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Spud Reveals Damian Barrett Nearly Got In A Punch-On With Justin Leppitsch

"[He wanted to] cave his head in!"

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Danny Frawley has revealed the details of a confrontation between Damian Barrett and former Brisbane coach Justin Lepptisch.

Frawley, who spoke with Brisbane legend Michael Voss, revealed the details of the incident on the Saturday Rub.

"I'm led to believe, two o'clock Friday morning after a great Footy Show...Justin Leppitsch was there with a few of his former team mates."

He suggested there was a bit of a confrontation.

"Lepptisch wanted to basically cave his head in," he said.

"It took Michael Voss and Jamie Charman to try and hold Leppitsch back. There was froth coming out of his mouth, he obviously hasn't taken kindly to what Barrett's said, probably over the last couple of years."

Brian Taylor was shocked.

"Are you saying to me that Leppitsch was within seconds of coming to blows with Damo at a public event?" he asked.

"Yes," Spud responded.

Barrett went on to explain.

"They gate-crashed our party, BT," he said. 

"I get on well with most of the people from that team, but Justin Leppitsch clearly had an issue on this occasion with me."

He suggested Spud was "putting a bit of mayonnaise" on the incident.

"I think you're beating it up a bit though, Spud," he said. "We just had a little exchange of words and that was pretty much all.

"I was accused of doing something that ended his career, which I don't think was right...I might have reminded him that it was board that made the decision on his career, not me.

"Michael Voss diffused the situation."

Tags: AFL, The Rub, Brisbane Lions

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