Posted: 27 May, 2015

Gordie Bags Queensland!

I bet you Gordie wouldn't want this to get out.

Gorden Tallis is seen as a golden rugby league god in the eyes of Queenslanders.

The "raging bull" has had one of the most illustrious careers a Queenslander could have, playing for the Broncos from 97-04, representing Qld in Origin between 94-03 and Australia from 98-03.

That's why, when Gordie started bagging Queenslanders on The Grill Team with his best payouts we were bloody shocked!

We would never thought he would betray his Queenslander heritage but maybe he's been hanging down in New South Wales a bit too long and caught Blues fever.

We all know that Qlders are fair weather fans anyways right...

Are you feeling ok Gordie?!

Listen To Gordie Bagging Queensland Uploaded at 27 May, 2015 - 1:59PM

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Rock, Shock

Gordie shared with The Grill Team some of his best... Queensland payouts?!

In this video: Gorden Tallis


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Reg Reagan Is Back For State Of Origin

We haven't heard from Reg for a while, but he's back to rip into both State Of Origin sides.

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Posted: 27 May, 2015

Matty & MG's Origin Tips For Game 1

Here's what the boys are predicting for tonights epic clash.

It's game day and the one thing that everyone wants to know is.... who will win?!

Well, of course who better to give us their expert opinion than two legends of the sport, who've had the honour and opportunity of both representing the NSW Blues back in the day.

Here's Matty and MG's tips for SOO 2015 Game 1.

"I've got real doubts we can beat them in Queensland... however, I am confident we can win the series because in New South Wales and in Melbourne the conditions suit us so tonight it is absolutely, we've got to treat this game like it is the grand final," explained Matty.

"For the first time in 8 years Queensland are playing with a bit of scar tissue, they haven't been on this side of the ledger for a long time and after the ambush last year at Suncorp and we got a 1-0 lead I think tonight we make it a lot easier to keep that ascendency towards a series victory," said MG.

Both of the boys are predicting a very low scoring game considering the conditions and heavy hitting Blues team.


Score: 14-12 Blues Win

Frst try-scorer: Winger - Hopoate or Tupou

Man Of The Match: Josh Dugan


Score: 8-4 Blues Win

Man Of The Match: Josh Dugan



Score: 14-10 Blues Win

Man Of The Match: Aaron Woods


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Posted: 27 May, 2015

Reg Reagan Is Back For State Of Origin

We haven't heard from Reg for a while, but he's back to rip into both State Of Origin sides.


That's right, Reg Reagan is back once again to bring back the biff and in this case, the beef between the Blues and the Maroons before State Of Origin 2015 Game One.

Close friend of Reg's Matty Johns said that Reg though he didn't get enough credit for the Blues win in 2014 so he decided to get involved for this year.

Once again he's putting his spin on the team announcements, telling it like it really is.

"Aaron Woods, looks about as much like a footballer as the down-and-out alco that's passed out at your local every lunchtime. That's what I like about him, he's just like the bloke next door particularly if the bloke next door is a disgusting friendless vagrant"

Have a look at Reg's NSW Blues team announcement below.

Reg Reagan's Blues Team Announcement Uploaded at 27 May, 2015 - 9:14AM

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Rock, Shock

Reg gives us the rundown of those legendary Blues before the game.


And of course he was always going to rip into the QLD Maroons team annoucnement as well, here's his take on the team for this year.

"Billy Slater starting to resemble the woman formerly known as Bruce Jenner, does about as much whinging as well. Wears strapping around his knee to keep his heart in place"

Reg Reagan's Maroons Team Announcement Uploaded at 27 May, 2015 - 9:17AM

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Rock, Shock

Reg gives us the rundown of those dirty Maroons before the game.

In this video: Reg Reagan


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Posted: 26 May, 2015

Rob Mills Does Surprisingly Good Impersonations

Sometimes imitation is the biggest form of flattery, other times it isn't...

Jimmy Fallon has this great game where he gets his guests to do their best impersonations.

