Posted: 6 March, 2015

"Godfather of Shock Rock" Alice Cooper Interview On The Grill Team

With his upcoming tour with Motley Crue, Cooper joined the boys to tell them about the good days, the bad days and rock and roll life.

Alice Cooper's come close to death a number of times and he's also set a 24 mile cross-country running record in high-school when he was 17.

Basically, he's a man who's lived many different lives, and with his upcoming tour with Mötley Crüe and also an upcoming documentary, the boys had Cooper on the show to explain to them just who is Alice Cooper.

He told them about the good times, the bad times, the drugs and one concert (that featured a defecating snake and vomiting clowns) that Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols called the "greatest thing I've ever seen", listen to the full interview below.

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Triple M Presents... Mötley Crüe 'The Final Tour'

Get all your tour and ticket information for Motley Crue's Australian tour.

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Posted: 5 March, 2015

Derryn Hinch Supports The Death Penalty For Bali 9 Duo

It's an issue that divides the nation but Derryn Hinch isn't holding back his opinion.

With Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran nearing their last hours, the debate for or against their execution continues to rage across the country with some very heated and opposing opinions.

Derryn Hinch is a man known for not holding his opinion back and his view is that the death penalty is warranted in this case, that Chan and Sukumaran are getting what they deserve for breaking the law in Indonesia and are subject to their decisions.

A poll that came out recently said that 52% of people supported the death penalty for these two young men (however that number could have changed) and Hinch was in agreement.

"The fact that the process is so out there now, this president's making a big deal of it, we're starting just to soften our approach a little bit, we're just wondering if you've softened your approach in any way?" Gus asked Hinch.

"No I have not, I agree with the 52%," said Derryn.

"This is Indonesia, this is their rules and this is what they knew they were getting into to," he explained.

It was definitely a very heated argument, with Derryn arguing for and the Grillers arguing against the death sentence for these two boys, listen back to the full interview below.

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Posted: 5 March, 2015

Truth Or Drink YouTube Series Reveals Secrets You Didn't Want To Know

The online series reveals some hilarious

Truth or Drink - Episode 3: Genie & Ralph (The Producer's Parents)

On The Grill Team today we heard some hilarious audio of this revealing YouTube series, "Truth Or Drink".

The concept is pretty simple, it's the same as 'truth or dare', however if you can't answer the question you have to take a shot, so basicially you just get drunker and you're more likely to choose truth (or not be able to lie).

Some of the latest video's had the producers and directors' granparents taking the challenge and with the questions focussing on their sex life it made for some pretty bloody awkward situations.

"It's good to know at that age, the drive is still there," joked Matty.

"If you talk to our kids, they don't want to know about our sex lives," said Gus.

"...and I don't want to inform them," laughed Matty.

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Posted: 4 March, 2015

"Sam's One Of The Good Ones" Larry Emdur On Sam Armytage

He came into to catch up with the boys about Channel Seven, getting fit and rumours about Samantha Armytage.

Larry Emdur is a top bloke who's been on Australian television for a long, long time.

He's well known the ex-host of the The Price Is Right and has been on television for 25+ years but has been taking on new challenges in the last couple of years.

Now he's the current host of The Morning Show with Kylie Gillies, Larry Emdur and has also been celebrating many personal milestones lately such as turning, 50, 20 years of marriage and getting 'the fittest he's ever been' for a cover of Men's Health Magazine.

As a long time friend of the Grillers, Emdur came into catch up with the boys, he also shed some light on the latest Channel Seven gossip about Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage and her rumoured backstage bust-up.

"You're looking good," said Gus.

"I've done what no 50 year old should do, up against 30 year old elite athletes and taken my shirt off [for Men's Health]," said Emdur about his recent cover (see below).

"Larry, what is Samantha Armytage like? Because I'll be honest with you, you read a lot of stuff," asked Matty.

"Guys I've been in this business for 30 years now, and I can say, hand on heart, Sam's one of the good ones. I don't know where this stuff is coming from," said Emdur.

"She's been in here three or four times and we love her," said MG.

"I would never name names or tell stories but there are people there [Channel Seven] who behave much worse," explained Larry.

Listen back to the full interview with the boys and Emdur defending Armytage, a colleague and a friend he's worked with for a long time.


Have you all got your Feb issue of @womensweeklymag yet??? 😘

A photo posted by Samantha Armytage (@sam_armytage) on

OSCARS #redCarpet ❤️ Thx @rachelgilbertau ❤️ #Nader jewels

A photo posted by Samantha Armytage (@sam_armytage) on

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Posted: 4 March, 2015

Australia Sends 300 More 'Training' Troops To Iraq

Australian expert on the Middle East, journalist Michael Ware explains what is going on.

(Ware during a live news cross:

To go in or not to go in? That is the question surrounding the Australian armed forces and whether or not they are to send more forces overseas to deal with the Islamic State.

