Posted: 25 October, 2016 by The Bloke Study 2016

The Bloke Study: How Much Do Women Mind When You Check Out Other Girls?

Most women said they’re okay with it

Last year Triple M and Cougar Bourbon ran the Bloke Study, where we got to the bottom of all the big issues. We asked things like ‘how much sex do you have a per week?’, and ‘how long have you worn the same pair of undies for?’

This year, we’ve paired up with Cougar again to do a similar thing, but with a twist — instead of blokes, we’ve asked women about their thoughts on things like relationships, sex, and drinking.

Amongst the things we asked women was how they feel when their bloke checks out other women.

Interestingly, most women said they’re ok with it — 56% of all respondents said it’s fine. Amongst demographics, women in their 30s were the least worried about blokes getting their perv on — 64% had no issue with it.

Meanwhile, over 60s were less happy, with only 44% saying they’d be fine with it. We also asked women how it made them feel to catch their man in the act, and the results were interesting.

The top response, with 29% of the vote, was that the ladies get in the spirit and check out the girl too.

The second most popular option — 27% — was that it made the girls feel self-conscious.

Third was a feeling of indifference (23%), while upset and jealous were the other options with 16% and 15% of the vote respectively.

So when you go to check out another girl while you’re with your girlfriend, you have a little better than a 50/50 chance of her being ok with it.

It’s probably not worth it.

Check out the rest of the Bloke Study here and listen in to Merrick and Australia on Triple M for more.


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