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Round 1 Record: Last 10 Years

This might make it easy to predict which teams will win in Round 1, 2017

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If you use the last 10 years as a guide, it could actually be pretty easy to work out who will win most of the games in Round 1 next year.

For instance, Geelong, Port Adelaide, Essendon, West Coast, Gold Coast, Carlton and St Kilda all have superior records to their respective 2017 first-round opponents - Fremantle, Sydney, Hawthorn, North Melbourne, Brisbane Lions, Richmond and Melbourne.

Collingwood has the same record in Round 1 as the Western Bulldogs since 2007 while Adelaide and GWS have both won 40 percent of their first-round fixtures in that same time period. So those two matches could be decided by the proverbial flip of the coin.

Then again, all the home teams won in Round 1, 2016 – so the below table might not have any bearing whatsoever on the season-opening weekend next year!


Round 1 Record Since 2007

Geelong 7-3

Port Adelaide 7-3

Collingwood 6-4

Essendon 6-4

Fremantle 6-4

West Coast 6-4

Western Bulldogs 6-4

Gold Coast 3-2

Carlton 5-5

Hawthorn 5-5

St Kilda 5-5

Sydney 4-5-1

Adelaide 4-6

Brisbane Lions 4-6

Richmond 4-6

GWS 2-3

Melbourne 2-7-1

North Melbourne 2-8

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