We thought it was a good idea so we thought stuff it and stole it but put a little bit of a twist on the game when we had Rob "Millsy" Mills in the studio.

We set Millsy a challenge to do his best singing impersonations of a random song and random singer.

It was surpisingly good as he did covered "Mary Had A Little Lamb" as Guy Sebastian, "Row Row Row Your Boat" as Creed and "Four Five Second"s as Cartman.

The results were bloody funny and he was a good bloke about it too.

Rob Mills Does The Singing Generator Uploaded at 26 May, 2015 - 11:16AM

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Rock, Shock

In this video: Rob Mills, Matty Johns, Mark "MG" Geyer, Gus Worland

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Posted: 26 May, 2015

Supergrass On NRL/AFL Tv Rights, Andrew Denton, Arnie & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

There's a very interesting rumour floating about that the NRL knocked back Ch 9's offer for $1.4 billion in tv rights because they're going to partner with the AFL to buy the struggling Channel Ten and use it and it's channels to play their games.

Reportedly the NRL and AFL would be able to make more money with the advertising sales than any contract they would've signed for tv rights.

"Jeez I tell you what, the changing landscape of television, there's no doubt sport drives it. I find it a little odd that the NRL and AFL would find common ground and want to get into bed together but it's very very interesting," said Matty.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- Andrew Denton could be coming out of retirement. He was recently seen lunching with David Gyngell CEO of Ch 9.

- Media outlets have been running a story about paparazzi stalking Sam Armytage. There's also another story that Sam has left her management and that these two stories are linked. 

- Arnie is in the country promoting the new Terminator movie and is supposedly undergoing a bidding war for which gym he'll appear. He's also reportedly recording ads.

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

Is Gussy The Next NRL Rookie?!

The big fella puts his hand up to become the next NRL Rookie... has he got what it takes?

The NRL Rookie has been looking far and wide for the next "big" thing in the NRL.

Well look no further, there was a clear elephant in the room and the boys totally missed it... Gussy is the perfect candidate for the NRL Rookie.

The problem is we know Gusy is just too modest to promote his footy skills, so on his behalf Matty and MG made this inspirational little application for the Rookie team.

Yes we know the application window has closed but the boys have begged and pleaded and we've been allowed to sneak Gussy in.

He said he want's to be the next Joey Johns....

Gus The NRL Rookie Uploaded at 25 May, 2015 - 12:58PM

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Rock, Shock

The big fella puts his hand up to become the next NRL Rookie... has he got what it takes?

In this video: Gus Worland, Matty Johns, Mark "MG" Geyer

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

NRL Recovery Session - Round 11

NSW's takes on QLD this Wednesday night, who will win?

Despite Round 11 having a bunch of byes, there's still plenty of talking points from the last week of footy.

The Daly Cherry-Evans saga continues with the latest information on Daly's choice to head to the Titans or stay at Manly were his cryptic answers on Fox Sports from the weekend.

"There's a rule in place that gives Manly every opportunity to do what they need to do to retain me," said DCE on Fox Sports.

When asked more directly if he's going to stay he said, "only time will tell".

There's only one more round before the Round 13 cut off date for Daly to make a decision on his future.

"By dragging it on and saying 'Manly up the ante or I'm going' it's kind of painted him in a corner as a kind of villain," said MG.

Other Topics On The Table (Listen to the audio below)

- Queensland seem to be playing more mind games saying they "think" Inglis and Hodges will be right to play in State Of Origin Game 1.

"He'll play, Hodges will play, the teams will play as is," said MG.

- With State Of Origin Game 1 just two days away, it's still not a sell out.

"I spoke to Todd Greenberg and he said the interest has really spiked, he said 'it'll be a sell out'," explained Matty.

-  The massive clash of Round 11 was the 41-34 blockbuster of the Bulldogs defeating the Raiders.


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Posted: 22 May, 2015

James Reyne Garage Session

Aussie Crawl legend James Reyne comes into the Triple M Garage to do two songs.

