Posted: 26 May, 2016

Kevin Bartlett On Which Pose He Would Like For His Statue

KB's wife will decide

(Image: Triple M)

Australian Rules great Kevin Bartlett is going to let his wife decide on the pose for his statue outside the MCG.

The five-time Richmond premiership winner, who played 403 games for the club between 1965-1983, has been chosen to be immortalised on the Avenue of Legends.

Bartlett will become the 16th sporting great - and eighth Aussie Rules player - to be honoured with a statue in the grounds surrounding the MCG.

Ideas for the statue's pose are being thrown around based on photos taken of him in his heyday.

Bartlett told RSN radio on Thursday his wife fancied a photo of him running, arms raised, after scoring a goal against Collingwood in the 1980 VFL grand final.

(Image: Getty)

"If Denise says she likes that, then there's a very good chance that's what I'm going to push," Bartlett said.

Existing sports heroes on the Avenue of Legends are Shane Warne, Norm Smith, John Coleman, Neil Harvey and Jim Stynes.

Others, such as Don Bradman and Betty Cuthbert, line the MCG as part of the Parade of Champions.

"I always stop at those statues and have a look at them and read them," Bartlett said.

KB also spoke to Triple M's Hot Breakfast this morning discussing the statue.

He had another idea for a pose.

"Some people said what sort of pose do you think you should have at the G," Bartlett said.

"Some people have suggested I should be in the handballing position with a slot on my head and people put in gold coins and the voice says 'handball! handball!'."

Listen to the rest of the interview here:

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Posted: 26 May, 2016

Chris Yarran Taking Indefinite Leave

Richmond have released a statement.


Chris Yarran will take indefinite leave from the Richmond Football Club as he seeks treatment for a mental health condition. 

Chris, together with the Club’s medical and welfare staff, felt it was in his best interests to seek professional treatment away from the Club.

With Chris' health and wellbeing the number one priority, no timeframe has been put on his return to football.

The Club will continue to provide Chris with all the support he needs during this period, and it asks that his privacy be respected during this time.

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Posted: 26 May, 2016

Aussie Netball Coach Warns Collingwood & GWS

The two clubs have adopted netball teams

(Image: Getty)

Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander has cautioned Collingwood and GWS Giants must understand the responsibilities of an international sport when they take on netball franchises.

The national team mentor has backed netball's growing ties with the major football codes in the new competition starting next year, but says they must appreciate the importance of international commitments for their players.

The revamped Australian competition - replacing the trans-Tasman one - will include three new teams, all connected to either AFL or NRL clubs.

AFL clubs Collingwood and GWS Giants will be aligned to new franchises in Melbourne and Sydney respectively, while NRL heavyweight Melbourne will be associated with a side on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Alexander says there are lots of advantages that will flow from the professionalism of the football codes, but pointed out some aren't used to dealing regularly with national team commitments for players during a season.

"I've seen the benefits myself personally because I've had times visiting Collingwood with Nathan Buckley and working with him and also Melbourne Storm with Craig Bellamy and Dean Benton, who is now working with English rugby," Alexander told AAP.

"It really enabled me as a coach to broaden my outlook of high performance and see the good things that work and work well at a professional club.

"But there are are points of difference and there are things that those clubs are going to have to learn about netball, which is an international sport, and that is the major difference.

"I think Melbourne Storm will understand that to a certain extent because of their having to provide players for State of Origin.

"But for AFL its pretty much a foreign territory to them and that's something that they are going to have to learn about, how they manage that."


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Posted: 25 May, 2016

Scott Slams 'Rule Of The Week'

Kangaroos coach hot under the collar over shifts in rule interpretations

(Image: AFL Media)

Frustrated North Melbourne coach Brad Scott says it's ridiculous to suggest different AFL rules aren't put under the spotlight each week by umpires.

Two contentious deliberate rushed behind free kicks paid in round nine made the so-called 'rule of the week' a big talking point.

Umpires' head coach Hayden Kennedy, however, denies there are crackdowns on particular rules as the season progresses.

He argued a memo, sent to all clubs last week, highlighted previous mistakes made in applying the deliberate rushed behind rule rather than a shift in interpretation. 

"I think it's ridiculous to suggest there isn't (a rule of the week)," Scott said.

"There's a memo that goes out that says, 'This is what we're focusing on' so, if you don't want to call it 'rule of the week', what would you call it? 

