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AUDIO: Cloke's Contract Delays Costing Collingwood

Luke Darcy says that the Travis Cloke's contract is a distraction for the Collingwood.

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Luke Darcy has said on Triple M Melbourne's The Hot Breakfast Monday morning that Travis Cloke's contract is causing a distraction that's affecting Collingwood's on field performance.

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"Travis Cloke's last fortnight Mick he's averaged 9 possessions he's taken three marks in the last two weeks, he got a few kicks against Carlton but apart from that he just as looked horribly out of sorts," Luke Darcy said.

"There's only one conclusion that you could make, it's that this whole situation is mentally affecting him."

"His coach has said it's affected him, it's damaging his brand."

"Almost like this feeling walking away from the MCG that the supporters have had enough of the whole contract saga."

"You were saying off-air before, last year it was Mick Malthouse was the big distraction off the field. Is this turning into in your mind another Mick Malthouse, this years distraction for the Collingwood football club?" Mick Molloy asked Darc.

"People say that it's a long bow to draw," Darc replied.

"If everyone's on the same page, you're all going beautifully, there's no distractions at all, that's the perfect situation."

"When you're getting bombarded everywhere, we're talking about it this today, last year that question kept coming up and up."

"It only takes one percent, clubs will spend ten million dollars to get one percent, this has to be having some sort of effect."

Darcy's summation follows Triple M Footy's Garry Lyon and Spud Frawley questioning Cloke on the Saturday Rub.

Tags: Travis Cloke, Collingwood

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