Posted: 16 October, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Tom Liberatore Got The Loosest Haircut Halfway Through A Footy Match In Vietnam

Libba's at it again!

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(Image: Twitter/Reddit)

Tom Liberatore has been given one heck of a loose haircut halfway through a footy match in Vietnam.

Libba was named as an emergency for the Vietnam Swans alongside Western Bulldogs premiership teammate Luke Dahlhaus.

The Swans were competing in the 17th annual Asian Championships, and were knocked out by eventual grand finalists Singapore.

Libba didn't play - but he still had the greatest impact.

Pictures of him having his hair chopped up have surfaced online.

It wasn't just a trim.

It was...well, it was something.

More images surfaced on Reddit yesterday.

Premiership players Tom Liberatore caught potentially making a move to the Macau Lightening

What a great off-season he's having.

Loose as!

Tags: AFL, Western Bulldogs

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