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Posted: 26 April, 2015

Clarkson in altercation

Laments coaches inability to be able to walk uninhibited through crowd

(Image: Channel 7)

Alastair Clarkson says his altercation with the fan after the game Port Adelaide's 8 point win over Hawthorn in Adelaide last night 'went a little bit too far' .

The Hawthorn coach was pestered down an alleyway next to the team hotel by three men as he walked from the Adelaide Oval and ended with Clarkson forcefully pushing a man after repeatedly asking the man to refrain.

Clarkson told FoxFooty he was disappointed the incident occurred despite his pleas to the men to stop harrassing him. 

"We accounted these three intoxicated gentleman when we arrived on the footsteps of the hotel," Clarkson told FoxFooty.

"There’s a side entrance to the hotel that we were trying to get to because we didn’t want to go through the bar area at the front of the hotel and these guys proceeded to chase us up the laneway."

"They were asking us for photographs and asking us to stop and spent some time with them but we knew because they weren’t in a fit state that it was just head down and keep moving boys because we don’t want to stop here."

"Right towards the door as we were trying to get in that’s when he made contact with me."

"More or less stopped me from being able to get through the door and stuck the camera in my face and screamed ‘Go Power’ in my ear which didn’t reach a real happy conclusion."

"So one, a little bit disappointed that it hit the airwaves and two, that it had to come to that because by and large the supporters of all clubs are fantastic and there’s just a couple of minor incidents every now and again that just mar things occasionally."

Clarkson confirmed the incident was witnessed by a number of people through the glass windows in the front of the hotel Hawthorn was staying at, the Playford hotel.

The man in question hasn't made contact with Clarkson, who said the Hawks had informed the AFL of the incident first thing this morning.

While he admitted he was probably never going to walk the footbridge to and from the Adelaide Oval again, Clarkson lamented the fact coaches couldn't enjoy the simple things in life.

"I actually liked, and so do a lot of the other coaches, that you can feel like you can just be a normal citizen and walk amongst the crowd."

"Unfortunately walking from Adelaide Oval is a no-no from now on."

"It just makes it really difficult when they encroach on your personal space, particularly when there’s been polite requests on three or four occasions on them to refrain and they’ve continued to impose themselves on you."

"It makes it difficult to not have a confrontation."

South Australian police are believed to be following up on the incident while the AFL confirmed they won't be taking any further action. 


Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson has been involved in a physical altercation with a fan on his way back to the team hotel after last night's game between Hawthorn and Port Adelaide in Adelaide overnight.

Footage has emerged this morning of Clarkson being confronted by a group of three men asking for photos while walking to the hotel to which Clarkson declined their advances.

Triple M Footy's Jay Clark revealed the Hawks coach preferred to walk the footbridge from Adelaide Oval to the team hotel without security rather than take the team bus which would've taken longer than walking.

One fan then got in Clarkson's personal space asking "Hey Clarko, Clarko, how was the win, how was the win today brother? prompting the Hawthorn coach to brush the fan off.

The fan came back again and screamed in Clarkson's ear "Go the Power!” and the footage shows Clarkson lashing out at the fan and grabbing the fan on the throat before the pair are separated.

Hawks footy manager Chris Fagan was with Clarkson as the incident occured and he told Triple M Footy he believed the fan had an agenda with the Hawks coach.

"I found myself putting on a lot of blocks and shepherds because they were getting a bit physical and in (Clarkson's) face," Fagan told Triple M Footy.

"In the end, one of the guys got right up close to Clarko and stuck his camera in front and Clarko didn’t like that, shoved the bloke away and went inside to the reception."

"The young fellow showed me his phone which wasn’t taking a photo funnily enough, it was taking a video so I think he had a pretty clear purpose in mind and low and behold, it pops up on TV today."

The club has defended Clarkson's actions as 'out of character' despite the 46 year old having a history of aggressive behaviour.

"Clarko was really polite to those guys in the first instance, and the second and third instances just saying ‘Nah not tonight boys,’” Fagan said.

"I’ve spent a lot of time with Clarko in public places and he’s very good at stopping and signing autographs and having a photo taken but he clearly didn’t feel comfortable with these blokes and neither should he."

"This was just one of those unfortunate incidents to occur."

AFL footy operations manager Mark Evans is believed to be gathering all available information before the league makes a statement on the incident.

Port Adelaide CEO Keith Thomas told Triple M Footy the club was very disappointed the incident had occured.

