Posted: 30 January, 2015

New Socceroo Igor Sonavitch

How well do you know the latest member of the Socceroos?

On Saturday the Socceroos will be taking on South Korea in the Asian Cup Final.

The boys have done a great job to get to the final especially with a very fresh and young squad that is markedly different from the side that made the 2006 World Cup Knockout Stage.

The Grillers are bloody excited for the final but they realised that they didn't know many of the new players in the side and that it seems like a lot of people didn't know them either.

We had some tickets to give away so we decided to get our favourite fictional Socceroo 'Igor Sonavitch' to give them away...

The Grill Team Unveil New 'Socceroo' Igor Sonavitch


The Young Socceroo Squad

Keeper: Mat Ryan (22) replaced Mark Schwarzer (42)
Ryan has taken over from arguably Australia's best keeper, a tough job but he's coming into form.

Defender: Matthew Spiranovic (26) replaced Lucas Neill (36)
Ex-captain Lucas Neill was the main man in defence, now Spiranovic is the rock at the back.

Defender: Trent Sainsbury (23) replaced Sasa Ognenovski (35)
Sainsbury is the new young gun at the back, he had a great semi-final against UAE.

Defender: Jason Davidson (23) replaced David Carney (31)
Davidson started his duties in the last World Cup but has really begun to fit the role.

Midfield: Massimo Luongo (22) replaced Brett Holman (30)
Luongo has injected some needed youth into the midfield.

Attack: Matthew Leckie (23) replaced Archie Thompson (36)
Leckie is the new Thompson, pace, skill and a constant hunger for the ball.

Australia v South Korea - Sat 31st Jan / 8:00pm - Watch here

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Posted: 29 January, 2015

Scientists Prove A Night Out With Mates Is Beneficial To Health

And now we don't need to make up so many excuses to go to the pub!

Scientists have proven that going out with mates (e.g. to the pub) is beneficial to a man's health, even more so than a night with your partner.

Well, we didn't really NEED scientists to prove this, but it's pretty great to have science on our side with this one, just in case.

"According to the research male bonding is more likely to lower men's stress levels... than a night out with his partner," explained Gussy.

"I have better nights just going out with me and the missus because it happens very rarely," responded MG.

Matty also agreed with MG saying "I can have my cake and eat it too" meaning that he can go out with his wife and his mates and have a good time.

They also talked to a Dr Tanveer Ahmed who explained that the science is quite important for men's health and doesn't have to mean that men are ''chauvinists''.

So next time you have to explain to your partner why you're just "popping off for a pint", you can just say your doing it on "doctor's orders".

Dr Tanveer Ahmed Explains The Benefits Of Hanging Out With Your Mates

Creative Excuses For Going To The Pub*

- The brewing industry alone employs 1.7 million people and that’s a lot of mouths to feed.

- Your favourite bar stool needs just one more sitting to break it in.

- Without your brilliant wit and charm all those poor bartenders will be so dreadfully bored.

- After what you did last time, you gotta go back out there and explain yourself.

- You can bet something really important and worthy of celebration happened on this day at sometime or another.

- Your friends can’t have a good time without you.

- Your friends might have a good time without you.

- Churchill and FDR got drunk, Hitler didn’t. So what are you, some kind of Nazi?

*Please note we're not promoting excessing drinking or alcoholism, if you think you have a problem with drinking please head to

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Posted: 29 January, 2015

Footy Show Rumour

Triple M's Supergrass delivers another week of rumour and innuendo.

Triple M's Supergrass has delivered The Grill Team another week of rumour and innuendo, including rumours former Aussie cricketer Michael Slater was forced out of the Footy Show to give sports reporter Erin Molan a bigger role on the show.

"There are stories doing the rounds in the media industry that Michael Slater didn't leave on his own terms and that he was in fact pushed, giving Erin Molan a bigger role," said Supergrass, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

"Channel Nine believe Erin Molan brings in a completely different audience and that's why they've pushed her to have a bigger presence." Listen to the full audio below.

Other stories on the Supergrass table include:

- Nick Kyrgios brother Christos reportedly charging up to $2000 for interviews.

