's 1000th Show

Thanks for watching the Grill Team's 1000th show! We've put up a bunch of photos and audio highlights.


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The Grill Team on Triple M


Grill Team 'Best Bits'

Gus Worland: Marathon Man

Matty and MG set Gus a life-changing challenge.

Pull Your Pants Down Gus! It's Tattoo Time!

Gus follows through on his bet to get a Panther tattoo on his arse, having shot his mouth off last week!

Supergrass On Dally M's, Jarryd Hayne Code Switch

The Eels star has rubbished rumours about a potential switch of codes to the NFL.

Gallen Punches Beau Ryan

Beau Ryan tells us his side of the story.

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Posted: 3 December, 2014

MG Shocked By Westies Rant

Mark Geyer shocked by westies rant in the Australian Financial Review

Triple M's Mark Geyer was shocked to read on the back page of the Australian Financial Review, a comment from writer Joe Aston where he claimed Sydney's West didn't deserve an art gallery.

Shut the f-up to the westies that want an art gallery, Aston wrote.

Triple M's MG was shocked, especially by the stereotypes.

"I don't hear anybody in the west bagging Bondi Beach or Manly Beach or the city," he said, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

"These people… who know nothing about where other people come from. He obviously knows nothing about the western suburbs.

"This is why I had a big chip on my shoulder [growing up in the area]." Listen to the full audio below.

MG On the AFR Article


AFR Westies Rant

westies, australian financial review

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Posted: 2 December, 2014

Phillip Hughes Memorial

Here's all the information for today's Phillip Hughes memorial.

The Phillip Hughes memorial was held on Wednesday (3/12) in his old school hall along with a public service held in the small town, honouring the life and legacy of an amazing Australian.

On The Grill Team today we recorded a little tribute to a man whose untimely death has stopped the nation in it's tracks, with everyone taking a moment to remember an amazing person.

It's truly a testament to the young cricketing legend the amount of people that headed to the service from family, friends, cricketing companions and the locals of Macksville, all turned up.

The Grill Team's Gus Worland was also invited to the service and one of the many things he noticed was how much Phillip and family was a part of the community there, "he never forgot where he came from," explained MG.

Gus talks to the Macksville locals

He was also able to catch up with some of the locals around town yesterday and heard some amazing stories about Hughsey.

Gus talked to a lady who was putting green and gold streamers on street poles around town, asking her why she was doing it. "He's meant a lot to our valley, I'm just showing a bit of respect to what he's done,"she explained.

"I remember when he first got selected for Australia, I ran into him and I said 'mate so proud of you, I didn't get a chance to talk to you' and I got married the same year and his first comment wasn't 'yeah mate, thanks for that' it was 'proud of me? Mate, you've just got married!', explained Dean, an old cricket buddy of Phillips.

"It was nothing to do with his seletion, he was such a humble guy, such an inspiration."

Gus tells the boys about Macksville

"Like you say, it is a celebration, everyone's trying to get their heads around that, but you can't really help feeling a real sadness around the place yesterday when we arrived.

"After a few beers at the Star Hotel and everyone coming into town, there was a feeling of real comraderie and just great storytelling from blokes who played grade cricket with him to the locals to the internationals that were there as well."

Gus Worland In Macksville


GALLERY: Farewell To Phillip Hughes

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Also See

Outpouring Of Support For Phillip Hughes

Matthew Hayden and others join The Grill Team, rallying for Hughesy.

Merv On Picking Phillip Hughes

"Swervin" Mervin'" was actually the selector he picked Phillip Hughes for his first test in South Africa in 2009.

India Test Series Rescheduled

The tests between Australia and India have been re-scheduled.

Put Out Your Bats: Moving Tributes To Phillip Hughes

Fans Remember Phil Hughes With Touching #PutOutYourBats Tribute

Grubs Cashing In On Phillip Hughes Tragedy

eBay has decided to remove all Phillip Hughes memorabilia listings, following his tragic death yesterday.

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Posted: 2 December, 2014

Supergrass On Boxer Daniel Geale, Channel 10 Xmas Party & Bill Shorten

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

Triple M's Supergrass has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo, including rumours that despite the outcome of boxer Daniel Geale's fight with Jarrod Fletcher tomorrow, he will again take on Anthony Mundine next year.

The fight also sees NSW captain Paul Gallen take on ex-Sharks teammate Anthony Watts.

"There's no doubt about it, his [Geale's] eventual goal is to fight Floyd Mayweather, but in the mean time the Daniel Geale fight versus Anthony Mundine will bring in big money," explained Matty.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- Channel 10 Christmas party featured a blooper reel with a female presenter’s wardrobe malfunction involving some buttons.

- Big Brother is out next year, Don Burke’s Backyard is going to Foxtel and The Block is supposedly moving back to Sydney.