"The provocation was unacceptable, I don’t care if he’s in the ground or in his hotel, he’s an AFL coach and it’s a Hawthorn team we respect greatly and they were put in a very difficult situation," Thomas told Triple M Footy.

"It’s an issue the AFL and we as clubs need to think about with the security of our senior people."

"You experience this type of interaction at every ground you go to, it’s completely inconsistent with what we’re trying to create here in Adelaide."

"Both clubs and the government have invested a lot of money in the Adelaide Oval and making the experience very family friendly and inclusive and then you get that sort of stuff which sends the wrong message."

Thomas said he was concerned with the messages received from both clubs about the crowd interaction with players and coaches before, during and after last night's match and he would be looking increasing security at the Adelaide Oval for matches in the future.

"I think we really have to be firm on this sort of stuff, protect coaches, protect senior people at clubs so they can get on with their jobs, it’s just unacceptable."

"I think we can send a really strong message to supporters and member behaviour in the stadium."

"That security externally is something I haven't given a lot of thought to."

"Whether that's ours, the AFL's or (the away team's) problem when the guys are on their own private time away from the stadium I'm not sure."

"But one way or another we have to find a situation and I bet that means greater protection."

Port Adelaide held on to win the game by 8 points after previously holding a 58 point lead during the 2nd quarter against the Hawks.

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Posted: 25 April, 2015

Tape pulls out

Tom Nicholls to replace Tape in Suns team

(Image: AFL Media)

Injury prone Suns defender Seb Tape is a late out for the Suns ahead of their match against Greater Western Sydney at Startrack Oval.

Tape will be replaced by ruckman Tom Nicholls, who will play his first game of 2015 after playing just 6 games last year.

There are no late changes for GWS, who have Josh Kelly starting as sub while Matt Shaw starts in the green vest for Gold Coast.

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Posted: 25 April, 2015

Pert: We're doing everything we can

Lawyers advised Collingwood to stay away during suspension

(Image: AFL Media)

Collingwood CEO Gary Pert says the Magpies are doing everything they can to support Josh Thomas and Lachie Keeffe as they await B samples for the ASADA banned substance Clenbuterol.

The pair have been in near exile from the club, not training with the main group or having direct contact with management but Pert told Triple M Footy's Saturday Rub this approach was advised by the players lawyers.

"They got legal representation themselves through their managers and the Players Association," Pert told Triple M Footy.

"Those legal representatives of the two players then advised the club the players couldn't talk to (the club) until the time was appriopriate."

"They needed to work through from their aspect what exactly had happened and what angle they were going to take."

"The B samples are a very important part of the process and we need to respect their legal advice."

"We've been asked not to have any communication with the players and channel all communication through their legal representatives and the player managers and that's exactly what we've done.'

The players are expected to receive the results of their B samples within the next fortnight after taking the test on April 14 and Pert says the club will deal with the consequences accordingly.

"These players are risking their whole careers," Pert said.

"This is a two, maybe four years (suspension) although it's most likely to be two, whether these players play again, these are the serious consequences they face."

"ASADA's made it very clear to us that we need to be careful on how we handle this and what our approach is."

"We've taken legal advise on what we're capable of being involved in and their legal advisors have made it very clear the path they need to take."

"Out of respect and care for those players, we have to do everything in their best interests and that is to follow the advise of their legal representatives.

"Overriding that would put them at a disadvantage."

Keeffe and Thomas tested positive to Clenbuterol on February 10 and were provisionally suspended on March 29 as they await the results of their B sample. 

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Posted: 24 April, 2015

Push Up To Sue AFL

Ex Tiger wants six figure sum for career ending foot injury

Jake King in action during the 2013 AFL season (Image: AFL Media)

Triple M Footy's Jake King is reportedly seeking compensation from the AFL for career ending foot injuries.

Push Up retired midway through 2014 after failing to recover from a toe injury suffered in Richmond's Round 3 match against the Western Bulldogs last season.

The former Tiger has since had seven bouts of surgery on the foot and has had his right big toe fused to his foot.

Triple M Footy's Damian Barrett told Channel 9's The Footy Show last night King is running the case through the AFLPA. 

"King’s claims, which are being run by the AFLPA,  refer to a stomp to his big toe in that Round 3 2014 match against the Western Bulldogs and the problems that have ultimately forced King to retire," Barrett told Channel 9.

The claim is also believed to involve Richmond's Round 10 match in 2013 against West Coast where he also injured the same foot. 

"King is seeking a six figure settlement for this claim and if this claim is successful, the money will be coming from an AFL insurance policy," Barrett told Channel 9.