- Stephanie Rice appearing on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'.

- Top Gear boys in Australia have caused controversy with their segment in the NT.

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Posted: 29 January, 2015

The KFC Double Down Dog

This is the latest concoction from KFC... would you eat this?

It's KFC's latest concoction, the Double Down Dog.

It's a hotdog wrapped in a chicken fillet "bun" stuffed with cheese, and you can only get it in the Philippines.

The boys (mostly Gus) heard about it and were pretty intrigued to see how it tastes, so they put the call out for any Grill Team fans in the Philippines to give it a try.

Grill Team listener Doug saw MG's tweet about the Double Down and decided to give it a try, you can see his video review below.


The Boys Discover The Double Down Dog


Doug Tries The KFC Double Down Dog

Satta's Triple M Grill Team KFC Double Down Dog Challenge! @GrillTeam

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Posted: 28 January, 2015

Socceroos Coach Ange Postecoglou On The Grill Team

"We'll be the ones attacking" Ange Postecoglou tells the Grillers ahead of the Asian Cup Final.

Come on boys, you can do it! Let's hope Timmy Cahill can replicate his amazing scissor kick (watch below) in tomorrow night's Asian Cup Final against South Korea.

Australia v South Korea - Sat 31st Jan / 8:00pm - Watch here

Tim Cahill scores bicycle kick for Australia

The Grill Team With Ange Postecoglou

The Socceroos are into the Asian Cup Final, beating out the United Arab Emirates for the chance to take on South Korea on Saturday the 31st.

Last night they earned their spot in the final, defeating UAE 2-0 and today, head coach Ange Postecoglou was on The Grill Team to explain to the boys about the win and how the Socceroos are gearing up for the final.

"Congratulations on your team's performance last night, what a wonderful start..." said Gus Worland.

"Good morning guys, yeah it was a perfect start, a couple of goals early, which kind of settled the nerves a little bit," explained Ange.

The Socceroos will be taking on South Korea, who beat Australia 1-0 in the group stages back on Jan 17th.

"Korea are traditionally one of the powerhouses of Asian football, they haven't won one [Asian Cup] for a while, they haven't conceded a goal yet so they're a pretty tough team to crack but... it should be a great match up," Postecoglou told the boys.

"They are a great side... they were known as a great attacking side... skilful and like a lot of the Asian teams, a fast team but as you said before mate, that defense, it's been water tight, how're you going to break it down?" Matty Johns asked Postecoglou.

"We've been pretty hard to stop, in the game we played against them we created a number of opportunities on that night and look... there won't be any secrets about how we approach things, we'll be the ones attacking and trying to break them and with 80,000 behind us we'll hopefully be able to get over the line," explained Ange.

The Grillers full interview with Socceroos Coach Ange Postecoglou


Socceroos vs UAE Highlights

SF2: Australia vs UAE - AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015

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Posted: 27 January, 2015

Chris Kyle, The Real American Sniper

A new movie depicts the epic life of decorated American sniper Chris Kyle.

(Lookalikes Chris Kyle (L) the real American Sniper and actor Bradley Cooper (R): Getty Images)

It's the biggest film in the world at the moment, Clint Eastwood's American Sniper.

American actor Bradley Cooper portrays infamous American navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle during his time as one of America's most decorated and deadly snipers and then his struggle afterward with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"It's an incredible movie," said Matty.

"There's been talk about it glamorising war but I think it does totally the opposite when you see what this guy went through and it is a true story, he killed 160 men... but what he goes through with his post traumatic stress disorder it's just god awful."

"I think to a certain degree it does glamorise war the fact that, if you're an American who's a decent shot you can become a hero and he became a hero, he's called 'Legend' amongst the group," said Gus.

Listen to the boys discuss the movie below.

American Sniper Movie Trailer

American Sniper - Official Trailer 2 [HD]


Facts About Chris Kyle, The Real American Sniper

All facts come from the website HLNTV.

1. The Navy turned him away. When Kyle first went to enlist in 1996, he was denied because of surgical pins in his arm, the result of a rodeo injury.