- Supposedly Bill Shorten is photoshopping his face for the Labour Christmas cards.

- There’s talk if Tony Abbott’s polls continue to slide, Julia Bishop will take the top job by mid next year.

- A Sydney radio personality threw up all over the bar at the Universal music party after the ARIAs, who was it?

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Posted: 2 December, 2014

C'mon Man - December 2nd

MG brings the boys the weirdest stories from the week.

We're loving MG's new segment C'mon Man that he "borrowed" from an ESPN NFL tv show while in America.

It's a pretty simple concept, MG shares with the boys some of the weirdest / funniest stories he's seen over the week and if they find something funny, out comes the "C'mon Man!"

C'mon Man this week includes..

  • An American popstar Arianna Grande cancelling Australian media photos shoots issuing a long list of demands
  • South Koreans can be fined for taking selfies, by the person who got photographed
  • A young AFL draftee who bagged out Carlton, has been drafted by the team
  • And...MG reveals the worst guests who've been on The Grill Team

Listen to the full audio below.

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Posted: 1 December, 2014

Russell Crowe On Triple M

Russell Crowe joins The Grill Team to talk about his new film and Gus' Souths jokes

2014 has turned into a hell of a year for Russell Crowe… First a premiership with Souths and now The Water Diviner!

The Water Diviner is the new film directed by Russell Crowe and Matty Johns says it's best WWI film since Peter Weir's masterpiece Gallipoli.

"It's a film that not only shows a loss of life from the ANZAC perspective but also from the Turks defending their homeland," said Matty.

Listen to our full interview with Russell Crowe below. Also find out what the Rabbitohs boss thinks of Gus' Souths jokes! Listen to the full audio below.

Russell Crowe On Triple M


The Water Diviner Official Trailer

The Water Diviner Official Trailer #1 (2014) Video: YouTube

The Water Diviner - First Look

Social Media

Gus' Rabbit Run Uploaded at 26 September, 2014 - 12:03PM

See more: Sydney Roosters, South Sydney Rabbitohs

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Rock, Shock

The Roosters No. 1 fan Gus Worland gets toasted as he enters Souths territory.

In this video: Gus Worland

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Posted: 28 November, 2014

Remembering Phillip Hughes

With the sad news of Phillip Hughes, The Grill Team heard from Warnie and others.

Phillip Hughes and good mate David Hussey for Australia ODI (Getty Images)

25 year-old cricketer Phillip Hughes' passing yesterday absolutely shocked everyone.

Family, friends, everyone in the cricketing community and Australians everywhere were absolutely shattered by the terrible news.

On The Grill Team this morning we're celebrating the life of an amazing cricketer and an all around great guy.

The boys picked up an interview with Shane Warne talking to our mates at Triple M Melbourne.

"I spent a bit of time with Phil and as you said, you know, his second Test match 100 in both innings against South Africa in South Africa, 100 on debut in a One Day International, I mean this kid had so much talent," explained Warnie.

"It's hard to put into context the devastation of how this has affected everybody not just the cricket community...but everybody."

Warnie also touched on the issue of the upcoming first test match against India saying, "I think people need time at the moment so I'm not really sure if the Brisbane test will go on or not."

MG also talked about his own similar experience with his mate, young Panthers player Ben Alexander passing away.

"The last thing on our mind was playing footy," explained MG. Listen to the full interview below.


Cricket Writer Robert Craddock on The Grill Team

We also had one of the most respected cricket writers Robert 'Crash' Craddock onto The Grill Team, to remember Phillip Hughes and go through how this will affect cricket in Australia.

"Devastating was that sort of incident that transcended sport didn't it and made an impact on wider Australia in society," said Crash.

When they asked Crash whether he thought that the upcoming test will go on he said, "What will happen, cricket Australia will get all the players in a big room and they'll say 'what do you think?'." Listen to the full interview below.

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Posted: 27 November, 2014

MG's C'mon Man

MG brings the boys the weirdest stories from the week.

We're loving MG's new segment C'mon Man that he "borrowed" from an ESPN NFL tv show while in America.

It's a pretty simple concept, MG shares with the boys some of the weirdest / funniest stories he's seen over the week and if they find something funny, out comes the "C'mon Man!"

C'mon Man this week includes..

  • An American prison who's got four female guards pregnant while in jail for attempted murder.
  • An alcoholic in America has revealed she drinks hand sanitizer to get her daily fix.
  • Someone in the Wallabies trashed their dressing room after their loss to Ireland on the weekend...who was it?
  • A tweet from a listener said "Boys is it just me, or does Benny Fordham's replacement on the Today show, Timmy Gilbert, look like Liberace?"

Listen to the full audio below.