There are arguments for and against going back to these areas to deal with the current threats.

With the news that there are 300 more troops being sent to Iraq to help train the Iraqi's elite Counter Terrorism Service who are dealing with the current IS threat.

The big question is whether this commitment will also lead to a larger show of force overseas.

On The Grill Team the boys had a friend of the show and someone who knows the details of the situation inside and out, Time Magazine Baghdad Bureau Chief and Australian journalist Michael Ware.

You might remember Ware from previous times he's been on the show and his amazing near death story where he was captured in Iraq and almost beheaded in the street back in 2004.

"This is strictly a training operation, it's been made clear that our boys will not be going 'outside the wire' to fight and quite frankly given the situation in Iraq, that's probably appropriate," Michael explained.

"We're not geared up to go in there and actually starting fighting the Islamic State, not our Aussie diggers, we don't have the resources available," he explained.

"What about people who say, 'we're sending another 300 troops, that might make [another] Lindt cafe siege more likely to happen'?" asked Gus.

"Look at France, France isn't deploying in the way that we are and look what happened there with the attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo," said Michael.

(Ware is supposedly one of the only Western journalist to escape a beheading:

"These guys are targeting us in some ways, whether we are part of a coalition or not... We're very much just 'bit' players in the story in Iraq, so really the risk to our troops will be limited and the gains will be about continuing our closeness with the US."

Michael also told the boys about what he's expecting to happen over the next couple of years in the Middle East.


Ware On Triple M

Michael Ware taken hostage by terror group ISIS in Iraq

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Posted: 3 March, 2015

Supergrass On A Footballer's Gambling Problem, MKR, Jerry Seinfeld & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

The Gold Coast has just recovered from the cocaine scandal and now there is another scandal on the horizon with rumours that a high profile Gold Coast footballer has a gambling problem and is 'turning over' up to $300,000 each month on an online gambling account.

"Turning over means you are spending some new money and some winnings but either way it's a lot of money," said Supergrass.

"Another feel good story in rugby league," MG joked.

"[Maybe] some dodgy AFL bloke?" asked Gus.

"Yeah I think it might be AFL," laughed MG.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- MKR are trying to phase out judge Pete Evans with another judge to come in next season.

- Supposedly Mark Ferguson, Channel Seven's 6pm news reader has been put on notice. Two other names put up for the job Sandra Sully and Georgie Gardner.

- There are fictitious stories coming out of Channel Seven with one saying that Sam Armitage abused a makeup artist. Supposedly this 'star' will be sacked by the end of the week.

- Lastly, Jerry Seinfeld is rumoured to be coming to Australia in the end of the year.

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Posted: 27 February, 2015

Rise Against Crash Triple M

Rise Against are in the country supporting the Foo Fighters, we had them in the studio for an acoustic version of "Sudden Life"

Rise Against are in the country supporting the Foo Fighters, we had them in the studio for an acoustic version of "Sudden Life".

The Chicago rockers took a bit of a slower pace when they came in for a Triple M Garage Session.

It was just vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath and lead guitarist Zach Blair with two acoustic guitars and they put on an absolutely great performance.

Rise Against - Sudden Life Uploaded at 27 February, 2015 - 8:39AM

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Rock, Shock

Rise Against came into the Triple M garage to play their 2014 track "Sudden Life".


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Posted: 26 February, 2015

Slash Makes Himself At Home In The Triple M Offices

Did Slash steal something from the Triple M offices when he was last in?

(Slash poses for a photo in front of a Dr Dan graffiti logo with fangirl Ugly Phil: Triple M)

Slash is an absolute legend around the Triple M offices.

Every time he's in Australia he comes round, says hello and hangs out, he's pretty much part of the furniture these days.

So when Slash was in the other day to be on Merrick's new show Merrick... and Australia, a pretty funny thing happened, his missus spied something that she wanted and asked us if she could have it.

The item was a framed picture of Led Zepplin's Celebration Day album/concert poster signed by none other than Jimmy Page.

...and of course we gave it to her, it's Slash's missus!

On The Grill Team, Matty had a different view of things, he reckons Slash stole it but who're we to deny the ex-Guns N' Roses legend.


Led Zeppelin - Black Dog - Celebration Day [OFFICIAL]

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Posted: 26 February, 2015

Another Reason To Like Aussie Actress Margot Robbie

She's a beautiful young Aussie killing it in Hollywood and she also likes AC/DC.

Focus - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

Margot Robbie is the young, beautiful Aussie actress, star of The Wolf of Wall Street and the next big thing in Hollywood.

The 24 year-old has seemingly come out of nowhere in the last couple of years, going from Neighbours to a starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street in her breakout role.

Now after one role it looks like Margot is killing it in LA, with another film alongside another one of Hollywood's biggest actors, Will Smith in new film Focus.

