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AFL Okays O'Meara Deal

Hawthorn satisfied full wording of future trade rule

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The AFL has insisted the trade that saw former Gold Coast midfielder Jaeger O’Meara cross to Hawthorn was within the rules.

The Hawks traded away its first two picks in next year’s draft to secure the deal.

If a club trades its future first-round selection, it isn’t allowed to trade any other future selection for that same draft.

However, the league clarified that the Hawks satisfied "the full wording of the rule" which says the AFL must treat transactions over trade period as "a net result".

"If you trade out a (future) first-round selection, you must have a (future) second-round selection," AFL spokesman Patrick Keane told the league’s website. 

"So therefore, once they traded in a second-round selection, they were then able to trade out either that second-round selection or their own second-round selection.

"The club still retains a second-round selection in next year's draft."

Earlier in the trade period Hawthorn traded its 2017 first-round selection, as well as picks 23 and 36, to St Kilda in exchange for picks 10 and 68. 

Just minutes before the trade deadline expired, the Hawks then acquired Greater Western Sydney’s future second-round pick from Carlton.

That trade gave the O’Meara trade the green light.

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Tags: AFL, Hawthorn Hawks, Hawks

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