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Carlton CEO Steven Trigg Reacts To Bryce Gibbs's Trade Saga

"I think it's pretty straight forward"

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Carlton chief executive Steven Trigg has said Bryce Gibbs will be welcomed back into the fold as a leader at the Blues.

Gibbs made as astonishing trade request back to his home state of South Australia for family reasons, despite having three years to run on his contract.

The request, that fell through, won't have an impact on Gibbs at the club, according to Trigg.

"It is pretty straight forward, I would think," he told News Corp.

"No doubt we will be asked about it and the simplest answer is his request to move home was not based on a dispute with the club.

"He has consistently said he loves Carlton and the move was more about the city, as in where his home is. It wasn’t about Carlton."

Trigg said Gibbs should fit back in seamlessly.

"He has the ability to slip straight back in effectively and with all the leadership he has always shown. I don’t see any of that being diminished," he said.

He said, despite suggestions he will request a trade again in 2017, that Gibbs loves Carlton.

"We can over-complicate this stuff. He is happy with the footy club and we are not bringing back a player in dispute," Trigg said.

"He loves Carlton and he loves Marc Murphy and 'Crippa' (Patrick Cripps) and all those boys."

Tags: AFL, Carlton Blues

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