The AFL and the AFLPA have refused to comment on the matter however King received this statement to Channel 9.

"I don't want to comment about the specifics of my situation but I would like to thank the AFLPA who have been outstanding in looking after players on these matters," King told Channel 9.

King played 107 games in 8 years for Richmond after debuting for the Tigers in 2006. 

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Posted: 24 April, 2015

Cripps signs on

Small forward to remain with Eagles until 2018

(Image: AFL Media)

West Coast's Jamie Cripps has signed a three year extension with the Eagles, keeping the forward at the club until the end of 2018. 

The 23 year old is in his second season at the Eagles and was out of contract at the end of the season.

"It's great to get the deal done," Cripps told the Eagles' website on Friday.

"I'm really looking forward to being a part of this group as we build towards something special. 

"We have an exciting young list and are single-minded about where we want to go. I think we're the fourth or fifth youngest squad in the AFL and it's great to be part of it." 

Cripps was traded to West Coast in 2012 after making his debut for St Kilda in 2011. 

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Posted: 24 April, 2015

Earthquake Shakes Blues, Saints

6.4 tremor rattles Wellington a day out from Anzac Day clash

(Image: AFL Media)

Carlton and St Kilda’s preparation for Saturday’s Anzac Day clash in Wellington has got off to a shaky start with a decent-sized earthquake hitting the city on Friday. 

According to reports, the tremor measured at 6.4 on the Richter scale. 

The Blues and Saints are scheduled to meet at Westpac Stadium at 11am Melbourne time on Saturday.

Carlton midfielder Jason Tutt managed to see the lighter side of the potentially scary situation.

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Posted: 24 April, 2015

Gray Out Of Hawks Clash

Port Adelaide star to miss Hawthorn blockbuster due to injury

(Image: AFL Media)

Port Adelaide have been dealt a huge blow ahead of their blockbuster clash against Hawthorn on Saturday night with Robbie Gray ruled out. 

The All-Australian utility has succumbed to a calf injury and will be replaced in the Power’s selected side by Brendan Ah Chee who was originally omitted on Thursday night after debuting last round. 

The last time these two sides met was in last year’s thrilling preliminary final which the Hawks won by three points. 

While the pain still lingers for Port Adelaide, Power coach Ken Hinkley won't reopen old wounds ahead of the rematch at Adelaide Oval.

"It doesn't get you anywhere. It doesn't change a thing," Hinkley told reporters on Friday. 

"It's not the thoughts you want to have. 

"There's no doubt, and that is the key thing for us, in our finals performances last year we make sure we learn from each of them. 

"And the last one, where you get your hardest lesson, you have got to be prepared to learn from it. 

"But you just don't go back. Football, everyone talks about it's going to be motivation - it's going to be nothing to do with it once the ball bounces." 

Port have summoned lead ruckman Matthew Lobbe for his first game this season, having recovered from a thigh injury. 

Hinkley is adamant he's not taking a risk by recalling Lobbe without any competitive matches under his belt as a lead-in. 

"We know how important Lobbe is to us, we weren't going to take the risk because of it being a long season," he said. 

"We just needed to make sure with the thigh that we got him right. Right now, we're pretty comfortable that he's right." 

Hinkley said Hawthorn remain the benchmark despite early claims to the title from Fremantle and Sydney - two clubs Port has already played, and lost to, this year. 

"I don't think there's too much doubt about that," he said of Hawthorn's status. 

"Not much has changed in the first three or four weeks - Freo, Sydney, Hawthorn, they're three talented sides. 

"The competition is still what it was last year and it tends to be like that, I reckon, at the start of the next season a little bit. 

"You still have to be careful not to get too carried away with what happens in the first three or four weeks of the season. 

"Let the season settle itself down ... after eight to 12 weeks you start to get an idea of where things are at."

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Posted: 24 April, 2015

Carlisle, Zaharakis set for Anzac Day

Key Essendon duo declared fit for Anzac Day clash with Collingwood

(Image: AFL Media)

Essendon coach James Hird has erased any lingering doubts around Jake Carlisle and David Zaharakis, declaring them fit for the Anzac Day AFL clash with Collingwood

Carlisle (hip) and Zaharakis (knee) obtained niggling injuries from the Bombers round three win over Carlton. 

But Hird says they're both certain starters for the biggest home and away fixture of the year. 

More details to follow...

