Posted: 17 October, 2016 by Triple M Grill Team

'NZ Coach 'Forgot' About Taumalolo'

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During Saturday's test, The Kangaroo's forward pack dominated what was billed as the biggest and best pack New Zealand had ever had. The Triple M Grill Team has revealed that NZ's Coach Kidwell forgetting he had the world's best player Taumalolo on the bench helped the domination.

“Luckily they got their interchange wrong as well,” Matty Johns said “They had Taumalolo on the bench for most of the second half and you’re going, ‘What? What?’."

“The best player in the comp, the best forward in the comp and you’ve got him sitting on the bench getting splinters in his arse” MG said.

Kidwell left Taumalolo on the bench for much of the second half, Kidwell has come out and admitted he made a blunder and forgot he had Taumalolo sitting there.

Matty Johns and MG dissected all the issues out of the test match. Listen to the full audio below.

- The debutants performance
- Kidwells blunder
- Mal's selection headache
- The game vs Scotland
- Game's in Perth
- The one referee


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