Meet the Grill Team. Mark Geyer, Matty Johns and Gus Worland.

Matty Johns - Lovable Larrikin & Footy Legend

Hailing from Cessnock, Matty is famous for his playing days with the Newcastle Knights and was part of the winning squad in the 1995 Rugby League World Cup. Since his retirement from NRL, Matty Johns has remained a Sydney favourite with regular appearances on The Footy Show and his very own The Matty Johns Show on Channel Seven.

Gus Worland - World's Biggest Sports Fan

Gus is a father of three, married to a Pommy girl, and is arguably Australia's biggest sports fan. The bloke's a bit soft, he has never had a fight in his life and cries when he steps on an ant - but we love him anyway. You might have seen Gus on FOXTEL's hit show, An Aussie Goes Barmy.

Mark Geyer - Former League Bad Boy & The Heart Of Penrith

MG has listened to Triple M since Doug Mulray ruled and is still a fanatical follower of the M's. Our resident rugby league icon (he's played for the Panthers, NSW and Australia), NRL's bad boy turned family man loves life like you wouldn’t believe.

Grill Team Photo Diary 2012

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