"(The players) are usually pretty adaptable to rule changes, certainly at the end of the season, but to suggest there wasn't a crackdown on deliberate rushed behinds is ludicrous."

Scott said it was obvious that when such memos were circulated by the umpiring department, a spike in free kicks paid for the rule in question was coming.

"At least when you do get a memo, you can put your life on it that they're going to pay one ... we just had to make sure that it wasn't paid against us," he said.

Scott said it was only natural that umpires would look to pay more free kicks in certain aspects of the game if specifically coached up on particular rules. 

"I would just prefer the umpires' coaches said, 'You know what we're going to focus on this week? - just the rules'," he said.

"We're going to judge every contest in isolation and, if we see a free kick that's there, we're going to pay it - we're not going to be looking for something specifically'."

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Posted: 25 May, 2016

Most Games And Goals At MCG

The all-time MCG record holders

(Image: Getty)


Most Games Played at the MCG

200. Kevin Bartlett (Rich)   

186. Dustin Fletcher (Ess)  

169. David Neitz (Melb)      

164. Wayne Campbell (Rich)         

163. Dane Swan (Coll)        

153. Matthew Knights (Rich)         

153. Travis Cloke (Coll)

152. Adem Yze (Melb)

152. Matthew Richardson(Rich)    

150. Scott Burns (Coll)        

150. Mick Martyn (NM, Carl)


Most Goals Kicked at the MCG

464. Matthew Richardson (Rich)

461. Matthew Lloyd (Ess)

386. David Neitz (Melb)

380. Wayne Carey (NM, Adel)

379. Kevin Bartlett (Rich)

329. Saverio Rocca (Coll, NM)

322. Lance Franklin (Haw, Syd)

296. Travis Cloke (Coll)

291. Gary Ablett snr (Haw, Geel)

289. John Longmire (NM)

265. Michael Roach (Rich)


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Posted: 25 May, 2016

Bartlett To Get MCG Statue

Richmond legend set to be immortalised at the MCG

(Image: Getty)

Richmond legend Kevin Bartlett will be the next athlete to be immortalised with a bronze statue outside the MCG.

It’s only fitting that Bartlett receives the honour, given he played 200 games at the MCG – the most of any player in the history of the VFL/AFL – and booted 379 goals there too, which is the fifth most.

In all, the five-time premiership player played 403 games and kicked 778 goals.

The Bartlett statue will be created by sculptor Lis Johnson who also produced the Norm Smith, John Coleman, Neil Harvey and Jim Stynes statues in the Avenue of Legends.

It is expected that the Bartlett statue will be completed and unveiled prior to the start of the 2017 AFL season.

"There are few individuals who had as much impact or achieved as many remarkable feats at the MCG as Kevin did during his extraordinary playing career," said MCC president Steven Smith.

"Renowned for his dedication, passion and sportsmanship, it is only fitting that ‘KB’ should be forever honoured outside the ground where so many of his on-field feats took place.”





Sir Donald Bradman

Keith Miller

Bill Ponsford

Dennis Lillee

Shane Warne

Neil Harvey


Australian football

Ron Barassi

Leigh Matthews

Dick Reynolds

Haydn Bunton

John Coleman

Norm Smith

Jim Stynes

Kevin Bartlett (in 2017)



Shirley Strickland

Betty Cuthbert

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Posted: 25 May, 2016

Hawthorn Premiership Player Charged With Assault

Read the Hawks statement.

Hawthorn's Bradley Hill has been charged with assault for his part in an alleged altercation that occurred in Melbourne in January this year.

Hill, 22, was charged following an investigation into the January 24 incident by Victoria Police, which the club says the triple-premiership star fully co-operated with.

"Bradley has kept the club informed throughout this entire process," Hawks football boss Chris Fagan said via a club statement on Tuesday night. 


Hawthorn Football Club can advise that Bradley Hill has today been charged with assault following an investigation into a report of an alleged altercation on January 24.

Hill notified the club at the time of the incident and has cooperated fully with police.

Hawthorn GM – Football Operations Manager Chris Fagan said:

“Bradley has kept the club informed throughout this entire process. The leadership group has already met on this matter and has decided that no sanction will be applied at this stage.

“The matter is now before the court and any sanction is in the hands of the judicial system.”

The club will not make further comment at this time.

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Posted: 24 May, 2016

Tom Jonas' Verdict Is In

The Port defender attends the tribunal.

(Image: YouTube)


The AFL Tribunal has found that Tom Jonas intentionally struck Andrew Gaff.

