Posted: 22 September, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

It Appears Luke Dahlhaus Has Broken The First Rule Of 'Handball Club'

Don't break the first rule of Handball Club

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Over the off-season, the Western Bulldogs created a 'Handball Club' - and it appears to be working.

On day one of the pre-season, coach Luke Beveridge created the club which involves the entire list spending up to 30 minutes three times a week honing their handball skills.

Using small spaces to replicate game congestion, the players are able to practice delivering the clean, contested handballs that have become their specialty in 2016.

Midfield gun Luke Dahlhaus is a big advocate.

“Since day one of the pre-season just gone we’ve started this thing called handball club,” Dahlhaus said this week.

“We basically work on it for half an hour every second day. We practice all sorts of handballs, whether it’s underground or overhead and they put pressure on us to hit targets and count how many targets you hit.

“It seems to be working for us because our handball efficiency has been up this year.

“We’re very lucky to have the coaches we’ve got and it’s working out for us.”

Champion Data sees the Dogs rated number 1 in the competition for handballing out of a stoppage and the skill was on display in their victory over Hawthorn on the weekend.

All-Australian defender Matthew Boyd discussed the handball club earlier in the year saying he was also a big fan.

“It’s a crucial part of our game, just trying to get the ball from the inner ring of the congestion to the outer ring and get a clear kick away,” Boyd said.

“We have specific times we do that stuff in a group and the amount of work the individuals put into that training is huge.

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