2. Speaking of which... Kyle was a member of his Texas high school's rodeo team, according to the Dallas Morning News. After school, he became a professional bronco rider until the injury that necessitated those surgical pins ended his career.

3. His younger brother was his "best friend," according to Kyle's wife, Taya. Despite a four-year age gap, Chris and Jeff Kyle were especially close growing up and throughout their lives. The two competed in rodeos together and even joined the military around the same time, with Jeff enlisting in the Marines.

4. Chris Kyle received his first gun when he was 8. In his biography, "The Life and Legend of Chris Kyle," Michael J. Mooney writes that at "about the same time he was learning to read, he was learning to shoot. Little Chris had a bolt-action .30-06 that he later admitted scared him a bit."

5. He went into business after battle. Upon completing four tours of duty in Iraq, Kyle co-founded the law enforcement training company, Craft International. However after his death, Craft went bankrupt and Taya Kyle has sued the company for continuing to use the name and image of her late husband for marketing and apparel sales.

6. "The Body" slammed Chris Kyle in court. In the memoir upon which "American Sniper" was based, Kyle says he brawled with ex-Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and knocked out the former pro wrestler outside a California restaurant. Last summer, Ventura was awarded $1.8 million in a defamation lawsuit after a jury found Kyle's published claim to be false.

7. Speaking of which... Despite frequent claims that "American Sniper" book proceeds would go to help families of U.S. service members, trial testimony revealed almost all of it went to the Kyles. KTVT reported Taya Kyle cried frequently while testifying that gift-tax restrictions prevented them from donating more than $100,000 of the more than $3 million the book earned in royalties.

8. "Chris Kyle" is the law. In 2013, Texas passed a bill that allows veterans who are training to become police officers to fast-track through parts of the police academy if they prove they already possess the equivalent required skills from their time in the military. Before he was killed, Kyle was working to join the force. A police chief said an officer would have had "to supervise Chris Kyle for 60 hours of gun range training. Seemed a little silly." The law is known as the "Chris Kyle Bill."

Chris Kyle's Wife Thanks Cast and Crew of American Sniper

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Posted: 27 January, 2015

Steve Smith On The Grill Team

He's had a stellar couple of months of cricket, leading from the front as interim captain.

In the last year, Steve Smith has been one of the best cricketers in the world, amassing an incredible 1756 runs at an average of 67.54.

With the summer of cricket coming to a close and the Alan Border Medal being announced tonight, we had Smithy on The Grill Team to tell us about his stellar year.

"Yeah looking forward to AB tonight and then off to Perth on Thursday for the final on Sunday," said Smith.

"Hopefully end the tri-series well and it's been some good preparations for the big World Cup coming up."

"Now look Steve, though absolutely no fault of your own, probably because of how well you've done as Australian skipper... all of a sudden a debate's started 'Smith or Clarke?'... How does that affect your relationship with Michael Clarke?" asked Matty.

"Look me and Michael are fine I know that I am just in there temporarily at the moment and I was lucky enough to do a pretty good job of it I think so... I'm looking forward to him coming back and leading the side again," said Smith.

Smith also talked about his 'style' of captaincy, leading from the front and his form in the past year. Listen to the rest of the interview below.

Steve Smith on The Grill Team


Aussie Cricketer Steve Smith at Triple M


In the second part of the interview the boys decided to have a bit of fun with Smithy. Playing the game, "How Aussie, is our Aussie cricket captain?"

They asked Smithy some questions like, "What is Donald Bradman's test cap number?" and "What Vitamin is Vegemite high in?' so have a listen back below to see how he went.

Steve Smith Plays "How Aussie, is our Aussie cricket captain?"


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Posted: 23 January, 2015

Man Fined For Flying Drones

Queensland man fined after his drone was seen on YouTube

A bloke has been fined $850 for flying a drone.

It's believed the Queensland man was issued the fine after authorities saw his drone use via the videos he uploaded to YouTube.

As you can see in the notice below, he was fined for “operating a model aircraft over a populous area at a height less than the height from which, if any of its components fails, it would be able to clear the area.”