The boys caught up with the country girl (she's from Dalby, QLD) to talk about acting in Hollywood films, the Wolf of Wall Street and if you didn't like her already, you have to listen back to her requesting AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long".

"What about some of these people you've acted with, Will Smith, incredible, but Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie of the year 'The Wold Of Wall Street' alongside Jonah Hill, what was it like working with those guys?" asked Matty.

"They're awesome... it was like I inherited a bunch of older brothers suddenly and everyone kind of took me under their wing," explained Margot.

"Are the rumours about Tarzan true, are you going to be Jane in Tarzan?" the boys asked.

"Oh yeah we already shot that," said Margot.

"Tarzan tell us about that, what's that about?" joked Matty.

Listen back to Margot Robbie requesting her favourite rock song, AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" - what a legend. 


Margot Robbie on The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street Hot Scene Margot Robbi

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Posted: 25 February, 2015

Gus Sings "Let Me Entertain You"

In honour of the NRL 2015 launch, we've found some hilarious vintage Gussy footage.

The NRL are launching their 2015 season with Robbie Williams. 

The "Let Me Entertain You Singer" has been seen as a questionable choice with the recent 'scandals' but that's not what we're hear to tell you about, the big thing from the show today was something that the boys remembered.

Gus sang "Let Me Entertain You" back in the day on a Foxtel special called "Singing In The Office" (don't worry we've never heard of it either)..... believe it or not we've got the footage.

There is a little hilarious intro by the legend Molly Meldrum and then about 30 seconds on you'll see Gus performing on stage with comedian Julia Morris.

This is something that has to be seen to be believed, this is vintage Worland embarrassing himself on live tv.

More Of Gus Singing

Gus Sings "It's Raining Men" Uploaded at 22 July, 2014 - 9:31AM

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Rock, Shock

Sneaky video filmed by Matty Johns on the Hume Highway of Gus singing "It's Raining Men".

Gus One Show Only Live Uploaded at 30 August, 2013 - 5:30PM

See more: Gus, Allphones Arena, Gus Live

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Rock, Shock

Gus thinks he's so good he can fill a complete Arena they've arranged for him to perform live.

In this video: Gus

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Posted: 24 February, 2015

What's The Best Beach In Sydney?

A Trip Advisor poll has rated the best Aussie beaches, with only one Sydney beach in the Top 10.

(Manly beach was voted Australia's 5th best beach: Getty Images)

Everyone knows that one of the best things about Australia is its beaches.

It's something that we pride ourselves on and even creates a bit of interstate competition.

So who has the best beaches in Aus, is it New South Wales, Queensland, the wild card Western Australia or maybe Victoria?! 

Just kidding, Victoria's beaches are shit.

On The Grill Team a listener Ben from Bondi tweeted the boys a list of the best Australian beached as polled by Trip Advisor.

Unfortunately Sydney only had one in the top 10 and it was..... Manly?!?!

"Mate I think Manly is better than Bondi," said Matty.

"What about Coogee and Maroubra and those ones, I think they're better than Bondi," said Gus.

"What is the best beach in Sydney?" asked Matty.

Listen back to see what the boys vote for their favourite beaches in Sydney.


Top 10 Beaches in Australia

1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, QLD

2. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth, WA

3. Cable Beach, Broome, WA

4. Burleigh Heads Beach, Burleigh Heads, QLD

5. Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW

6. Noosa Main Beach, Noosa, QLD

7. Cottesloe Beach, Cottesloe, WA

8. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, QLD

9. Surfer’s Paradise Beach, Surfers Paradise, QLD

10. Coolangatta Beach, Coolangatta, QLD

(Whitehaven beach in 

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Posted: 24 February, 2015

Supergrass On NRL Drugs Scandal, I'm A Celebrity, The Voice & More

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

supergrass, gold coast titans drugs

Well, there's plenty going on in Australian sport and this bloke, Supergrass, has got some explosive stuff for us.

The cocaine scandal has rocked the sporting landscape on the Gold Coast and Queensland but Supergrass says the "next 48-72 hours is going to really take off and go to another level."

"There is really strong word around Queensland about the next person that will be caught and tied up in this cocaine scandal," said Supergrass, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

"I can't name names but it's going to make Karmichael Hunt seem insignificant."

Now there is a lot of rumour going around at the moment, but how close to the truth is Supergrass?

"Ok, there is a Queensland media outlet that currently has a reporter out the front of this person's house 24-hours-a-day waiting for him to return," revealed Supergrass. Listen to the full audio below.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- The Sydney Morning Herald only has a year left of the paper version.
- Jodhi Meares is reportedly considering going onto 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' as an intruder.
- Sonia Kruger announced as the co-host of The Voice... and Darren McMullen (the other host) is not happy.

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