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Posted: 27 November, 2014

Rare Footage: 5 Year Old MG

We've dug into the archives and found some rare footage of MG.

5 year old version of MG: YouTube/mrblueangeldood

MG can get a little tounge-tied sometimes.

It looks like it's been a problem since birth as we see from this rare footage of MG as a 5 year old that we dusted off from the archives.

Ok, maybe it isn't MG but we're pretty sure this kid is related because they definitely have the same way of "talking."

Hear MG's talking skills on The Grill Team

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Posted: 26 November, 2014

Outpouring Of Support For Phillip Hughes

Matthew Hayden and others join The Grill Team, rallying for Hughesy.

Phillip Hughes sporting the baggy green for Australia: Getty Images

Late yesterday, we heard the awful news that South Australian batsman Phillip Hughes was put in a critical condition and taken to hospital after being hit by a bouncer.

He was playing in a Sheffield Shield match at the SCG match when he was struck by a short delivery from NSW paceman Sean Abbott.

As many reports came out we struggled for accurate information, we now know that Hughes was given mouth to mouth resuscitation on the field and then taken to St Vincent's hospital in a critical condition.

With that news one of Cricket Australia's beloved sons had been injured, a great outpouring of well wishes came from many people.

One of those rallying for Hughes is a friend of his and one of Australia's greatest batsmen, Matthew Hayden.

"He's a proper chap as they say, just loves cricket for the right reasons, always flies under the radar...and a very good cricketer," said Matty Hayden.

"What about the bouncer, sports make changes when incidents like this you foresee...some changes to the rules where bouncer are concerned?" asks Matty.

"I just think if you take away that from the game, it takes away that combative nature of the game, as I said we're not running into massive human men [like rugby league] but actually you just want to challenge yourself," explained Hayden.

Listen To Matthew Hayden's full interview with The Grill Team


We also heard from Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland, who was saddened by the incident but amazed at the support from not only Aus but also overseas for Phillip Hughes.

"Shocking news and just a freak incident and terrible injuries coming from it but it was remarkable to see the way in which I guess the incident has galvanized people in terms of support and not just here in Australia and also all over the world," explained James Sutherland.

Listen to the full interview with Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland below.


Channel Nine producer Will Dempsey also talked to the boys about being at the field when Phillip Hughes was hit by that bouncer.  

"I woke up this morning and just happened to turn on the today show and I've seen the vision again...and you can only imagine what the players that surrounded him immediately would now be going through...the entire day was a very, very unfortunately circumstance," said Will Dempsey.

Listen to the full audio below.



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Hughes Remains In 'Critical' Condition After Blow

The Cricket world is in shock after Phillip Hughes was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

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Posted: 25 November, 2014

Gus Races MG's Daughter Rafferty

Is Gus faster than a 7 year old? Let's see...

Gus Races Rafferty Uploaded at 25 November, 2014 - 1:52PM

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Rock, Shock

Can Gus beat MG's 7 year old daughter Rafferty in a foot race? Let's see...

In this video: Gus, MG, Matty

All last week MG was taking on 5th Graders to see who was smarter. Well, he didn't go to well, but that didn't stop Gus having a bit of a laugh.

Well, MG's daughter Rafferty stepped up and challenged Gus saying "I bet you're not faster than a seven year old."

MG's daughter Rafferty lays down the challenge to Gus.

With all his recent training and marathon running, you think he would be ready for this challenge, check out the video above to see what happened when Gus raced Rafferty.

Gus finishing the New York Marathon was an incredible achievement, but it looks like he's not built for speed.

PHOTOS: Gus Races Rafferty

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Posted: 25 November, 2014

David Otte Helped Save Quakers Hill Baby

It was an extremely lucky series of events that lead to Daivd Otte and his daughter helping rescue this abandoned baby.

The baby was found down a drain pipe next to a bike track along the M7 in Quakers Hill: AAP

Over the weekend we heard an unbelievable story about an abandoned newborn who was dropped down a storm drain in Quakers Hill.

He was only a couple of days old when found, malnourished, bleeding but luckily in a stable condition.

David Otte was there when the baby was found, with himself and his daughter helping two other men to free him after riding past on his bike and 'hearing a sound' that himself and his daughter thought was a kitten.

"It's one of those stories, when I first heard it, it just leaves you with a crook feeling in the pit of your are you an Hayley [David's daughter] travelling? Because I can imagine it could be pretty bloody harrowing," asked Matty.

"I'm not too bad...Hayley is doing alright, she's not sleeping real well, it's not something you want your daughter to go through, look no one should ever go through this to be honest and not that little boy. He had no chance, he couldn't climb up that ladder, he couldn't get through that hole, he couldn't do anything...if it wasn't for the two other guys and us, that little boy would've definitely perished," explained David.

Listen To David's Full Account Of What Happened

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