James Reyne - Reckless Uploaded at 22 May, 2015 - 7:08AM

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Rock, Shock

Aussie Crawl front man James Reyne came into the Triple M Garage to do an acoustic version of his 1983 classic "Reckless"

In this video: James Reyne

He's an Aussie musical legend and a good friend of The Grill Team, Australian Crawl lead singer / guitarist James Reyne.

Reyne was recently called up by the boys after things heated up with a copyright claim with some people claiming that Guns N' Roses ripped off Aussie Crawl.

They asked Reyne if he was happy to come back into the studio to do a bit of an acoustic set and of course he said yes.

"James I went to saw you recently at Lizotte's there at Dee Why, man I've got to say unbelievable night I had a great time... still love performing?" asked Matty.

"I still love it, actually I like it better than I ever have," said James Reyne.

"Why is that?" asked Gus.

"I'm better at it, I sort of know what I'm doing even though I'm still learning and I know how to look after myself on the road which helps," he explained.  

James came in and played two Aussie Crawl classics, 1983's "Reckless" and 1981's "Oh No Not Your Again".

James Reyne - Oh No Not You Again Uploaded at 22 May, 2015 - 7:05AM

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Rock, Shock

Aussie Crawl front man James Reyne came into the Triple M Garage to do an acoustic version of his 1981 classic "Oh No Not Your Again"

In this video: James Reyne


The boys also brought up another recnent musical "similarity" they heard between Aussie Crawl and a classic band.

Crawl's "Daughter's Of The Northern Coast" and Nirvana classic "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - have a listen below.

Upcoming Gigs

Jame Reyne is also playing some Aussie Crawl classics and some new solo stuff over the next few months, dates and details are below, purchase tickets here.

Jul 11   James Reyne & The Magnificent Few (New Band) @ The Newtown Social  Club - Sydney

Aug 14  The Palms @ Crown w/ Pseudo Echo - Melbourne

Aug 15            The Palms @ Crown w/ Pseudo Echo Melbourne          

Aug 22  The Enmore Theatre w/ Pseudo Echo - Sydney            

Aug 28            The Tivoli - Brisbane                                 

Aug 29            The Tivoli - Brisbane                                 

Sep 05            The Astor Theatre - Perth                           

Sep 11            The Gov w/ Pseudo Echo - Adelaide

Sep 12            The Gov w/ Pseudo Echo - Adelaide           

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Posted: 21 May, 2015

Gussy Fires Up Over Steve Price's Cyclists Rant

He didn't take too kindly to the outspoken 2GB presenters views on cyclists.

Mayor Clover Moore is back with another brilliant 'Clover' idea, first it was the million dollar giant milk crate and now it's a bike lane to the airport... seriously?!

Not everyone is happy with the idea, Steve Price on Channel 10's The Project called it a "dumb idea" and joked that there need to be some "stern words" with the airlines if people in lycra are going to be let onto planes.

Gussy isn't against the idea but he did fire up over Priceys rant against road warriors.... being one himself.

"I am coming out and saying I am a bike rider," laughed Gussy.

"The simple fact is, have you ever tried to be a bike rider if you haven't got any money? What he's saying there is absolute rubbish," said Gussy.

Watch the full video of Gussy and Pricey going toe to toe below.

Gussy Takes On Steve Price Uploaded at 21 May, 2015 - 12:26PM

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Rock, Shock

In this video: Gus Worland, Matty Johns, Mark "MG" Geyer, Steve Price

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Posted: 20 May, 2015

Aussie Jihadis Want To Return Home

Should we allow them to come back after going overseas to places like Syria.

It's one of the biggest security issues Australia is facing these days, home-grown terrorism.

There has been a rise in incidents involving Australians who have become indoctrinated into terrorist organisations either here at home or involved in fighting overseas in places like Syria and Iraq.

With the recent news that three Aussie jihadists have requested to return to Australia after training and potentially fighting in Syria, we now have to face the difficult question of 'do we let them back in?'

On the Triple M Sydney Grill Team the boys had some strong opinions on the issue and wanted to get some insight into the differing opinions with some people appealing to let them be repatriated and rehabilitate with other calling for incarceration or cancellation of their passports.

