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Dane Swan Speaks On Drug Use

"Of course I have"

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Former Collingwood star Dane Swan has admitted to taking illicit drugs during his time with the Pies.

He says, however, he does not have a habit and has never received a strike under the AFL's illicit drugs policy.

"Of course I have tried drugs," Swan told the Sunday Herald Sun in an interview to coincide with the release of his autobiography, Dane Swan - My Story.

"But it doesn't mean that I have a habit or a problem, it doesn't mean that I do it every single weekend or to the extent that people have speculated about it."

Swan wanted to set the record straight.

"You show me someone who doesn't know someone who has experimented or tried social drugs, and I will show you a liar," he said.

"I have experimented with what some people call recreational drugs, but have never taken performance-enhancing drugs or what you might call 'heavy' drugs.

He also said, despite countless tests and plenty of speculation, he had never received a strike.

"I also have never received a strike against my name in 15 years of AFL football," he said.

"Not one positive test under the AFL's illicit drugs policy, which, given the amount of times I was tested, proves that drugs have never been an issue through my career, despite what some people have implied."

Swan suggested there was a "very small amount" of drug use at Collingwood, and that he would be "shocked" if the AFL had a problem with drugs.

Tags: AFL, Collingwood Magpies

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