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Wayne Carey On The Move That Cost Hawthorn Last Night's Semi Final

"All of a sudden I thought they were in trouble"

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Wayne Carey has said one tactical shift cost Hawthorn the match against the Western Bulldogs last night.

The Hawks were blown away late in the second quarter, and were punished further after half time.

And Carey suggested one move caused it - Cyril Rioli into the midfield at half time, costing them a crucial target up forward.

"What's gone wrong with Hawthorn - clearly Roughy (Jarryd Roughead) has been out, they didn't have that target (up forward)," he said on the Saturday Rub.

"Rioli become their number one marking target inside 50."

According to Carey, Rioli's shift into the midfield last night deprived Hawthorn of their best marking target inside 50 in the absence of Roughead and David Hale.

"All of a sudden I thought they were in trouble when they had to put Rioli on ball because they straight away took away their most dangerous forward," he said. 

"Yes, Rioli can do some damage in there, but then they've got no one that looks really dangerous up forward for them."

Danny Frawley agreed, also pointing to the influence of two other Hawthorn forwards.

"(James) Sicily and (Jack) Gunston need that big power forward in finals," he suggested.

"They've had that, was going to hurt them at some stage with Roughy, and we know he's out for obvious reasons, but in big games you need a big strong tall player."

Tags: AFL, Hawthorn Hawks

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