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Home Grown Band Of The Week

This week: The Ramshackle Army

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Image: The Ramshackle Army

Here at Triple M, we’re proud of our commitment to Australian music, and it is our desire, nay, pledge to you that we’ll scour the length and breadth of this girt by sea big brown land to bring the latest and best Australian music we can find.

Tune into Home Grown Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne On Air Sunday 6-8pm local times.

Hand picked by Triple M’s Jane Gazzo, this week’s Home Grown Band Of The Week is The Ramshackle Army.

Hometown: Melbourne

Formed: 2010

Gaz - Vocals
Kat - Fiddle
Josh – Banjo/Mandolin
Nath - Guitar
James - Bass
Chad - Drums


Song:Foreign Soil’  


Wherever there is a banjo or fiddle, there is fun. And I aint talkin’ a Mumford and Sons concert.

Proper Celtic influenced punk rock is as infectious as it is entertaining and The Ramshackle Army seem to have the party vibes down pat with their latest tune ‘Foreign Soil’.

Lead singer Gaz Byrne says the song is fast and aggressive and driven by the banjo but it has a message: “It’s not overly political but it’s about people heading across the water to fight wars on other people’s behalf or coming to countries where they’re not as welcome as they thought they would be.”

Taking their cues from the likes of The Pogues, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s (with whom they’ve shared stages with in the US).

The 6 piece will get back in the tour bus in November (“very squishily” says Gaz) to tour their latest E.P ‘Whitewashed Graves’.

“Six of us in a van plus gear leaves not a lot of room for much else,” says Gaz, “but there’s probably only a handful of bands in this country doing what we do.”  - Making The Ramshackle Army stand out in spades as far as uniqueness in the scene goes.

The biggest party to date for the group was in front of 30,000 people at Shamrock Fest in the States. “There was lots of Guinness flowing,” confirms Gaz, “and some of the things we saw that day shouldn’t be discussed on live radio!” he laughs.  

Eat your heart out Marcus Mumford

Tags: Home Grown, New artist, new music, The Ramshackle Army, Celtic Punk

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