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Posted: 24 April, 2015

Buckley's Anzac Day Link

Pies coach opens up about his family link to Australia's most solemn day

(Image: AFL Media)

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley joined Triple M’s Hot Breakfast on Friday to talk about what Anzac Day means to him. 

Buckley is set to coach in his fourth Anzac Day game on Saturday, having also featured in nine as a player, and he described the occasion as “massive”. 

Like many, the Brownlow Medalist has a strong family link to the nation’s most solemn day with his father being a Vietnam veteran. 

Buckley gave some insight into what effect war had on his father and revealed that he always explores his own family history at this time of year. 

While the football match is a huge part of the day, Buckley said it was important to stress that there was a greater meaning to Anzac Day.

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Posted: 24 April, 2015

Eddie Lays Gallipoli Wreaths

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has laid a wreath in honour of the Aussie Rules footballers who gave their lives at Gallipoli

Eddie Lays Wreaths At Gallipoli Uploaded at 24 April, 2015 - 8:54AM

See more: Eddie McGuire, Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Anzac Day, ANZAC

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has laid a wreath in honour of the Aussie Rules footballers who gave their lives at Gallipoli.

(Video: Sky News)

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has laid a wreath in honour of the Aussie Rules footballers who gave their lives at Gallipoli.

Eddie did the honours on behalf of the AFL ahead of tomorrow's Anzac clash between Collingwood and Essendon at the MCG.

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Posted: 23 April, 2015

AFL Teams: Round 4

All the ins and outs for Round 4.

Richmond v Melbourne

MCG , 7:50pm AEST Friday, April 24, 2015


Backs D.Astbury, J.Batchelor, A.Rance
HBacks B.Houli, N.Vlastuin, N.Drummond
Centre B.Ellis, T.Cotchin, K.McIntosh
HForwards S.Morris, S.Edwards, A.Miles
Forwards J.Riewoldt, B.Griffiths, S.Lloyd
Followers I.Maric, D.Martin, T.Hunt
Interchange N.Gordon, S.Grigg, M.Arnot, M.McDonough
Emergencies B.Lennon, T.Vickery, T.Elton
Ins M.Arnot, M.McDonough, N.Drummond
Outs C.Newman, C.Knights, T.Chaplin


Backs C.Garland, L.Dunn, N.Jetta
HBacks J.Howe, T.McDonald, C.Salem
Centre D.Cross, N.Jones, H.Lumumba
HForwards B.Newton, J.Hogan, J.Garlett
Forwards D.Kent, C.Dawes, J.Watts
Followers M.Jamar, D.Tyson, B.Vince
Interchange A.Brayshaw, A.Vandenberg, V.Michie, J.Kennedy-Harris
Emergencies J.Grimes, C.Pedersen, J.Toumpas
Ins V.Michie
Outs S.Frost

St Kilda v Carlton

WS , 1:10pm NZST Saturday, April 25, 2015


Backs S.Dempster, L.Delaney, C.Shenton
HBacks D.Roberton, S.Fisher, J.Geary
Centre S.Savage, D.Armitage, J.Newnes
HForwards A.Schneider, J.Bruce, T.Membrey
Forwards J.Billings, P.McCartin, J.Lonie
Followers B.Longer, L.Dunstan, J.Steven
Interchange A.Saad, J.Sinclair, T.Curren, N.Wright
Emergencies T.Hickey, B.Acres, D.Minchington
Ins T.Curren
Outs M.Weller


Backs S.Rowe, M.Jamison, Z.Tuohy
HBacks K.Simpson, S.Docherty, A.Walker
Centre D.Armfield, P.Cripps, A.Everitt
HForwards T.Bell, L.Casboult, D.Ellard
Forwards M.Murphy, L.Jones, L.Henderson
Followers C.Wood, B.Gibbs, A.Carrazzo
Interchange B.Boekhorst, E.Curnow, J.Tutt, D.Buckley
Emergencies K.Jaksch, N.Graham, M.Dick
Ins J.Tutt, D.Buckley, B.Boekhorst
Outs C.Judd, C.Yarran, C.Byrne

Essendon v Collingwood

MCG , 2:40pm AEST Saturday, April 25, 2015


Backs M.Baguley, D.Fletcher, J.Carlisle
HBacks M.Hibberd, C.Hooker, M.Gleeson
Centre B.Stanton, J.Watson, J.Melksham
HForwards Z.Merrett, J.Daniher, D.Heppell
Forwards P.Ambrose, M.Hurley, B.Goddard
Followers T.Bellchambers, P.Chapman, T.Colyer
Interchange C.Dempsey, W.Hams, B.Howlett, D.Zaharakis
Emergencies J.Gwilt, K.Langford, J.Merrett
Ins C.Dempsey, W.Hams
Outs A.Cooney, J.Ashby