A CASA spokesperson said fines can range anywhere from $850 (breaching basic guidelines) to $8,000 (“reckless operation”).

“If you injure someone, CASA can also seek prosecution," said Mr Gibson, from CASA.

drone, fine


CASA regulations state that hobbyists who fly for no commercial gain cannot fly their drones:
- Within three nautical miles of an airport
- Above 400 feet in controlled airspace (large towns and cities)
- Over populous areas
- Within 30 meters of people
- At night

It's understood the drone above is now for sale on Gumtree.

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Posted: 23 January, 2015

Man's Unusual Letterbox Stolen

But it's not no ordinary letterbox… it's a letterbox shaped as a submarine!

MG shared this Facebook post from a Triple M listener who had his letterbox stolen. But it's not no ordinary letterbox… it's a letterbox shaped as a submarine!


Photo: Andrew Wilkinson Facebook

It's believed the letterbox was stolen from outside the bloke's home in Rouse Hill some time between 9pm and midnight on Thursday night.

"There isn't another one in the world like it. I know that because I designed it and with the help of my friends had it built to commemorate my many years service to the commonwealth in submarines," Andrew said, on his Facebook page

It has a different number on the letterbox but there is a reward being offered. For more info go to:


Photo: Andrew Wilkinson Facebook

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Posted: 23 January, 2015

Ticketed For Eating A Cheeseburger

There's the old saying "don't drink and drive" but no-one ever said "don't eat and drive".

(Ticketed for eating a Double Cheeseburger in America news report: USA Today)

Bloody hell, what're they going to give us tickets for next? If you're a fan of the old Macca's drive-thru, you might want to think twice about having a bite while driving home.

In both America and Australia it isn't 'illegal' but the fuzz can get around it by ticketing you for 'careless driving'.

On The Grill Team, Matty told the boys this story about the poor feller in America who was caught, and of course they've all done it too, Gus seems to be an expert.

"Have you ever eaten a cheeseburger or a big mac while driving?" asked Matty Johns.

"I had a manual car as a youngster...Big Macs are tough, they're a two hand situation," said Gus.

"You once said you had a cheeseburger in either hand and you were driving with your knees ," joked Matty.

You should also hear what Gussy used to do with bluetack, a thickshake and a novelty straw! Listen below.


MacDonalds Japan Promotional 'Potato Holder'

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Posted: 23 January, 2015

Double Dick Dude

He has a thing called Diphallia which basically means, he's got two dicks!

(Photo: Volker Otten / Getty Images)

Early last year a very interesting story surfaced on the internet, about a man with two penises (medical name Diphallia) calling himself the "Double Dick Dude".

It was one of the most open, obscure and out there medical stories that a lot of people have seen and now Double Dick Dude has now written a memoir about his life with....well....two dicks.

On The Grill Team the boys were able to skype the diphallic dude and ask him some pretty candid questions about what life is like with two penises.

(Double Dick Dude's new memoir "Double Header": Google Images)

"Who has a greater appreciation for it? The dudes or the gals?" asked Matty.

"It's more difficult to get women comfortable with them most times, women tend to doubt it or think that you're full of it until they see it," explained Double Dick Dude.

"I had one girl thought it was fake and try to pull off one...when she realised it was real she freaked out...guys are much more accepting," he told the boys.

Listen to the full interview below.


**NSFW - Diphallic Dude Photo (Blurred)**

If you want to see the full thing, head to his twitter @DiphallicDude

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Posted: 22 January, 2015

The Grill Team Lookalikes

Did you know that MG is also a model who goes to Milan Fashion week?

Well this is bloody surprising, we had no idea MG is also a model who often frequents Milan Fashion Week.

We were sent this photo from a friend of The Grill Team of this MG lookalike, spotted in Milan.

So we started thinking, who're the dead ringers for the Grillers lookalikes? Here's what we came up with...

French Newsreader David Pujadas & Matty Johns

Mark Geyer & This Guy At Milan Fashion Week

Matty Johns & Comedian Anh Do

Gus Worland & Some Other Guy On A Bike

Lookalikes Spotted On Social Media

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