The first caller they talked to was Dr. Clark Jones, an expert on de-radicalization at the University of ANU who is calling to let them in.

"Hey Dr. first of all should we be allowing these three boys to come home?"

"I think they need to be assessed very closely I think those that have been not involved with the brutal activity of the Islamic State certainly should be given some sort of consideration, not all have gone to fight on the front line," said Dr. Jones.

On the other side we had a caller, Mary from Roselands who has a first hand experience of the atrocities over in Syria with her nephews brutally murdered by militant extremists.

"Who's to say these guys aren't going to come back here and use their 'professionalism' and do some sort of attack here in Australia? I'm pretty sure these guys are pretty trained up to keep their mouth shut," said Mary.


Should We Let Aussie Jihadi's Back In? Uploaded at 20 May, 2015 - 12:17PM

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Rock, Shock

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Posted: 19 May, 2015

Supergrass On Ricky Stuart And NRL Billion Dollar TV Rights

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

It also seems that Raiders coach Ricky Stuart still holds a grudge.

"A certain NRL commentator made the pretty obvious comment back in February that Ricky would be under pressure going into this season," said Supergrass.

"Well, that same commentator went up and tried to interview Ricky after a recent win and he was told in no uncertain terms to f*** off. And it seems he hasn't got over those comments from earlier in the year." Listen to the full audio below.

Also, the NRL's television rights are up for review at the end of next year and it looks like one of the TV networks has already made a significant offer to the NRL that's about half a billion more than what they got last time.

"It's actually been knocked back by the NRL and what this could mean is that any network could be hosting it," said Supergrass, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

Matty Johns believes the offer is closer to $2 billion and if the NRL get more money they'll look to share products like Origin, NRL and Test mataches across different broadcasters.

"$1.5 [billion] has been offered I believe and they've knocked it back. The NRL are of the belief that they'll get closer to $2 billion, it's quite unbelievable," said Matty.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- John Singleton, long time owner of 2GB and share owner of 2UE and one of his radio hosts recently commentated on that 'lunch' incident and has possibly put their job in jeopardy.

- Pirates Of The Caribbean is now a frosty set after Depp's 'dog-gate' and he supposedly hasn't shown up since the incident started and people are getting paid to just wait around.

- Daniel MacPherson is out as the Dancing with the Stars host and could potentially be replaced by Jo Griggs, Luke Jacob, Larry Emdur or Andrew O'Keefe.

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Posted: 19 May, 2015

Matty's Makes Television Gold After The '97 Grand Final

This is how you celebrate one of the greatest moments in Newcastle Knights history.

Matty Johns and Joey Johns in their glory days. Beaming on national TV at 6am on the Sunrise show after the 97" grand final 󾌴󾌴󾌴

Posted by Jesse Bush on Monday, May 18, 2015

Andrew Johns and Matthew Johns, good wholesome boys, Newcastle legends and winners of the 1997 Grand Final.

It was one of the greatest moments in their sporting careers but what happened after was one of the greatest moments in television when Channel Seven's Natalie Barr interview the day after the GF with a very happy Matthew Johns.

You've got to watch the whole way through to see every hilarious bit from Andrew Johns streaking in the background, to Matty describing the feeling of winning "better than Lego" and both the Johns boys really struggling to keep it together after some massive celebrations.

After the clip was finally found again by Fletch and aired on Foxsport's Monday Night with Matty Johns the boys decided to get Natalie Barr back on the show to relive the great moment.

"It was six o'clock in the morning and it'd been a hard days night. That was the days of 3pm grand finals so the moment we finished the game the whole town just partied," explained Matty Johns.


Newcastle Knights vs Manly Sea Eagles - '97 Grand Final

Manly Sea Eagles v Newcastle Knights - Grand Final, 1997


Andrew Johns - NSW Blues Bonding Night : The Untold Stories - State of Origin Exclusive 'Mad Monday' : The Untold Stories - Grand Final Exclusive

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