Backs A.Toovey, N.Brown, M.Williams
HBacks T.Langdon, J.Frost, J.Ramsay
Centre T.Varcoe, D.Swan, J.Crisp
HForwards J.Elliott, J.White, T.Broomhead
Forwards T.Goldsack, T.Cloke, J.Blair
Followers B.Grundy, T.Adams, S.Pendlebury
Interchange P.Seedsman, S.Dwyer, A.Oxley, C.Gault
Emergencies P.Karnezis, D.Moore, J.De Goey
Ins T.Adams
Outs P.Karnezis

GWS Giants v Gold Coast Suns

SO , 5:40pm AEST Saturday, April 25, 2015


Backs T.Bugg, P.Davis, H.Shaw
HBacks N.Haynes, J.Patfull, A.Corr
Centre D.Smith, C.Ward, T.Scully
HForwards J.Kelly, C.McCarthy, A.Treloar
Forwards R.Palmer, J.Cameron, R.Griffen
Followers S.Mumford, D.Shiel, T.Greene
Interchange N.Wilson, L.Whitfield, J.Stewart, S.Coniglio
Emergencies Z.Williams, M.Buntine, A.Phillips
Ins J.Stewart
Outs A.Phillips


Backs T.McKenzie, S.May, S.Lemmens
HBacks A.Saad, R.Thompson, S.Tape
Centre K.Kolodjashnij, D.Prestia, N.Malceski
HForwards A.Hall, TJ.Lynch, B.Matera
Forwards T.Miller, C.Dixon, H.Bennell
Followers Z.Smith, M.Rischitelli, D.Swallow
Interchange M.Shaw, A.Sexton, J.Martin, J.Garlett
Emergencies T.Nicholls, H.Schade, J.Lonergan
Ins C.Dixon, A.Sexton
Outs D.Gorringe, S.Day

Fremantle v Sydney Swans

DS , 6:45pm AWST Saturday, April 25, 2015


Backs C.Sutcliffe, L.McPharlin, C.Pearce
HBacks G.Ibbotson, M.Johnson, N.Suban
Centre P.Duffield, N.Fyfe, Boer
HForwards D.Pearce, M.Pavlich, M.Taberner
Forwards Z.Clarke, C.Mayne, M.Walters
Followers A.Sandilands, D.Mundy, S.Hill
Interchange L.Spurr, T.Mzungu, L.Neale, M.Barlow
Emergencies J.Hannath, T.Sheridan, A.Pearce
Ins T.Mzungu
Outs H.Crozier


Backs D.Rampe, T.Richards, N.Smith
HBacks J.Laidler, H.Grundy, R.Shaw
Centre C.Bird, JP.Kennedy, K.Jack
HForwards J.McVeigh, L.Franklin, I.Heeney
Forwards L.Jetta, K.Tippett, S.Reid
Followers M.Pyke, D.Hannebery, L.Parker
Interchange B.McGlynn, H.Cunningham, G.Rohan, J.Lloyd
Emergencies D.Towers, S.Naismith, J.Hiscox
Ins N.Smith
Outs D.Towers


Port Adelaide v Hawthorn

AO , 7:10pm ACST Saturday, April 25, 2015


Backs J.Hombsch, A.Carlile, J.Trengove
HBacks J.Pittard, T.Jonas, M.Broadbent
Centre J.Polec, B.Ebert, K.Mitchell
HForwards B.Ah Chee, J.Westhoff, C.Wingard
Forwards P.Ryder, J.Schulz, M.White
Followers M.Lobbe, T.Boak, H.Hartlett
Interchange K.Cornes, A.Monfries, N.Krakouer, A.Young
Emergencies C.O'Shea, P.Stewart, J.Neade
Ins K.Cornes, M.Lobbe
Outs R.Gray, O.Wines


Backs S.Burgoyne, B.Lake, T.Duryea
HBacks G.Birchall, J.Gibson, B.Stratton
Centre I.Smith, S.Mitchell, M.Suckling
HForwards W.Langford, J.Gunston, B.Hill
Forwards L.Breust, J.Roughead, C.Rioli
Followers J.Ceglar, L.Hodge, J.Lewis
Interchange B.Hartung, B.McEvoy, P.Puopolo, B.Whitecross
Emergencies J.Simpkin, R.Schoenmakers, J.Anderson
Ins B.Hill
Outs J.Anderson