Jonas has been handed down a six game suspension.



Port Adelaide defender Tom Jonas is expected to be hit with a heavy suspension on Tuesday night.

He was sent straight to the tribunal for his elbow to the head of West Coast midfielder Andrew Gaff.

The Western Bulldogs have reluctantly accepted Lin Jong's two-week suspension for making front-on contact with GWS defender Matt Buntine.

All other players charged from round nine accepted early guilty pleas.


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Posted: 24 May, 2016

Giants Could Lose 'Home Final' Depending On Crowd Size


(Image: Getty)

In a strange development, AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan has said that the GWS Giants could potentially play a 'home final' at ANZ Stadium.

Despite three weeks ago announcing on Fox Footy that a Giants final "would be at Spotless … that's their home ground," McLachlan said that certain circumstances could change that.

"If it was a Giants (versus) Swans prelim final I think there's a case to have that at ANZ (Stadium), certainly while it's still operating," McLachlan said according to the AFL website.

"Their home ground is Spotless (Stadium), so with the right team playing there (against them) they would play out there.

"If it was a big enough game you could take it to ANZ and I've had discussions with the Giants about that and they agree on that."

This situation would also apply in the case of a team with a 'big enough supporter base' to justify moving to the larger ground.

The Giants only drew 9,612 people to their game last week against the Western Bulldogs, but McLachlan claimed that it wasn't a concern.

"They're really just slipping into gear now and the momentum is building," he said.

"They are one of the most exciting teams I've seen play for a number of years and now is the time I think people will actually take notice of them.

"They're on a journey, everyone knows that. They're a generational decision, but they've got a great football team.

"Go and watch them because they're going to be good for a while."

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Posted: 24 May, 2016

Geelong Players Went After Mason Cox Before The First Bounce

'We haven’t seen this for years'

Fox Footy revealed some unusual footage during on the Couch last night.

Vision from behind the goals shows five Geelong players approaching Cox before the opening bounce.

“It’s one thing to go out and do this and put on this big bold brave in your face front,” Jason Dunstall said on Fox Footy.

“It’s another to back it up when the ball is bounced. They didn’t do that,” he said.

David King questioned if the Geelong players were going after Cox’s injured left hand.

“The Geelong players went after Mason Cox. Jas, we haven’t seen this for years,” King said.

View post on

See the full vision on the Fox Sports website.



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Posted: 24 May, 2016

Who Is The Only Player That Hasn't Been Dragged In 2016?

Only one is left

(Image: Getty)

Who is the only man in the AFL to have stayed on the field for every minute this season?

If you guessed Hawthorn defensive mainstay Josh Gibson - you're spot on.

Despite missing one game, the triple-premiership backman has played the other eight in their entirety.

The closest a player has come to playing every single minute of the 2016 season is 99% for West Coast key defender Eric Mackenzie.

Inspired by a thread on the AFL subreddit, we thought we would check who has been interchanged the least this season.

Here is each club's leader for the year:


  • Adelaide - Daniel Talia, 95%
  • Brisbane Lions - Daniel Merrett, 98.3%
  • Carlton - Sam Rowe, 92.2%
  • Collingwood - Alan Toovey, 91.1%
  • Essendon - Michael Hartley, 93%
  • Fremantle - Zac Dawson, 96.5%
  • Geelong - Harry Taylor, 95%
  • Gold Coast - Tom Lynch, 96.5%
  • GWS - Heath Shaw, 92%
  • Hawthorn - Josh Gibson, 100%
  • Melbourne - Tom McDonald, 95.3%
  • North Melbourne - Drew Petrie, 95.2%
  • Port Adelaide - Charlie Dixon, 91.6%
  • Richmond - Alex Rance, 99%
  • St Kilda - Sean Dempster, 93.7%
  • Sydney - Heath Grundy, 97.5%
  • West Coast - Eric Mackenzie, 99%
  • Western Bulldogs - Dale Morris, 95.8%

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Posted: 24 May, 2016

Triple M’s Call Of Mason Cox’s Lumbering Running Goal


James Brayshaw was on fire last weekend. 

Just when you thought it wouldn't get any better than his ripping call of Buddy's 70m bomb comes Mason Cox's fourth quarter effort against the Cats.

The big American ran towards the goal and many anticipated he'd handpass over the top to Travis Varcoe...

What happened next will go down in Collingwood folklore. Well done to the big man!

Listen to JB's call here:

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