Brisbane Lions v West Coast Eagles

G , 1:10pm AEST Sunday, April 26, 2015


Backs J.Clarke, D.Gardiner, M.Paparone
HBacks J.Adcock, T.Cutler, M.Golby
Centre N.Robertson, D.Beams, R.Bewick
HForwards D.Zorko, D.McStay, A.Christensen
Forwards T.Rockliff, H.Andrews, J.Green
Followers S.Martin, J.Redden, D.Rich
Interchange M.Robinson, C.Beams, J.Aish, L.Taylor
Emergencies R.Lester, M.Leuenberger, B Staker
Ins T.Rockliff, M.Golby, N.Robertson, T.Cutler
Outs M.Maguire, S.Mayes, J.McGrath, B Staker


Backs S.Butler, J.McGovern, E.Yeo
HBacks S.Hurn, W.Schofield, M.Rosa
Centre B.Sheppard, M.Priddis, C.Masten
HForwards D.Sheed, JJ.Kennedy, A.Gaff
Forwards M.LeCras, S.Lycett, J.Cripps
Followers N.Naitanui, S.Wellingham, L.Shuey
Interchange F.McInnes, L.Duggan, J.Bennell, J.Hill
Emergencies B.Colledge, P.McGinnity, J.Nelson
Ins F.MnInnes
Outs P.McGinnity

Geelong Cats v North Melbourne

SS , 3:20pm AEST Sunday, April 26, 2015


Backs J.Bews, H.Taylor, C.Enright
HBacks J.Kelly, J.Rivers, C.Guthrie
Centre S.Motlop, J.Selwood, M.Duncan
HForwards D.Lang, T.Hawkins, J.Murdoch
Forwards C.Gregson, M.Clark, N.Cockatoo
Followers M.Blicavs, J.Caddy, S.Johnson
Interchange G.Horlin-Smith, R.Stanley, J.Thurlow, J.Walker
Emergencies M.Stokes, J.Thurlow, J.Walker
Ins T.Hawkins, J.Rivers, G.Horlin-Smith
Outs J.Bartel, T.Lonergan, M.Stokes


Backs L.McDonald, S.Thompson, M.Firrito
HBacks S.Atley, R.Tarrant, S.Wright
Centre R.Nahas, J.Ziebell, S.Gibson
HForwards B.Harvey, J.Waite, S.Higgins
Forwards L.Thomas, D.Petrie, B.Brown
Followers T.Goldstein, B.Cunnington, A.Swallow
Interchange B.McKenzie, T.Dumont, J.Macmillan, R.Bastinac
Emergencies M.Wood, J.Macmillan, K.Turner
Ins J.Macmillan
Outs B.Jacobs

Western Bulldogs v Adelaide Crows

ES , 4:40pm AEST Sunday, April 26, 2015


Backs M.Boyd, J.Roughead, E.Wood
HBacks R.Murphy, M.Talia, J.Johannisen
Centre T.Dickson, L.Picken, J.Macrae
HForwards L.Dahlhaus, K.Stevens, N.Hrovat
Forwards J.Stringer, T.Boyd, S.Crameri
Followers A.Cordy, L.Jong, M.Bontempelli
Interchange J.Grant, C.Smith, M.Honeychurch, L.Webb
Emergencies B.Goodes, W.Minson, B.Dale
Ins M.Boyd, E.Wood, C.Smith, M.Bontempelli
Outs D.Morris, M.Wallis, W.Minson, B.Goodes


Backs D.Mackay, D.Talia, L.Brown
HBacks J.Kelly, K.Hartigan, R.Laird
Centre R.Henderson, P.Dangerfield, B.Smith
HForwards E.Betts, J.Jenkins, N.Van Berlo
Forwards R.Douglas, T.Walker, T.Lynch
Followers S.Jacobs, R.Sloane, S.Thompson
Interchange C.Ellis-Yolmen, J.Lyons, M.Wright, M.Jaensch
Emergencies M.Grigg, M.Crouch, C.Cameron
Ins J.Lyons
Outs C.Cameron

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Posted: 23 April, 2015

Judd To Miss NZ

Carlton star Chris Judd is likely to miss Saturday's clash against St Kilda

(Photo: AFL Media)

Carlton champion Chris Judd is set to miss Saturday's AFL clash against St Kilda in Wellington due to a tight hamstring.

Judd has been a rare shining light in what has been a dreadful start to the season for the Blues, who have lost their opening three games.

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